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2010-06-28New Zealand: Goff's Drug-Use Denial 'Typical for Parents'41767
2010-06-28Mexico: Juarez Police To Keep Low Profile On Election Day65190
2010-06-27New Zealand: Report Slams Drug Testing31147
2010-06-27Malta: Malta's Problem Drug Use 8th Highest in EU1163147
2010-06-27India: Students Easy Prey To Drugs35160
2010-06-27New Zealand: Phil Goff's Daughter Busted For Drugs60585
2010-06-27UAE: Lid To Be Lifted On Substance Abuse824116
2010-06-27Pakistan: Drug-Free Pakistan at All Costs: PM57371
2010-06-27UAE: Drugs Killed 17 in Sharjah Last Year14518
2010-06-26India: Editorial: Bondage Of Addiction50359
2010-06-26Malta: Malta Second For Cocaine-related Deaths In Europe38760
2010-06-26Pakistan: Editorial: Anti-Narcotics Policy27339
2010-06-26Nigeria: NDLEA Raises Alarm Over Threat to Nigeria's13723
2010-06-26China: One-Third of Drug Users Aged Under 21 Years61983
2010-06-26UAE: Drug War Intensifies At Border Crossings50268
2010-06-26Cyprus: Number Of Drug Addicts Seeking Help Is On The Rise47465
2010-06-26India: Drug Abuse On The Rise In City38341
2010-06-25Nepal: UNODC Concerned on Drug Abuse40456
2010-06-25UAE: Strong Family Ties Urged In Fight Against The Scourge Of19925
2010-06-25India: Children Form Vital Part Of Drug Peddlers' Network29836
2010-06-25Mexico: Mexico Mass Grave Largest Found During Drug Wars41360
2010-06-24Nigeria: Towards A Drug-Free Lagos893111
2010-06-24Qatar: Awareness Drive Against Drug Abuse41854
2010-06-24Mexico: Mine Turned Into Bottomless Pit Of Death888149
2010-06-24Cocaine Use in Europe Is on the Rise33748
2010-06-24Mexico: Mexico's Meth Warriors32851
2010-06-23Bahamas: PUB LTE: Drug Prohibition and Violence in Jamaica15129
2010-06-23Cayman Islands: Cayman Joins World Campaign To Raise Awareness42058
2010-06-23Jamaica: Jamaican Kingpin Caught Near Capital52467
2010-06-22Dominican Republic: Most Senior Dominican Lawmaker Denies21434
2010-06-22S CO: GarCo Commissioners Enact Medical Pot Moratorium713111
2010-06-22Afghanistan: Suffer The Little Children780118
2010-06-22Afghanistan: Drug Use Has Increased in Afghanistan, U.N.48358
2010-06-21International Drug Crime Measures 'Lead to Executions'72092
2010-06-21UK: Cannabis Drug Launched in UK49258
2010-06-20Mexico: Mayor of Valley of Juarez Town Is Shot Dead30852
2010-06-19New Zealand: PUB LTE: Cannabis Alternatives40570
2010-06-17Mexico: Mexican Leader Defends War On Drugs34048
2010-06-17Mexico Mexican President Defends War On Drugs As Vital42952
2010-06-17North America: Indian Reservations on Both U.S. Borders Become972153
2010-06-17Mexico: 16 Slain As Juarez Violence Continues63093
2010-06-16Mexico: Mexico Targets Cartels' Finances71887
2010-06-15Mexico: Mexican Drugs War Reaches New Heights30244
2010-06-15Mexico: A Gruesome Reckoning71493
2010-06-15New Zealand: Call for Synthetic-Cannabis Controls661118
2010-06-15UK: PUB LTE: Belated Thanks7313
2010-06-15UK: PUB LTE: Social Pressure Is the 'Signal' That Works9918
2010-06-15UK: PUB LTE: A Destructive and Immoral Policy14325
2010-06-15Uk: PUB LTE: Swiss Show the Way Forward17730
2010-06-14Mexico: Despite Killing, Mexican Backs Drug Policy31640
2010-06-14Peru: Coca Production Makes a Comeback In Peru1050131
2010-06-12Mexico: Shocking And Beautiful1463205
