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HΩ Private Club
HΩ Private Club
Location:Canada, Quebec, Montreal
Contact:mistaj [ROOT]
Description:Home: A place you live, where you feel safest. a place you go to retreat from the outside world

Ohm: A Electrical measurement or resistance in sound systems

Om: An Eastern meditative sound, a path to enlightenment

Hohm, or HΩ, is what we hope will be a synthesis of these three forces, A place where you feel safe, a place you go to retreat from the outside world, and a place where you can experience lights and sound while you dance yourself to enlightenment. a place that feels like HΩ. A place where all of the resistance is in the stereo, not on the dance floor.

A place for like minds to gather to exchange ideas through light, sound, and dance...

A true place for the Lost Tribe, managed by the lost tribe, for the lost tribe.

Lost tribe has found a new HΩ
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Reso: Presented By Bass M.O.B Mtl's Cartel Thursdays
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Neon Skin
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