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Author:Ace Of Base
Title:Dancer In A Daydream
Posted On:2002-02-27 00:00:00
Posted By:» El_Presidente
What an odd situation
What an odd situation
What an odd situation

What you got is basic emotions
Can you feel them
I want to be your lover
But you're so shy
What you need is perfect assistance
Let me guide you
To a land you've never seen before


I guess you see
I have another daydream
I guess you see
That I have another daydream

Come and be a dancer
Dance into my daydream
Join me in my daydream wet and wild
Come and be a dancer
Dance into my daydream
Join me in a jungle wet and wild

Help another person
Will make you feel important
Accept my invitation
But you're so shy
Come and let your wild side show
And be a dancer
A dancer in a daydream we can share


Help me take control
Of my full imagination
I'm looking for a man
Who can match my situation
Thinking about the people
Away waiting down the line
I am the limelight now's my time


What you gonna do I'm a bold explosion
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