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2010-03-24Mexico: Mexico, U.S. Set Antidrug Plans57364
2010-03-23Mexico: Army's Reputation Is at Risk in Drug War1055149
2010-03-23Mexico: Mexico and U.S. Plot New Antidrug Strategy80198
2010-03-23Mexico: Slayings Escalate: Clinton Heads to Mexico City to829121
2010-03-22UK: OPED:The Most Dangerous Drug Isn't Meow Meow. It Isn't Even Alcohol . . .947107
2010-03-21UK: Beyond The Law1432190
2010-03-21Afghanistan: Fearful of Alienating Afghans, U.S. Turns Blind1195163
2010-03-20Sleep Deprivation, Teen Drug Use Called 'Socially Contagious'45867
2010-03-20Mexico: Cartel Wars Gut Juarez, a Onetime Boom Town1078132
2010-03-19MN: US: WY: Woman With Marijuana Prescription Arrested For42162
2010-03-19UK: OPED: Like All Drugs, Miaow-Miaow Should Be Legal1040117
2010-03-18Mexico: Killings Cast Pall on Mexico Drug Plan79299
2010-03-18Mexico: Border City of Nuevo Laredo Relives Nightmare of Violence1263165
2010-03-18Ireland: Blarney Stoned on Bath Salts1142152
2010-03-17Mexico: Calderon Visits an Angry City71697
2010-03-17UK: Drug Smuggler's Festival Date Attacked25643
2010-03-16Mexico: Aztecas Gang Suspected in Killing of 3 With U.S.916133
2010-03-15Australia: Medicinal Cannabis Lobby to Fight30446
2010-03-15Mexico: Two Drug Slayings in Mexico Rock U.S. Consulate998133
2010-03-15Mexico: Violence in Mexico Stretches to U.S.80297
2010-03-15Mexico: Three Slain in Juarez Identified As Americans, Tied to958158
2010-03-15Mexico: Drug War in Mexico Shoots Down Hunting935137
2010-03-15UK: Is the Army Losing Its War Against Drug Abuse?1047123
2010-03-13Mexico: 6 Slain, 4 Wounded At House In Juarez37052
2010-03-11France: French Insanity Blamed on LSD28951
2010-03-11Mexico: Juarez Officer Slain; Mayor Gets Threat: '2 Weeks Left37754
2010-03-08Mexico: Cartels Use Intimidation Campaign to Stifle News Coverage in Mexico992139
2010-03-07North America: Families, Businesses Flee Juarez for U.S.Pastures1406178
2010-03-07Mexico: Juarez Plants Hurt More by Recession Than Drug Violence1267200
2010-03-07Mexico: Caring for the Drug War Victims970149
2010-03-06Australia: Pot Linked To Psychotic Episodes34348
2010-03-06Latin America: Hillary Clinton Urges Latin America To Fight Drug Corruption58683
2010-03-05Ireland: Ballina Drug Seizures Rise From Eight To Forty Eight30732
2010-03-04Ireland: Opposition Fears Loopholes for 'Legal Highs'50075
2010-03-03Afghanistan: Taliban, Not Drugs, Focus Of US-Afghan Offensive60287
2010-03-03Jamaica: US: Jamaican Gov't Must Demonstrate Its Political Will2985365
2010-03-03Ireland: Ban Will Put New Drugs On Black Market Warns Expert42160
2010-03-02China: School Drug Test Cost Queried30852
2010-03-02Australia: Marijuana Users May Be More Prone To Psychosis: Study45161
2010-03-02Australia: Cannabis Use Doubles Incidence Of Psychosis22031
2010-03-02Australia: Study: Pot Use By Teens Linked To Psychosis24033
2010-03-02Australia: Another Study Slams Pot13321
2010-03-01Mexico: Drug War Clashes Between Gulf Cartel, Zetas May935129
2010-03-01South Africa: 'Rasta' Mom Wants Her Kids Back683105
2010-02-28Australia: Marijuana Smoking Teens Prone To Schizophrenia23439
2010-02-28Mexico: Ex-Police Officer Arrested In Birthday Party Massacre21135
2010-02-28UK: Hundreds Of East Anglian Drug Dens Found Each Year59489
2010-02-27UK: Web: Column: How The 'War On Drugs' Can Kill51866
2010-02-26Thailand: Pm Probes Drug War Killings25844
