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2011-12-14US AZ: PUB LTE: Medical-Marijuana Fees Are Extortion Money7014
2011-12-14US CO: Fed Med Marijuana Crackdown May Come To Colorado44761
2011-12-14US MI: Column: Gingrich Flip-Flops On Pot1064130
2011-12-14US TX: Drug Testing For DISD Athletes Is Approved54382
2011-12-14US CA: Marysville Workshop On Pot Ordinance: 'Mend It, Don't48374
2011-12-14US CA: PUB LTE: Fuzzy Ideas On Marijuana18435
2011-12-14US CA: Yuba City Workshop On Growing Medical Pot: Packed And48073
2011-12-14US CA: LTE: Dispense Pot In Pharmacies11221
2011-12-14US CA: Editorial: Nasty Outbursts Do Nothing For Marijuana36451
2011-12-14US CO: Medical-Marijuana Case Against Aurora Doctor Dismissed41264
2011-12-14US CO: PUB LTE: Column A Disgrace13521
2011-12-14US CO: PUB LTE: Column Sensationalized Drug Use At SHS28338
2011-12-14US NY: LTE: Invitation to a Dialogue: Medical Marijuana25844
2011-12-14US CO: LTE: Drug And Alcohol Use A Problem At SHS31532
2011-12-13US IL: Blue Ridge Schools Eyeing Random Drug Tests For Students25637
2011-12-13US MT: Jason Christ Fights 2011 Montana Medical Pot Law707100
2011-12-13US TX: Gulf Cartel Members Guilty For Giving False Statements35559
2011-12-13US WA: Editorial: Kudos For Medical Marijuana Rules30150
2011-12-13US KS: LTE: Against Marijuana26339
2011-12-13US CA: Shasta County Bans Pot Dispensaries; Board Also Passes704115
2011-12-13US CA: County Supervisors Support Lifting Of Fed Marijuana54468
2011-12-13US OR: Drug Cartels Leave A Scarred Forest Legacy816139
2011-12-13US FL: Schools Crack Down On Spice36751
2011-12-13US CA: US Border Patrol Stops More Drugs This Year45173
2011-12-13US AZ: Court To Horne: We Don't Give Legal Advice655101
2011-12-13US CA: PUB LTE: No Needless Pot Laws, No Unnecessary Drug Crime12421
2011-12-13US CA: LTE: Good Riddance To Pot Shops10316
2011-12-13US WA: Editorial: Governors' Right To Fight For Medical50970
2011-12-12US TX: Unmanned US-Mexico Border Crossing Slated For Small1117154
2011-12-12US OH: More Suppliers Busted In Bath Salts Crackdown806122
2011-12-12US NJ: Column: The Needle Exchange Debate74595
2011-12-12US CO: Edu: Heroin Deaths In Fort Collins Inspire A Need For962133
2011-12-12US AZ: West Valley Schools Eye Outgrowth Of Medical Pot837149
2011-12-12US CA: Peninsula Marijuana Growers Being Weeded Out, But1248224
2011-12-12US CA: PUB LTE: Drug Testing Questioned21034
2011-12-12US CA: California Medical Pot Growers See Bright Spot In30648
2011-12-12US WA: New State Law Leaves Patients In Pain2355346
2011-12-12US: Column: The Government's Marijuana Problem66393
2011-12-12US FL: PUB LTE: Cancer Patients Denied Needed Pain Treatment24332
2011-12-12US PA: Medical Marijuana in New Jersey: 'This Law Was Designed1674187
2011-12-11US MI: McKinnon: Drop Marijuana Laws24438
2011-12-11US WI: PUB LTE: Time To Reject The Hyperbole And Hysteria23839
2011-12-11US WI: PUB LTE: Marijuana It Really Is A No-Brainer18229
2011-12-11US MD: Medical Marijuana Issue May Rise Again59787
2011-12-11US NC: Parent Raises Issue Of High School Drug Abuse35658
2011-12-11US IN: Editorial: Parents Must Be Part Of Substance Abuse War44174
2011-12-11US TX: US Man Relates Abuse In Mexican Prison1095138
2011-12-11US FL: Editorial: America Shouldn't Be A Surveillance Society50260
