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» e_phex
a.k.a. "mikey p."

33 year old scorpio male
From Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

Is feeling happy...
Last On:Tue Nov 30, 1999 @ 12:00am
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About e_phex
Music:HARDTRANCE, NUKLEUZ RECORDS, TIDY, UK Hard, and my favorite.. HONEYPOT.. aka UKHARD...... awwww yeah sooo delicious
Height:5' 11"
Hair Colour:Blonde
Body-Type:In Good Shape
Body Piercing:Other, Tongue
Religion:Not Religious
Rel. Important:Not At All
Daily Diet:Healthy
Annual Income:$20,000 to $35,000
Want Children:Maybe Later
Life Style:City Slicker
Social Status:Single
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happyTue Jun 26, 2007 @ 10:47pm
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Name: e_phex
Occupation: scientist @ THA BEat LaB
Age: 20
Location: WPG<<< MB
I love>>>>> MUSIC, ART, P*SSy, snowboarding, skateboarding, and graffitti,... and chronic .. Hard Trance, Hard HOuse, and music, in general. my bong, my dog, camping, fires, joking around, BEER, paintballing, cooking, shopping, video games, BBQ, Summer BEING HAPPY:)!!!!!
Im 20. i live in the peg. i spin hard trance and hard house.. i love my friends and family and I can't stand haters that think i owe them something. I DONT FUCK AROUND, and am sick of the rediculous amount of shady people pretending to be my friends and then stabbing me in the back. what a bunch of fuckin retards!!!!.. I am changing because i used to hate myself and be depressed which led to using dope to solve my problems, I now like producing a little music with reason. I also LOVE spinning records with my friends or by myself (does'nt matter). I have played out at about 12 club nites, 5 or 6 actual PARTIES and have had numerous mixing sessions on 95.9CKUW and 101.5UMFM music is my passion in life aswell, as the reason for me being on this earth. I respect a small number of people, and hold on to the few SOLID friends I have....... I am learning to love myself because i know that i need to be able to love myself before i can love anyone else.... Also, I dislike DRAMA!!!!! SOAP OPERAS ARE FOR T.V. NOT LIFE YOU hammerS... KEEP IT REAL, BE YOURSELF.
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