2010-02-25Mexico: Ambassador: DEA Agents Not Embedded In Anti-Drug Units34257
2010-02-23Denmark: Free Heroin Clinic Opens For Addicts9015
2010-02-22Mexico: Mexican Army Captures Juarez Cartel Leader's Brother32939
2010-02-20Mexico: A Tipping Point for Mexico?1084140
2010-02-20UK: Editorial: Advising the UK Government32941
2010-02-20New Zealand: PUB LTE: Cannabis Law Reform16329
2010-02-18North America: Joint Effort Targets Border Crime1208163
2010-02-18New Zealand: PUB LTE: New Zealand Should Just Say No16523
2010-02-18New Zealand: PUB LTE: Treat Alcohol Like Dope7915
2010-02-17New Zealand: OPED: Power Chains Us to Dead-End Drug Laws921141
2010-02-16North America: The Heroin Road - Last of Three Parts2101285
2010-02-16UK: Column: Why Mexico Is the Missing Bric885100
2010-02-16Mexico: Chihuahua Capital Won't Be Moving To Border City27843
2010-02-15Afghanistan: Afghan Assault Targets Taliban Drug Trade882116
2010-02-15New Zealand: Editorial: Case For Drug Law Reform Is Serious45462
2010-02-15New Zealand: Editorial: Closed Minds on Cannabis Reform45775
2010-02-14New Zealand: Drugs Plan May Create 'User Breeding Ground'36755
2010-02-14New Zealand: Drug-Taking Row at TVNZ50473
2010-02-14North America: The Heroin Road2609359
2010-02-14New Zealand: Close Up Staff Investigated34963
2010-02-14UK: Time To Prohibit Drugs Prohibition46855
2010-02-13New Zealand: Editorial: Bring Debate on Drug Use into the Open52574
2010-02-12Mexico: President Finds Reception Is Mixed After Recent Slayings719121
2010-02-11New Zealand: Drug Law Proposals Set To Be Rejected50686
2010-02-11Mexico: Calderon Heads to Juarez in Trip of Reassurance41661
2010-02-10Mexico: Plan Moves State Offices To Juarez Temporarily70297
2010-02-10Mexico: Mexican President Felipe Calderon Will Share Plan To Quell Violance Duri27349
2010-02-10Latin America: The Failed War on Drugs in Latin America1831264
2010-02-10Australia: Nimbin's Barracking For Obama40869
2010-02-09Bahamas: Student Drug Use Triggers Concerns45968
2010-02-08Australia: Authorities 'Hold Back Research'30744
2010-02-08Mexico: Chapo Cell: Teens Part of Sinaloa Drug Cartel Effort71999
2010-02-07Mexico: Drug Cartels Tighten Grip; Mexico Becoming 'Narco-State'1963317
2010-02-05Mexico: Massacre Response Fails to Convince807115
2010-02-04Mexico: Juarez Massacre Leader's US Citizenship Is Not Clear58992
2010-02-03New Zealand: PUB LTE: Why Tinny Raids Help the Gangs9620
2010-02-03Mexico: Coffins Bring Sorrow Home To Juarenses839113
2010-02-01Mexico: What's Spanish for Quagmire? Reassessing Mexico's War on Drugs2738319
2010-02-01Mexico: More Than A Dozen Die In Juarez Massacre734107
2010-01-30New Zealand: Drug Plea Dismissed7813
2010-01-27French Polynesia: 'Sell Cannabis to Tourists to Solve Unemployment'27446
2010-01-25Mexico: Editorial: Revolution: Anniversary Brings Stark Comparisons29542
2010-01-24Mexico: Hundreds of Victims Unclaimed661100
2010-01-23Australia: OPED: An Injection of Good Sense772104
2010-01-22Mexico: 100th Anniversary: Mexican Revolution Not Even As Deadly33345
2010-01-21New Zealand: Three Strikes Law Stupid, Says Expert44072
2010-01-19Philippines: Marijuana: 'Drug Of Choice' Among High School32549
2010-01-19UK: Woldgate College Head Teacher Jeff Bower Issues Alert Over38156
2010-01-19Australia: 'I'd Smoke If It Was Legal'34947
2010-01-18Australia: Column: Overcome the Politics to Stop Children Dying in Pain52574
