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2011-07-02New Zealand: Kronic: Keep It Out, Say Clive Residents52591
2011-07-02New Zealand: Editorial: Where's Action Over Synthetic Cannabis?56285
2011-07-01New Zealand: Synthetic Cannabis Effects 'Bizarre'49880
2011-07-01Bolivia: Bolivia Renounces UN Anti-Drug Convention Over Coca18827
2011-07-01Australia: Decriminalisation An Option In An Unwinnable War19231
2011-06-30New Zealand: 'Pineapple Express' Kronic Recalled28947
2011-06-30Mexico: Column: To Win War On Drugs, Governments Must Ignore40754
2011-06-29New Zealand: 'Daktory' Cannabis Club Owner Jailed20332
2011-06-29Ghana: Editorial: When A Chief Oversteps His Bounds44255
2011-06-28Australia: Drug Arrests Up, But Supply Stays Strong49281
2011-06-28UK: Did Shakespeare Use Pot?13117
2011-06-26UK: Drug Death 'Capital' Brighton To Put Treatment Ahead Of930120
2011-06-25Mexico: Mexico Winning Cartel War85794
2011-06-25UK: Notorious Scots Gangster Jamie 'Iceman' Stevenson Runs768121
2011-06-25UAE: Drugs Worth Half A Million Riyals Seized Last Year21532
2011-06-25Lebanon: Action Urgently Needed On Drug Addiction: Health31449
2011-06-24Mexico: Narcotrafficking Moves Into Central America58581
2011-06-24UK: Police War On Drugs Sees 13 Involved In Dealing Caged50973
2011-06-24Mexico: Mexico Cartels Defy Onslaught791102
2011-06-23Mexico: Jose De Jesus Mendez: 'The Monkey' Drug Boss Who Ran1269178
2011-06-22UK: OPED: Detox Can Solve The Curse Of Drug Addiction759101
2011-06-22Bermuda: Legalize Cannabis? Not So Fast, Say Medics634103
2011-06-22Mexico: Police Arrest Chief Of La Familia Cartel47566
2011-06-22Guatemala: Mexican Gang Moves Into Guatemala1093145
2011-06-21New Zealand: Undercover Cops Bust Switched On Gardener39370
2011-06-21New Zealand: OPED: Support The Failed War On Drugs? You Must774118
2011-06-21New Zealand: The Case For Decriminalisation703111
2011-06-20New Zealand: Synthetic Cannabis Rules 'Welcome'50893
2011-06-20UK: The Fiscal Case For Legalising Marijuana78598
2011-06-19PUB LTE: Gov Christie's Delays Of Marijuana Law Shameful13829
2011-06-19New Zealand: Stronger Search Powers For Schools In The Offing39277
2011-06-19New Zealand: School Daze2371367
2011-06-19UK: Failure to Help Drug Addicts Is Costing Britain49674
2011-06-19Mexico: Drug Cartels Recruiting Mexico's Teenagers48170
2011-06-18New Zealand: Teen Death: Kronic's Role Probed627119
2011-06-18Mexico: Reporter Slams Authorities Over Mexican City's67190
2011-06-17New Zealand: Kronic Use To Be Curtailed: Govt37865
2011-06-17New Zealand: Kronic Target Student Deliveries25249
2011-06-16New Zealand: Synthetic Cannabis 'Motivation For Crime'24749
2011-06-16New Zealand: Kronic To Remain On Sale In New Zealand23339
2011-06-16New Zealand: Kronic Craze Spurs Specialist Dealer To Open In39870
2011-06-16Thailand: One Night In Bangkok Can Lead To Quite A Hangover870123
2011-06-15Mexico: Controversial Mexican Politician Freed on Weapons817110
2011-06-15Australia: We Lost The War On Drugs23738
2011-06-14New Zealand: Western Australia Bans Synthetic Cannabis27345
2011-06-14UK: Mexicans Are Uneasy About America's Outsourced War On Drugs71287
2011-06-13New Zealand: Pots Of Trouble1672225
2011-06-12India: Meth Labs Are Here2925333
2011-06-12UK: True Cost Of Drugs: More Than Half Of Inmates Currently In56285
2011-06-12UK: PUB LTE: Drug Policy Results Reveal True Picture13425
