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2011-02-21Mexico: 53 Slain In 72 Hours In Juarez42664
2011-02-20UK: Scotland Exports More Cannabis Than It Imports As Triad Farms Grow55587
2011-02-20New Zealand: Cannabis Protester Prepared to Starve54670
2011-02-20Kenya: OPED: In Order to Fight Drugs Effectively, We Need to61592
2011-02-20Philippines: New Body Created For Campaign vs Illegal Drugs18229
2011-02-17Mexico: Mexicans Knew They Shot U.S. Agents49764
2011-02-17Mexico: Mexican Governor Pins Killing on Cartels724104
2011-02-16Mexico: American Immigration Agent Killed by Gunmen in Mexico41558
2011-02-16Australia: Study To Target Pot Withdrawals39727
2011-02-16Mexico: US Agents Are Shot, One Killed, In Mexico49574
2011-02-15Mexico: In Mexico, Anti-Drug Leader Is Killed76299
2011-02-14New Zealand: OPED: Drug Prohibition Not Solving Anything796108
2011-02-10Egypt: Photo of Slain Man Helped Spark Protests in Egypt47866
2011-02-09Australia: Young Puff On Pot At Their Peril62391
2011-02-09Egypt: Egyptian Man's Death Became Symbol of Callous State63087
2011-02-08Jamaica: PUB LTE: Jamaica Ganja-Law Reform Possible32055
2011-02-08New Zealand: PUB LTE: Cannabis Use14727
2011-02-05Nigeria: Evil Of Hard Drugs Unveiled51469
2011-02-03Australia: Every Toke, Snort or Line Is Hypocrisy1057141
2011-02-03Mexico: Mexico Investigates General's Killing41353
2011-02-01New Zealand: Editorial: Sticks And The Stoned30442
2011-01-31Tanzania: Hidden Addiction In Zanzibar918117
2011-01-31Colombia: Maritime Drug Trafficking1352176
2011-01-30Drug Bust Shows Argentina-Europe Trafficking Ties67989
2011-01-28Mexico: Leader Says Mexico Won't Tweak Peso50081
2011-01-26Bolivia: Thousands Chew Coca In Bolivia Protest11518
2011-01-25Mexico: Clinton Voices U.S. Support of Mexico in Trip52767
2011-01-25Mexico: Drug Gangs Are Focus of Clinton's Mexico Visit51875
2011-01-25Mexico: In Mexico, Clinton Urges Focus on Rights59282
2011-01-21Mexico: Mexico Gunshot Victim Awaits Flight Back To Penticton50860
2011-01-20Central America: Organised Crime in Central America84093
2011-01-20Latin America: The Coca Leaf42552
2011-01-20UK: Editorial: The Costs of Drug Prohibition64581
2011-01-19Afghanistan: Gains by Taliban Open Door to Opium Revival41362
2011-01-17Russia: Inadequate Fight Against Drugs Hampers Russia's Ability to Curb H.I.V.1198145
2011-01-14Afghanistan: Success of Afghan Drug War Is Waning1083134
2011-01-13Mexico: In Mexico, Death Toll In Drug War Hits Record857115
2011-01-12UK: Bungling Drugs Squad Swoop On Guinea Pig Home35959
2011-01-10Mexico: Weekend Killings Slam Acapulco45062
2011-01-09UK: PUB LTE: Hypocrisy Over Drug Treatment18425
2011-01-07Jamaica: LTE: Ganja Is Harmful11218
2011-01-06Mexico: Mexico Governor Calls For New Focus In Drugs War38057
2011-01-04Australia: LTE: Change Strategy - Target Drug Users13420
2011-01-03Mexico: Juarez Unrest Takes Toll on Physicians716109
2011-01-03Netherlands: Joint Effort: Dutch Utilities Help Police Smoke Out Pot Farmers940126
2011-01-03UAE: Drug Users 'Should Be Helped Not Jailed'748107
2011-01-03Australia: LTE: No Easy Answers To Decriminalisation Of Illicit Drugs31941
2011-01-01Australia: PUB LTE: Look To Portugal For Drug War Solutions23734
2010-12-31Australia: PUB LTE: Let's Not Fight the Good Fight With Failed Tactics15925
2010-12-31Australia: PUB LTE: Let's Not Fight the Good Fight With Failed Tactics14123
