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By » FreaKnecKlace on Thu Jan 19, 2006
A song of enlightenment
By » Maygic on Thu Jan 19, 2006
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Return to oneness and discover its essence. Being dazzled by appearance you miss the truth. Go beyong both appearance and emptiness and find the unmoving center. sosan's hsin hsin ming
My Ex
By » Xombie87 on Thu Jan 19, 2006
All my ex does is piss me off, everyday, everytime i am around her she talks about all the guys she tried to replace me with, how many guys want to get with her. It is depressing and the funny thing is that she knows that i dont like hearing that shit from her. When i am around, she pisses me off...
My Destroyed Life
By » Xombie87 on Tue Jan 17, 2006
Fucking Bitch, all i know now is that fucking girls dont mean it when they say that they love you its all a bunch of Bull shit i mean if they did they wouldnt cheat on you or rip your fucking guts out. I get why they always want to be freinds when they Stab you in the back and Rip your fucking...
take me down
By » WinterBlossom on Mon Jan 16, 2006
take me down, to the underground won't you take me down, to the underground why oh why, there is no light and if i can't sleep, can you hold my life and all i see is you take my hand, i lost where i began in my heart i know all of my faults will you help me understand and i believe in...
De retour avec son kit de son
By » BB_Blues_Bar on Sun Jan 15, 2006
Dj Ks de retour au Bar -- (hip - hop , R&B , Raggae , acid jazz , trip - hop , techno , rock , alternatif , jazz , Blues ...etc ) info (dyderproduction@hotmail.com)
Houellebecq meets Nietzsche
By » buzzy_911 on Thu Jan 12, 2006
Or "Fight Club" meets "Beyond Good & Evil" I am barely 90 pages into Michel Houellebecq's "Les particules élémentaires" and see very disctinct references to Nietzsche despite the author's rebuke of the thinker in the text. In the third person, describing one of two brothers born of...
puls cafe cracow poland
By » djSABATIEL on Wed Jan 11, 2006
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Déjà 10 ans de rap français... !!
By » Mr_WhtE on Tue Jan 10, 2006
<B><I><CENTER>Shurik'n- Sûr de rien</CENTER></I></B> T’es sûr de rien ici, L’oubli guette les mecs à chaque coin de rue, A l’affut, prêt à bondir sur l’individu, Un mec s’endort sur le trottoir, Des mots résonnent dans sa mémoire, Faim, froid, besoin d’espoir, Mais...
the banjo consorsium on seedsound netlabel
By » japh on Mon Jan 9, 2006
LE DEBUT the banjo consorsium seed014 genre: indie/folktronic nostalgic, thoughtful, and unique. a mixture of classic folk-tale sounds and modern beats, the banjo consorsium’s “le debut” is a refreshing addition to the seedsound library: it is haunting and almost desparate at times...
Still a lot to knnow about ourselves!!!
By » doomzeyes on Thu Jan 5, 2006
Hope I'll share with other people, than I'll be closer to my question; Are we dreaming??? Do someone else had asked that question to his self??
day off!
By » nads on Thu Jan 5, 2006
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i just woke up and it is almost 2:30 in the after-noon. DAys off kickass. Now the question is what shall i do with it. ITs a total waste if i just spend it here.I think my muscles are finaly back to normal. Untill the next time i dance for 10 hours. hehehe. well actulay i'm not gonna go for so long...
Prepping for the NeonLovesParis NYE party...
By » buzzy_911 on Tue Dec 27, 2005
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That's right... I am looking fwd to D&D (dancing and drinking) at La SAT this Saturday night for the NYE party... I am less familiar with Alex Gopher or Digitalism, but I know Jordan Dare/Sean Kosa to be a sure bet. Check it out --> http://www.iloveneon.ca
l'electro a sherbrooke
By » japh on Fri Dec 23, 2005
juste un ptit mot pour dire que jai bien aimé ma soirée au café bla bla dans le cadre des soirée actualisez-vous. jai été agreablement surpris de voir les vulk,digit missile command,jawa,ansi que les deviergeurs de tympans livrer des perfo tous aussi bonne les unes que les autres. jespere...
dec. 22, 2005
By » nads on Thu Dec 22, 2005
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i'm all alone. Not one of my room-mates are here. Whixh is a lot to say cause thers a lot of us. I thaught i'd enjoy the quiet but its just weird. I dont think i'd be able to live by myself. It'd be too boaring never having someone to tlak to. I'd become one those ladies who drink too much wine and...