2011-06-11New Zealand: Scientists In Dark On Kronic's Ill Effects45171
2011-06-11UK: Cannabis 'Russian Roulette' Warning26241
2011-06-11Mexico: Female Assassins A Growing Part Of Drug Cartels1360202
2011-06-11UK: LTE: Telling Statistics Omitted From Drug Policy Manifesto30948
2011-06-11Ireland: Editorial: Does Portugal Have The Solution To Our1090151
2011-06-11Mexico: 'Peace Caravan' Comes To Murder City24940
2011-06-10New Zealand: Judge Shops For Synthetic Cannabis58596
2011-06-10Bermuda: Security Chief Hints At Leniency On Drugs46082
2011-06-10Mexico: Mexican Guns Tied To US613100
2011-06-09UK: PUB LTE: Double Jeopardy For Teacher18828
2011-06-09Mexico: Mexico Peace Tour - Heading Into Zetas 'Territory'58875
2011-06-09New Zealand: Judge Wants Review Of Cannabis Evidence46570
2011-06-09Afghanistan: Trouble Seen In Afghan Aid Effort806115
2011-06-09Mexico: Guns From US Probe Surface in Mexico754105
2011-06-08UK: Concerns For Growing Use Of 'Party Drug' In Royal Borough17326
2011-06-08Russia: Russia Defies Growing Consensus With Declaration Of685100
2011-06-08Mexico: Vision: A Peaceful End To The Drug War2598305
2011-06-07UK: Cannabis Offences Teacher Is Reprimanded By Panel21533
2011-06-07Mexico: Monster Trucks On The Road, From Gangs In Mexico29740
2011-06-07Mexico: Felipe Calderon's Cartel War Dead-End68188
2011-06-07Mexico: 'I Want To Scream' Mexicans Demand End To War On Drugs63497
2011-06-07Australia: Drug Policy - The Case For Realism798108
2011-06-06IL: OPED: It's Time To End Dismally Failed 'War On Drugs'62774
2011-06-05Yemen: Yemen Increasing Efforts Against Illegal Drugs35342
2011-06-05UAE: Editorial: Legalising Drugs, What?46252
2011-06-05UK: Column: War On Drugs Has Also Become A War On Free Thinking896100
2011-06-04New Zealand: Global Reformers Say It's Time For Change On Drugs1599217
2011-06-04UK: Column: Richard Branson1772187
2011-06-04Colombia: Mexican Cartels Expand South56283
2011-06-03Denmark: Minister Approves Marijuana Drug20832
2011-06-03UK: War on Drugs Has Failed and Caused 'Devastating55183
2011-06-03UK: Column: A War on Drugs Is a Battle We Can Never Win81295
2011-06-02UK: Stars Urge 'Swift Review' Of Drug Policy in Letter to PM35649
2011-06-02UK: Branson Backs Drugs Policy Change33946
2011-06-01PUB LTE: Decriminalization Is Overdue14527
2011-06-01UK: Column: Many Agree, None Act: To Ease Untold Misery1115144
2011-05-31Iran: Drug Traffickers On Death Row639
2011-05-30Australia: Drug Culture In Our Schools35060
2011-05-30India: Editorial: Drugs Need New Thinking40552
2011-05-30UK: Column: A 'War' We Should Fight No Longer1231130
2011-05-29UK: Leading World Politicians Urge 'Paradigm Shift' On Drugs45657
2011-05-28Netherlands: Netherlands To End Pot Sales For Tourists25342
2011-05-28Netherlands: Government Backtracks On Open Drug Policy619
2011-05-27Australia: OPED: Injecting Centres a Realistic, Compassionate781109
2011-05-27Bermuda: US Tourist Jailed Over 'Medical' Cannabis25245
2011-05-27Mexico: Drug-Gang Battles Leave Mexico Region In Unruly State778108
2011-05-26New Zealand: Police Hope Fewer Cannabis Plants Signals Success40162
2011-05-26Australia: 130 Inmates Test Positive To Drugs26644
2011-05-24UK: NHS Chief Says Latest Drugs Study 'Challenges' Whole Region813122
2011-05-24UK: Fife Alcohol And Drug Partnership Profiles 'Typical' Drug34751
2011-05-23Australia: Police Drugs Fight Loses Bite41262