2010-12-31Australia: PUB LTE: Let's Not Fight the Good Fight With Failed Tactics8315
2010-12-31Australia: PUB LTE: Let's Not Fight the Good Fight With Failed Tactics10419
2010-12-30Mexico: Mexico Army No Match for Drug Cartels1314173
2010-12-30UK: PUB LTE: Ainsworth Was Partially Right With Legalise Drugs11024
2010-12-30Australia: LTE: Every Small Battle Is Worth Winning15025
2010-12-29Mexico: Only One Gun Store, but No Dearth of Weapons850112
2010-12-29Australia: PUB LTE: Criminals the Winners in War Against Drugs15723
2010-12-29Australia: PUB LTE: Criminals the Winners in War Against Drugs20129
2010-12-28Australia: PUB LTE: Hurdles on the Road to Decriminalisation13525
2010-12-28Australia: PUB LTE: Hurdles on the Road to Decriminalisation8215
2010-12-28Australia: LTE: Hurdles on the Road to Decriminalisation18930
2010-12-28Australia: Editorial: What's Your Poison?39048
2010-12-27The Wachovia Whistleblower930114
2010-12-27Mexico: As Juarez Falls3712436
2010-12-27Australia: OPED: Ending the Futile War on Drugs754102
2010-12-27Ireland: PUB LTE: Prohibition Makes Drug Use Harmful19128
2010-12-27Mexico: Mexican Request for U.S. Help in Drug War Detailed56975
2010-12-27Colombia: Colombia's New Leader Seen As Good for U.S.1236166
2010-12-27Mexico: Mexican Marijuana Growers Evolve With New Methods From64489
2010-12-26Cables Portray Expanded Reach of Drug Agency1912249
2010-12-26Thailand: Editorial: Deploy Compassion In New Drug War68289
2010-12-26Malta: PUB LTE: Heroin Maintenance Programme23336
2010-12-26Mexico: Leaked Cable: Security System Has Helped 'Chapo' Guzman66794
2010-12-26Mexico: Violence-Plagued Juarez Only Got Worse in 20101930310
2010-12-26Mexico: Sole Female Officer In Juarez Valley Town Kidnapped45661
2010-12-26Portugal's Drug Policy Pays Off; US Eyes Lessons1761234
2010-12-23Mexico: To Root Out Dirty Police, Mexico Sends In A General1899259
2010-12-23UK: PUB LTE: Just Do It - and Empty the Prisons9413
2010-12-23UK: PUB LTE: It's The Ban That Kills the Addicts19027
2010-12-23UK: LTE: Psychosis Link Not Understood20627
2010-12-21Ireland: Prison Officer Held After Mountjoy Drugs Find38059
2010-12-21Mexico: Kidnapped Mexican Politician Is Freed57389
2010-12-20Pakistan: 'Over 90% Of Street Children In Karachi Are Drug981129
2010-12-20Guatemala: Guatemala Declares A State of Siege51984
2010-12-20Thailand: Editorial: Take Dealers Off the Streets50062
2010-12-20Israel: Medical Marijuana Patients Protest Police Raid On TA Clinic49462
2010-12-20Nigeria: NDLEA Raises Alarm Over Drug Abuse in Secondary Schools38149
2010-12-20China: Detox Center Injecting Hope56190
2010-12-19Thailand: Phone Signal Jammers Set Up In Bid To Thwart Jail25241
2010-12-19Malta: Editorial: Yes To Debating Drug Use52467
2010-12-19UK: Editorial: All Parties Must See That the Drugs War Has Failed53466
2010-12-19Jamaica: Column: Growing The Jamaican Economy - Agriculture1066129
2010-12-19Mexico: Young, Easy Prey for Cartels1592228
2010-12-19Thailand: Call for Probe into Police Killing58081
2010-12-18UK: Column: It's Hardly A War On Drugs - More Like A Skirmish23129
2010-12-18Mexico: At Least 140 Escape Prison in Nuevo Laredo50972
2010-12-18Mexico: Mother Slain at Anti-Crime Vigil in Chihuahua50971
2010-12-18Thailand: Cellphones Jammed in Prison to Block Drugs24638
2010-12-18Thailand: PUB LTE: Stop These Shameful Police Procedures15822
2010-12-17UK: Bob Ainsworth: Legalise All Drugs, Including Cocaine and Heroin24240
