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2011-09-30US CA: Feds Stir the Pot As Kern Tries to Regulate1085172
2011-09-30US MT: Medical-Marijuana Patients Angered By Firearms Limits55888
2011-09-30US WA: OPED: Prohibition: A Parallel To Modern War On Drugs70192
2011-09-30US AZ: Tempe Medical-Marijuana Clinic Raided By DEA10423
2011-09-30US CA: OPED: It's Time For Feds To Legalize Marijuana69590
2011-09-30US IL: Will County Judges Are Stuck In 1800s18630
2011-09-29US GA: Edu: Increased Sanctions for Marijuana Usage49861
2011-09-29US MI: PUB LTE: Marijuana Proposal, If Approved, Will Allow50162
2011-09-29US CA: PUB LTE: Pot Pros And Cons14022
2011-09-29US CA: LTE: Pot Pros And Cons28840
2011-09-29US CA: PUB LTE: Pot Pros And Cons10618
2011-09-29US CA: No Guns For Pot Users49369
2011-09-29US CA: PUB LTE: Legalize It!24033
2011-09-29US CA: Gun Sales To Medical Pot Users A Catch-2231744
2011-09-29US NE: Effort Seeks To Keep Pot Illegal20234
2011-09-29US AZ: Blocking Good Science62596
2011-09-29US MI: Not Your Grandfather's Pot37157
2011-09-29US OR: US Supplies 4 With Pot37448
2011-09-28US MT: Gun, Medical Pot Groups Blast ATF Policy71696
2011-09-28US MD: Edu: SSDP Moves To Expand Good Sam53767
2011-09-28US MO: Edu: Maryville R-Ii School District Drug Testing Debate64083
2011-09-28US FL : LTE: Welfare Drug Law6910
2011-09-28US MI: Column: Panics, Then & Now1068125
2011-09-28US CO: Editorial: Action Needed Do Address Drug War33950
2011-09-28US CO: PUB LTE: Banning Marijuana Compromises City12821
2011-09-28US OR: Licensed And Legal...For Now755118
2011-09-28US NY: PUB LTE: Street Stops By The Police15329
2011-09-28US WA: The Evolution Of John Mckay5008645
2011-09-27US NY: Editorial: Trouble With Marijuana Arrests39852
2011-09-27US FL: Column: Florida's Welfare Drugs Tests Are Wasteful791109
2011-09-26US CO: Colorado Police, Judges Champion Drug Legalization1099149
2011-09-26US MA: PUB LTE: Barney Frank, Ron Paul Pot Legalization Plan45153
2011-09-26US CA: Medical Marijuana Plan Meets Resistance882128
2011-09-26US FL: PUB LTE: Mandatory Sentences10021
2011-09-25US WA: PUB LTE: Cease-Fire in 'War' Sorely Overdue16120
2011-09-25US CO: LTE: Vote To Shut Down Marijuana Shops12324
2011-09-25US CA: Editorial: The Mess Of Medical Marijuana42658
2011-09-25US CA: OPED: Don't Blame Marijuana For Crime Wave57775
2011-09-24US FL: Column: An Offer Legislators Can't Refuse -- Or Can798111
2011-09-24US NM: Despite Praise As Success, Some Say NM Medical Cannabis1743244
2011-09-24US WI: Wisconsin Supreme Court Eyes Beloit Case59385
2011-09-23US CA: PUB LTE: District Still Won't Admit It Was Wrong43353
2011-09-23US MI: Editorial: Gone To Pot63388
2011-09-23US IL: Editorial: Our View On School Drug Tests: Proceed, But45756
2011-09-23US TX: Crime Down, Except For Murder24329
2011-09-22US GA: Edu: Column: College Invades Students' Rights45760
2011-09-22US CO: Bad Medicine1193144
2011-09-22US CA: Column: State's Illegal Crop in Demand64285
2011-09-22US CA: Where Are They Now?1349161
2011-09-22US CA: Redding Takes On Medical Cannabis1102146
2011-09-22US FL: Column: The Destructive Ripples Of Drug Use56982
2011-09-22US WA: PUB LTE: Watch Pot Opposition15325
2011-09-22US CA: LTE: Landlord Burned By Pot Grower23432
2011-09-22US CA: Column: Defense Attorney Talks Pot And Politics39754