2011-12-11US WA: Editorial: Federal Reclassification Of Marijuana A48366
2011-12-11US CA: 'So Many Dimensions' To Pot Question1511211
2011-12-11US CA: OPED: Anti-Marijuana Hysteria Never Made Sense738113
2011-12-11US CA: PUB LTE: Supervisors Disregard Voters9816
2011-12-11US CA: PUB LTE: Holder Out Of Line On Pot Shops11819
2011-12-11US MA: PUB LTE: Epstein: Allow States Establish Laws On20528
2011-12-11US CA: Column: Kamala Harris And The White House1015133
2011-12-11US NY: Edu: Column: Second Amendment Up In Smoke55878
2011-12-11US TX: DISD To Consider Athlete Drug Testing29651
2011-12-11US TX: Inmate Dies After Being Transported To Hospital32844
2011-12-11US TX: Fannin County Sheriff's Office Seeking Escapee29140
2011-12-10US TX: Meth, A Growing Problem855111
2011-12-10US CA: Drug Case Involves DEA Money Laundering853122
2011-12-10US PA: Ex-Constable Acquitted Of Drug Charges37661
2011-12-10US NH: Editorial: Insult To Injury: Fast And More Furious20425
2011-12-10US CA: LTE: Marijuana Not A Harmless Herb16120
2011-12-10US AZ: Former Hospice Nurse Says She Was Fired For Using49774
2011-12-10US NY: OPED: My Mother-In-Law's One High Day83388
2011-12-10US UT: PUB LTE: Mexicans Pay Our Tab15225
2011-12-09US CO: OPED: Use Vs. Abuse63876
2011-12-09US CA: Monterey County Sees Gang Threat Growing In Different1187185
2011-12-09US MA: No Contraband Found During Coyle And Cassidy Drug Search48382
2011-12-09US WA: Commission To Hold Hearing On Collective Pot Garden Ban18633
2011-12-09US MI: Local Campaign Mounts Against Synthetic Marijuana79099
2011-12-09US LA: Drug Arrests Are Few In Local Schools810130
2011-12-09US AZ: Heroin Industry Growing In Arizona53881
2011-12-09US CA: Code Complaint Leads To Eviction Notice636109
2011-12-09US WA: PUB LTE: Cuts To Drug Treatment Programs Impact Everyone20131
2011-12-09US NY: PUB LTE: Gingrich's Views Need Examination21943
2011-12-09US TX: DPS Arrests Tulsa Man On Money Laundering Charge24032
2011-12-09US CA: Editorial: Pot Plan Should Have Been Shot Down Instantly59875
2011-12-09US NE: In War On Drugs, Dissent 'Unpatriotic'60674
2011-12-09US CA: PUB LTE: Leave Pot Shops Alone7813
2011-12-09US CA: PUB LTE: Pot-Friendly Politicians Wanted5411
2011-12-09US WA: Editorial: Changing Federal Law Is First Step In Legal74197
2011-12-08US TX: OPED: Time To End Endless War On Drugs62997
2011-12-08US CA: PUB LTE: Drug Testing For Law Officers?15222
2011-12-08US CA: Live Oak Bans Medical Marijuana Cultivation35858
2011-12-08US AZ: Column: Off Schedule,a Move By Two Governors To55379
2011-12-08US CA: PUB LTE: Marijuana Eases Pain9620
2011-12-08US CA: PUB LTE: Access To Marijuana Could Have Saved Life20524
2011-12-08US CA: Sacramento Supervisors Outlaw Medicinal Pot51282
2011-12-08US FL: PUB LTE: Genuine Pain Issues9312
2011-12-08US FL: PUB LTE: Police Resources Wasted5912
2011-12-07US HI: PUB LTE: Drugs Safer Than Enforcement15625
2011-12-07US GA: LTE: Make Criminals Pay To Clean Up Meth Mess13825
2011-12-07US NY: With Cross-Border Policing Set to Expand, Mounties Fret54092
2011-12-07US FL: Florida's Welfare Drug Testing Halted By Federal Judge771102
2011-12-07US WI: LTE: Not A Good Choice For Those In Pain25841
2011-12-07US CA: LTE: Pot Docs Need To Follow Standards26837
2011-12-07US CA: Pot, Narcotics Ok To Treat Pain, UCSF Study Finds783100
