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2011-10-27US OR: Editorial: Try For Sense In Law On Pot31443
2011-10-27US GA: Red Ribbon Week: After Euphoric Highs, Kicking Cocaine65597
2011-10-27US CO: OPED: Commercial Marijuana Dealers Have Created A50961
2011-10-27US CO: Editorial: Endorse Ban On Medical Marijuana Dispensaries49066
2011-10-27US CO: OPED: Let Facts, Not Emotions, Guide Vote47959
2011-10-27US CO: OPED: True Cost Of Drug Use Is At Issue34540
2011-10-27US FL: Column: Judge Makes Right Call In Halting Florida45167
2011-10-27US GA: Editorial: A Long Overdue Reform Of Federal Drug46754
2011-10-27US CA: PUB LTE: Delay Led To Cannabis Crackdown20234
2011-10-27US: PUB LTE: Facts Show That Marijuana Is Safe7214
2011-10-27US CO: School Board Backs Fort Collins Measure Banning19434
2011-10-27US FL: OPED: Too Many Babies Suffering Drug Withdrawal69781
2011-10-27US CA: Supes Line Say 'Nay' To Dispensaries14424
2011-10-27US CA: OPED: Is The War On Drugs A War On Jobs?1007119
2011-10-26US FL: Editorial: Failing The Test53065
2011-10-26US GA: Red Ribbon Week: Cocaine Addicts' Families Travel Path69593
2011-10-26US TX: PUB LTE: Change Drug War Economics15125
2011-10-26US MO: Column: Legalizing Marijuana Would Do No Harm57889
2011-10-26US CA: Sheriff's Department Backs Off From Some Pot59694
2011-10-26US CA: Think About The Children1012150
2011-10-26US CA: Butte County Supervisors Formalize Pot Dispensary40261
2011-10-26US WA: OPED: Editorial On Tacoma's Marijuana Initiative Could54179
2011-10-26US KC: Column: Legalize Pot? More Americans Are Saying It's OK42268
2011-10-26US CA: OPED: We're Killing Our Cash Cow65196
2011-10-26US CA: Feds Urged To Ease Up On Medical Pot48773
2011-10-26US CA: Editorial: A Bummer For Rand Corp.44752
2011-10-26US CA: Medical Marijuana Advocates Back 2012 California Ballot753106
2011-10-25US GA: Red Ribbon Week: Cocaine Remains A Challenge For995130
2011-10-25US CO: OPED: Let's Close MMJ Centers, Improve Jail49967
2011-10-25US CA: Editorial: Medical Pot Solution Ignored43366
2011-10-25US CA: Medical Marijuana Activist, Cannahelp Owner Stacy33863
2011-10-25US PA: Driver Chokes To Death On Bag Of Dope21633
2011-10-25US CA: PUB LTE: Addict's Sentence Too Harsh13821
2011-10-25US FL: Florida Judge Blocks Drug Testing Of Welfare Applicants72899
2011-10-24US GA: Recovering Crack Addict Donnie White Taking Life One Day At1073143
2011-10-24US GA: Red Ribbon Week: The Cocaine Road- From Columbia To1592235
2011-10-24US GA: Red Ribbon Week: Cocaine Facts39959
2011-10-24US FL: Editorial: Cost of Florida Prisons: Too Many In Prison28043
2011-10-24US CO: Editorial: More Confusion On Medical Pot41268
2011-10-24US CA: Column: It's Here To Stay. Legalize It50067
2011-10-24US CO: Editorial: Lay Off Colorado's Medical Marijuana Law59075
2011-10-24US CA: PUB LTE: Scoffing At Voters' Will10820
2011-10-24US IL: Tons Of Marijuana Found At Indianapolis Warehouse39755
2011-10-24US CO: Marijuana Dispensary Ban Could Hurt Patients9616
2011-10-23US GA: Facts About Cocaine And Crack Cocaine77697
2011-10-23US GA: Red Ribbon Week: New Federal Law Changes Penalties For994137
2011-10-23US CA: Column: Medical Marijuana - Lost In The Haze Of State953132
2011-10-23US: OPED: Facts On Medical Marijuana Are Stubborn Things, Too53280
2011-10-23US CA: Editorial: Harris Must Do More To Solve Medical Pot47663
