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40 year old cancer male
From Montreal, Quebec, Canada
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yo people! well, this is where i usually don't know what to write... wtf ill anything mouahaahahhah!!!!

seriously, ive been in and on the rave scene mainly in montreal and around it. been in for nearly 11 or 12 years or so... might mbe less or more hahahaah!!!!

i choosed to come over this msg board because another competitor in montreal was kinda boring... in a sense!!!
and i only heard the only and best comment about rave.ca

anyway im here, like me or not, who fucking care!!! but one thing for sure: rave and musik are one, they are the my own source of inspiration for life... in a sense:)

anyway, to those out there who are old raver ( and i mean also the girl) come and slap me in the back! saying dude, i am also an old school raver:)

later amigo!!!!

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