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2009-06-11UK: Metropolitan Police Officers Flushed My Head in Toilet, Says Suspect726105
2009-06-10UK: How Cannabis Case Led to Claims of Theft and Violence By Police702105
2009-06-10UK: London's Metropolitan Police Accused of Waterboarding Suspects31842
2009-06-09UK: Drugs Survey - Legalise and Crack Down on Dealers32749
2009-06-09New Zealand: Editorial: Ridding Schools of Drugs a Priority32557
2009-06-09Mexico: Acapulco, Long Dotted With Tourists, Is Now Home to59374
2009-06-08Mexico: Acapulco Shootout Leaves 18 Dead54279
2009-06-08Afghanistan: Erratic Afghan Forces Pose Challenge to U.S.Goals1924289
2009-06-07Mexico: New Reason For Mexican Immigration To U.S.: Drug64978
2009-06-06Mexico: Traffickers: Mexico's Culture Icons66695
2009-06-06New Zealand: Prison Boss 'Part of Drug Ring'40969
2009-06-06Plying the Pacific, Subs Surface as Key Tool of Drug Cartels1034154
2009-06-05Mexico: 'Everybody Knows Who Really Runs Mexico'53082
2009-06-05New Zealand: Prison Unit Manager on Drugs Charges25445
2009-06-04Mexico: Historic Capital Explodes in Violence730108
2009-06-04Mexico: 47 Police Officers Questioned in Disappearance of29149
2009-06-04Mexico: Mexican Army Scours Juarez for Guns, Plans More Police Training662103
2009-06-04Uganda: Weak Marijuana Laws Worry Local Leaders13620
2009-06-04Guatemala: Mexico's Drug War Is Pushing Gangs into Guatemala1525211
2009-06-03UK: Drug Raid On Popular Bar Is Hailed A Success25338
2009-06-03Mexico: U.S. Accepts Blame In Narco-War860118
2009-06-02Mexico: The Man Who Outran Drug Assassins855109
2009-06-01Mexico: Behind The Mask In Sunny Acapulco759103
2009-06-01Pakistan: 1018 Drug Smugglers Arrested During 2008-0921625
2009-05-31Mexico: Mexico Drug Traffickers Corrupt Politics1419204
2009-05-31Mexico: Life and Death in Narcoland2091268
2009-05-30UK: Column: Cannabis Production Must Be Weeded Out And Put In1034118
2009-05-30Mexico: Drug Gangs' Kin Ensnared in Mexico Crackdown784105
2009-05-29UK: Marijuana And Cocaine Should Be Legalised, Says Latin61764
2009-05-29New Zealand: P Addicts Curable If Society Will Make The825117
2009-05-29New Zealand: OPED: Let's Cut The Hype And Look At The61370
2009-05-28Mexico: Candidates in Favor of Drug Legalization Attacked in Mexico39462
2009-05-28Mexico: Mexico's Detention of Local Officials Marks Shift in56586
2009-05-27Mexico: 10 Mayors, Other Mexico Officials Detained818115
2009-05-27Afghanistan: UN To Force Poppy Farmers to Stop by Destroying32039
2009-05-26UK: Wiltshire Jail Winning War Against Drugs43258
2009-05-26New Zealand: PM Moves to Ban P-Makers' Vital Cold and Flu Pills49783
2009-05-25Nigeria: Drug Barons Kill Two NDLEA Officers17726
2009-05-25India: Satellite Images Show Mega Rise in HP Poppy Cultivation43254
2009-05-25Australia: Drug Testing In Schools Encouraged50596
2009-05-24Iran: Iran Hosts Regional Summit On Fighting Drugs, Extremism55981
2009-05-23Nigeria: NDLEA Cartel: 62 Indicted Officials Still in Service768106
2009-05-23Guyana: Linden Men Say Badly Beaten By Joint Services43459
2009-05-23New Zealand: Editorial: Lawmakers Need To Step Up In P Fight60181
2009-05-22New Zealand: Students Sign Up For Random Drug Tests46762
2009-05-22New Zealand: Drug Education In Schools Panned47570
2009-05-21Cayman Islands: PUB LTE: Rethink Laws On Ganja42259
2009-05-21Netherlands: Column: Reefer Sadness818100