2011-09-22US CA: Column: Why A 'pot Issue'?51262
2011-09-22US CA: Editorial: Redding's Lesson For Chico32639
2011-09-22US CA: Pot Legalization Increasingly Supported15331
2011-09-22US CA: State Of Noncompliance16823
2011-09-22US CA: Sometimes-Controversial Hospital Chief Resigns45367
2011-09-22US CA: Dirty Business834103
2011-09-21US MA: PUB LTE: Just Say No To Barney Frank30840
2011-09-21US CA: Marijuana Petition Drive Blocks Kern County Ban662115
2011-09-21US MT: Expert Says Tight Controls On Marijuana Needed52485
2011-09-21US MT: Panel Finds Medical Marijuana Law Murky52874
2011-09-21US CA: Study Challenges Claim That Medical Marijuana69999
2011-09-21US CA: Cops: Pot Ordinance Being Universally Violated61480
2011-09-20US MT: Montana Medical Marijuana Cardholders Drop; Some Turn66091
2011-09-20US MI: Planners Have Spent Much Time Addressing Marijuana58285
2011-09-20US NY: Edu: Opposite Effect: Study Finds Marijuana Users Have44065
2011-09-20US MT: Marijuana Providers Down 94% Since Stricter Law Enacted61091
2011-09-20US MT: Panel Debates Federal Role In Medical Weed703109
2011-09-20US MI: No Shortage Of Would-Be Drug Smugglers In St. Louis30555
2011-09-20US NJ: Medical Marijuana Program's Oversight Questioned63293
2011-09-20US MI: EMU Seeks To Ban Medical Marijuana On Campus17327
2011-09-20US MI: Manchester: Village Extends Medical Marijuana32854
2011-09-20US NJ: N.J. Lawmaker Critical Of Medical Marijuana Policies63493
2011-09-20US MI: Man With 47 Pot Plants: Officers 'Took My Medicine'42062
2011-09-19US AZ: Scottsdale Revisiting Its Medical-Marijuana Rules541100
2011-09-19US MI: More Of A Moratorium?33746
2011-09-19US MT: Federal Role In Medical Marijuana Debated700108
2011-09-19US CA: Judge Orders Closure Of Santa Rosa Pot Dispensary13222
2011-09-19US WA: Tacoma's Medical Marijuana Moratorium Public Hearing22434
2011-09-19US MA: Edu: Bostonians Toke Up In Defense Of Marijuana Usage52387
2011-09-19US FL: OPED: There Is Hope For Addicts43952
2011-09-18US OK: PUB LTE: Legalizing Drugs Will Solve Problems9413
2011-09-18US WA: Column: University Of Hypocrisy52178
2011-09-18US CA: State's Apparent Biggest Crop Is No Joke64385
2011-09-18US IL: Dope-Sick: Youths Migrate To Heroin As Deaths Spike1635263
2011-09-18US CO: Glenwood Springs To Require Fees For Medical Marijuana42968
2011-09-18US MI: Medical Pot Producer Leaving County44380
2011-09-18US MI: Attorneys Planning Appeal On Medical Marijuana39161
2011-09-18US WA: Medical Pot OK In Seattle, In Trouble In Spokane1263205
2011-09-18US MT: PUB LTE: Bullock Not The Man For Montana6914
2011-09-17US CA: Richmond Council Fails To Pass Sustainable Marijuana75596
2011-09-17US: Website Offers Illegal Drugs603102
2011-09-17US MT: Medical Marijuana Proponents Hold Signature Gathering35558
2011-09-16US MT: PUB LTE: Bullock Won't Stand Up For Montana Citizens10417
2011-09-16US CA: Judge Hears Both Sides In Pot-Limit Lawsuit55392
2011-09-16US MI: Attorneys For Mt. Pleasant Dispensary Plan Appeal On39861
2011-09-16US AZ: More Than 13,000 Arizonans Are Now Card-Carrying56286
2011-09-16US FL: Cocaine No Longer The Drug Of Choice782108
2011-09-15US CA: Judge Bars Tulare County From Pulling Pot729114
2011-09-15US MT: Medical Cannabis Conference To Start Monday49573