2010-06-12Mexico: Trafficking in Power1164149
2010-06-12Mexico: 19 Die In Attack At Rehabilitation Center58991
2010-06-12North America: 'Prince of Pot' Is at a Low1546199
2010-06-11UK: OPED: How Can America's 'War on Drugs' Succeed If Their Prohibition Laws Fai3149325
2010-06-10New Zealand: Cannabis Protester Faces Arrest31853
2010-06-10Mexico: In Juarez, Little Outcry Over Death Of Teenager72295
2010-06-09New Zealand: Cannabis Grown For Personal Use24539
2010-06-09Mexico: Drug-War Gravity40662
2010-06-09N BC: Q and A On Crime With Yves Lacasse942149
2010-06-05New Zealand: Police Freeze Cash, $1m Home59988
2010-06-04Mexico: Race To Be Juarez Mayor: Cesar Jauregui Will Divide64098
2010-06-04Mexico: Race To Be Juarez Mayor: Hector Murguia's 2nd Bid711112
2010-06-02Mexico: Cartels Recruit Guatemalans In Mexico Drug War650100
2010-06-02Liberia Aids U.S. in Drug Fight808112
2010-05-31New Zealand: Drug-driving Law Results In Over 100 Charges24736
2010-05-30Jamaica: Kingston Residents Fear Police More Than Drug Dealer1493184
2010-05-29Mexico: 5 Killed In Shooting - Men Slain While Eating At Midday43264
2010-05-29Colombia: Medellmn's Tarnished Miracle1088136
2010-05-28Jamaica: Jamaican PM Unable to Say Where Alleged Drug Lord Is44663
2010-05-28Jamaica: After Jamaican Siege, A Bigger Battle1253141
2010-05-28Mexico: Juarez Mayoral Candidate For PRI Hector Murguia Pitches Tax Increase to47473
2010-05-26Jamaica: Fragile Jamaica Shaken By Clashes With Deadly Crime68386
2010-05-26Jamaica: 30 Killed In Gun Battles In Jamaican Slums812102
2010-05-26Jamaica: Prime Minister Pm Denies Crime Links To 'Dudus'25344
2010-05-26Jamaica: Editorial: Good Work, So Far48665
2010-05-26Bahamas: Editorial: Lessons To Be Learned From Jamaica56270
2010-05-26UK: Column: Jamaica Bleeds For Our 'War On Drugs'75896
2010-05-26Jamaica: Gun Battles Leave 60 Dead In Jamaica56890
2010-05-25Jamaica: Editorial: A Possible Route To Redemption For PM51968
2010-05-25New Zealand: Cannabis-Case Bail Change Spares 'Little Old28547
2010-05-25Jamaica: PNP Gunmen Being Paid to Unleash Pro-Dudus Mayhem35446
2010-05-25Jamaica: Drugs-For-Guns Trade Slows Down52181
2010-05-25Jamaica: 'Dudus' Hasn't Asked For Deal With US Government, Say24533
2010-05-25Jamaica: Drug Battle Triggers State Of Emergency922124
2010-05-25Mexico: Juarez Hip-Hop Resembles Narcocorridos1141187
2010-05-25Jamaica: All Out War - As Tivoli Assault Deepens, Causalties726102
2010-05-24Jamaica: Gang Warfare Puts Jamaica Under State Of Emergency35252
2010-05-24Jamaica: Downtown Lockdown39660
2010-05-24Jamaica: Preparation For War38562
2010-05-24Mexico: Border Drug War: Juarez Hits 1,000 Homicides For Year;29845
2010-05-22New Zealand: Smoke Dope And Become One, Study Warns27448
2010-05-22Mexico: Drug War Or Drug Deal?3201390
2010-05-22Mexico: Drugs Blocked at Border Fuel Juarez Murders879105
2010-05-20Mexico: Shootout, Police Supervisor's Slaying Add To Juarez53079
2010-05-19Mexico: Mexico's 'Eliot Ness' Seeks U.S. Help1928228
2010-05-18Mexico: Legalizing Pot Could Help Juarez, Officials Say68695
2010-05-18UK: 4,200 A Year Fined In Capital Over Cannabis28239
2010-05-17Afghanistan: Killer Fungus Is No Mystery to Afghan Poppy963113
2010-05-17Mexico: No End in Sight in Mexico Cartel War939123
