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Sonar, Club
Sonar, Club
Address:279 Gary
Location:Canada, Manitoba, Winnipeg
Contact:baalam [ROOT]
Description:Sonar is a downtown licensed cabaret. Located at 279 Garry street between Portage and Graham, we offer a comfortable, socially appealing setting for your ultimate club experience.

Sonar is one of the few nightclubs to free pour all hard liqueur. We refuse to install liqueur guns and all clients see what they are getting which includes Seagrams 83 Rye, Absolut Vodka, and Bacardi Rum for our BASE and Premium hard liqueurs. All for a reasonable price.
Events [ 5 Total ] [ Show Flyers ]
2011-04-02     0    Dirty Party: Dirty Groov'her, Miksun
2010-04-17     0    Deluxe: Jehr (Usa), Jim_Star, Didan
2008-12-06     0    Psylent Night 2
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