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Title:My place in the smallest of spotlights among those who shine et ainsi de suite ^^
Posted On:2008-05-20 01:17:52
Posted By:» soldatoflife
Bonsoir à tous, me voici avec toute ma splendeur et grâce textuelle dans ce nouveau monde qu'est ce site web. Je n'ai aucunement l'intention de me présenter alors que je viens de m'inscrire, mais petit à petit, si l'intérêt me pique, vous en saurez davantage.

So time passes by and the first time I ever went in a bar with great interest was barely a few months ago. Friends dragged me there a few times in the past few years, but never have I found interest in mingling with those who drink, don't give a damn of who you are unless you are oozing of coolness or simply one of those who try their luck in the lottery of lady hunting. I'm mostly as what some could call a geek, though I rarely keep all that I learn in an easy place to access afterwards, so don't expect me reciting pi or every single pokemon that was created. I'm mostly into Japanese culture and J-Pop these days, have been for nearly 10 years now...let's say a lady was my downfall indirectly for my studies, yet I discovered quite an interesting world, one that I still can't read their language...

Pour faire une histoire courte, j'écris aussi des poèmes ici et là, donc attendez-vous à un ou deux extraits ici et là.

Bonne nuit à tous et que la fête soit avec vous tous, ça et le plaisir de découvrir le monde de nouveau à chaque rencontre que vous faites ;)


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