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Title:festivus eve 09
Posted On:2009-12-28 14:46:52
Posted By:» Brebell
On Saturday I went to festivus eve. I had an amazing time! The music was fun, I met many new friends, and overall it was a really good night for me. I'm just starting to get into the rave scene, so it's all kind of new to me. This was the first rave I've been to since a year and a half ago. Quite the experience I must say. I'm looking forward to continuing my journey, and opening my mind to new people, places, and parties! I got to speak with many people that night, and we had really great conversations. I felt that I gained something from each person. I learned a lot about myself as well as life in general. Raves are so different from anything else I've been to. It's a very open and friendly environment. So I'd like to finish this journal by thanking everyone that I had the pleasure of meeting, and in hopes to meet many more new friends.
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