2010-05-10Mexico: Groom Kidnapped From Juarez Church Has Ties to La Mesa33452
2010-05-09Mexico: Tijuana Comes Back to Life980129
2010-05-07UK: Sheriff's Mercy For MS Sufferer Caught With Cannabis37252
2010-05-05UC CA: Draft Medical Marijuana Ordinance Sent to Planning Commission on 6-1 Vote61486
2010-05-04New Zealand: OPED: Why Raids Are Not OK786104
2010-05-04New Zealand: Man Jailed for His Part in Fantasy Importing Ring28544
2010-05-04Mexico: State Investigator Slain In Juarez50471
2010-05-03Australia: Drug Laws Discussed and Debated26740
2010-05-03Australia: Peace, Love, Law at Mardigrass48886
2010-05-02New Zealand: Cannabis Now Four Times Stronger55585
2010-05-02Mexico: As Death Toll in Drug War Rises, Mexicans Short of803121
2010-04-29Mexico: Gunmen Kill More Than 20 In Juarez642103
2010-04-29Mexico: Drug Gangs Turning Acapulco Into War Zone42865
2010-04-29Mexico: A Report from Juarez4760603
2010-04-29New Zealand: Dealers Get Young People Hooked On New Drug53090
2010-04-29New Zealand: Customers of Raided Shops Will Have to Show ID36464
2010-04-29Australia: Grass Greener on Other Side50956
2010-04-29Australia: Hemp, Hemp, Hooray!39058
2010-04-28New Zealand: Drug Swoop Targets National Shop Chain748126
2010-04-28UK: Give Addicts Free Heroin to Stop Them Turning to Crime50877
2010-04-27UK: Column: Why Can't Our Politicians Come Clean on Drugs?997108
2010-04-27New Zealand: Bust 'Breaks Cornerstone' of Cannabis Industry50984
2010-04-27Mexico: Violence Alters How Shriners Run Clinic666102
2010-04-26UK: Prescribe Heroin on the NHS, Says Nurse Leader65189
2010-04-26Mexico: Juarez Nears 5,000 Killings57689
2010-04-25New Zealand: Pot-growing Gran Will Not Lose Her House27141
2010-04-25Mexico: Federales Vow to Fight Back After Deadly Attack63692
2010-04-24Australia: OPED: AIDS Incubators We Can Do Without: HIV779113
2010-04-24Mexico: 8 Die in Juarez Shootout59886
2010-04-23Mexico: Juarez Violence Unabated873125
2010-04-20Mexico: Learning Under Fire: Tension Mounts As Extortion1039145
2010-04-19UK: PUB LTE: Mephedrone Ban Is Irrational Response19929
2010-04-19Mexico: Mexico's Drug War Spreads45551
2010-04-19UK: 'Legal High' Peddlers Offer Alternative To Newly Banned56766
2010-04-19UK: Scots Police Make First Arrests For Mephedrone Possession43075
2010-04-18Vietnam: Methadone Makes Impressive Debut In Vietnam66896
2010-04-18UK: Mephedrone Replaced by NRG-1, Sparkle and Mdai After26839
2010-04-18Colombia: Colombia Offers Lessons for US Aid Efforts Elsewhere1160144
2010-04-18Thailand: Tracking Down the Traffickers2610329
2010-04-18Mexico: Drug Wars Strangling Juarez - No End in Sight1046139
2010-04-18UK: Revealed: Scotland's Dealers Look to China to Supply a New1046141
2010-04-18Trinidad: The 'Coke' Wars1031114
2010-04-18UK: New Drug To Replace Mephedrone As 'Legal High'19536
2010-04-17UK: OPED: Using Cannabis To Treat Health Problems2744353
2010-04-16UK: Mephedrone Ban Shows How Politics Contaminate Science45871
2010-04-16UK: Editorial: A Collapse in Integrity of Scientific Advice in74494
2010-04-15Mexico: 2 Juarez Officers Fatally Shot Outside Homes28937
2010-04-15Mexico: Street Shootout Strikes Fear in Acapulco47167
2010-04-14Mexico: Drug War Toll Tops 22,00039658
2010-04-13Mexico: Juarez Violence684103
2010-04-12Mexico: Federal Commander Slain in Juarez26259