2011-12-07US GA: PUB LTE: Prohibition II13518
2011-12-06US MI: PUB LTE: US- Led Drug War Is Destabilizing Latin38050
2011-12-06US TX: Editorial: Should The DEA Play Banker To Drug Cartels?49153
2011-12-06US WA: Column: Drug War Not Worth Price70885
2011-12-05US IL: The Politics Of Pot2865353
2011-12-05US CA: Column: Sheriff Languishes In Eponymous Jail71193
2011-12-05US MI: PUB LTE: The People Have Spoken On Marijuana; The52368
2011-12-05US FL: In War On Drugs, Dissent 'Unpatriotic'56175
2011-12-05US HI: LTE: Illegal Drugs Cause Irreparable Harm15222
2011-12-05US WA: Editorial: Gov Gregoire's Federal Marijuana Petition37049
2011-12-05US CA: PUB LTE: Running Its Course11220
2011-12-04US MA: OPED: In This Prohibition Saga, Obama Plays Herbert57470
2011-12-04US CA: Editorial: Napa Loses Its Voice On Future Of Medical Pot39663
2011-12-04US CA: PUB LTE: Gateway Drug Policy13326
2011-12-04US CA: Editorial: Governors Point To A Path Out Of Marijuana58984
2011-12-04US CA: Court Decision May Close Marin Alliance Pot Club20130
2011-12-04US FL: Search For Pot Crops Starts At Small Store1546212
2011-12-04US: DEA Launders Mexican Profits Of Drug Cartels1304169
2011-12-04US WI: Mixed Reviews For Medical Marijuana Bill60078
2011-12-04US CA: Crackdowns Force Some California Medical Marijuana1020140
2011-12-03US MI: 'Decriminalize Marijuana' Says Former Detroit Police29952
2011-12-03US CA: Editorial: State Should Join Effort To Reclassify26840
2011-12-03US FL: PUB LTE: Loss Of Civil Liberties13419
2011-12-03US CA: LTE: Legalization A Bad Idea22233
2011-12-03US CO: Man Later Found Dead Got Cherry Creeks Schools Job61593
2011-12-03US TX: OPED: US Marijuana Laws Costly Failure42649
2011-12-03US CA: Medical Marijuana and Organ Transplants1012128
2011-12-03US WA: PUB LTE: Marijuana Doesn't Belong In A Class With Heroin7212
2011-12-03US AZ: Police Officers Find That Dissent on Drug Laws May Come1183136
2011-12-02US TX: PUB LTE: Hurrah For Lykos36748
2011-12-02US AZ: PUB LTE: Prohibition Is Repeating Itself10717
2011-12-02US CA: Editorial: 'Medical' Pot Crackdown: Welcome Progress22730
2011-12-02US CA: LA Sues to Force Pot Dispensaries to Close45658
2011-12-02US CA: Snipping the Bud: Prep Work Is a Payday in the1839224
2011-12-01US SD: Student Substance Abuse Rising1249152
2011-12-01US MI: John Sinclair Recalls Impact, Importance Of Freedom Rally64888
2011-12-01US CA: Judge Won't Halt Federal Medical Pot Crackdown25941
2011-12-01US GA: Flap Throws Off Meth Lab Tracking50174
2011-12-01US: 2 Governors Asking US to Ease Rules on Marijuana to70287
2011-12-01US HI: PUB LTE: Drug War A Failure, World Leaders Agree14628
2011-12-01US WA: Let Pharmacists Sell Pot, Governors Urge59997
2011-12-01US CO: Eight Charged With Moving 'highly Pure' Meth In Southwest18628
2011-12-01US IL: Cannabis Crusader44660
2011-11-30US GA: Editorial: Justice System Reform Could Be Year's42854
2011-11-30US CA: Dispensary Defense: Legal Team Seeks Restraining Order827116
2011-11-30US CO: Report Shows Fewer Traffic Fatalities After States Pass44262
2011-11-30US: Do Medical-Marijuana Laws Reduce Highway Deaths?32141
2011-11-30US ID: LTE: Community Has Failed Kids About Drugs12718
2011-11-30US: Turn On, Tune in and Get Better?1566210
2011-11-30US: Gilbert Dons Her 'Mom' Hat To Educate Parents On Drug Abuse68679