2009-05-20Mexico: Drugs Grab Mexican Political Spotlight64987
2009-05-19New Zealand: Law Tweak to Nab Drug Dealers18732
2009-05-19New Zealand: Amputee's Drug Crop 'Eased Pain'26542
2009-05-19New Zealand: Dope Growing Boom Worries Police Chief58795
2009-05-19New Zealand: Researcher Looks for Truth About P29654
2009-05-17Mexico: Mexico's Next War On Drugs77093
2009-05-17Nigeria: UN Rates Nigeria Best In Drug Control27842
2009-05-17UK: Rise In Use Of Drug Tests To Sack Staff Without Redundancy42055
2009-05-17Nigeria: Drug Barons Threaten Political Power In Nigeria930115
2009-05-17UK: Colombian Cocaine Ring Targeted By UK46362
2009-05-17Mexico: Men Dressed as Police Free Mexican Inmates31943
2009-05-16New Zealand: Dogged Searches An Educational Tool25441
2009-05-16New Zealand: Drugs in Schools: Otago's Approach Wins Praise39266
2009-05-14Span: Spanish Study Shows Cocaine in the Air in 2 Cities40650
2009-05-14UK: OPED: Long Sentences for Drug Mules Were Never Going to48959
2009-05-14New Zealand: Column: A Warning Against Cannabis67784
2009-05-14New Zealand: Drug Dog Ignored Fake 'Tinnies'16830
2009-05-14Mexico: DEA: Bribes Taint Late Mexican Drug Czar62199
2009-05-12Indonesia: Schapelle Corby Finds Beauty Within the Four Walls42969
2009-05-11Mexico: A Trip to Mexico's Museum of Drugs770112
2009-05-10Afghanistan: Western Military Looked Other Way As the Afghan1856245
2009-05-10North America: U.S. Gets Tough on Canadian Border1219165
2009-05-06Afghanistan: Drugs Hollow Out Afghan Lives In Cultural Center990109
2009-05-04New Zealand: Weather Turns To Pot At J-Day Event24732
2009-05-04Australia: Nimbin: Smoke Without Fire35655
2009-05-03Maldives: 6 Top Drug Dealers Identified - President16725
2009-05-02UK: Cannabis Kid is Back At School35359
2009-05-01Mexico: Mexican Drug Fight Nets 60,000 Suspects791103
2009-04-30Netherlands: Cannabis-Catching Chopper in the Netherlands14120
2009-04-28Mexico: On the Bloody Border: Mexico's Drug Wars2415296
2009-04-26UK: OPED: No One Can Possibly Know the Risks of Taking These45856
2009-04-26UK: Call for Drugs Tests for Everyone Arrested31545
2009-04-26UK: British Spy Loses Secrets in a Handbag22631
2009-04-26UK: Bumbling Agent Lost 'Crown Jewels' of Drugs War1005131
2009-04-26UK: There Are Many Drugs That Help People Get Out of Their Minds Yet Stay Within2035265
2009-04-24Australia: Nimbin Mardigrass 20091060172
2009-04-24Mexico: Mexico Proposes Expanding Army's Power45471
2009-04-23Mexico: Killings Plummet As Army Polices Drug City74091
2009-04-22Colombia: Wider Drug War Threatens Colombian Indians1007134
2009-04-21Mexico: Drug Cartels Keep Catholic Officials in Fear48077
2009-04-19UK: Tories Condemn 'Soft Touch' Approach to Class A Drugs39655
2009-04-19UK: How Rogue US Marines Helped Smuggle Ukp200m Of Drugs Into1436206
2009-04-19UK: Government Helpline Tells Children 'Cannabis Is Safer Than4177677
2009-04-19UK: Curb AIDS and HIV by Decriminalising Drugs, Say Experts63379
2009-04-18Bolivia: Bolivia Ant-Drug Chief: Cocaine Processing On Rise41256
2009-04-17Australia: Authorities Bust Cheech And Chong Fans In Aussie Tour16028
2009-04-17Mexico: Obama Pledges Help To Slow US Arms Flow1080134
2009-04-17Mexico: Calderon, Obama Vow to Battle Drug Cartels47466
2009-04-17Mexico: Obama Pledges Help in Mexico's War on Drug Lords, With1018129
2009-04-16S NC: Police Arrest Student On Meth Possession Charge799114
