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Atomic_Children's Profile
» Atomic_Children
104 year old capricorn male
From Montreal, Quebec, Canada
Last On:Tue Nov 30, 1999 @ 12:00am
Profile Views:8,625
Height:> 6' 5"
Hair Colour:Indescribable
Music [ All 14 ]
01_ac1-bad support (hardcore mix (A Cappella)
4:07 min @ 192 kbps, 1 comment
Download (5,935,357 bytes)
04_ac1-bazooked (A Cappella)
5:03 min @ 192 kbps, 0 comment
Download (7,268,229 bytes)
09_ac1-this is fucking hardcore (A Cappella)
3:31 min @ 192 kbps, 2 comment
Download (5,072,690 bytes)
12_ac1-working class desporia (A Cappella)
5:56 min @ 192 kbps, 0 comment
Download (8,540,288 bytes)
Attack!! (A Cappella)
3:25 min @ 132 kbps, 0 comment
Download (3,375,050 bytes)
Robot Porn Acoustic (A Cappella)
3:20 min @ 112 kbps, 0 comment
Download (2,789,903 bytes)
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Atomic Children is a Montreal based group pushing the envelope in Industrial/Electronic music. Formed in 2002, Atomic Children is an amalgam of the styles of earwigisbent, ScottyP, and Oliver Twisted; all of whom have respected underground solo careers in their own right. The distinctive sound of the group is influenced by contemporary electronic musicians and groups such as Aphex twin, Squarepusher, and Boards of Canada, as well as venerable classics such as Skinny Puppy and Nine Inch Nails. While relying on the latest in computer based musical software to produce much of their music, Atomic Children is not beyond incorporating classic tape techniques, found object recordings and vintage equipment to compliment the state of the art. Dissatisfied with the current state of live electronic acts and DJs, the group’s goal is to create genuine improvised live sets by combining live sampling and performance to create a more organic sound, and not simply easy music to satisfy the dancefloor drones. With the current onslaught of formulaic pop music being forced down the public’s throat, Atomic Children attempts to provide a fresh and original alternative to fans of electronic and industrial music. Fueled by a DIY mentality and a hard work ethic, provided to you by the latest revolutions in digital content distribution, Atomic Children wish to plant the seeds of change in all those willing to move beyond the current state of electronic music.
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