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News (Media Awareness Project)
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2009-12-03Nepal: Drug Dealer Killed in Police Fire15820
2009-12-03UK: Don't Knock Findings On Dangerous Drugs14215
2009-12-03Mexico: Killing Is a Blow to Witness Program64092
2009-12-01UK: Column: The Art And Science Of Evidence About Drugs71285
2009-12-01UK: Skunk Cannabis Smokers Seven Times More Likely To Suffer From Psychosis47572
2009-11-30Australia: Syringes a Lifesaver: Study19733
2009-11-30UK: Edu: The Scandal of Nuttgate59363
2009-11-30Mexico: Baby Wounded, 23 Slain Over Weekend in Juarez26342
2009-11-30Fiji: Villagers Choose To Banish Farmers, Users29751
2009-11-30Fiji: North Districts Top Cultivation Area List21236
2009-11-30Australia: Column: Sydney's Killer Drugs On The Dancefloor68997
2009-11-29Mexico: Riding in the Combat Zone766120
2009-11-29Kenya: Heroin Addicts Sharing Blood50063
2009-11-29UK: Drug Cases Rise In Sussex36260
2009-11-28UK: Bristol Cocaine Gang Members Uncovered68597
2009-11-28Australia: OPED: Don't Endanger Yourself With Dope: Cannabis740111
2009-11-27UK: Soaring Heroin Possession Convictions in North-East Shocks MSP24737
2009-11-27UK: Bullies Forced My Daughter Down The Drug Road To Death57573
2009-11-27Europe: Another Thing Europe Doesn't Agree On954115
2009-11-27Bolivia: Drug Lords Finding Safe Haven In Bolivia751120
2009-11-27UK: Police Uncover New Cannabis 'Factory'34040
2009-11-26Bahamas: Claim That Decriminalising Marijuana Could Help Economy45261
2009-11-26UK: Mum's Plea After Heroin Tragedy49172
2009-11-26UK: On-The-Spot Fine Call For Small Amounts Of Cannabis52483
2009-11-24Mexico: Expert: Juarez Violence a 'Terrorist War'794101
2009-11-23Mexico: Deployment of Elite 'Red Beret' Paratroopers Unit Is Latest Effort to St45072
2009-11-22Mexico: U.S., Mexico Align Against Common Foe: Brutal Narcotics Trade1334162
2009-11-22The Needle Nexus1865242
2009-11-20UK: OPED: Win Hearts and Minds in Afghanistan to Win the War840101
2009-11-20New Zealand: All in a Morning's Work for Drug-Busters68192
2009-11-19Brazil: Edu: Psychedelic Sermons in the Amazon50562
2009-11-19New Zealand: Cannabis Grower Hoped For New Laws43668
2009-11-18New Zealand: Firm Told to Reinstate Dope Smoker Who Fell Out of Tree28348
2009-11-18New Zealand: Reinstatement Ordered for Worker Sacked After27950
2009-11-18Australia: Brumby Commits to Probe on Jail Drugs37252
2009-11-17Australia: Drugs and Sex Scandal Hit Jail57687
2009-11-17Mexico: Marching the Police Off to Jail1535211
2009-11-16UK: OPED: Can Mind-altering Drugs Have Mental Health Benefits?1277148
2009-11-16Guinea-Bissau: Guinea-Bissau: Cocaine's Traffic Hub1861238
2009-11-15Mexico: Juarez Violence: Drug-war Brutality Persists Despite1162181
2009-11-15UK: PUB LTE: Harmless Smokers9518
2009-11-15UK: LTE: Cannabis Still a Danger16225
2009-11-14Mexico: Stop Border Flow Of Guns, Panel Urges30547
2009-11-14UK: Seven Arrested After Crime And Drugs Crackdown21835
2009-11-13UK: Peterborough MP Calls For Sharps Bin Locations38561
2009-11-12Mexico: Body Found in Juarez Identified As Ex-Drug Kingpin's Son28441
2009-11-12UK: Government Seeks to Patch Up Relations With Scientists27840
2009-11-11UK: More Drugs Advisers Resign From Panel in Protest at Nutt Sacking65392
2009-11-11UK: Column: Accept the Facts - and End This Futile 'War on Drugs'1480160
2009-11-11New Zealand: New Drug 'Z' Has Police Worried48979
