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Posted On:2011-10-17 14:25:40
Posted By:» DynV
I was going to reply that to http://www.rave.ca/en/community_thread/38701

what I find quite interesting in psychology is how your mind knows better than your conscience. there are things we should not be ignoring and our mind brings them back and have an amazing resilience. it's not because our upbringing or society value something that's it's right for everyone.

speaking of values, some would argue that popularity has a role in that and what better way than using media. remember that the media is pushed by big business and government, if you blindly take what garbage come out for granted, IMHO it's bound to play on your psyche. remember that the ideal consumer is one that doesn't have a single cent by the time his/her next income arrive nor any other intent then spending your next one ; ah dreaming of how you'll spend your money, how grand!

remember, entrust your vote to the ones with the best smiles, nicest speeches and comforting promises. what more society ask of its citizens then spending and voting? oh be nice to the ones in authority ; it's ok of them to use a marshall law to welcome delegates of other countries. also don't worry about our southern friends pumping our water and oil, they will have our back in the future.

nothing to worry about! just listen to the media and all will be fine.

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