2011-05-23Australia: Editorial: Sniffer Dogs Should Stay In Victoria29943
2011-05-22UK: PUB LTE: Drug Wars Don't Work12022
2011-05-22Philippines: Illegal Drugs Top Cases Of Detainees In District26147
2011-05-21New Zealand: Facebook Street Protest Over Raggamuffin Dope50179
2011-05-21New Zealand: Pro Cannabis Protests Outside Court21031
2011-05-20UK: Safety Warning After Used Needles Found Under Bridge25543
2011-05-20New Zealand: LTE: Drug Debate19230
2011-05-17Mexico: Guatemala Targets Drug Gangs After Massacre51070
2011-05-17New Zealand: PUB LTE: Softening Dope Laws Not End Of World16830
2011-05-17Mexico: Drug Gang Blamed For Guatemala Massacre55470
2011-05-16Indonesia: Supporting Marijuana 'Not Good'12222
2011-05-16New Zealand: PUB LTE: Dope Ban Misfires18231
2011-05-15UK: Dealers 'Should Prove That Legal Highs Are Safe'50269
2011-05-15Philippines: Drug Bureau, Magdalo Tie Up Vs Illegal Drugs35660
2011-05-15UK: Editorial: Drug Laws34642
2011-05-15UK: Drug Laws and Bans on Legal Highs 'Do More Harm Than Good'70988
2011-05-15India: Drug-Trafficking Worse Than Murder: HC38249
2011-05-14New Zealand: Editorial: Drugs Must Be Stamped Out47978
2011-05-10Mexico: Mexico Poet Says No To Drug War63688
2011-05-10Nigeria: NDLEA Seeks 15 Yrs Sentence For Drug Offenders45958
2011-05-10Mexico: Mexico Marches Over Deadly Cost Of War On Drugs29743
2011-05-09New Zealand: Legalising Cannabis for Medicinal Purposes Could Lead to Widespread53280
2011-05-09Mexico: 12 Suspected Zetas, Mexican Marine, Killed in Shootout67089
2011-05-09Mexico: Crowds Call for a Cease-Fire60085
2011-05-09Mexico: Tens of Thousands March in Mexico City46656
2011-05-08Ireland: Marches To Legalise Cannabis Held28341
2011-05-07Indonesia: Pro-marijuana Community Marches In Jakarta14923
2011-05-06Mexico: Edu: Former Mexican President Leans Toward47572
2011-05-06Thailand: PUB LTE: Drug War Amounts To Cultural Inquisition18730
2011-05-05Mexico: Mexican Drug Gangs Assuming Government Roles66197
2011-05-04New Zealand: Drug Law Overhaul Criticised for Giving Offenders766119
2011-05-04New Zealand: Police Oppose Warnings For 'social Dealers'631109
2011-05-04Thailand: OPED: Jail The Drug Dealers, Free The Users869130
2011-05-03New Zealand: Ease Penalties for Small-Scale Drug Dealing: Law Commission53087
2011-05-02UK: PUB LTE: Fresh Approach Needed to Drugs26145
2011-05-02Indonesia: Group Promotes Marijuana Legalization Initiative42362
2011-04-28Australia: Rally No Exception To Drug Laws26344
2011-04-28Mexico: Mexico's Drug War40552
2011-04-26UK: More Than 2,000 Drugs Arrests in Norfolk, Suffolk and64194
2011-04-25Mexico: Clues Ignored in Mass Killings1191158
2011-04-18Rwanda: Ill and Need Marijuana? Head South to Rwanda1252192
2011-04-16UK: MS Sufferers Must Wait Months For Decision On Cannabis Spray Funding39064
2011-04-16Australia: Australia 'Irresistible' To Drug Traffickers40769
2011-04-14Mexico: US Rescinds Its Warning For Americans In Mexico31439
2011-04-13UK: Heroin Overdose Antidote Should Be Given to Prisoners50963
2011-04-13Mexico: US Warns Of Mexico Peril997144
2011-04-13Afghanistan: In Afghanistan's National Pastime, It's Better to Be a Hero Than a882112
2011-04-12New Zealand: Column: Mexico, Just Say No To America's War On Drugs800109
2011-04-12Mexico: Murder In Mexico78688
2011-04-11New Zealand: Editorial: Risks In Teachers Acting As Cops29755
