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News (Media Awareness Project)
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2011-06-27US: LTE: The Drug War's Blithe Acceptance of Needless Deaths15624
2011-06-27US MT: LTE: Plain And Simple: Medical Marijuana Law Illegal23442
2011-06-27US MT: LTE: Court Should Reject Medical Marijuana Lawsuit24345
2011-06-27US MT: PUB LTE: Medical Marijuana Ideas Were Ignored18039
2011-06-27US WA: PUB LTE: Response To 'Not-So-Thoughtful Letter'6818
2011-06-27US WA: PUB LTE: Legalization A Start To Solution12623
2011-06-27US WA: LTE: Other Drugs A Problem Too16927
2011-06-27US WA: LTE: Children Already Under Enough Peer Pressure9919
2011-06-27US NY: PUB LTE: Should Marijuana Be Legalized And Regulated?17229
2011-06-27US NY: PUB LTE: Should Marijuana Be Legalized And Regulated?13426
2011-06-27US FL: PUB LTE: Get The Feds Out Of The Prohibition Business13921
2011-06-27US: LTE: Dispatches From The War On Drugs10320
2011-06-27US: PUB LTE: Dispatches From The War On Drugs13525
2011-06-26US AZ: PUB LTE: 2 Ounces Of Pot Not Worth 12 Officers' Time10116
2011-06-26US MI: PUB LTE: Marijuana Law Should Allow Recreational Use17633
2011-06-26US FL: LTE: Government Finally Gets It Right With Drug Testings20030
2011-06-25US WI: PUB LTE: Look To Britain15025
2011-06-25US WI: PUB LTE: Don't Look To Obama For Sensible Change12626
2011-06-25US MT: PUB LTE: Pot Good For People, Not RX Companies27936
2011-06-25US WA: PUB LTE: Drugs And Bureaucracies13922
2011-06-25US WA: LTE: A New Battle Plan14522
2011-06-24US FL: PUB LTE: Use Reason, Not Emotion26535
2011-06-24US KS: LTE: Waiting For Help23034
2011-06-24US WA: LTE: Pot Just 'Another Problem'19031
2011-06-24US WA: LTE: Marijuana More Harmful Than Cigarettes19333
2011-06-24US FL: LTE: Victims Of Nonviolent Crime9918
2011-06-23US MT: PUB LTE: Medical Marijuana Law Helps 'Big20634
2011-06-23US CA: PUB LTE: Waiting To Inhale10018
2011-06-23US FL: PUB LTE: Change Drug Policy11024
2011-06-23US NY: PUB LTE: Drugs A Problem In Suburbs, Too21335
2011-06-23US FL: PUB LTE: Marijuana Monopoly10023
2011-06-22US CA: PUB LTE: Drug Wars11123
2011-06-22US CA: LTE: Problems With Cannabis35942
2011-06-22US CA: LTE: Medical Marijuana17935
2011-06-22CN BC: PUB LTE: Re-Legalize Cannabis And Let It Grow Freely9821
2011-06-21CN BC: LTE: Little Sympathy For Grow-Op Landlords25342
2011-06-20US: PUB LTE: Opioid Therapy13721
2011-06-20US: PUB LTE: Preventing Addiction9617
2011-06-20US MI: LTE: Public Safety Must Guide Medical Pot Law27141
2011-06-20US HI: PUB LTE: Free Cannabis, Christie25841
2011-06-20US TX: PUB LTE: Sagan Shows Courage18330
2011-06-19PUB LTE: Gov Christie's Delays Of Marijuana Law Shameful13829
2011-06-19US MT: PUB LTE: Raids Show Medical Marijuana Industry Is24333
2011-06-19US CA: PUB LTE: Haze About Marijuana Law Not So Foggy23832
2011-06-18US FL: LTE: Let Fathers, Not Florida, Pay For Children's Needs15823
2011-06-18US CA: PUB LTE: Drug War Threatens Democracy14426
2011-06-18US TX: PUB LTE: No Change Here13319
2011-06-18US: PUB LTE: Exit Strategy For The Costly, Ineffective War On17228
2011-06-18US: PUB LTE: Exit Strategy For The Costly, Ineffective War On32144
