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2009-08-26Argentina: Argentina Eases Rules on Marijuana47360
2009-08-25N BC: PUB LTE: If Marijuana Is So 'Bad', Then Show Us The Proof14333
2009-08-25Mexico: Heroin Now Legal In Small Doses43465
2009-08-25Argentina: SC Expected to Decriminalize Marijuana Consumption20733
2009-08-24Mexico: In Mexico, Ambivalence on a Drug Law1162142
2009-08-23Mexico: Some Feel Ambivalence Over New Mexican Drug Law59985
2009-08-23Mexico: Mexico Shifts Tactics in the Drug Battle949124
2009-08-22China: Police Role In Drug Testing To Be Reviewed19229
2009-08-22Mexico: Mexican Prosecutors OK With Drug Law Changes33855
2009-08-22Mexico: Mexico Eases Ban on Drug Possession1203139
2009-08-21Mexico: Mexico Legalizes Drug Possession15727
2009-08-21Mexico: Mexico Allows Possession of Drugs for 'Personal Use'57278
2009-08-19New Zealand: Hells Angels Link in 1000 Cannabis Arrests36978
2009-08-18Australia: 'Retox' a Worry If You Go Off the Grass43366
2009-08-18CA: LTE: Legalizing Marijuana15422
2009-08-18Bolivia: Bolivia Plants Coca, and Cocaine Follows852109
2009-08-16Fuiji: No More Drugs For Chako873136
2009-08-16Afghanistan: Opium Vital to Afghan Villagers, Taliban1552208
2009-08-15Vietnam: Pot Grown in Highland Cellars16224
2009-08-15CA: Perspectives: Legal Pot Industry Could Give State Boost948131
2009-08-15New Zealand: Inside, in Need of a Fix, and Ingenious49394
2009-08-14China: Teachers Union: Allow More Kinds Of Drug-Testing In Schools43360
2009-08-14Afghanistan: U.S. Seeds New Crops to Supplant Afghan Poppies1072145
2009-08-13China: Schools And Their Students Divided Over Drug Tests43561
2009-08-13UK: Heroin Laced Cannabis Heading to Brighton Streets, Police650112
2009-08-12UK: Legal High Spice To Be Banned26639
2009-08-12Mexico: Juarez Mayor Criticizes Deportations56190
2009-08-12Mexico: U.S., Mexico Winning Drug War: Napolitano25238
2009-08-11HI: LTE: Marijuana Raids279
2009-08-11Afghanistan: Pentagon Puts Afghan Drug-Traffickers on Hitlist38758
2009-08-11Mexico: Obama Pledges to Help Mexico Fight Drug War42263
2009-08-11North America: At Mexico Summit, Obama Says Immigration Reform Will Have to Wait922124
2009-08-11Mexico: Mexico's Drug Traffickers Continue Trade in Prison2155262
2009-08-10New Zealand: Drug Use by At-Risk Teens Causes Alarm37164
2009-08-10North America: Obama Arrives in Mexico for Start of Summit67897
2009-08-10Afghanistan: U.S. to Hunt Down Afghan Drug Lords Tied to Taliban1183147
2009-08-09Australia: Drug Testing Kit for Kids 'Ruins Trust'29646
2009-08-09New Zealand: Drug Culture of Disgraced NZ Soldiers50971
2009-08-09Jamaica: PUB LTE: A Case for Marijuana Law Reform19841
2009-08-09Jamaica: PUB LTE: Legalise Cannabis, Jamaica11824
2009-08-09Argentina: Latin America On Its Way To Legalizing Drugs61584
2009-08-09Mexico: Obama to Meet Calderon, Harper40052
2009-08-09Mexico: New Mystery in Juarez956131
2009-08-08New Zealand: Lavish Lifestyle Over for Drug Wholesaler673122
2009-08-08New Zealand: Editorial: Important for Authorities to Keep Pressure on Cannabis R30652
2009-08-08Afghanistan: U.S. and Britain Again Target Afghan Poppies1113135
2009-08-08Yemen: Yemen Establishes First Addiction Rehabilitation Center57971
2009-08-07Mexico: Drug Killings Soar As Obama Heads To Three Amigos40353
2009-08-06Australia: New Technology Will Help Police to Detect Drugged18233