2010-12-17Mexico: Companies Shun Violent Mexico828125
2010-12-17UK: MP Bob Ainsworth's Drugs Decriminalisation Call Slammed By Own Party37756
2010-12-17UK: Editorial: Mr Ainsworth Is Right: The War Has Failed33038
2010-12-17UK: Column: Time To Think The Unthinkable In The Drugs War43853
2010-12-17Netherlands: Foreigners Out Of Luck At Cannabis Cafes21738
2010-12-17Thailand: Govt Declares New War On Drug Trade, Activists Fear56695
2010-12-17Mexico: 12,456 Slain in Drug War This Year, Officials Say46964
2010-12-16Australia: Cannabis Pioneer Choked By Red Tape32050
2010-12-16Israel: Medical Marijuana Clinic Head Accused Of Drug Trafficking38456
2010-12-16Israel: Tel Aviv Medical Marijuana Outlet Nabbed In Sting39758
2010-12-15Mexico: Mexican Congressman Stripped of Immunity57886
2010-12-15Mexico: Politics Enables Mexican Fugitive to Defang a Law1043132
2010-12-15UK: PUB LTE: Prohibition War6710
2010-12-14Jamaica: Jamaica Turns Blind Eye to Drug Smugglers - WikiLeaks16525
2010-12-14UK: 400,000 Addicts To Lose Welfare Benefits If They Refuse Treatment35354
2010-12-14UK: Our Students Are Not Caught In 'Tide Of Drugs' Says University35950
2010-12-13Philippines: Philippine Nobel No-Show a Bid to Save Drug Mules28245
2010-12-13Indonesia: Indonesian Narcotics Agency Stresses Need To Seize Drug Assets832132
2010-12-13UK: Festive Crackdown On Drugs, Weapons33751
2010-12-13UK: What A Grass: 'Cannabis Club' Student Avoids Prison After His45670
2010-12-12Jamaica: OPED: Chevannes and Ganja Law Reform1051149
2010-12-12Mexico: Bribery Charges Unravel in Court1752234
2010-12-12New Zealand: Free Pass For Petty Criminals748116
2010-12-10Mexico: Mexican City Is Blockaded by Gunmen31238
2010-12-10Brazil: After Operation, Rio's Forces Greeted by Wariness1150135
2010-12-10Mexico: Mexico's Next Potential Drug Victim: Agriculture55589
2010-12-08Mexico: Mexican Suspect Got School Salary51375
2010-12-08Mexico: UN To Help Chihuahua Develop Anti-Crime Strategies21839
2010-12-07Mexico: What a Real Drug War Looks Like62085
2010-12-06Mexico: WikiLeaks Document: U.S. Officials In Mexico Concerned Cartels41865
2010-12-05Mexico: Broken Promise - Violence Chases Families Back To2607379
2010-12-04Mexico: Youth Suspected as Cartel Hit Man53377
2010-12-04New Zealand: Column: You Can't Hide From Prying Eyes1831262
2010-12-03Mexico: Review: Amexica: War Along The Borderline53564
2010-12-02New Zealand: 'Give Me A Fair Go,' Says AC/DC Drummer31960
2010-12-02Mexico: Mexican Police Chief Who Took The Job Men40949
2010-11-29Mexico: Mexican Drug Gang Leader Confesses to Killings61877
2010-11-29Brazil: Brazilian Forces Claim Victory in Gang Haven948124
2010-11-28Mexico: Mexican Cartels Emerge As Top Source for U.S. Meth1234161
2010-11-27Brazil: Brazil Military Says It Cornered Rio Drug Gangs60871
2010-11-25Australia: Sex Party Candidates To Smoke Pot Outside State Library23744
2010-11-25UK: Success Of Norfolk Hospital's Cannabis Trials Highlighted36355
2010-11-24Mexico: Strife-torn Town In Juarez Valley Has Just One Officer953155
2010-11-24U.N. Reports Decrease in New H.I.V. Infections67584
2010-11-24Mexico: Mexican Expats Warned on Travel Home38057
2010-11-23Mexico: Fearless Reporters Break Silence At Risk Of Their Lives68485
2010-11-23Ireland: Cannabis Pills Could Soon Be Legalised in Republic of Ireland31844
2010-11-22Mexico: Man Vanished After Arrest, Mexican Army Later Denied Occurred57485
2010-11-21Australia: Backyard Drug Danger47986