2009-11-08UK: Drug Slang: What Police Must Learn A to B1495945
2009-11-07UK: Are Your Drugs Laws Working? Ask a Scientist63276
2009-11-06Netherlands: Dutch Not Really Bunch of Potheads: Study16122
2009-11-06Mexico: Amid Rising Violence, Mexicans Fight Back1105127
2009-11-05UK: Column: Cannabis: It's Time to Stop the Lies and Start a Rational Debate884119
2009-11-04UK: OPED: An Uncertain Scientist's Guide to Taking Risks817103
2009-11-04UK: Chief Scientist Speaks Out to Support Sacked Adviser's837119
2009-11-03UK: Editorial: Using a Sledgehammer56273
2009-11-03UK: OPED: My Views on Drugs Classification1569194
2009-11-03Mexico: In Mexico, Fears Of A 'Lost Generation'1153147
2009-11-03UK: Column: Why Drugs Row Boffin Got On His High Horse69895
2009-11-03UK: OPED: Cannabis Risks Must Not Be Underplayed861108
2009-11-03UK: Johnson Under Fire As More Advisers Threaten to Resign68077
2009-11-03UK: More Drug Experts To Quit15225
2009-11-03UK: Backing For Drug Expert's Revolt885132
2009-11-03UK: Drug Experts Rally Round Sacked David Nutt23240
2009-11-03UK: Treading Fine Line Between Providing Advice - or Policy47575
2009-11-03UK: Drug Panel Revolt Over Fired Chief Professor David Nutt14226
2009-11-03UK: Scientists Demand Government Talks Over Drug Advice43567
2009-11-02UK: Column: David Nutt Saga Has Makings of Satirical Screenplay39154
2009-11-02UK: Column: There's No Point in Advisers If They Can Say Only What Ministers Wan43758
2009-11-02UK: PUB LTE: Perils Of Advising On Drug Policy25637
2009-11-02UK: Column: Removal Risks Discouraging Experts From Giving Opinion22733
2009-11-02UK: OPED: Penalties For Drug Use Must Reflect Harm41951
2009-11-02UK: Cannabis Confusion Is Labour's Fault, Not Professor Nutt's81494
2009-11-02UK: Clarke Criticises Brown As Drugs Adviser Row Escalates37355
2009-11-02UK: Two More Drug Experts Quit In Row Over Sacked Professor44267
2009-11-02UK: Scientists Quit Government Drugs Body Over David Nutt Sacking69093
2009-11-02Australia: OPED: The Needle-And-Syringe Program Has to Expand and Adjust87198
2009-11-01UK: Scientists Rebel At Drug Czar Sacking31946
2009-11-01UK: Column: Like Drunks In Denial, MPs Blow Off Truth About Drugs64173
2009-11-01UK: OPED: On the Quiet, the US Is Legalising Marijuana1029110
2009-10-31UK: Home Secretary Sacks Chief Adviser for Saying Many Drugs Are Safer Than Alco43862
2009-10-31UK: Editorial: Drugs Policy: Shooting Up the Messenger41457
2009-10-31North America: U.S. and Mexico Agree on Shift in Drug Trials796103
2009-10-30UK: Chief Drug Adviser Sacked Over Cannabis Stance52469
2009-10-30UK: Drugs Tsar 'Sacked Over Comments'32648
2009-10-30New Zealand: Commission Defends Search and Surveillance Changes30651
2009-10-30Mexico: Juarez Mayor Asks For More Soldiers32752
2009-10-30UK: Cannabis Message Wrong - Noreen39857
2009-10-30UK: LSD Less Harmful Than Liquor, Cigarettes: Researcher33053
2009-10-29New Zealand: Police Unit to Target Crime Profit38566
2009-10-29Mexico: US Warns Of Cartel Shootings In Mexico Border City22532
2009-10-28New Zealand: Police Ready For Tests On Suspected Stoned Drivers38657
2009-10-28New Zealand: Gangs Bill Passes Amidst Debate38068
2009-10-28New Zealand: Police Have More Power to Take DNA30548
2009-10-28UK: 'Alcohol More Dangerous Than LSD'25140
2009-10-28UK: Alcohol More Dangerous Than Ecstasy, LSD And Cannabis25440
2009-10-28New Zealand: OPED: Deadly Scourge No-One Is Fighting797111