2011-04-11UK: Why 'Eye In The Sky' Police Helicopter Is So Feared By The1370186
2011-04-10Mexico: Border Has Become Main Battleground in Drug War1073150
2011-04-09Mexico: Mass Graves Raise Concerns About Brazen Gangs880105
2011-04-07Mexico: Digging For Dollars2849438
2011-04-07Mexico: Dozens Of Bodies Are Found In Mexico56275
2011-04-03Zambia: 2 PF Officials Strip Over Garden Killing23740
2011-04-03Zambia: Anglicans Demand Apology Over DEC's Shootings34353
2011-04-01Colombia: US Losing Big Drug Catch1687249
2011-03-31New Zealand: R18 Limit on 'Legal Highs' Welcomed25440
2011-03-30New Zealand: Restrictions On Legal Highs Coming26452
2011-03-30Philippines: Illegal Drugs Continue To Hound Filipinos43266
2011-03-29Mexico: Poll: Mexicans Think Cartels Are Winning Drug War45165
2011-03-29Illegal Drugs Trade Now Worth UKP200billion13222
2011-03-28Mexico: Cartels, Military Battle for Public Acceptance1481185
2011-03-28New Zealand: Editorial: Time To Snuff Out Fake Cannabis27347
2011-03-26Ireland: 'I Keep My Cannabis Habit Quiet, But I Shouldn't Have To'1338155
2011-03-26New Zealand: Ban Dope-A-Like, Principal Urges634110
2011-03-24Bahamas: Editorial: Haiti - The Caribbean's Hot Spot For Drug Traffickers69199
2011-03-24Australia: Liberals Urge Soft Line On Drugs28545
2011-03-24Ireland: 'Ming' Flanagan Quits Cannabis To Put Issues Centre44960
2011-03-22South Africa: Heroin In A New Guise42865
2011-03-21UK: War on Drugs Has Failed, Say Former Heads of MI5, CPS and BBC72592
2011-03-17New Zealand: Protest Backs Timaru Cannabis User26844
2011-03-16Australia: Cannabis In Food Gets Stamp Of Approval From32251
2011-03-15Psychedelic Pioneer Managed Grateful Dead50872
2011-03-15Owsley Stanley, Famed Artisan of Acid, Is Dead at 761065128
2011-03-14Australia: Owsley Stanley - '60s Counterculture Icon - Dies726100
2011-03-11Netherlands: Dutch City Wants To Grow Pot In Co-Operative9816
2011-03-10Mexico: Illegal Crop Is Swapped for Legal One In Mexico937124
2011-03-09Mexico: Mexican Cop Flees To US75396
2011-03-06Mexico: Fighting Back2155344
2011-03-06Australia: Hippy Culture Put Out To Grass52075
2011-03-05Ireland: PUB LTE: Columnist's Attitude On Drug Abuse 'Defies Belief'38563
2011-03-04Caribbean: Report Says C'bean A Major Transit Region For Illegal Drugs788108
2011-03-03Mexico: Vargas Llosa Warns Of More Violence If Drugs Aren't39657
2011-03-03Nepal: Nepal Dealers Busted For Pot28745
2011-03-03Mexico: Heads Of US, Mexico To Meet As Tensions Rise792100
2011-03-01UK: Top Plymouth Judge Says 70 Per Cent of City's Crime Is Drug Related47468
2011-03-01UK: Study Links Marijuana Use To Risk Of Psychotic Episodes9613
2011-02-28Australia: Drug Running A Prime Target11718
2011-02-27Australia: Drugs Blitz Targets Nimbin38568
2011-02-26Mexico: Relatives Of Slain Activist Found Dead In Mexico36354
2011-02-25Mexico: Juarez Valle in Ruins: Drug Violence Economically35251
2011-02-25Australia: One In 49 Drivers Fails Drug Test14127
2011-02-24Mexico: Mexico Says US Agent's Killing Was Case of Mistaken51368
2011-02-22Mexico: Ex-Calderon Guard Leaked Secrets To Drug Cartels52082
2011-02-21Philippines: 79 Pinoys on China Death Row1111182
2011-02-21Pakistan: Campaign Launched To Control Drug Use In Varsities13514
2011-02-21Denmark: Hash Treatment Moves Into Schools13421
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News (Media Awareness Project)