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2011-06-23Canada: Backbencher Law Illuminates Tough Battle Against66799
2011-06-23CN BC: Editorial: Pot Legalization Getting Closer44369
2011-06-23CN ON: Locals Weighing In On Global 'Pot' Debate941154
2011-06-23CN BC: Pot Growers Cost BC Hydro $154 Million Annually, Study741122
2011-06-22CN BC: Twenty-Nine Licensed Medical Marijuana Growers In50472
2011-06-22CN BC: DNV Council Stonewalls Deep Cove Pot Shop45865
2011-06-22CN ON: Medical Marijuana Law Gets Reprieve30450
2011-06-22CN ON: Judge Extends Status Quo On Marijuana Laws17928
2011-06-22Canada: Column: Yippies in Love: Exploring The Vancouver Riot67598
2011-06-22CN BC: PUB LTE: Re-Legalize Cannabis And Let It Grow Freely9821
2011-06-22CN BC: Man Awarded $30,000 For Medical Marijuana Costs39256
2011-06-21CN BC: Feds Look To Tighten Medical Pot Rules32956
2011-06-21CN AB: Column: Old War On Drug Abuse Needs A New Direction629107
2011-06-21CN BC: Mayor Applauds Proposed Changes To Medical Pot Law44164
2011-06-21CN BC: LTE: Little Sympathy For Grow-Op Landlords25342
2011-06-21CN BC: Feds Look To Restrict Pot Growers35557
2011-06-21CN BC: RCMP Sued For Raiding Approved Grow Operation39461
2011-06-21CN BC: Little Shop Of Pot1200169
2011-06-21CN NS: Man Faces No Charges But Judge Says Province Can Hold62698
2011-06-21CN NS: Court Orders Nova Scotia To Pay For Marijuana Grow-Op24537
2011-06-21CN NS: Civil Forfeiture Act Passes First Test52978
2011-06-20CN SN: Medical Marijuana Rule Changes Good For Patients: PPS44668
2011-06-20CN BC: OPED: Prescription Painkiller Deaths On The Rise In65499
2011-06-19CN BC: Fire Chiefs Applaud New Pot Rules33155
2011-06-18Canada: Ottawa Moves To Tighten Medical Marijuana Laws31850
2011-06-18Canada: Government To Tighten Medical Marijuana Laws28840
2011-06-18Canada: Ottawa To Alter Medical Marijuana Law12319
2011-06-18Canada: Federal Government To Alter Medical Marijuana Laws50874
2011-06-17CN BC: Medical Marijuana Ban Hearing Draws Big Crowd931122
2011-06-17CN BC: LTE: 228th Street Is A Great Place For A Grow Up31754
2011-06-17CN BC: Fire Chief Pushes For Stronger Penalties64280
2011-06-17Canada: Ottawa To Enforce Stricter Medical Marijuana6912
2011-06-17Canada: New Rules For Growing Medical Cannabis12822
2011-06-17Canada: Growing Rules To Change For Medical Pot14824
2011-06-17CN BC: Pedestrians Showered With Money39664
2011-06-17Canada: PUB LTE: Ganja For Sale On The Ganga8714
2011-06-17Canada: Ottawa To Tighten Rules On Growing Medical Marijuana25435
2011-06-17Canada: New Rules To Cull Licensed Pot Growers29449
2011-06-17Canada: Homegrown Medicinal Pot May Be Outlawed16827
2011-06-17Canada: Conservatives To Bar Medical Marijuana Users From34755
2011-06-17CN ON: Durham Officer Faces Drug Charges9514
2011-06-17CN ON: Methadone Clinic Moves In Next Door50676
2011-06-17Canada: Ottawa Cracks Down On Medical Pot19531
2011-06-16CN BC: Up In Smoke?1300184
2011-06-16CN BC: Making Money From Misery In Surrey827126
2011-06-16CN BC: Landlord Feels 'Violated,' Calling For Stricter Bylaws39465
2011-06-16CN BC: Cops Fish For Youth Drug Prevention53879
2011-06-16CN BC: Blunt Discussions58580
2011-06-16CN BC: Medicinal Marijuana Growers Busted36959
2011-06-16CN ON: Column: Compassion Clubs914149
2011-06-16CN BC: Proposed Ban On Dispensing Medical Pot Draws Crowd37353
2011-06-16Canada: PUB LTE: Smell Of Gang In Our Bus Shelters16530
2011-06-16Canada: LTE: Smell Of Ganga In Our Bus Shelters23735
2011-06-15CN ON: Popular Pot Activist Speaks In Oshawa33853
2011-06-15CN BC: Vernon Wants Grow-Op Details28243
2011-06-15CN BC: PUB LTE: Pot Prohibitionists Are Wrong20834
2011-06-15CN BC: OPED: Science Proves That Insite Works712101
2011-06-15CN BC: Doctor Has To Pay For Patient's Pot25242
2011-06-15CN BC: PUB LTE: Pot Shop Response Archaic53872
2011-06-15CN BC: Medical Pot Shop Fails To Open62980
2011-06-15CN QU: Police Swoop Down On Kanesatake And Oka793110
2011-06-15CN QU: Police Raid 'Vast' Drug Net Work In First Nations26038
2011-06-15CN BC: BC Border Guard Pleads 'Not Guilty'68993