2009-10-26New Guinea: Editorial: Drug Abuse Is A Serious Problem69295
2009-10-24Mexico: Mexico's Cops Seek Upgrade2440281
2009-10-23New Zealand: Proposed Search Powers 'Open to Abuse'46790
2009-10-23Report Shows Afghan Drugs Reach Deep in the West41652
2009-10-19One in 25 Globally Using Cannabis - Study33752
2009-10-17Mexico: In Mexican Drug War, Investigators Are Fearful2787357
2009-10-17Mexico: Presumption of Guilt2211250
2009-10-17Mexico: Experts Warn Mexico Must Keep Drug Traffickers From Growing62195
2009-10-16New Zealand: Watchdog Warns on 'Invasive' Search Law50097
2009-10-16Cannabis: Study Demonstrates the Scale of Drug's Global51159
2009-10-15Australia: OPED: Time to Decriminalise Drugs53468
2009-10-15New Zealand: Gangs See NZ As Soft Underbelly56595
2009-10-14Mexico: Decapitated Body Among 100 Girls, Women Killed in54772
2009-10-14New Zealand: OPED: Anti-P Law Doesn't Stand Up to Scrutiny794113
2009-10-12Mexico: 'Narco-Lawyer' Slayings Highlight Weakness in the Justice System1519216
2009-10-12Australia: Police Empowered for West's Drug War49570
2009-10-11New Zealand: OPED: Key Emerges As Nemesis of P1211140
2009-10-11Australia: Premier Colin Barnett to Introduce Tougher Marijuana Legislation719117
2009-10-11UK: The Rise and Rise of Legal Highs3043362
2009-10-10Mexico: Mexican Drug War Expands Beyond Fight Over U.S. Routes67298
2009-10-09UK: 'Keep the Drugs Tip-Offs Coming'15523
2009-10-09Mexico: Palomas Mayor Abducted, Killed57188
2009-10-08UK: Addiction to Cocaine Among Young Doubles in Four Years756106
2009-10-07UK: Wasted Billions678120
2009-10-07Mexico: Human-Rights Official: Mexican Soldiers Part Of Drug Violence57590
2009-10-06Australia: Needle Program Success27144
2009-10-05Australia: Column: Prohibition Has Failed807108
2009-10-04Mexico: Life and Death in Juarez, the World's Murder Capital2277253
2009-10-03Australia: Column: The Cost of the War on Drugs871109
2009-10-03Australia: Make Drugs Legal, Says Former US Police Chief56267
2009-09-30Bermuda: Ex-Cop: 'Legalize Cannabis At Your Own Peril'50777
2009-09-28Mexico: How to End the Slaughter in Juarez?881116
2009-09-28Mexico: Top US, Mexican Diplomats Meet To Discuss Drug War17228
2009-09-25Russia: Russia Dazed in Heroin's Tracks1208155
2009-09-25Australia: PUB LTE: Life-Saving Strategy8614
2009-09-24Australia: OPED: Jury in on Heroin Ban883108
2009-09-22Australia: Legalise Addicts' Heroin: Experts29841
2009-09-22Peru: Peru Battles Thriving Drug Trade67687
2009-09-22Mexico: Mexico Nominee Under Fire52770
2009-09-21New Zealand: Right to Silence Challenged51192
2009-09-21Colombia: Colombian Crackdown Appears to Be Paying Off822128
2009-09-20New Zealand: Drug-Driving Epidemic Worse Than Thought697122
2009-09-19Europe: Column: Ending the 'War on Drugs'892105
2009-09-18Mexico: Mexico's Violent Drug War Abetted Through The U.S.'S72196
2009-09-17Mexico: Cartel Rivalry Blamed in Latest Mexico Drug Clinic67693
2009-09-16Puerto Rico: Airline Crew Charged In Drug Bust58690
2009-09-16Mexico: In Mexico's Drug Wars, Local Police Stepping Up1654236
2009-09-16Mexico: As City Celebrates Independence, Drug-Related Violence Eclipses59990
2009-09-16Mexico: One Border City Is Quiet - Maybe Too Quiet, in Fact1113163
2009-09-15New Zealand: PUB LTE: Social Harm Cost Questioned12819
2009-09-13UK: OPED: The Case for Legalising All Drugs Is Unanswerable1205128
2009-09-12New Zealand: Fifth Anniversary of 4:20 Protests16428