2011-10-23US CA: Editorial: Confusing State, National Pot Policies Must72298
2011-10-23US CA: Up In Smoke - Obama's Promise To Medical Marijuana Users72895
2011-10-22US OH: Medical Marijuana Backers To Gather Signatures21932
2011-10-22US CA: Column: Kicking Our Pot Habit Will Be Expensive22433
2011-10-22US WA: PUB LTE: Prohibition All Over Again10219
2011-10-22US CA: Prosecution Threat To Landlord Weeds Out Butte County720126
2011-10-22US MA: OPED: A Regulated Marijuana Market Is Better Than A60172
2011-10-21US DC: Mexico's Drug War Is Giving Growers A Break1221170
2011-10-21US CO: Bank Of Denver To Close All Medical Marijuana Accounts:51663
2011-10-21US CA: PUB LTE: Profit To Be Made On Keeping Pot Illegal12120
2011-10-21US IL: Column: Americans Say Legalize Pot; Experts Send Warning57375
2011-10-21US CO: PUB LTE: It's Time We Legalize Marijuana20024
2011-10-21US FL: Editorial: Drug Crime Sentences Need Flexibility35456
2011-10-21US CA: PUB LTE: People Can Demand Change14723
2011-10-21US NH: PUB LTE: Paul Is Right: Legalize Drugs21728
2011-10-20US AZ: In A Strange About-Face, The President Tries To Hack3044422
2011-10-20US CA: California's 15 Years of Medical Cannabis: Talk About1203205
2011-10-20US CA: OPED: Clarify Rules On Medical Marijuana44766
2011-10-20US CA: OPED: Don't Legalize Marijuana In The Name Of Medicine49080
2011-10-20US CA: Sacramento Suspends Permit Process For Medical Pot727105
2011-10-20US CA: PUB LTE: Aiding Cartels13323
2011-10-20US AZ: Long Arm Of The Law65992
2011-10-20US CA: PUB LTE: Police Profiteering?12119
2011-10-20US CA: Column: Doctors' Stance On Pot Is Sick927132
2011-10-20US CA: PUB LTE: Stimulus For The Cartels13519
2011-10-20US CA: PUB LTE: Harder On Hemp Than The Chinese9517
2011-10-20US FL: Obama's War On Weed2810427
2011-10-20US CO: MMJ Dispensaries Unionize15725
2011-10-20US RI: Ad Hoc Group Committed To Legalizing Drugs Speaks At810112
2011-10-20US NV: PUB LTE: Obama Supports Mexican Drug Cartels12721
2011-10-20US CA: Column: Newspapering Is Not A Crime52885
2011-10-20US CA: Editorial: The Marijuana Mess52868
2011-10-20US CA: PUB LTE: Feds' Weird Priorities8820
2011-10-20US NV: PUB LTE: Paul's Pot?16522
2011-10-20US CA: Column: First, Feds Crack Down On Dispensaries. Is The Media44058
2011-10-19US CO: Edu: Colorado Lab Creates Cancer-Fighting Pot Plant43867
2011-10-19US CA: OPED: Pot Law Lost in a Haze45160
2011-10-19US CA: Editorial: Kamala Harris Needs to Speak Up on17622
2011-10-19US CA: Witness Arrested After He Testifies62690
2011-10-19US CA: PUB LTE: Drug Madness12523
2011-10-19US CO: PUB LTE: End The Prohibition Of Marijuana12516
2011-10-19US CA: Backlash To Crackdown Grows888115
2011-10-19US CA: OPED: Federal Government Wrong In Its Marijuana48164
2011-10-19US CA: LTE: Pot Shops Will Trigger Crime21535
2011-10-18US OR: Editorial: Hang Tough In Clash Over Pot35644
2011-10-18US CO: PUB LTE: Begin Community Discussion18529
2011-10-18US CA: Cannabis Patients Demand Reopening Of Pot Shops59383
2011-10-18US: 50% Of Americans Support Legalizing Marijuana: Poll33656
2011-10-18US CA: Editorial: Medical Marijuana Going Up In Smoke35543
2011-10-18US CA: Column: Medipot Hijack Behind Fed Prosecutions74797
2011-10-18US CA: PUB LTE: Feds Miss The Big Picture On Drugs10816