2010-01-17New Zealand: New Meth Drug Rocks NZ54178
2010-01-17New Zealand: More Green Woes33252
2010-01-16Mexico: Drug Trade Big Business836123
2010-01-16New Zealand: Crush Goes On The P Problem1257186
2010-01-15Mexico: Juarez to Get 2,000 New Federal Officers; Strategy to Be Changed45863
2010-01-14Mexico: In Harsh Reflection of Reality, Mexico's Museum of Drugs Outgrowing Its860105
2010-01-14UK: Government's New Drug Adviser Les Iversen Wanted Cannabis Legalised49963
2010-01-13New Zealand: Close Eye on Parcels Is Important Part of War on Drugs34253
2010-01-12New Zealand: Cannabis Clubs Planned For North48382
2010-01-11Mexico: Slayings, Arrests Mount In Juarez31849
2010-01-11Mexico: New Year Sees Tijuana Slip Back into Cycle of Bloodshed875124
2010-01-11New Zealand: Extra $7m for Treatment 'A Drop in the Bucket'39164
2010-01-11New Zealand: Daktory Founder To Fight Drug Charges9622
2010-01-10China: Chinese Enslave Addicts in 'Rehab Centres'767106
2010-01-10Mexico: New Drug Law Changes Little in Mexico1617215
2010-01-10New Zealand: Pot Clubs Go Nationwide1269167
2010-01-08New Zealand: Hush Deals Net $446,000 for Informants671101
2010-01-08China: China Turns Drug Rehab Into a Punishing Ordeal870127
2010-01-08The 2009 Letter to the Editor Writers of the Year26736
2010-01-07Australia: OPED: Drug Prohibition Doesn't Work - So What Do We Do Next?86895
2010-01-07Latin America: Nations to Test Gun-Tracing Software in Spanish49071
2010-01-07Mexico: Advocates Decry Slaying of Woman Who Spoke Out Against Cartel Violence26541
2010-01-06China: 'Settle' Differences, Britain Urged50279
2010-01-05Netherlands: Dutch Delay Plan to Curb Cannabis Sales to Tourists20933
2010-01-04Mexico: Arrest Targets Drug Cartel75887
2010-01-04China: LTE: Brown, Clean Up Your Own House19630
2010-01-03Mexico: Beltran Leyva Brother Is Held42461
2010-01-03New Zealand: OPED: The Economics of Drugs1652237
2010-01-03Ireland: Column: Western Cant At China Beggars Belief970120
2010-01-03New Zealand: Sainthood in Sight for Kiwi Heroine57796
2010-01-02Bangladesh: Editorial: Can the Drug Subculture Be Beaten?1045129
2010-01-02UK: Drug Education Courtesy Of The Police43268
2010-01-01UK: Ex-Drug Addict's Warning to Children45967
2010-01-01Mexico: Slums Are Front Lines in Mexican Drug War1049144
2009-12-30New Zealand: P Letter Lands Advert Agency in Hot Water33447
2009-12-30South Africa: SA Drug Mules Could Rot Behind Bars58385
2009-12-30Yemen: Why Yemen Is Qat's Cradle924113
2009-12-29China: A Briton Is Executed In China, Britain Says29638
2009-12-29China: China Ignores Appeals, Executes Briton58680
2009-12-29Mexico: Crime Beat Reporters Face Deadly Perils982130
2009-12-28Mexico: Editorial: New Low: Violence Claims a Mourning Mother30350
2009-12-28China: China To Press Ahead With Briton's Execution17024
2009-12-28China: Relatives Visit Briton on Death Row in China31450
2009-12-28Mexico: Mexico's Drug Ballads Hit Sour Note With Government818129
2009-12-28Mexico: So Far, Bad Guys Winning Battle of Drug-Torn City894114
2009-12-27Mexico: No Quick Fix Seen for Drug Battle in Juarez1340183
2009-12-27Mexico: Mexico Weighs Options As Lawlessness Continues to Grip Ciudad Juarez1499188
2009-12-26Mexico: Too Many Guns Fuel Violence868120
2009-12-26Mexico: Decade in Review: Drug War Stains Modest Successes27847
2009-12-26Mexico: Along U.S.-Mexico Border, a Torrent of Illicit Cash2086264