Reflexion sur le silence
By » Mister_Tee on Fri Dec 16, 2005
Il est toujours plus difficile d accepter le silence que les insultes... L absence d interlocuteur ne permet pas de prendre conscience de notre existence ... rien de tres confrontant ou reconfortant a dire ... je pense donc je suis... Le vide semble aspirer l esprit vers des speculations...
Bleach closing
By » moondancer on Tue Dec 13, 2005
Because of all the days that have passed, I am who I am now. I can keep on living because it doesn't go easily People passing by with hurried steps "Has your dream come true?", I'm still struggling. Instead of going back to my childhood, I'd rather try living well here and now. I...
a trancy guy
By » mC_manu on Fri Dec 9, 2005
god dammit ! can't wait till the next time i'll be in da studio.
La relève RAVE est en marche...
By » Dudu on Thu Dec 8, 2005
Je m'explique par une petite anecdote ultra-cute. Imaginez... Hier soir, je prends mon autobus pour Saint-Augustin. Je m'assis avec mon gros head-set et un set de happy ultra-cheesy... jusque là... tout va bien.. 3 arrêt plus loin, un homme et sa petite fille (je dirais 4-5 ans...
By » moondancer on Wed Dec 7, 2005
Romaji Lyrics yozora o miage hitori houkiboshi o mita no isshun de hajikete wa kiete shimatta kedo anata no koto omou to mune ga itaku naru no ima sugu aitai yo dakedo sora wa tobenai kara moshi atashi ga houkiboshi ni nareta naraba sora kakenuke tonde iku [1], donna ashita ga...
Win my cd !
By » karpe on Mon Dec 5, 2005
For Christmas we decide to give one of our cd for people who leave comment on this post. This is simple as 1-2-3 you have until 25 december to particate. Thank you to everyone who support us during this year ! I wish to everyone to have great holiday Pour Noel, nous avons décidé de donner...
By » nads on Thu Dec 1, 2005
detatched mind lingers, sticking to the randomness thats floats on by. stoned. just got home. a general contentence. Not only because i'm high but just was in a good mood all day. bouncy. its funny sometimes i find myself prouncing down the hall. i dont know skipping about is just more fun than...
Event Hardcore avec DJ-Dione/ENOID
By » Mister_Tee on Wed Nov 30, 2005
kuzutetsu@gmail.com (10 tix) jonathan_bernier@videotron (2 tix)... if Avril sarkazmo@hotmail.com (1 tix) kingbamboo@hotmail.com (1 tix) charlied1968@hotmail.com (1 tix) revered_daughter@hotmail.com (2 tix) flo5783(a)hotmail.com (1 tix)
Mon sommeil
By » samo on Tue Nov 29, 2005
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Je suis une personne étrange. J'aime dormir mais je haïs allé me couché. J'ai toujours l'impression qui va ce passé ce de quoi de full hot quand je vais aller me coucher et que je vais manquer cet instants unique. Est-ce que je suis le seul à penser comme ça????
By » nads on Mon Nov 28, 2005
lunch break, and i am sore as hell, dancing all night can do that i guess, but hey it was so worthe it. twas a pretty good rave, reverse universe, some of the d.js were abit too repetitive though. despite the soreness i'm in a pretty good mood. well back to work i go, half way done, yay!
Reflexion sur le vice
By » Mister_Tee on Mon Nov 28, 2005
Premier Fondement Le vice est compose de toutes les activites qui ne doivent pas etre soumisees a une analyse morale detaillee sous peine de souffrance psychologique... Deuxieme Fondement Le vice est necessaire a la survie d un individu .... Comme dans la celebre phrase : Pourquoi je me...
