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a.k.a. "Drexl Jonez"

41 year old virgo male
From Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Is feeling stoned...
Last On:Tue Nov 30, 1999 @ 12:00am
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About Drexl.Jonez
Culture:Ancient Civilizations, Ancient Believes
Heroes:Nikola Tesla, Jimi Hendrix, Carl Sagan, Daniel Dennett, Jacques Fresco
Books:J.D Salinger, George Orwell, Bret Easton Ellis, Hubert Selby Jr., Daniel Dennett, Carl Sagan, Hunter S. Thompson, Jean-Paul Sartre, Charles Baudelaire, Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe, Salman Rushdie, Richard Dawkins, Alfred Russel Wallace, Charles Darwin...
Interests:Music, Writing, Activism, Vaudeville, Environment, Bio Diversity, Tesla's legacies, The Venus Project, Auroville, Grand Guignol, Current Issues, Ufology, Luthiery, Instrument Building, Special Effect Designing and Building...
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Musician, Writer, Activist...
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