2009-04-16Mexico: Obama To Offer Solidarity To Mexico In Drug War74795
2009-04-15Mexico: Mexico's Drugs Come North America's Guns Go South2886385
2009-04-15Australia: Reward To 'Dob In A Druggie'29050
2009-04-15Mexico: Obama Prepares For Mexico Talks On Drug Trade1243159
2009-04-14Mexico: Legalizing Pot Debated In Mexico29747
2009-04-14Mexico: Congress Debates Legalizing Pot37156
2009-04-14South Korea: US Players Convicted For Smoking Marijuana13418
2009-04-13Netherlands: Cannabis Pair Smokin' It Overseas With29849
2009-04-13Yemen: Yemeni Farmers Threaten To Swap Grapes For Qat76197
2009-04-13Colombia: Colombian President Alvaro Uribe's Push To Ban Drugs69799
2009-04-13Mexico: As Mexican Killings Rise, Groups Take Envoy to Task63176
2009-04-12New Zealand: Cannabis Club Tilts at the Law39160
2009-04-12UK: Column: A Criminally Stupid War On Drugs In The US911101
2009-04-10Mexico: Web Riddled With Drug Cartel Videos, Messages48679
2009-04-10Mexico: Is It Safe to Go to Mexico?1835225
2009-04-07Qatar: Anti-Drug Abuse Bodies to Strengthen Coordination41251
2009-04-07UK: Legalisation Of Drugs Could Save UK UkP 14BN, Says Study41056
2009-04-07UK: Call To Review Drugs Legalisation35646
2009-04-05Colombia: US Law Fights Submarine-Like Boats Hauling Cocaine995146
2009-04-05UK: Review: Escobar By Roberto Escobar77893
2009-04-05UK: OPED: Think Tank: Lift Ban and Win the Drugs War73085
2009-04-04Mexico: Mexican and U.S. Attorneys General Confer to59976
2009-04-04UK: Editorial: Mexico's Drugs War41155
2009-04-03Mexico: Little Progress as U.S., Mexico Discuss Drug Cartels41454
2009-04-03Mexico: Arrest Of Cartel's Alleged No. 2, Vicente Carrillo Leyva, Seen As Big Br55989
2009-04-03Mexico: Top U.S. Officials Meet With Mexicans to Quell Growing Drug-Related Bord74898
2009-04-03Mexico: Mexico Arrests Suspected No. 2 in Juarez Drug784118
2009-04-03Spain: Marijuana Cure For Cancer?11618
2009-04-02Spain: Marijuana Ingredient May Cut Tumours24140
2009-04-02Spain: Spain. Marijuana Therapy May Shrink Tumours7011
2009-04-02Mexico: Juarez Crime Plummets After Troops Pour In971148
2009-04-02Mexico: As Mexico Battles Cartels, The Army Becomes the Law2603311
2009-03-31Spain: Heavy Use of Marijuana May Lead to Psychosis30440
2009-03-31UK: Class A Lesson In The War Against Drugs1741186
2009-03-30Mexico: Hopes Rise As Juarez Violence Recedes966136
2009-03-30Mexico: State of War1998241
2009-03-30Mexico: In Drug War, Mexico Fights Cartel and Itself2496304
2009-03-29Jamaica: Drug Council Warns Financial Crisis Could Feed Addiction819112
2009-03-29Mexico: Mexico's Drug Gangs Drive Film Crew Out Of Town63374
2009-03-27Mexico: Column: Mexico's Narco-Corruption Spreads North Of The64376
2009-03-27Mexico: Hillary Clinton Wraps Up Mexico Visit, Calls Drug38960
2009-03-27Mexico: Clinton Touts Solidarity In Drug War32053
2009-03-27Mexico: U.S., Mexico to Intensify Fight Against Violent Drug66293
2009-03-26UK: LTE: Drugs And Legalisation20431
2009-03-26UK: LTE: Drugs And Legalisation15724
2009-03-26UK: PUB LTE: Drugs And Legalisation15522
2009-03-26UK: PUB LTE: Drugs And Legalisation5812
2009-03-26UK: PUB LTE: Drugs And Legalisation7112
2009-03-26Editorial: A Green Light For Medical Marijuana24335
2009-03-26Australia: Ex-Cop Up In Smoke But Chong Still Smokin'30741
2009-03-26Mexico: Clinton Offers Mexico Help in Drug War32037
2009-03-25Mexico: Clinton's Focus: Drug War658100