By » shin_star3 on Thu Nov 24, 2005
Quand on a la santé on s'amuse à la détruire inconsciemment...Quand elle est en miettes on essaie de la reconstruire.
By » didi on Sun Nov 20, 2005
criss reveiller plur c rien que une stupide utopi inventer pour faire croire o monde que la vie est belle et qui n a aucun soussi....criss paix amour uniter pi respect fuck off c kan qui a eu du respect din poutin de raves a la con??? jamais! pi en plus la paix y en a jamais eu, l amour sa tue.l...
By » WinterBlossom on Sat Nov 19, 2005
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Your softly spoken words, Release my whole desire, Undenied, Totally. And so bare is my heart, I can't hide, And so where does my heart, Belong. Beneath your tender touch, My senses can't divide, Oh so strong, My desire. For so bare is my heart, I can't hide, And so where does my...
By » nads on Sat Nov 19, 2005
i faked sick today., to get out of work and i feel great. day off! i just realy didnt feel like being there.today is a good day. just in a good mood. I think i'm going to go outside for a walk somewhre. Its realy nice out. Snowing with no wind a pleaseantly cool. I like the cold, well to a ceratain...
By » paIRex on Tue Nov 15, 2005
By » InSaNe_SkAnKeR on Fri Nov 11, 2005
ugly people should go away
Paul Personal Journal DO NOT READ
By » lunnp on Wed Nov 9, 2005
WELL YOU BROKE THE cardinal rule. dont read what you have no right to read Tag , youre it??!?!?!?!
so what the hell?
By » DJ_JePh on Sat Nov 5, 2005
how do i upload my own tunes to the site/ my profile? i'm confused as hell. someone help me out.
My religion.
By » sensake on Fri Nov 4, 2005
Our Carmack, who art in Dallas, hallowed be thy name... Thy frag will come, by quads and spawns thy will be done, in dm3 as it is in Heaven... Give us this game, the pent and quad, and forgive us our teamkills... as we forgive those who teamkill against us... and deliver us from sweden, for...
H fo the hizzo!!
By » sensake on Fri Nov 4, 2005
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_WORST_ title ever. Pas d'panic, chu pas devenu mc-raper. Bon moi j'écris paske: #1 Ca fait longtemps. #2 J'ai une news. #3 C'est une demande fait par un couple de hot chix qui s'liche. Dans ce cas ci, #1&2 sont présent mais pas #3 >8(( So what about me? Bah, pas full grand chose comme...
cant sleep
By » nads on Sun Oct 30, 2005
i am here sitting in my living room cause i cant sleep. why? well obviously drugs. hmmm had a realy good might though, twas my b-day and it actualy was realy cool. i got to take a hike with a special someone and dance in my room all night. but now its at the pint where u try to sleep but cant. you...
Je dormais. (version raccourci)
By » sensake on Mon Oct 24, 2005
L'autre nuit, j'ai fais un rêve. C'était l'histoire d'un gars dont je ne me rappel plus son nom, mais que je vais nommer Cuthenbert. Comme ca je suis certain de pas viser quelqu'un. C'est donc l'histoire de Cuthenbert qui se lève chaque matin dans sa vie très heureuse de tout les jours. Il...
Faire le tri
By » Andiie on Sun Oct 23, 2005
Une amie extraordinaire m'a récemment fait remarquer quelque chose. En fait, elle m'a mis en pleine face tout ce qui faisait que ma vie n'allait jamais tout à fait bien. Comme toujours, elle a lu dans mes pensées mieux que moi-même et elle m'a donné la réponse aux questions que je me pose...
Quelques Données De Base Sur l'Univers
By » anima on Fri Oct 21, 2005
Vitesse de la lumière 300.000 km/seconde Une année lumière 10.000 milliards de km Distance Terre-Soleil 8 minutes-lumière Diamètre de notre galaxie 100.000 années-lumière Diamètre supposé de l'univers 15 milliards d'années-lumière Distance moyenne entre...
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