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2009 January:
[ ]I'll take the high road, you take the low road?
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Title:I'll take the high road, you take the low road?
Posted On:2009-01-21 22:10:57
Posted By:» FreeLotus
How now Do you Forgive someone who has hurt you?
How do you learn to forgive and most of all forget?
How come I always have to take the high road, accept the faults of others?
How is this fair..OH WAIT..thats right...
Life is not fair...never will it be.
Lead by example right?
They will catch on..right?

I hope so, i really do.
There is too much fucked up shit in this world without us fuckin it up even more.
Set your sights higher, and just because you can.. doesn't make it right to hurt.
You cant get away from it, Karmas a bitch..gotta face it.
Hey, its your soul, do with it as you please.
I just ask that you keep your negative space, away from me, and the people that I love.
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