2009-03-25UK: Column: Mexico: Mexico: A Toxic Drugs Cocktail In A32739
2009-03-24UK: Drugs-Crime a Priority Says New Police Chief27837
2009-03-24Mexico: Mexico Offers $2-Million Rewards for Top Drug Suspects39562
2009-03-24Mexico: Mexico Puts Price On Drug Kingpins22950
2009-03-23UK: Column: I Was A Skunk Addict, At Least I Think I Was1129116
2009-03-22Philippines: 600,000 Participate In March47770
2009-03-22Philippines: Thousands March Versus Illegal Drugs59393
2009-03-21New Zealand: Editorial: Editorial Comment March 21, 200929044
2009-03-21Nigeria: NDLEA Arrests 114-Year-Old Man34244
2009-03-21Mexico: Drug War As Tough As Iraq65195
2009-03-20UK: LTE: Environmental Cost Of Cocaine26733
2009-03-20New Zealand: Super-Strength Cloned Cannabis Plants Found50982
2009-03-18UK: A Quick Fix1248154
2009-03-18UK: Editorial: Why The Drugs Really Don't Work51765
2009-03-18UK: Column: Addiction Is A Sickness, And So Is Criminalizing76980
2009-03-18UK: Column: Addiction Is A Sickness, And So Is Criminalising79283
2009-03-18Mexico: Tijuana: Caught In The Cocaine Crossfire1663184
2009-03-17Mexico: Mexican church: Ex-Ruling Party Blocks Drug Fight34158
2009-03-16Mexico: Retired Mexican Army General Appointed Secretary Of Public Safety In Jua25836
2009-03-16Mexico: Heavy Military Presence Slows Violence In Juarez802112
2009-03-16Uk: 19000 Nhs Needles Go Missing In North West Wales37363
2009-03-16UK: Skunk - 'Kids Think The Strong Stuff Is The Best Stuff'2110255
2009-03-16South Africa: Tik Losing Its Grip Cape Teens - Report35154
2009-03-16Indonesia: 15000 Indonesians Die Annually Of Drugs: Minister18326
2009-03-16UK: Amazing Story Of How Pablo Escobar Came To Be The Richest Crook In History1195191
2009-03-16Mexico: Drug War May Hurt Mexico's Ruling Party710107
2009-03-16UK: PUB LTE: Black-Market Drugs8816
2009-03-15Mexico: More Mexican Troops Arrive In Juarez49885
2009-03-15UK: Review: A Potent Dose Of Mother Courage1084152
2009-03-15UK: The Families Torn Apart By Teenage Skunk Epidemic2192270
2009-03-15Mexico: Drug Cartels' New Weaponry Means War1687220
2009-03-14Nigeria: Ogun, NDLEA Disagree Over Burning Of Seized Drugs45862
2009-03-14UK: Drugs Crackdown Nets 98 Suspects45771
2009-03-13UK: PUB LTE: The Spread Of Aids10616
2009-03-13Mexico: Juarez Refuses To Lie Down And Die63984
2009-03-13Mexico: Juarez Captain Accused In Cartel Slaying18026
2009-03-12UK: Yeovil Landlords Warned About Illegal Cannabis Factories30243
2009-03-12UK: OPED: Colombia's Desert War78088
2009-03-12Uk: Addict Used Internet To Learn How To Grow Cannabis27646
2009-03-12UK: Online Sales Of Legal Alternatives To Class A Drugs Raise61074
2009-03-12Mexico: Fears In US Drug War Will Destabilize Mexico1054144
2009-03-12Anti-Narcotics Drive Fuelled Drug Cartels: UN49776
2009-03-12War on Drugs 'Has Enriched Cartels'52271
2009-03-12Poor Countries 'In Chaos' After Ten Years of UN's War on Drugs53069
2009-03-12This Is a Coca Leaf, Not Cocaine, Insists Morales20928
2009-03-11Mexico: Progress In Mexico Drug War Is Drenched In Blood843105
2009-03-11Countries Re-Examine War on Drugs22236
2009-03-11UN's War on Drugs a Dismal Failure11518
2009-03-11UN's Worldwide Anti-Drugs Campaign 'Has Made No Progress'14923
2009-03-11Russia: Russia Finally Admits To Its Hidden Heroin Epidemic81292
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News (Media Awareness Project)