2011-10-17US CA: Founder Of Fairfax Pot Club Joins Push For State Ballot58075
2011-10-17US CA: Edu: PUB LTE: Marijuana Prohibition Is Gateway Drug14822
2011-10-17US IL: LTE: Don't Legalize Drugs18231
2011-10-17US WA: Drug Program A Good Alternative To Lockup719103
2011-10-17US CA: California Medical Association Recommends Legalizing Pot50671
2011-10-16US NY: People Imprisoned for Drug Crimes Down 62 Percent Since1547202
2011-10-16US CA: PUB LTE: Re-Legalize the God-Given Plant7915
2011-10-16US CA: Column: California's Made a Sorry Mess of Medical777103
2011-10-16US CA: Doctor Group Wants Pot Legal860118
2011-10-15US CO: Three Operators Of Denver Medical-Pot Operation Charged45567
2011-10-15US CA: Column: Going Backward in Drug War77691
2011-10-14US CA: Editorial: The Medical Marijuana Mess57065
2011-10-14US CA: LTE: What About Marijuana Ads?7513
2011-10-14US: Drugs And Terror Mix In Case811107
2011-10-14US CA: Column: Barack Obama, Drug Warrior74497
2011-10-14US CA: Federal Prosecutors Rattle California's Medical896147
2011-10-14US CA: PUB LTE: Legislator Vows To Fix Mess14924
2011-10-14US CA: PUB LTE: Crackdown Is Misguided12423
2011-10-14US CA: LTE: Pot Dealers Suckered State15126
2011-10-14US CA: PUB LTE: A Waste Of Federal Resources7310
2011-10-13US CO: PUB LTE: Marijuana Prohibition Is A Gateway Drug Policy14823
2011-10-13US CO: Medical-Marijuana Workers Unionizing23136
2011-10-13US CA: Column: So Now What: The Feds, Cannabis And California?1690219
2011-10-13US CA: Feds And Meds50571
2011-10-13US CA: OPED: Dear President Barack Obama46360
2011-10-13US CA: Column: A Letter To President Obama47463
2011-10-13US CA: Not In Our Neighborhood753100
2011-10-13US CA: PUB LTE: Pot A Gateway To What?15022
2011-10-13US CA: Medical Marijuana Crackdown Gets Reaction From Those In943123
2011-10-13US CA: Editorial: Medical Marijuana Must Face Stricter46162
2011-10-13US CA: Dispensary Ads Next Targets In Federal War On Pot65191
2011-10-13US CA: Editorial: Shasta County On Right Track With Pot Limits34344
2011-10-12US CA: PUB LTE: Not The Change We Were Looking For12115
2011-10-12US: Editorial: Fed Crackdown On California Medical Marijuana40654
2011-10-12US CA: PUB LTE: Supply And Demand12822
2011-10-12US CA: PUB LTE: Go After The True Demons6513
2011-10-12US CA: PUB LTE: It's The Economy, Dude338
2011-10-12US CA: PUB LTE: Not The Clubs, The Banks12219
2011-10-12US CA: PUB LTE: Follow The Money7612
2011-10-12US CA: Edu: Column: Medical Marijuana Laws Should Be the Least48058
2011-10-12US CO: Column: Prohibition An Exercise In Futility49771
2011-10-12US CA: PUB LTE: Marijuana Sellers Just Need Lobbyists13329
2011-10-12US CO: Gang Leader Wants Case Tossed Because Denver Police46465
2011-10-12US CA: Rand Removes Pot Dispensary Report57275
2011-10-11US MA: PUB LTE: Cannabis Prohibition Is Greater Threat Than12422
2011-10-11US CA: Editorial: Change Federal Laws To Promote Hemp Farms14321
2011-10-11US MD: PUB LTE: Obama Administration Hasn't Learned From Prohibition44858
2011-10-11US CO: LTE: Medical Pot Is A Scam26238
2011-10-11US CO: Colorado Supreme Court Could Take On Medical-marijuana61883
2011-10-11US CA: Shasta County Planners To Consider Medical Pot Issues54685
2011-10-11US CA: Cities, Including Chico, Challenged By 'Evolving'49977
2011-10-11US CA: Governor Vetoes Industrial Hemp Bill25235