2011-09-15US MT: A Hurdle Too High34745
2011-09-15US CA: Mendocino County Supervisor, Sheriff's Sergeant37860
2011-09-15US MI: Column: The Evil Scourge Of The Illegal Drug World77093
2011-09-15US CA: Edu: Marijuana Dispensaries In Fullerton35558
2011-09-15US CA: Edu: Fullerton Takes Action On Medical Marijuana66489
2011-09-14US WI: LTE: Be Honest About Abuse Of Marijuana24335
2011-09-14US WA: Vashon School District Brings On Substance Abuse Pro759110
2011-09-13US MT: Nurse's Notes: Treatment Combined For 'Dual Diagnosis'42666
2011-09-13US WA: Column: Island Forum: Marijuana Is Not 'Harmless'43753
2011-09-13US MA: Column: Barney Frank Looks To Remove Another Taboo44967
2011-09-13US FL: PUB LTE: Pill Mill Law4810
2011-09-13US CA: LTE: Not The Role Of Government19528
2011-09-12US WA: Castle Rock Designates Areas For Pot Gardens19423
2011-09-12US CA: Editorial: Prop 215 Does Not Mean That Anything31745
2011-09-11US CA: LTE: California Needs Anti-Drug Agency27134
2011-09-11US WA: OPED: I-502 Offers Better Approach to Marijuana61674
2011-09-10US CA: PUB LTE: Height Of Stupidity8114
2011-09-10US MI: Edu: Column: Controlled Substance Laws 'Hazy'61585
2011-09-10US LA: Columnist Employed Faulty Logic79496
2011-09-10US CA: Editorial: We Send Schools Our Problems - Then Bar35543
2011-09-10US CA: Judge Halts Action Against Tulare County Medical Pot67395
2011-09-10US MI: Attorney To Speak On Medical Marijuana Wednesday In31543
2011-09-10US CA: Planning Commission Gives Thumbs-Up To Marijuana40175
2011-09-09US CA: PUB LTE: Unsound Needle Decision15124
2011-09-09US CA: Editorial: Supervisors Shouldn't Cut Needle Exchange36445
2011-09-09US WA: Poulsbo City Council Approves Moratorium On Medical61485
2011-09-09US WA: Washougal Extends Medical Marijuana Gardens Ban42161
2011-09-09US CO: Yampa Residents To Vote On Medical Marijuana Businesses35063
2011-09-09US MI: With Kalamazoo City Clerks' Error Corrected, Petition53485
2011-09-09US MI: Lansing Marijuana Rally: Local Dispensary Owners Meet35256
2011-09-09US CA: Tulare County's Medical-Pot Ordinance Challenged931142
2011-09-09US CA: A Growing Problem: Pot Crops Violate City Ordinances49882
2011-09-09US: National Drug Survey Shows Big Drop In Methamphetamine Use720103
2011-09-09US NH: DEA Seeks Temporary Control Of Bath Salts723104
2011-09-09US CO: Marijuana Group60986
2011-09-09US TX: Reefer Roundup: 9/9/111231162
2011-09-08US CA: Column: Let's Get Practical About Needles48569
2011-09-08US MI: Moratorium Imposed on Marijuana Permits53080
2011-09-08US MI: Moratorium Imposed on Marijuana Permits53080
2011-09-08US WA: Sammamish Council Just Says No To Collective Gardens31452
2011-09-08US MI: Medical Marijuana Advocates Speak Out50079
2011-09-08US MI: Medical Marijuana Advocates Rally At State Capitol39858
2011-09-08US MT: Theirs For The Taking4171478
2011-09-08US CA: Medical Marijuana Supporters Stave Off County Ban, For60196
2011-09-08US MI: PUB LTE: Don't Defy Voters' Wishes11920
2011-09-08US FL: Drug Test Law Faces Challenge700104
2011-09-08US WA: Poulsbo Approves Moratorium On Marijuana Gardens53866
2011-09-08US CA: Legalized Marijuana Wafts Toward Palo Alto Ballot793109
2011-09-08US IL: PUB LTE: Excellent Alternatives6417
2011-09-08US CA: PUB LTE: Focus Resources Elsewhere9018