2009-12-26Nigeria: NDLEA Impounds Drugs Worth Over N100m In Kano25037
2009-12-26UK: 'Legal High' Drugs Are Banned29351
2009-12-26Philippines: PDEA Urged To Intensify Fight Vs Illegal Drugs45581
2009-12-26Australia: Drug-Drive Laws Beefed Up33759
2009-12-26China: Former Drug Addicts Come Clean31260
2009-12-24Spain: 'Narco-Sub' That Got Blown Out of the Water51682
2009-12-24Mexico: Saving Mexico1857212
2009-12-24Czech Republic: New Drug Guidelines Are Europe's Most Liberal1077161
2009-12-24UK: Appeals To China Intensify In Effort To Spare Briton75395
2009-12-24Mexico: Mexican Drug Gang Massacres Family of Hero65085
2009-12-24Mexico: Mexico Arrests Tie Family's Killing to Violent Gang56768
2009-12-23Mexico: Slaying Of Drug War Hero's Family Shocks Mexico51873
2009-12-23Mexico: Hero's Family Slaughtered843115
2009-12-23Mexico: Hit Men Kill Mexican Hero's Family1249166
2009-12-22Mexico: Staged Photos of Drug Lord's Body Stir Controversy61983
2009-12-22Mexico: Mexico Ramps Up Drug War With a Surge on Rio Grande2216249
2009-12-21Flood of Drug Money Kept Banks Afloat, Says UN Man41360
2009-12-20Mexico: Tijuana's Security Chief Needs All of It He Can1494208
2009-12-20New Zealand: Booze As Bad As LSD and Ecstasy18131
2009-12-19Rotary Gives Youth Drug Treatment Centre $1m22831
2009-12-19Africa: U.S. Case Links Drugs to Terrorism1025128
2009-12-18Mexico: Drug Lord Slain - 1 Battle Won In Mexico25733
2009-12-18Mexico: Top Mexican Drug Lord Killed In Shootout935135
2009-12-18Mexico: Mexican Military's Raid Kills Reputed Drug Cartel923115
2009-12-16UK: Science Advisers Given Right To Dissent52780
2009-12-16Colombia: Getting High on the War on Drugs1305173
2009-12-14Mexico: Juarez Students, Teachers Fight Fear To Attend Classes71999
2009-12-14New Zealand: Ecstasy Pills Reveal Alarming Cocktail775125
2009-12-14Mexico: Mexico Drug-War Aircraft Held Up by U.S. Red Tape880132
2009-12-14Mexico: Mexico's Drug Cartels Siphon Liquid Gold1346171
2009-12-14Australia: Queensland Emerges As Big Market For Cocaine41264
2009-12-14Australia: Aussies Cocaine Kings38467
2009-12-14New Zealand: Keeping Drug Users Out Of Saddle548110
2009-12-13Philippines: Floyd Camp Wants Drug Tests29445
2009-12-13UK: Heart Attack Chemical Detected In Cocaine Users11116
2009-12-12Mexico: Mexican Ambassador Says Cartels' Risk To U.S. Not Just A741109
2009-12-12Philippines:16 Kilos Of Cocaine Seized In Davao Yard20633
2009-12-11Mexico: Juarez Police Arrest Man Linked To Slayings Of 20052083
2009-12-11Czech Republic: Marijuana Is Now a Personal Matter for Czechs38746
2009-12-09Australia: Drug-Testing On The Way To Australian Tour25435
2009-12-08Mexico: Rights Group Report Faults Mexican Army's Conduct in45558
2009-12-07Mexico: 4,000 Plead For Help To Make Juarez Safe64294
2009-12-06UK: Britain Tops Drug Taking League25041
2009-12-06Mexico: Fear Dominates Life In Mexico's Deadliest City922133
2009-12-05New Zealand: Judge: Man With 4kg Of Cannabis Had 'Good Year'37653
2009-12-05Afghanistan: A Difficult Road to Afghan Security1242157
2009-12-05UK: Police Accused of Spying on Addicts at Needle Centre42572
2009-12-04Australia: Signs Labelled a Dopey Idea31962
2009-12-04UK: Ayr Headshop Selling Drugs Paraphernalia46969
2009-12-04New Zealand: Dakta in the House1022164
2009-12-04Mexico: In Juarez, Silent March To Protest 4,000 Killings44767
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News (Media Awareness Project)