2011-11-30US TX: Former Mexican President Vicente Fox Inspires Local54281
2011-11-30US CA: PUB LTE: Conservatives, Stand Up To Feds14027
2011-11-29US CO: Former Arapahoe Sheriff Arrested On Meth Dealing Charge57083
2011-11-29US CA: California's Pot Economy Explored In 2 TV Shows1212154
2011-11-29US CA: Amador Bans Outdoor Marijuana Growing50672
2011-11-28US AZ: Ex-County Employee Files Suit For Civil Liberties28837
2011-11-28US GA: Drug Court Dispenses Unique Form Of Justice788117
2011-11-28US TX: Horse Sense at Border Pays Off81798
2011-11-28US CA: Sexy Pot Ads Provoke Debate Over Medical Marijuana Goals908124
2011-11-28US CO: Jefferson County Deputies Cleared In Drug User's Death48570
2011-11-28US PA: OPED: Legalizing Drugs Is Not The Answer34244
2011-11-27US MS: District To Expand Drug Tests58492
2011-11-27US MD: Edu: Students Submit Policy Extension63676
2011-11-27US MO: Random Tests Show Little Illicit Drug Use In Raytown848141
2011-11-27US CA: OPED: Mr President, Respect The Voters' Will On Pot57381
2011-11-26US: PUB LTE: Deal A Blow To The Drug War By Legalizing15020
2011-11-26US IL: PUB LTE: D.A.R.E. Ineffective in Its Primary Objective22940
2011-11-26US: PUB LTE: Deal A Blow To The Drug War By Legalizing20229
2011-11-26US CA: PUB LTE: Prohibitionists Do Harm9717
2011-11-26US CO: Polls, Dispensary Bans Show Coloradans Are Split Over58482
2011-11-26US WA: LTE: Unhappy With Lack Of Drug Prosecutions18125
2011-11-25US DC: Drug Violence At America's Other Southern Border69393
2011-11-25US CA: Jobs, Revenue Lost In Pot Dispensary Crackdown880127
2011-11-25US TX: PUB LTE: Going Further On Drug Issue15431
2011-11-24US NY: PUB LTE: Legalizing Marijuana31845
2011-11-24US OR: This Bud's For Who?1624199
2011-11-24US FL: Editorial: Restore Due Process To Drug Cases47961
2011-11-24US AZ: PUB LTE: Getting An MMJ Card Should Be As Easy As Getting16725
2011-11-24US CA: Column: Decriminalize On The Rise?813106
2011-11-24US AZ: Fog Begone63688
2011-11-23US: LTE: Medical Marijuana: The22538
2011-11-23US CA: Editorial: Police State? Officers Calmly Did Their Job38852
2011-11-23US MI: Column: Amsterdam's Cannabis Cup A Tourist Draw1079135
2011-11-23US CO: PUB LTE: The Real 'Farce'14025
2011-11-23US CA: PUB LTE: Back Up Your Statements11627
2011-11-23US CA: Signatures Delivered To Halt Marijuana Law36150
2011-11-23US MI: PUB LTE: Marijuana Lies24036
2011-11-23US MI: PUB LTE: Legalize It7113
2011-11-23US MI: PUB LTE: Econ 1017612
2011-11-22US MO: Couple's Lawsuit Over Columbia SWAT Raid Dismissed42468
2011-11-22US NC: PUB LTE: Powerful Lure Of The Forbidden9720
2011-11-22US CA: Feds Close City's Remaining Pot Shop31345
2011-11-22US NE: Man Can Get His Pot License Plate44460
2011-11-22US CA: PUB LTE: Don't Point A Finger At The Sick18026
2011-11-22US CA: PUB LTE: Leap Wants Marijuana Treated Like Alcohol40463
2011-11-21US MO: Judge Dismisses Lawsuit Over SWAT Raid47866
2011-11-21US FL: Drug Law Case On Fast Track In Fla Supreme Court66289
2011-11-21US CA: OPED: California Going to Pot: Crime & Non-Punishment55078
2011-11-21US: Column: A Path To Victory In The Drug War83998
2011-11-21US CA: Edu: OPED: Back To The Past For War On Drugs Strategy85993
2011-11-20US CO: LTE: Pot Dispensaries Are A Farce34247
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News (Media Awareness Project)