2009-08-03Jamaica: Column: Let's Reclaim Our Independence And Legalise1099142
2009-08-03UK: Drugs Boss: What A Mess42457
2009-08-03UK: Don't Alienate Your Advisors, Chief Scientist Tells786104
2009-08-01Australia: Pills, Thrills and the Heath Ledger Effect35154
2009-08-01UK: Column: Why It's Time to End the War on Drugs2966412
2009-07-31Finland: Cannabis Culture Takes Root in Finnish Provinces25736
2009-07-31UA CA: Vote Fails To Establish Pot Ordinance47272
2009-07-31UK: Proposal To Not Put Dealers In Prison To Win Drug War24036
2009-07-29Mexico: Mexico Urged to Change Drug War Strategy770106
2009-07-28Australia: Drugs, Abuse, Children Don't Mix: Judge36653
2009-07-28Mexico: New Strategy Urged in Mexico1416174
2009-07-28China: Service To Protect Drug Abusers' Unborn Babies55981
2009-07-27Australia: Police Warn on Melbourne Heroin Smugglers51687
2009-07-27Australia: Chasing the Dragon1465214
2009-07-26Australia: Editorial: 'Drug State' Unwanted, Grim Title26445
2009-07-26Australia: SA Is Nation's Drug Lab Capital669104
2009-07-26Mexico: Fear and Death in a Mormon Town in Mexico1001121
2009-07-26Australia: Hemp Resources Sues WA Government for $255m55097
2009-07-24UK: Cocaine Britain: 25 Per Cent Rise in the Last Year69389
2009-07-24UK: Column: UKP1 For A Line Of Cocaine - So Much For The War50062
2009-07-24UK: Home Office Reports Big Rise In Cocaine Use As Street47466
2009-07-24Afghanistan: U.S. Shifts Afghan Narcotics Strategy53275
2009-07-23Mexico: Ambushed By A Drug War1531191
2009-07-21Mexico: U.S. Indictments Target Mexico's Gulf Cartel52879
2009-07-21Mexico: Us Sends New Alert On Travel In Chihuahua35155
2009-07-21Venezuela: Venezuela's Anti-Drug Efforts Fall Short, U.S. Says668102
2009-07-20Philippines: Mexican-Style War on Drugs Sought36655
2009-07-20Afghanistan: DEA Pursues a New Front in Afghan War1512199
2009-07-20Mexico: For Sale: One Leopard-Skin Rolex and Maybe Some Frozen Sharks1199152
2009-07-19Mexico: 5 Gunned Down In Juarez Bar27147
2009-07-19Mexico: Drug Cartels Imperil Immigrants in the Desert1669200
2009-07-19Mexico: Drugs 'Taliban' Declares War On Mexican State2372283
2009-07-19Venezuela: Venezuela's Drug-Trafficking Role Is Growing Fast, US846116
2009-07-18New Zealand: John Key Mansion Burglar Jailed33748
2009-07-17Mexico: Forces Swarm to Counter Drug Gang910135
2009-07-15Malta: Man Liberated On Appeal From Khat Charges49864
2009-07-15UK: Methadone Vending Machines For Prisoners27742
2009-07-15UK: Editorial: Remembering The Victims Of Cannabis19631
2009-07-15Mexico: 12 Slain in Mexico Were Federal Police Officers54081
2009-07-15Mexico: Mexico Police Agents Are Killed In Alleged Retribution849101
2009-07-15Mexico: Mexico drug wars: Violence Escalates As Cartels Challenge31246
2009-07-14UK: Vietnamese Forced To Run Yorks Cannabis Farms1187153
2009-07-14South Korea: Confiscated Narcotics Jump14524
2009-07-13New Zealand: Technology To Help War On Drugs28747
2009-07-13Ireland: An Audience With Mr Nice810110
2009-07-13Mexico: Mexico Posts Are Blitzed After Arrest in Drug War64887
2009-07-13UK: Column: It's Poppycock to Grow Crops Here but Destroy Them975104
2009-07-13Mexico: Cartel Kills 5 In Attacks On Mexican Forces41359
2009-07-12UK: OPED: Tough Talk Is Cheap, but Tackling Drugs Costs Money69793
2009-07-12UK: Judge Issues Warning On Dangers Of Cannabis After Hapton Teen's35452
