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2012-01-11US OR: Supreme Court Refuses To Hear Gun-Pot Case59486
2012-01-11US CA: Medical Pot Growers Can Accept Plant Limit In Yuba City47461
2012-01-11US NJ: LTE: Marijuana Facility Location Is Inappropriate29844
2012-01-11US MI: Taking On Pols At The Polls1198137
2012-01-11US ME: Hallowell Pot Shop Open For Business801117
2012-01-11US ME: Dispensary Revealed To Public793116
2012-01-11US CO: Co-Ops Key To Industry's 'legitimacy'46565
2012-01-11US CA: Despite Ordinance Repeal, Marijuana Dispensaries Still52276
2012-01-11US CO: Summit County Extends Pot Moratorium49373
2012-01-11US CA: Council To Vote On Medical Marijuana Ban59877
2012-01-11US AZ: Medical Marijuana Lawsuit Dismissed1123136
2012-01-11US WA: City's Medical Marijuana Garden Rules Strengthened739111
2012-01-11US MI: Tensions High In Hearing For Man Charged With Operating53369
2012-01-11US: Study: Pot Doesn't Harm Lungs Like Tobacco Does21930
2012-01-11US CA: Pot Smoking Not So Harmful To Lungs, Study Finds773111
2012-01-10US MS: Drug-related Charges Dismissed Against Former Coast67384
2012-01-10US CA: Commissioners Favor Indoor Medical Marijuana Farming46171
2012-01-10US MI: State Still Peddles Pot: Holland Area Dispensaries Have1003153
2012-01-10US CA: Monahan Supports Regulation Of City's Pot Collectives45064
2012-01-10US WA: Pot Ban To Remain In Sammamish40261
2012-01-10US MD: PUB LTE: How Much Research On Marijuana Does The Sun38153
2012-01-10US NJ: Questions Remain On South Jersey Medical Marijuana57272
2012-01-10US MD: PUB LTE: Compassion For Those Who Need Medical Marijuana41044
2012-01-10US WA: OPED: We Can't Wait For Feds To Reform Marijuana Laws70587
2012-01-10US NY: OPED: Paying A Price, Long After The Crime882110
2012-01-10US CA: Yuba City Go Get Earful Tonight On Medical Pot51977
2012-01-10US CA: Mendocino County Suspends Pot Permit Program57980
2012-01-10US: As States OK Medical Pot, More Cities Veto It1037135
2012-01-09US DC: Medical Marijuana Approvals Clustered In Ward 554576
2012-01-09US CA: LTE: Medical Marijuana Mess16023
2012-01-09US UT: Some Officers Were Shot While Trying To Rescue Fallen766106
2012-01-09US MA: Wasted Youth: Prescription Drugs Fueling Heroin69593
2012-01-09US ME: Doubts Heard About Medical Marijuana Operation1664266
2012-01-08US CO: Pitkin County To Rethink Inaction On Medical Pot41458
2012-01-08US MI: Clinics Fill Need For Medical Pot Approvals23134
2012-01-08US MO: Marijuana Use Rises Among High-Schoolers1163179
2012-01-08US CA: Adelanto Shuts Down Its First Pot Shop50082
2012-01-08US CO: Editorial: Pot Question Is Right Step35445
2012-01-08US KY: Column: Galbraith Missed Some Chances59590
2012-01-08US AK: PUB LTE: Marijuana Users Contribute10019
2012-01-08US MA: WASTED YOUTH: Heroin Has Grip On Brockton Area (part 1856119
2012-01-08US IA: Eastern Iowa Heroin Use Up1056149
2012-01-08US UT: Funeral To Be Wednesday For Francom693108
2012-01-08US MI: PUB LTE: Crack The Whip, And Drug-test Everyone Who16219
2012-01-08US CO: OPED: A Step Toward Common Sense59374
2012-01-08US MI: PUB LTE: Legalizing Marijuana Has Biblical Support9318
2012-01-08US WA: OPED: A Practical Approach To Marijuana Control1306168
2012-01-08US WA: PUB LTE: Common Sense Would Be Welcome16126
2012-01-08US OR: Love And Distrust For Portland's Medical Pot King2151279