2011-10-11US CA: Editorial: State Needs To Clean Up Medical Marijuana45256
2011-10-10US CA: Feds Target Medical-marijuana Dispensaries In California66499
2011-10-10US OR: Marijuana Processing Business Planned For Albany40761
2011-10-10US OR: Dazed And Confused!60789
2011-10-10US IL: PUB LTE: Students Need Education Not Testing On Drugs16423
2011-10-09US MD: Drug legalization: Wrong Lesson Of Prohibition803102
2011-10-09US WA: Editorial: US Attorneys Should Back Off33751
2011-10-09US CA: PUB LTE: Time For A Change11421
2011-10-09US CA: Editorial: Medical Marijuana A Federal Problem44060
2011-10-09US CA: Column: Will Stockton's Med Pot Future Look Like63693
2011-10-09US CA: Editorial: Feds Can't Get Their Story Straight On Pot48169
2011-10-09US CA: OPED: Pot And Politics - Strange Bedfellows831108
2011-10-09US CO: Ex-College Official To Stand Trial For Slaying12217
2011-10-08US CA: Feds Unveil Charges Against Some Medical Marijuana803116
2011-10-08US CO: OPED: Echoes Of Prohibition In Nation's Pot Policies62475
2011-10-08US CA: U.S. Targets Pot Suppliers Who Profit In State826117
2011-10-08US CA: PUB LTE: A Waste Of Federal Resources9115
2011-10-08US CA: Editorial: Feds' Confusing Crackdown On Medical37747
2011-10-08US NC: 'Fake Pot' Inventor Created It For Rats, Not Stoners979155
2011-10-08US CA: US Attorneys Seek To Close Pot Collectives In California55894
2011-10-07US CA: Feds Announce Calif Pot Dispensary Crackdown923139
2011-10-07US CA: Feds Announce Medical-Pot Crackdown; Letters Sent To63888
2011-10-07US CA: Feds Move To Rein In Medical Marijuana Shops In791128
2011-10-07US CA: Crackdown On California Dispensaries Planned; Colorado65499
2011-10-06US CO: Marijuana Activist Sues Colorado In Federal Court32347
2011-10-06US CA: LTE: Marijuana Is Out Of Control7815
2011-10-06US CA: Officials Find Pot Cultivators Still Unsure About Chico57785
2011-10-06US MA: PUB LTE: Legal Marijuana Means Plenty More Problems32943
2011-10-05US PA: Seized Pot Growing Equipment Given To Pa. Food Lab12320
2011-10-05US VA: PUB LTE: Meth Makers Are The Bootleggers Of Our Day13622
2011-10-05US IL: LTE: Ban Synthetic Marijuana24935
2011-10-04US TX: Customs Helicopter Crashes In South Texas31542
2011-10-04US WA: Arlington City Council Extends Marijuana Moratorium49760
2011-10-04US IL: Edu: Tisdahl Proposes No Jail Time For Marijuana49876
2011-10-04US IL: PUB LTE: Quality Of Life13221
2011-10-04US TX: PUB LTE: Fighting With Fact-Checks6417
2011-10-04US WI: Funding Cuts To Regional Drug Task Force Decried44274
2011-10-04US MI: Could Legal Pot Erase Government Red Ink?787119
2011-10-03US WA: State Bans Bath Salts And Other Formerly Legal Highs41256
2011-10-03US FL: PUB LTE: Study Prohibition19538
2011-10-02US CO: OPED: Legalizing Pot Would Make Colorado Safer45768
2011-10-02US: Marijuana Study of Traumatized Veterans Stuck in705103
2011-10-02US CA: LTE: Are All Dispensary Clerks Pot Users?10318
2011-10-01US CA: Bill Seeks to Allow Industrial Hemp Grows in Kern824119
2011-10-01US CA: Valley War On Drugs Losing A Key Ally649100
2011-10-01US CA: OPED: Cities Do Have Authority Over Pot Shops42556
2011-10-01US CA: Editorial: Firearm Letter Highlights Absurd Gap In Pot35544
2011-09-30US FL: PUB LTE: Florida Welfare Drug Tests Expand Big16226
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News (Media Awareness Project)