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Dan_d00d's Profile
» Dan_d00d
37 year old leo male
From Montreal, Quebec, Canada
Last On:Tue Nov 30, 1999 @ 12:00am
Profile Views:5,431
About Dan_d00d
Books:Books are for nerds .... nerds can have sex too!!!.... yeah wtv herd it somewhere thought it was funny....:S but yeah some fiction and some real stuff some fucked up thrillers and anything that looks cool... and that kinda makes sense somethimes!!!
Heroes:Ma heros are ppl who get up evryday t go to work and end up partying like animals when they can.... Ppl who go to school work and still have time to rock on!!! Evryone is a hero for someone else....
Movies:Anything funky fucny fucked or just plain stupid or hardcore thrillers again lol... Scare me bitch!!! And dont forget ur X rated lol.... Can't llive with no porn lol!!!
Music:I live for Music ... So i basicly listen to pretty much anything.... Ma favs would be some good Techno house goa .... some good Rock like the old metalica and some newers good stuff like foo fighters and u have to have respect for the red hot chilli peppers... would u go on stage wearing nothing but a big sock on ur cock??? And yeah some good hip hop/rap from time to time.... Smoke Weed Evryday!
Likes:I love to have fun.... Life is a bitch... just ride the wave and have fun!!!! U only live once so enjoy it while u can... never know when ur time will come... take advantage of what ya got.... Live life a day at a time and hell.... Like it!!! Shit hapens the way u make it happen.... So i like pretty much anything that has to do with living ur life... travel see stuff... party enjoy ur time.... freinds crazy mad important ... freinds are always good but u also got to find the type of ppl that like what u like... Have fun with them enjoy fuck.... So i pretty much love having fun and living ma life.... Do what u want as long as it dont affect someone in a bad way!!!
Height:5' 11"
Hair Colour:Brown
Body-Type:In Good Shape
Body Piercing:Breast, Ear(s), Other
Tattoos:Left Arm
Religion:Not Religious
Rel. Important:Not At All
Daily Diet:Healthy
Annual Income:$20,000 to $35,000
Want Children:Maybe Later
Social Status:Single
Style:Cool, Sportive
Political:Not Political
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2004-12-10-Tiesto @ CEPSUM (35)
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2004-10-08-Infected Mushroom (80)
2004-09-24-Chris Liebing (15)
2004-08-14-Infected Mushroom, Yaz, Preach (65)
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2004-04-11-Bal En Blanc (35)
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Hey sup...
I me pretty chill... but i got ma limits... i beleive in try somthing to say if u like it or not... so in other words try evrything at least once!!!
No gain no pain....
And Fuck work party it out... u only live once and u dont take ur money to the grave!!! so LIVE!!
And be yourself...
Be unique or as much as possible...
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» Lapin said @ Wed Apr 12, 2006 @ 7:01am
je suis vraiment dsl pour toi :S ... domage ... car cette année le bal sera exceptionnel ! - Ciao ciao !
» LiiLii said @ Tue Oct 11, 2005 @ 10:40pm
SeXY HahAhA :p