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» Gourdz
a.k.a. "The Low Gravity Man"

44 year old male
From Quebec, Quebec, Canada

Is feeling abominable...
Last On:Sat Apr 11, 2020 @ 10:40pm
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Height:5' 7"
Hair Colour:Black
Tattoos:Left Arm, Other
Rel. Important:Not At All
Daily Diet:Junk Food
Annual Income:$20,000 to $35,000
Want Children:Yes
Life Style:City Slicker
Social Status:Divorced
Languages:English, French
Political:Left Wing
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The first caller told me that he (an adopted child with heavy medical issues since birth) did not feel unloved in any particular way - very much unlike the previous subjects were after the first test battery. He also included in his final report several references about how "those old guys on TV really scare the shit out of me", to such intensity he had to stop watching altogether. Without being first interrogated or forced to elaborate on the subject, he complained about his cell mate and also asked if I came to figure out what was wrong with his telescope. After a short, awkward pause, he further confessed having the urge to hide the binoculars out of sight, so he wouldn't be tempted to pleasure himself out of instinct.

The administrator explained to me after the experiment that the lawyer who handled his business had previously bought the land (and in the process, its entire natural and human ressources)in question from some government official who chose to keep his identity secret. The seller couldn't believe that most people who entered the area all disappeared with relatively short notice... and that those who didn't when rescued were all overwhelmed by an inexplicable bloodlust that drove them soon to murder and/or suicide. At some point he wanted to cancel the deal altogheter and have to origial deposit returned but decided against it after our initial discussion about the opportunities such uncommon land offered. He claimed that even the river dwellers had their fins turned slimy, with scales definitely not pinkish as he recalled from his childhood fishing days. As his tale unfolded he got less agitated, until he finally dropped off the issue.

I often myself wondered if I could buy the place for myself. Unfortunately, at this point the experiment was too much underway to reconsider. Although I had spent quite the odd bit of time and willpower keeping myself afloat, my employer ruled out that the ERC (Ethical Rules of Conduct that the company and myself proudly stood by) forced us to stop further analysis of this particular subject and terminate its intellectual agony.

The next subjects required large, enclosed indoor spaces and prefered to die in packs. Still, when these human subjects were involved explicitly in the subsequent clinical research, none were supposed to be exposed to grave personal injury without their informed consent. Following ethical guidelines, uncircumcised men (usually illiterate and impoverished) involved in the experiment were strongly urged to undergo the final procedure.

Under the scrying light of these events, do you still think companies are doing enough to protect customer data from security breaches? It's unfortunate when trademark rights are lost, because both time and money are wasted in quantities best left unknown to the shareholders. In retrospect, all citizens should constantly try their utmost best to defend their personal trademarks because they are the essence of oneself's existence.

Terrorists act differently and a lot of confusion about their initial parameters was reported within their workgroup. In fact, it is really not difficult for honest people to properly detect and identify them - the issue lies in the task of exposing them without having to disrupt at short term the soothing routine each citizen duly deserves. Group talks and informative documentation on simple alternatives should make the chore easier, if no amount of sterilization can prove to be effective. If a user is authorized and encouraged to access those ressources, total access should be granted. One glitch should be taken seriously: the database link went silent a couple of times but a simple reboot of the local adapter produced a new dial tone. The optic beam was automatically split in two with one half shining directly onto the film, while the second beam bounced off the image being duplicated and was redirected to the unsuspecting subject.

The official report list all recommened modifications (such as damages, injunction or the return of documents that had come into the defendant's possession)of the infamous G breach. What is now sharp and clear is that people are swift to cooperate when conditioned into snapping pictures - more than ever, giving the cause a greater reference spectrum. That's great news for all consumers concerned about the well-being of structural decency. We can now almost fully understand why he wasn't interested in cryogenics, although what he didn't do is not the point of this essay. What matters is that most mind drill sergeants KNOW they can do better. You can see from the broad panorama exposed here: above every frame drawn there are colors that I have my entire life tried to blend together into a single, pure entity. Since then however, I have sadly noticed that the agency responsible for enforcing the ban has frequently turned a blind eye, making my work obsolete with all reasonable doubt.

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