2009-07-10UK: Column: Helping Change Islander's Lives954145
2009-07-10UK: Controversial Needle Exchange Is Opened31152
2009-07-09UK: PUB LTE: Legalising Drugs12821
2009-07-09New Zealand: PUB LTE: Cannabis For Medical Use?14520
2009-07-09NZ: PUB LTE: Flawed Take On Drug Laws15024
2009-07-09Mexico: Mexico Accused Of Torture In Drug War2181292
2009-07-08New Zealand: Marijuana Activist Spreads The Word37659
2009-07-07Australia: Education The Key44260
2009-07-07UK: Mogul's Drugs Fortune To Go To Charity18037
2009-07-07UK: Drug Driving Among Young Is On The Rise18227
2009-07-07Saint Lucia: Is St. Lucia Dysfunctional By Design?, Part II874112
2009-07-07Denmark: City Trying to 'Hash Out' Pot Issue866112
2009-07-07NZ: OPED: Academics Have Done Us A Service By Rubbishing Berl's Alcohol716122
2009-07-05UK: Bill For Dispensing Methadone Doubles To Over 16M22839
2009-07-05UK: Tablets On Sale In City's Shops32853
2009-07-05N AB: PUB LTE: Let's Try Something Different12517
2009-07-05Asia: Users Pay Heavy Price For Cheap Party Drug644101
2009-07-04New Zealand: Editorial: It's Time to Get Serious on Cannabis71285
2009-07-03Mexico: Drug-Cartel Links Haunt an Election South of Border2062247
2009-07-02Australia: Tainted Ecstasy Will Cause Overdoses37362
2009-07-02Australia: Column: Filling Our Jails With Junkies Is of No658110
2009-06-30UK: Drug Dad Wept As Judge Jailed Him32454
2009-06-30UK: Teenagers 'Are Experimenting With Cocaine'49069
2009-06-30UK: Column: Yes, Addicts Need Help. But All You Casual Cocaine Users Want Lockin1168162
2009-06-30Australia: Column: Drugs Aren't Evil, So Stop the Moralising585100
2009-06-30Philippines: FDAPP Launched in New Lucena, Iloilo53076
2009-06-30Australia: Column: Reality Bites in Drug Debate1045132
2009-06-30UK: Family's Trauma At 'Mistaken Identity' Drugs Operation19029
2009-06-29Saint Lucia: St Lucia Dysfuntional By Design?1093127
2009-06-29New Zealand: Editorial: Drugged Drivers Deserve It23836
2009-06-29New Zealand: Drivers On Drugs Will Face Police Clampdown43666
2009-06-29New Zealand: Drug Test Unfair, Disabled Claim46284
2009-06-29Philippines: Editorial: 5th In The World33442
2009-06-29New Zealand: Police May Give Roadside Drug Tests32453
2009-06-29Russia: Ivanov Links NATO Rights to Drug War19028
2009-06-28Nigeria: 86 Drug Barons, Traffickers Convicted In Rivers19929
2009-06-28Pakistan: Drug User Has No Future, Says FBR Chief34454
2009-06-28Nigeria: Police Accused Of Backing Drug Peddlers21633
2009-06-28China: 1,291 Drug-Related Cases Busted In First Five Months21433
2009-06-28Afghanistan: New Course for Antidrug Efforts in Afghanistan65884
2009-06-28Colombia: Good News From Colombia Drug War Masks Increased Production From Peru61884
2009-06-27UK: Drug Policy in the Americas39455
2009-06-27Cyprus: '20 People A Year Die Of Overdoses'22131
2009-06-27Mexico: Shootout in Central Mexico Leaves 12 Dead40159
2009-06-27Mexico: At Least 12 Die in Mexico Shootout43258
2009-06-26Australia: Australia Top in Asia Drug Market48582
2009-06-26NZ: Prison Beds Bill Set To Top $1.75b15023
2009-06-25New Zealand: Buying Drugs 'Easier Than Beer' for Teens32248
2009-06-25UN: No Rise In Drug Markets17226
2009-06-24NZ: Police Get Powers To Deal With Drivers On Drugs40465
2009-06-24PUB LTE: Marijuana Less Harmful Than Tobacco, Alcohol6615
2009-06-23UK: The Truth About Cannabis27645