2011-09-08US MT: Miles City Medical Marijuana Growers Plead Not Guilty37754
2011-09-08US AZ: Meet Your New Medical-Marijuana Writer66185
2011-09-07US MI: Questions Force Saugatuck Township Delay In Medical Marijuana32660
2011-09-07US MI: Medical Marijuana Advocates Rally At Michigan Capitol Against27847
2011-09-07US GA: Pot-Smoking Judge Booted8811
2011-09-07US MI: Edu: Medical Marijuana Protest Held At Capitol46266
2011-09-07US MI: City Extends Medical Marijuana Moratorium27740
2011-09-07US MI: Medical Marijuana Advocates Rally At Mich. Capitol36148
2011-09-07US MT: Billings Woman Proposes Voter Approval Of Legislature's35853
2011-09-07US MO: Outlawed Synthetic Marijuana Finding A Market In Kansas633103
2011-09-07US WI: Column: Create Jobs By Legalizing Hemp48970
2011-09-07US MI: Medical Marijuana Supporters Mourn The Loss Of1298189
2011-09-07US WA: Pasco, Richland, Kennewick Grapple With Medical Pot672105
2011-09-07US MI: Marshall Council Votes To Limit Medical Marijuana39059
2011-09-07US MI: Column: Darth Schuette1088136
2011-09-07US MT: Federal Raids: Kalispell Man Pleads Guilty To Marijuana43962
2011-09-07US GA: Heroin A Deadly Draw In 'Bluff'1397173
2011-09-07US CA: Council Repeals Pot Dispensary Ordinance31048
2011-09-07US MI: PUB LTE: Voters Did Not Intend Campaign Of Terror15624
2011-09-06US MI: Marijuana Tester Finds 'Street-Bought' Pot Unsafe46065
2011-09-06US MI: Burton Council Members Approve Six-Month Moratorium On37261
2011-09-06US MI: Medical Marijuana Dispensary Owners Await Local44973
2011-09-06US MI: Medical Marijuana Moratorium Gets Extension In11520
2011-09-06US MI: Swartz Creek Planning Commission Holds Off On Medical25339
2011-09-06US CO: Larimer County Sheriff Shuts Down Livermore Grow24934
2011-09-06US CA: Column: Bill Would Regulate Pot Like Wine69082
2011-09-05US CT: Column: Back To School Safely757111
2011-09-05US NY: Factory-Like Mills Feed Ravenous New York City Heroin920134
2011-09-04US OK: Prohibition Not Helping9317
2011-09-04US GA: Column: The Progressive Freedom Agenda55874
2011-09-04US LTE: Medical Marijuana Supporters Had Their Chance And Blew21233
2011-09-04US CA: Shasta High School District Drops Drug Testing Plan40657
2011-09-04US CA: OPED: Student Drug Testing Receives a Failing Grade55772
2011-09-03US CA: Column: How Police Officers Determine Impairment In DUI58467
2011-09-03US CA: Town Council Set To Consider Pot Law41857
2011-09-03US MI: Burton To Consider Medical Marijuana Moratorium, But40966
2011-09-03US MI: Medical Pot Users Say Their Needs Are Ignored As66498
2011-09-03US MI: OPED: A Different View On Medical Marijuana53471
2011-09-03US MI: Union Township Medical Marijuana Zoning, Licensing Law37756
2011-09-03US WA: Column: A Game Of Capture The Freedom Flag56374
2011-09-03US IL: Editorial: District 327 Strike Never About Compensation55467
2011-09-03US ME: Column: A Whole Lot Of Nonsense Going On56474
2011-09-03US IL: Editorial: Less Than Satisfactory Conclusion To Illini55767
2011-09-02US FL: PUB LTE: Legalize Drugs For Economic Fix15722
2011-09-02US MI: Court Opinion May Impact Local Medical Marijuana749101
2011-09-02US WA: State Investigates Workers Who OK'd Medical Marijuana18427
2011-09-02US CA: PUB LTE: Decision Time34845
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News (Media Awareness Project)