2011-06-17CN BC: LTE: 228th Street Is A Great Place For A Grow Up31754
2011-06-17US TX: PUB LTE: Courage And Logic9113
2011-06-17US TX: PUB LTE: Recalling History15824
2011-06-17US TX: PUB LTE: Sick Of Waste11016
2011-06-17US TX: PUB LTE: Utter Failure16623
2011-06-17US TX: PUB LTE: Long Overdue5912
2011-06-17Canada: PUB LTE: Ganja For Sale On The Ganga8714
2011-06-16US CA: PUB LTE: Ongoing Culture War Against Pot In US A16628
2011-06-16US CA: LTE: Pot Law Should Be Clearer, More Fair22538
2011-06-16US FL: PUB LTE: Drug War Isn't Working17222
2011-06-16US WA: LTE: Laws Clear On Medicinal Pot15325
2011-06-16US CA: PUB LTE: Proper Pot Terminology16726
2011-06-16Canada: PUB LTE: Smell Of Gang In Our Bus Shelters16530
2011-06-16Canada: LTE: Smell Of Ganga In Our Bus Shelters23735
2011-06-15CN BC: PUB LTE: Pot Prohibitionists Are Wrong20834
2011-06-15CN BC: PUB LTE: Pot Shop Response Archaic53872
2011-06-15US FL: LTE: Measure Is Wasted Effort10817
2011-06-15US OK: LTE: Drug Demand, Weapons Fuel Mexican Violence17228
2011-06-14US MA: PUB LTE: Regulating Marijuana Is Answer To Drug Problem15836
2011-06-14US IL: PUB LTE: Worthless Drug Surveys6713
2011-06-14US FL: LTE: Scott's Drug Testing Bill 'Long Overdue'15017
2011-06-14US GA: PUB LTE: Ending War On Drugs Would Help Economy34851
2011-06-13US CO: LTE: Simply A Pipe Dream38156
2011-06-13US MI: LTE: Medical Community Not Part of 'Medical' Marijuana11018
2011-06-12US MI: PUB LTE: Take Marijuana Out Of The Hands Of Criminals6914
2011-06-12US PA: PUB LTE: It's A Failure11321
2011-06-12UK: PUB LTE: Drug Policy Results Reveal True Picture13425
2011-06-12US PA: LTE: Can't Just Quit20330
2011-06-11US CO: LTE: War On Drugs Points39452
2011-06-11UK: LTE: Telling Statistics Omitted From Drug Policy Manifesto30948
2011-06-11CN BC: PUB LTE: Needle Exchange Needs Well-policed Fixed Site18225
2011-06-11Canada: PUB LTE: Grow-Op(portunity)11014
2011-06-11US PA: PUB LTE: Swiss Success29238
2011-06-11US PA: PUB LTE: Bodily Rights9317
2011-06-11US: LTE: Calderon Inherited the Drug Problem18530
2011-06-10US MT: PUB LTE: Lawmakers Rejected What Voters Passed19328
2011-06-10US FL: PUB LTE: Slick Scott Still Profits10419
2011-06-10US FL: LTE: Testing OK10417
2011-06-10US CO: PUB LTE: Illegal Drugs Benefit DEA11423
2011-06-10US CO: PUB LTE: Waste Of Money And Time16128
2011-06-10US IL: PUB LTE: Unwise Drug Policies12122
2011-06-10US CO: PUB LTE: Looking The Other Way37143
2011-06-09UK: PUB LTE: Double Jeopardy For Teacher18828
2011-06-09US CA: PUB LTE: Why Drug Decriminalization Will Work20329
2011-06-09US CO: PUB LTE: Fight To Protect Dispensaries33752
2011-06-09US CT: PUB LTE: War On Marijuana Ineffective, Counterproductive16330
2011-06-09US MT: PUB LTE: Medical Marijuana - Proposed Reforms A14821
2011-06-09US WA: PUB LTE: Medical Marijuana Is A Good Thing31547
2011-06-09US CO: PUB LTE: Smoke And Minors15828
2011-06-09CN QU: PUB LTE: Helping Addicted Kids13922
2011-06-09CN MB: PUB LTE: Bad Drug Policy12121
2011-06-09CN BC: PUB LTE: False Fear-Mongering On Medical Marijuana23236
2011-06-09Canada: PUB LTE: For Many Addicts, Insite Is The Answer22233