2012-01-08US CA: LTE: 'Medical' Marijuana Is Mostly For Money38144
2012-01-08US MI: Medical Marijuana Supporters Push To Legalize Drug As913129
2012-01-08US WA: PUB LTE: Jury Nullification Needed19729
2012-01-07US NM: OPED: Police And Our Penchant For Mind-Altering Drugs82195
2012-01-07US UT: Suspect's Family Heartbroken Over Shooting685101
2012-01-07US CA: Pot-Fueled Prosperity In Hydroponic Gardening1032166
2012-01-07US ME: LTE: Marijuana In Raw Form Not Needed For Medicine29143
2012-01-07US MI: Ron Paul Finds Supporters Among Medical Marijuana44364
2012-01-07US TX: Editorial: Failing A Drug Test Can Cost You A Job25634
2012-01-07US CT: One Police Officer Fired, One Placed On Leave In New972127
2012-01-07US NE: PUB LTE: Cannabis Truths17831
2012-01-07US CO: Pot Legalization Coming To A Ballot Near You45857
2012-01-07US: Supreme Court To Look At Use Of Drug-Sniffing Dogs By36244
2012-01-07US CA: Lovelace And U.S. Attorney Discuss Medical Marijuana71695
2012-01-07US: Supreme Court To Rule On Use Of Drug-sniffing Dogs40249
2012-01-07US: High Court to Rule on Drug-Sniffing Dog Case47159
2012-01-06US CO: PUB LTE: Drug War Fuels Crime9919
2012-01-06US UT: Editorial: Ogden's Awful Tragedy37246
2012-01-06US MA: Heroin A Continuing Crisis In Arlington, Region1055147
2012-01-06US UT: Ogden Police Shooting Likely Death Penalty Case66295
2012-01-06US FL: Tallahassee Settles Suit Over Informant Rachel46562
2012-01-06US MI: Teen Found Dead Three Days After Helping Police38159
2012-01-06US NE: PUB LTE: Marijuana Myths23633
2012-01-06US NJ: PUB LTE: Pot Facility25638
2012-01-06US MI: Editorial: Supporters Should Not Rush to Put Marijuana35244
2012-01-06US MD: PUB LTE: Why Marijuana Will Never Be Legal24633
2012-01-06US AL: PUB LTE: Medical Marijuana Should Be Legalized In18728
2012-01-06US WA: Ellensburg City Council Revisits Pot Laws37863
2012-01-06US AZ: Editorial: Unclear Laws Leave Medical Pot In Haze41959
2012-01-06US AZ: Federal Judge Sidesteps Governor's Question Over59391
2012-01-06US CA: Orland City Council Wants To Ban Pot Outlets556101
2012-01-06US CA: Pot Group Unable To Gather 20 Valid Signatures To33749
2012-01-06US NH: War On The War On Drugs21532
2012-01-06US AZ: PUB LTE: How Far Up Does Corruption Go In The US?10218
2012-01-06US MI: LTE: Arguments To End Marijuana Prohibition Are False22136
2012-01-06US PA: OPED: Juries May Declare Peace In The Drug War55669
2012-01-05US UT: Officer Dies Of Gunshot Wound, Five More Injured57080
2012-01-05US UT: Editorial: In The Line Of Duty29531
2012-01-05US WA: LTE: Don't Replace State Booze Biz With Pot22831
2012-01-05US AZ: PUB LTE: Marijuana Laws Are Unconstitutional!10818
2012-01-05US WI: Column: Parent Should 'School' Drug-Dealing Teacher694100
2012-01-05US MI: Study: Marijuana Use Continues To Rise Among Teens700102
2012-01-05US NJ: PUB LTE: Legal Marijuana Could Be An Economic Threat8117
2012-01-05US AZ: Column: Marijuana Judge Tells Gov Jan, 'Talk To The30142
2012-01-05US MD: OPED: Sun's Position On Medical Marijuana Is Misguided62593
2012-01-05US MI: PUB LTE: Regulate Marijuana6916
2012-01-05US MI: PUB LTE: Time To Regulate6516
2012-01-05US MI: Ypsilanti Relicenses Medical Marijuana Facilities Amid659100
2012-01-05US CO: Pot Bust Leaves Grower In Quandary1149160
2012-01-05US AZ: PUB LTE: Drug Warrior Mentality18227
2012-01-05US NJ: Westampton Board Denies Medical Marijuana Operation31954