2010-04-12Mexico: Consular Bomb Raises Concerns72684
2010-04-11Mexico: Small Bomb Is Thrown at U.S. Post in Mexico29537
2010-04-11Africa: Africa's Drug Problem2875358
2010-04-10Mexico: Cartels Continue to Fight for Control of Juarez Drug56891
2010-04-10Mexico: Juarez Is Dying, Prominent Journalist Warns863127
2010-04-08Mexico: Mexican Troops, Police Deploy to Valley of Juarez60184
2010-04-08Mexico: U.S. Rep. Silvestre Reyes, Mexican President Felipe Calderon Discuss Dru41870
2010-04-06Australia: LSD Back in Fashion35355
2010-04-05UK: Mephedrone: The Anatomy of a Media Drug Scare69082
2010-04-05UK: PUB LTE: Alcohol Poses Greater Threat Than Drugs13918
2010-04-05Mexico: Police, Not Military, To Lead Efforts In Juarez37562
2010-04-05Mexico: Church Targeted In Mexico Violence - Residents Rush To52073
2010-04-04Mexico: Armed Commando Tries To Burn Church In Border Village22133
2010-04-04UK: PUB LTE: End Deadly Policy10018
2010-04-04South Africa: The Lady With the Leaves on Her Business Card...33857
2010-04-04UK: Drugs Tsar's Links to Aristocrats Group Lobbying to1314202
2010-04-04Mexico: Border Drug War: Violence Wears On Valley Of Juarez898138
2010-04-04UK: Government Drug Adviser Linked To Foundation That Promotes LSD48274
2010-04-03Mexico: Pictures From Hell: Etchings Inspired By Juarez Drug724100
2010-04-03Colombia: Drugs Fade In Colombian Economy59567
2010-04-02UK: Column: Only Drug Dealers Will Benefit From This Absurd Ban on Mephedrone1198132
2010-04-02Mexico: Drug Gangs Take Aim at Army1021131
2010-04-01UK: Column: No Law Will Stop People Wanting to Get High84297
2010-03-31Ireland: Fury Over Drug Clinic819120
2010-03-31Ireland: 'Legal High' Delivery Service Offered To Locals45375
2010-03-31Ireland: School Principal's Concerns In Head Shop Letter50477
2010-03-31Colombia: Through Cage Bars, an Exotic Peek Into Drug Wars1095125
2010-03-30Mexico: Mexico Attack Kills 10 Youths41262
2010-03-30Mexico: Killings Take Drug War to Mexico Elite1010115
2010-03-29UK: Expert Quits to Sink Ban on Meow Meow55778
2010-03-29UK: Adviser Quits Amid Legal High Row36144
2010-03-29UK: Dale-Made Film Highlights Dangers Of Mephedrone34552
2010-03-29UK: Schools Send Out Warning On Drugs59492
2010-03-29UK: Mephedrone Ban In Chaos As Drugs Adviser Dr Polly Taylor Quits753112
2010-03-29UK: Meow Meow Ban 'Within Weeks'39973
2010-03-29UK: Ban Mephedrone, Advisory Council On The Misuse Of Drugs To52659
2010-03-29UK: OPED: Rushing Mephedrone Ban Is Wrong59670
2010-03-28UK: Mephedrone Users Face Jail As Ban Looms for 'Legal High'38353
2010-03-28UK: The Secret Cannabis Kings Next Door2973314
2010-03-27UK: PM Hints At Ban On Drug27236
2010-03-27UK: Legal High Meow To Be Banned After Hove Death32550
2010-03-27Philippines: Raymond Garcia Accuses Rama Of 'Tolerating' Drug941137
2010-03-27UK: Cumbrian Kids To Be Given 'Lessons' On Meow Meow Drug35158
2010-03-27UK: One In Four Prisoners At Cumbrian Jail Uses Drugs20838
2010-03-27UK: Controversial Legal Drug On Sale In Swindon883136
2010-03-25Mexico: Mexico, the United States and Drug Gangs934105
2010-03-24Mexico: Death Threat Deadline On Juarez Mayor Is Today16827
2010-03-24Mexico: War On Drugs Loses Popularity738114
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News (Media Awareness Project)