2009-09-12Netherlands: Dutch Look at Limiting Foreign Drug Tourism18226
2009-09-10UK: Better World: Legalise Drugs65781
2009-09-10Colombia: Colombia's High Court Says Drug Consumption Not a27238
2009-09-09CA: PUB LTE: Stop War On Drugs38247
2009-09-09Guyana: Column: Fresh Thinking on the War on Drugs?921117
2009-09-09Mexico: Calderon Draws Fire Over Nominee for Attorney General58373
2009-09-08Mexico: Key Official in Drug War Steps Down36055
2009-09-08Russia: Anti-Drugs Body Reports Rise in Drug Abuse Cases55572
2009-09-08Mexico: Mexico Replaces Attorney General as Drug Violence Soars63376
2009-09-08Mexico: Mexico Replaces Attorney General in Drug-War Shift52178
2009-09-08Philippines: PDEA Monitoring Local Personalities In Drugs33553
2009-09-07UK: LTE: Time To Crack Down On Drug Dealers16123
2009-09-07UK: The Leeds Heroin Runners...Aged Eight42864
2009-09-07Mexico: Arrest Of High-Ranking Boss Jose 'El Rikin' Escajeda Could54188
2009-09-07UK: Public Helping Police Trap Cannabis Growers27442
2009-09-07Thailand: Phuket's Police Find Nothing In Drug Raids18432
2009-09-07UK: Former Brazilian President Says War On Drugs Has Failed43663
2009-09-06Jamaica: Column: Legalise It59481
2009-09-06UK: Former President of Brazil Says Hardline War on Drugs 'Has Failed'40652
2009-09-06UK: OPED: The War on Drugs Has Failed. Now We Need a More Humane Strategy71796
2009-09-06UK: Editorial: Prohibition's Failed. Time for a New Drugs Policy60377
2009-09-06Latin America: Is America Ready to Admit Defeat in Its 40-Year on Drugs?2052239
2009-09-05New Zealand: Drug Campaigner Pushes Trance Cure39763
2009-09-05New Zealand: Addict Wants Drug 'Mainstreamed'48787
2009-09-04Mexico: Gunmen Execute 18 at Mexico Drug Rehab Center48270
2009-09-04Cyprus: Half Of Inmates Drug Users And Pushers66596
2009-09-04Mexico: Mexican Drug Cartel Finishing Off Rival Gang, Experts Say69099
2009-09-04Mexico: Juarez in Shock864123
2009-09-04Mexico: Juarez Massacre Chillingly Routine1085144
2009-09-04Mexico: 17 Killed in Mexican Rehab Center43552
2009-09-03New Zealand: Drug Tests Cost Peope Work, Says Contractor45182
2009-09-03Afghanistan: Afghan Opium Market Slowing Down: Report41085
2009-09-03UK: OPED: The War on Drugs Is Immoral Idiocy. We Need the Courage of Argentina1093138
2009-09-02Mexico: Juarez Mayor Asks Army to Stay 6 Months Longer50574
2009-09-02Cyprus: Police Set Their Sights On 'Legal Highs'38464
2009-09-02Mexico: Calderon Reports Gains in Drug Fight62985
2009-09-02Afghanistan: U.N. Reports a Decline in Afghanistan's Opium68286
2009-09-02Afghanistan: U.N. Sees Afghan Drug Cartels Emerging851107
2009-08-31Mexico: Mexico And Argentina Move Towards Decriminalising Drugs706102
2009-08-31Mexico: At Least 8 Killed in Shooting at a Street Party in Sinaloa35147
2009-08-30Mexico: Bold New Cartels Emerging In Mexico1364214
2009-08-30Australia: Crackdown on Drug Dealers in Public Housing in20536
2009-08-29Cyprus: Inmates Used Drugs Testing Kit To Outwit Prison Authorities45463
2009-08-29Mexico: Mexico Relaxes Its Drug Laws715102
2009-08-27Portugal: Treating, Not Punishing800101
2009-08-27UK: Schizophrenia Link To Cannabis Denied46777
2009-08-27Latin America: Latin America Weighs Less Punitive Path to Curb Drug Use860118
2009-08-27Australia: OPED: Tide Turns in Favour of Drug Reform67683
2009-08-26Argentina: Argentina Decriminalizes Small Amounts of Marijuana20230
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News (Media Awareness Project)