2011-06-09US CA: PUB LTE: Misplaced Priorities13521
2011-06-09US CA: PUB LTE: Misplaced Priorities (#2)9315
2011-06-08US MT: PUB LTE: Marijuana Patient Continues To Work For Drug32847
2011-06-08US AZ: PUB LTE: A Lack Of Common Sense, Not Access To Drugs16731
2011-06-08US MT: PUB LTE: New Marijuana Law Promotes Nonprofit Medicine15020
2011-06-08US MT: PUB LTE: Legislature Shouldn't Have Repealed Medical14621
2011-06-08CN BC: LTE: Police Face Tough Task Weeding Out Legal Pot16830
2011-06-08CN BC: PUB LTE: Tory Crime Agenda About Enforcing A Failed23040
2011-06-08CN BC: PUB LTE: Safer Injection Sites Help Save Lives13921
2011-06-08CN BC: LTE: Drugs Should Be Illegal11421
2011-06-08Canada: LTE: Insite Not The Answer For Addicts20228
2011-06-08CN BC: PUB LTE: Drug War Not The Most Effective Way To Solve11725
2011-06-07US TX: PUB LTE: Bad Policy8314
2011-06-07US MT: PUB LTE: Let The Voters Decide Issue Of Medical67578
2011-06-07US CO: PUB LTE: Think Of Others If Pot Goes To Polls Again21026
2011-06-07US OH: LTE: Policing The Wrong Kind Of Smoke12218
2011-06-07CN ON: PUB LTE: A Different Take22138
2011-06-07CN BC: PUB LTE: Service Providers And The Addicted18831
2011-06-07CN BC: PUB LTE: Harm Reduction Proven Gateway To Treatment26341
2011-06-07CN AB: PUB LTE: Bad Drugs Policy10216
2011-06-07US MI: LTE: Arguments For Legalizing Pot Are Weak24735
2011-06-07CN QU: PUB LTE: Fighting Wrong War On Tobacco, Drugs15222
2011-06-07CN ON: PUB LTE: Only Way To Fix Grow-Op Mess16028
2011-06-07CN BC: LTE: Stop At Pot!12624
2011-06-07US: PUB LTE: Mexico's Prosperity Masks Deep Rot20430
2011-06-06US FL: LTE: Recipients Should Pass Test20224
2011-06-06US CA: PUB LTE: Don't Dismiss Marijuana As Medicine19729
2011-06-06US CA: LTE: It's All About Money, Not Medicine12717
2011-06-05CN BC: PUB LTE: Weak Arguments Against Injection Sites18426
2011-06-05US MT: PUB LTE: Regulating Marijuana Makes More Sense11521
2011-06-05US MT: PUB LTE: New Medical Pot Law Could Be Death Sentence23739
2011-06-05US CA: LTE: The Pot-Addled Population Needs To Face Life67168
2011-06-04CN BC: LTE: Proposed Crime Laws Aim For Traffickers, Not Users13623
2011-06-04CN QU: PUB LTE: It's Time For A Truce In The War On Drugs14829
2011-06-03CN BC: PUB LTE: Pro-insite Column Gets Reader's Approval8116
2011-06-03CN BC: PUB LTE: Quit Bickering23742
2011-06-03US CA: PUB LTE: Behind The Uncertainty23932
2011-06-02US: PUB LTE: War On Drugs Really Attacks Pot Users14929
2011-06-02US AZ: PUB LTE: Why Not Stand Up To The Feds On Voter-Approved Marijuana32847
2011-06-02US MT: PUB LTE: Medical Marijuana: Doctor's Job To Decide28240
2011-06-02US PA: PUB LTE: An Advocate For Legal Marijuana16726
2011-06-02US NV: PUB LTE: Prohibition Failure13031
2011-06-02US CA: PUB LTE: Reactions To Medi-Pot Law6211
2011-06-02CN BC: PUB LTE: The Prison Industry Expansion In US Is No15429
2011-06-02CN BC: PUB LTE: Private Care Weakening Addictions, Mental22538
2011-06-02CN BC: PUB LTE: Harm-Reduction Model Best For Communities15625
2011-06-02CN BC: PUB LTE: Harm Reduction, Treatment Both Needed13723
2011-06-02US: PUB LTE: California Convict Release Is A Failure Of11322