2009-06-23New Zealand: Three-Strike Policy's Supporters Fall Away45567
2009-06-22Australia: OPED: What Really Happened to the Heroin Drought76198
2009-06-22Mexico: Quiet Vote Advances Plan To Decriminalize Some Drugs49077
2009-06-22Australia: OPED: Heroin: A Curse or a Source of Meaning?768108
2009-06-22New Zealand: Building New Prisons Costly ­ Cheaper Options Needed: PM34256
2009-06-22New Zealand: Killer Drivers On Drugs Will Go Free - Daughter47169
2009-06-22Australia: Hemp High On Agenda26644
2009-06-22Egypt: Needle Sharing Rife Among Drug Users34536
2009-06-22South Korea: Actress Under Fire for Backing Marijuana38157
2009-06-22Mexico: Mexico Expected To Enact Liberalized Drug Law740119
2009-06-22Mexico: Mexico Will Decriminalize Some Drug Use778130
2009-06-22Colombia: Secret Of The Swamps: Colombia's Cocaine Submarines8601821
2009-06-22Malaysia: Hostile Reception To Dadah Op37258
2009-06-22Nigeria: Probe Ndlea, Ac Advises Fg31143
2009-06-22Malaysia: Anti-Drugs Swoop Turns Ugly31650
2009-06-22Philippines: Editorial - Impunity39848
2009-06-21Mexico: Drug Cartels In Mexico Killing Street Dealers1442219
2009-06-21UAE: UAE Has Its Own Drugs Problem, Official Says33153
2009-06-21Mexico: Drug Cartels In Mexico Killing Street Dealers1442219
2009-06-21Mexico: Mexico Deploys 1500 Extra Soldiers To Border City57784
2009-06-21Mexico: Mexico Moves Quietly to Decriminalize Minor Drug Use1006146
2009-06-20Australia: Saving Dope-Addled Minds998133
2009-06-20Israel: Health Ministry, Drug Dealers Team Up to Help Chronically Ill2206255
2009-06-20South America: Colombia: Coca Growing Declines9210
2009-06-19New Zealand: LTE: No Jail Visitor Is Exempt17634
2009-06-19Jamaica: PUB LTE: Ganja Is Big Business34449
2009-06-19Mexico: Once Hush-Hush, Drug War Plays Big In Mexico Vote1087163
2009-06-18PUB LTE: The Only Clear Winners in the Drug War Are the Cartels17026
2009-06-18New Zealand: Man Lights Up Cannabis Joint in Parliament10922
2009-06-17UK: Shop To Stop Selling Controversial Drug36354
2009-06-17Australia: A Helping Hand for Dealing With Cannabis26843
2009-06-17Australia: Intervention Help When Cannabis Use Out of Hand33045
2009-06-17New Zealand: MP Worried by Drug Arrests31850
2009-06-15PUB LTE: Drug Abuse Is Bad, But Prohibition Is Worse16625
2009-06-15Mexico: Drug War Intrudes on Mexico's Coastal Resorts69790
2009-06-15Mexico: In Juarez, A Trail of Drugs and Violence71186
2009-06-15Australia: Editorial: Death Must Result in a Taser Review44756
2009-06-14Australia: More Workers Caught As Drug Tests Increase27250
2009-06-14Australia: Abyss Awaits Young As Teen Drug Rehab Closes54078
2009-06-13UK: Column: Cocaine Study That Got Up the Nose of the US71487
2009-06-13Australia: Cannabis Plan Fails to Enthuse Voters23836
2009-06-13Australia: Sky-High Baby Boomers Yet to Get Off Cloud33845
2009-06-13Australia: Drug Use on Rise in Older Adults34145
2009-06-13New Zealand: Secrets of $12m Drug Dealer39369
2009-06-13Mexico: In Mexican City, Drug War Ills Slip Into Shadows2172262
2009-06-13Mexico: The Drug Lord Who Got Away3894448
2009-06-11New Zealand: Editorial: Drug Dogs Are Welcome If They Keep Our33061
2009-06-11New Zealand: Drugged Driving 'A Serious Threat'564104
2009-06-11New Zealand: P Use Appears To Be Levelling Out732131
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News (Media Awareness Project)