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Back in Montreal
By » DjCy-Fi on Thu May 25, 2017
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Too bad it seems like this place is dead Anyone left?
Coming Back To Montreal 5/17/10
By » DjCy-Fi on Tue Apr 27, 2010
So after a few dates in Europe, I will be arriving in Montreal on 5/17. Added about a week onto my trip so that I could visit with every one again, had an awesome time there in November...though this time I need a better tour guide...preferably one that isn't so 'warm blooded' :/ Oh also in...
By » DjCy-Fi on Fri Mar 12, 2010
So after an extensive absence I'm back on the board...felt like announcing it. Hopefully I'll be visiting Montreal again this May before leaving for Europe.
Some one please ABORT the youth of America
By » DjCy-Fi on Sat Dec 5, 2009
Before they actually breed:http://www.mylifeistwilight.com/ ....and all I wonder is: 'WHERE THE FUCK ARE THEIR PARENTS?!' This could have worse side effects than drug use people... I mean at least you realize shit like fairy tale monsters don't exist after you sober up ...the real life ones are...
Cy-Fi Double Feature
By » DjCy-Fi on Sun Nov 22, 2009
I'll be performing TWO sets @ Passport Wednesday 11/25/09 2037 Rue Saint-Denis So all you crazy Canada ppl better come party with me :-) or I'll be sad... First set is @ 12:30 I'll be there when doors open for sound check. comment me back and let me know if you're coming! Bring your friends...I...
Playing @ Passport on Wednesday the 25th
By » DjCy-Fi on Fri Nov 20, 2009
So I went out to Passport with some friends on Wednesday, and the people in charge of the night asked me if I would perform there next week (11/25) so I am! Getting some killer new music together :) :) The weather's just awful today, crawling back under the covers lol!
Never Fear, I is Here!!!!
By » DjCy-Fi on Sun Nov 15, 2009
So I"m finally in Canada, @ my family's estate in Granby... I think I weird them out a little with the pink hair and Lolita look I arrived in... Can't wait till like Tuesday to go exploring! Hit me up if you're in the Montreal/Granby area so I can have some 'human' conversation :) lulz
Droid Phone rant
By » DjCy-Fi on Wed Nov 11, 2009
While I'm sure the new DROID phone is responsible to the dramatic increase of being irritated by people and their gadgets...I have decided to buy one. Though I'm certainly not installing all that garabage on it...like different guns & sounds, the dilldroid (don't ask), oh and it even has a sound...
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