2012-01-05US CO: Colorado Effort To Legalize Marijuana Turns In41963
2012-01-05US CA: Mexican Drug Kingpin Pleads Guilty In San Diego14922
2012-01-05US AZ: Column: Locked Up58987
2012-01-05US KY: Perennial Candidate Gatewood Galbraith Dies1313187
2012-01-05US KY: Editorial: Gatewood Galbraith: 1947-201237051
2012-01-05US CA: Editorial: Still Profitable, But Not Taxed25833
2012-01-05US CA: Column: Marijuana By The Numbers713135
2012-01-05US WA: PUB LTE: Questions About Medical Marijuana Votes17027
2012-01-05US CA: Editorial: Right Or Wrong, Pot Votes Are No Cause For44658
2012-01-04US AZ: PUB LTE: Voters Follow The Rules5313
2012-01-04US MI: County Board to Weigh New 'Firmer' Stance on MMMA42853
2012-01-04US AZ: Crowds Protest Against Sale Of 'Designer Drugs' In718102
2012-01-04US WA: New Poll Shows Voters Split On Legalizing Marijuana31552
2012-01-04US WA: Kent City Council Votes 4-3 To Pass New Moratorium On934119
2012-01-04US CO: Sweet Leaf Owners: Happy And Relieved To Stay Open59486
2012-01-04US AZ: Judge Dismisses Medical Marijuana Suit By Arizona839130
2012-01-04US KY: Iconic Kentucky Political Figure Gatewood Galbraith1452214
2012-01-04US CO: Marijuana Activists To Turn In Colo Petition11718
2012-01-04US MD: PUB LTE: The War On Drugs Violates The Constitution8813
2012-01-04US AK: LTE: Those Stoned On Marijuana Don't Contribute To16523
2012-01-04US CA: Lake County Repeals Pot Ordinance10316
2012-01-04US HI: PUB LTE: Obama Should Loosen Pot Laws15924
2012-01-04US MI: PUB LTE: End Marijuana Prohibition16025
2012-01-04US CA: Marijuana Cultivation Ordinance Rescinded56083
2012-01-04US CA: Editorial: Stuck With Pot Dispensaries48253
2012-01-03US FL: DARE Drug Program Disappearing From South Florida671102
2012-01-03US MI: What You Read: The Year's No. 1 Story: Medical Marijuana50671
2012-01-03US MD: Editorial: On Medical Marijuana, Maryland Should Go Slow761104
2012-01-03US CA: Mendocino Medicinal Pot User Extradited To Texas41466
2012-01-03US GA: Georgia Rethinks Its Prison Stance1257159
2012-01-03US CA: Medical Marijuana Patients Seek To Recall Sheriff61286
2012-01-03US CO: Colo Pot Activists Turning In Legalize Petition41165
2012-01-03US OR: Pot Grower Cultivates Murky Business1355204
2012-01-03US MI: PUB LTE: Cannabis Prohibition Created Medical Marijuana16824
2012-01-03US CO: Fake Pot DIspensary In Colorado Springs Featured14719
2012-01-03US OR: OPED: A Novel Solution To The Drug Problem70284
2012-01-03US MA: Promising Numbers For Pot Reformers39852
2012-01-03US CO: Colo Pot Activists Turning In Legalize Petition41266
2012-01-03US CO: PUB LTE: Colorado Should Legalize Marijuana11722
2012-01-03US MI: Group Seeks To Legalize Marijuana For 21 And Older57981
2012-01-03US CA: Medical Marijuana Users Fear Closure Of Dispensaries1265174
2012-01-03US CA: PUB LTE: Fed Intel Is The Slippery Slope25935
2012-01-02US NY: OPED: New York Was The Source Of An Incarceration45757
2012-01-02US NY: OPED: Overdosing On Extremism63279
2012-01-02US PA: PUB LTE: D.A.R.E. Wrong About Weed24037
2012-01-02US MT: Update 2011: Montana Medical Marijuana Industry On Wane876119
2012-01-02US CO: OPED: Yes Should Mean Yes In Eagle1504190
2012-01-01US MI: Medical Pot Issues Wind Way Through Courts1042135
2012-01-01US MI: Lawmakers Hope To Clarify Medical Marijuana Law59682
2012-01-01US MD: PUB LTE: America's Misguided War On Marijuana14921