2011-06-02US: PUB LTE: California Convict Release Is A Failure Of429
2011-06-02US: LTE: California Convict Release Is A Failure Of Leadership26036
2011-06-01US FL: PUB LTE: Give Addicts Alternatives15025
2011-06-01PUB LTE: Decriminalization Is Overdue14527
2011-06-01US MT: LTE: Medical Marijuana Is A Farce, Just Like 'Magic26032
2011-06-01US PA: PUB LTE: Legalize Marijuana For The Economy18427
2011-06-01CN BC: PUB LTE: Propaganda Rules Talk About Medical Marijuana9223
2011-06-01CN BC: PUB LTE: Election Results Likely To Kill Marijuana26842
2011-06-01CN BC: PUB LTE: A Throwback To Prohibition10018
2011-06-01US CO: PUB LTE: Reefer Madness23340
2011-05-31US CA: PUB LTE: Marijuana Propaganda Has Been Around For42558
2011-05-31US OR: PUB LTE: Pot Made Illness Bearable16126
2011-05-31US CA: PUB LTE: Rehab Programs Do Work13920
2011-05-31US CA: LTE: Don't Pretend Marijuana Is Medicine22236
2011-05-30US CO: LTE: Please, Dea, Keep Fighting War On Drugs11424
2011-05-29US MT: PUB LTE: Help Medical Pot Users Preserve The Will Of23834
2011-05-29US OR: LTE: Freedom To Get Stoned18429
2011-05-29US NH: PUB LTE: Senate Dropped Ball On Medical Marijuana19330
2011-05-28US AZ: PUB LTE: Why Brewer Opposes Medical Marijuana15527
2011-05-28US CA: PUB LTE: Decriminalizing Drugs Is Answer14119
2011-05-27US MT: PUB LTE: Essman's Medical Marjiuana Stance Surprises29844
2011-05-27CN BC: PUB LTE: Drug Injection Centre Thought It Was Exempt22932
2011-05-27US CA: PUB LTE: Outside the Prison Box5715
2011-05-27US CA: PUB LTE: Outside the Prison Box9418
2011-05-27US MT: PUB LTE: Make Your Own Choice14520
2011-05-27Web: Letter Of The Week: Grieving Parents: Legalize All Drugs13627
2011-05-27CN BC: PUB LTE: Story On Medicinal Pot Unfair To Marc Emery22331
2011-05-26US MT: PUB LTE: Let Politicians Know What You Want20229
2011-05-26US GA: PUB LTE: A Matter of Basic Human Rights26341
2011-05-26US MT: LTE: Grow Your Own49762
2011-05-26US WA: PUB LTE: The Time Has Come9918
2011-05-26US AZ: PUB LTE: Why Wasn't Marijuana Law Vetted?6413
2011-05-26US CA: PUB LTE: Prison Pitfalls12122
2011-05-26US CA: PUB LTE: End Prison For Drug Offenders14422
2011-05-26US AZ: LTE: Legalize Pot And Watch Abuse Soar24634
2011-05-26CN BC: LTE: Letter Of The Week11722
2011-05-26US AZ: PUB LTE: Horne Cherry-Picking Laws10218
2011-05-26US WA: PUB LTE: Head in the Clouds10719
2011-05-25US WA: PUB LTE: Surrender and Sign Here17430
2011-05-25US FL: PUB LTE: Something To Show14226
2011-05-25CN BC: LTE: Decision On Insite Will Affect All Of Canada28955
2011-05-25US OR: PUB LTE: Against The Pot Police26243
2011-05-25US AZ: PUB LTE: Editorial On Medical Pot Well-Done7714
2011-05-25CN BC: PUB LTE: We Are Not All Criminals5414
2011-05-24US SC: PUB LTE: Cannabis Can No Longer Be Ignored!15129
2011-05-24CN BC: PUB LTE: Crime Bill Costs Go Deeper Than Dollars & Sense42357
2011-05-24CN BC: PUB LTE: Blame Ourselves, Not Stephen Harper13125
2011-05-24Canada: LTE: Do We Need Safe-Injection Sites?13322
2011-05-24US MT: LTE: Obliged To Obey11718
2011-05-24US AZ: PUB LTE: Make It Medical Marijuana, Not Pot8916
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News (Media Awareness Project)