2010-11-20Mexico: Northern Mexico's State of Anarchy2538298
2010-11-18Mexico: A Hallucinogen Called Ibogaine Has Helped Addicts Kick5466590
2010-11-18Mexico: PUB LTE: End the Violence: End Prohibition11024
2010-11-17Mexico: Ibogaine: Can It Cure Addiction Without The4909591
2010-11-17Mexico: Tentacles Of Mexican Drug Mobs Extend To Spain, Italy49868
2010-11-17Brazil: Two Brazilian Police Die In Clash With Drug Smugglers21031
2010-11-15New Zealand: OPED: Drugs Back in Focus in Parliament714109
2010-11-14Mexico: In a Drug War-Ravaged City, Priests Offer Spiritual2304347
2010-11-13New Zealand: Views Aired At Dope Debate17529
2010-11-12VIHA Cautiously Expands Distribution Of Safe Drug Kits37246
2010-11-12Mexico: In the Eye of the Storm850128
2010-11-12New Zealand: Pro-Pot Activists Seek World Cup Amnesty40061
2010-11-11New Zealand: Pot Protesters Arrive at Parliament, Smoke Joints33560
2010-11-11New Zealand: Cannabis Tour Arrives at NZ Parliament33360
2010-11-11New Zealand: Pro-Cannabis Protesters Descend on Parliament28637
2010-11-11New Zealand: Legalise Cannabis Tour Arrives At Parliament32960
2010-11-11New Zealand: Legalise Cannabis Protesters End in Smoke at547101
2010-11-11Mexico: Shootouts Continue in Tamaulipas20235
2010-11-09New Zealand: We're Winning Drug Battle, Says Key54693
2010-11-09Ireland: OPED: Time to Weigh Up the Evidence When Drafting1523192
2010-11-09Mexico: Beheaded Bodies, Warped Society1347178
2010-11-08New Zealand: PM: Govt Making Progress in War on P32250
2010-11-08Jamaica: PUB LTE: Right On, Sir Ronald10923
2010-11-07Mexico: Top Mexican Drugs Lord Killed in Fierce Gunbattle With1295174
2010-11-07Mexico: Caught Behind Enemy Lines2391328
2010-11-06Mexico: Drug Gang Chief Reported Killed in Mexico34343
2010-11-06Mexico: Cartel Leader Slain by Military738100
2010-11-06Mexico: Kidnapped Chihuahua Attorney Is Found Dead63981
2010-11-05Indonesia: Indonesian Police Say Jail Cells No Help In Drug War39761
2010-11-05UK: Drugs: The Highs and Lows1718205
2010-11-04Mexico: Body Of Chihuahua AG's Brother Found10918
2010-11-04New Zealand: Medicinal Cannabis Works, but Costly: NORML45165
2010-11-04Btrazil: RP Embassy In Brazil Warns Filipinos Of Drug46066
2010-11-03Netherlands: Amsterdam Is Viper Central1127144
2010-11-02Mexico: 2010 US-Citizen Killings In Juarez Outpace 200949669
2010-11-02UK: Alcohol Does More Harm Than Crack: Study38763
2010-11-01UK: Column: Restore Sanity In The Debate On Drugs1083126
2010-11-01UK: Alcohol 'More Harmful Than Heroin Or Crack'1060135
2010-10-31New Zealand: Courts Go Easy in Drug Cases36358
2010-10-31New Zealand: Pot Club's Birthday20137
2010-10-31Jamaica: Column: Decriminalising Marijuana - Taking The High Ground898120
2010-10-30North America: Legalizing Pot765103
2010-10-30Belgium: In Quest For 'Legal High,' Chemists Outfox Law1934257
2010-10-29Mexico: Cartels Rule Town's Residents By Fear31444
2010-10-29New Zealand: Police Look Into 'Kronic'26239
2010-10-29New Zealand: Under-18s Sold 'Herbal Smoking Products'33454
2010-10-28New Zealand: Times Workers Test 'Legal-highs'24036
2010-10-28New Zealand: Parents Worried By 'Legal Weed'42765
2010-10-27Mexico: 3 Men Slain At U.S.-Mexico Bridge Crossing Were Off-duty47577
2010-10-27Mexico: Ex-Chihuahua AG Seeks Help On Kidnapping Case54482
2010-10-26New Zealand: OPED: A Choice Of Two Evils801126
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News (Media Awareness Project)