2012-01-01US NJ: PUB LTE: Marijuana Proscription Causes Nothing But Pain20229
2012-01-01US: Prison Reform Remains Challenge For 2012884129
2012-01-01US AZ: Column: States' Rights Claim From Brewer Goes To Pot64398
2012-01-01US AZ: PUB LTE: Pharmaceutical, Alcohol Industries Nip Pot In6318
2012-01-01US MI: Editorial: State Medical Marijuana Law Is Under Seige42163
2012-01-01US CO: Boulder Medical Marijuana Dispensary Owner Wins54077
2012-01-01US MI: PUB LTE: Join Petition Campaign To Repeal Marijuana23530
2012-01-01US IA: The New High741118
2012-01-01US NY: Pharmacy Robber, Federal Agent Shot Dead In NY42660
2012-01-01US: F.D.A. Is Finding Attention Drugs in Short Supply1082140
2012-01-01US CA: Patients in Limbo2213324
2011-12-31US IA: PUB LTE: Paul Would End The Lost War On Drugs21737
2011-12-31US IN: Shafer Turns Himself In To Authorities781121
2011-12-31US WA: PUB LTE: Drug Legalization Could Prevent Gun Violence10616
2011-12-31US TN: PUB LTE: Do Body Searches On All Politicians6912
2011-12-31US WA: WA Pot Legalization Signatures Submitted To State60891
2011-12-31US CO: Marijuana Rules Get New Look In Pitkin County10118
2011-12-31US NJ: PUB LTE: Accept Healing Power Of Seed-Bearing Plants18026
2011-12-31US CA: PUB LTE: Clarify Laws by Making Marijuana Legal12017
2011-12-31US MI: PUB LTE: Marijuana Busts Drive Up Prices, Do Nothing To24532
2011-12-30US AZ: OPED: Richardson - Tempe Must Try To Cut Off Drug59188
2011-12-30US IL: Sandwich Schools Considers Policy On Random Drug14726
2011-12-30US MI: PUB LTE: Don't Buy Humbug That Marijuana Prohibition16532
2011-12-30US NJ: In Futile Car Search For Drugs, Pompton Lakes Police965129
2011-12-30US WA: PUB LTE: Medical Marijuana Myths Rebutted18325
2011-12-30US: 'Synthetic' Marijuana Is Problem For US Military951139
2011-12-29US MI: Jackson Residents Ready To Work On Legalizing Marijuana42666
2011-12-29US NY: LTE: The Jury's Duty When The Law Is Unfair25341
2011-12-29US CO: OPED: Help Save Safe Access To Medicinal Marijuana In69994
2011-12-29US NY: PUB LTE: The Jury's Duty When The Law Is Unfair20429
2011-12-29US NY: LTE: The Jury's Duty When The Law Is Unfair9119
2011-12-29US CA: Column: 2011 Wrap-Up736106
2011-12-29US CA: 'SLO 12' Hits Bittersweet Milestone31845
2011-12-29US NV: PUB LTE: End Pot Prohibition9321
2011-12-29US NV: PUB LTE: Pot's Safer To Abuse12824
2011-12-29US NV: PUB LTE: Presidential Payroll10120
2011-12-29US NE: LTE: Don't Legalize Marijuana18831
2011-12-29US ME: Opening Near For Pot Clinic54488
2011-12-29US NJ: Town Rules Out Medical Marijuana Farming53089
2011-12-29US CA: Mendocino Medicinal Pot User Fights Texas Extradition60594
2011-12-29US CA: OPED: The Courage of Compassion52376
2011-12-29US CA: Editorial: Black-Market Earnings24032
2011-12-29US CA: Pair Vows to Fight Live Oak's Medical Pot Ban42663
2011-12-29US MA: PUB LTE: Prohibition Still Fails12216
2011-12-29US CA: Future Hazy for Medical Marijuana884131
2011-12-29US MI: Vague Medical Marijuana Law Led To Confusion, Arrests42667
2011-12-29US CO: Column: Cannabiz: Legalization Vote Looms37462
2011-12-29US NJ: Howell Council Moves To Ban Local Pot Farms41967
2011-12-28US CA: OPED: Without Dispensaries, Those Who Need Medical56566
2011-12-28US ME: Editorial: Medical Pot Hangout Not What Voters Ordered34046
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News (Media Awareness Project)