2011-06-15CN BC: Alleged Pot Licence Abusers Face Seizures Of Property28749
2011-06-15CN BC: Alleged Growers Could Lose Items24144
2011-06-15Canada: Transfer Denial Not Justified, Court Says624101
2011-06-14CN AB: Passengers Fly High In More Ways Than One24040
2011-06-14Canada: Order Overturned For Dealer In Us Prison10915
2011-06-14CN ON: Drinking Rises With The Pot Smoke In Ontario45466
2011-06-14Canada: Column: Pot's Critics Run Out Of Excuses66082
2011-06-13CN ON: More Adults Drinking Daily, Smoking Pot, Study Finds690100
2011-06-12CN BC: Editorial: High Time24330
2011-06-11CN BC: PUB LTE: Needle Exchange Needs Well-policed Fixed Site18225
2011-06-11Canada: PUB LTE: Grow-Op(portunity)11014
2011-06-10CN BC: Pot Dispensary Will Open On Saturday64794
2011-06-10CN BC: Officers Want Details On Grow-Ops24341
2011-06-10CN AB: Strathmore Teen Charged With Trafficking After727110
2011-06-09CN ON: The War On Drugs Is A Farce86682
2011-06-09CN AB: Teen Arrested For Selling Deadly Ecstasy34954
2011-06-09CN QU: PUB LTE: Helping Addicted Kids13922
2011-06-09CN MB: PUB LTE: Bad Drug Policy12121
2011-06-09CN BC: PUB LTE: False Fear-Mongering On Medical Marijuana23236
2011-06-09Canada: PUB LTE: For Many Addicts, Insite Is The Answer22233
2011-06-08Canada: Editorial: Canada, Look To America's Truce In The Drug36243
2011-06-08Canada: Editorial: Canada, Look To36243
2011-06-08CN BC: LTE: Police Face Tough Task Weeding Out Legal Pot16830
2011-06-08CN BC: Column: Medicinal Pot Too Hard To Get39162
2011-06-08CN BC: PUB LTE: Tory Crime Agenda About Enforcing A Failed23040
2011-06-08CN BC: PUB LTE: Safer Injection Sites Help Save Lives13921
2011-06-08CN BC: LTE: Drugs Should Be Illegal11421
2011-06-08CN BC: Column: Tough-On-Crime Legislation Takes Aim At Civil50286
2011-06-08Canada: LTE: Insite Not The Answer For Addicts20228
2011-06-08CN BC: PUB LTE: Drug War Not The Most Effective Way To Solve11725
2011-06-07CN BC: Medical Grow-Op Busted22736
2011-06-07Canada: Canada Pledges $5-Million To Fight Drug Crime In The68893
2011-06-07CN BC: Mission Hasn't Been Served Lawsuit: Gipps39067
2011-06-07CN ON: PUB LTE: A Different Take22138
2011-06-07CN BC: PUB LTE: Service Providers And The Addicted18831
2011-06-07CN BC: PUB LTE: Harm Reduction Proven Gateway To Treatment26341
2011-06-07CN AB: PUB LTE: Bad Drugs Policy10216
2011-06-07CN QU: PUB LTE: Fighting Wrong War On Tobacco, Drugs15222
2011-06-07CN QU: Column: Abandoning War On Drugs Would Leave Our Youth58980
2011-06-07CN ON: PUB LTE: Only Way To Fix Grow-Op Mess16028
2011-06-07CN BC: LTE: Stop At Pot!12624
2011-06-06Canada: Drug Treatment Key For Female Inmates: Study27742
2011-06-06CN BC: Column: A Question Of Weed Outlets And Legal Loopholes50769
2011-06-06CN AB: Teen's Fatal Overdose a Rarity: Cop29942
2011-06-05CN BC: PUB LTE: Weak Arguments Against Injection Sites18426
2011-06-05CN AB: Tainted Ecstasy May Be Linked to Teen's Death12017
2011-06-05CN BC: RCMP Busts Medicinal-pot Farm13521
2011-06-04CN BC: LTE: Proposed Crime Laws Aim For Traffickers, Not Users13623
2011-06-04CN QU: PUB LTE: It's Time For A Truce In The War On Drugs14829
2011-06-04CN ON: Munchies Available At Medical Marijuana Expo32453
2011-06-04CN MB: Column: What Are They Smoking?70283
2011-06-04CN BC: RCMP Arrest Three Men, Seize Helicopter In Drug Raid48073
2011-06-04CN AB: Column: Global War On Drugs A Dismal Failure972133
2011-06-04Canada: Raids On RX Pot Growers Raise Alarm35961
2011-06-04Canada: Marijuana Licence Abuse Rampant36161
2011-06-04Canada: Gangs Using Medical Licences To Traffic Marijuana31946
2011-06-03CN BC: PUB LTE: Pro-insite Column Gets Reader's Approval8116
2011-06-03CN BC: NV RCMP Seize Medical Marijuana1138141
2011-06-03CN BC: Column: Tilting at a Windmill -- With Neither Lance nor56669
2011-06-03CN BC: PUB LTE: Quit Bickering23742
2011-06-03CN AB: Editorial: Harm Reduction Key Goal On Drugs58078
2011-06-03Canada: War on Drugs 'A Failure,' International Panel Declares697108
2011-06-03Canada: 'Global War on Drugs Has Failed,' Report Says26338
2011-06-03Canada: Editorial: A Smarter War On Drugs75686
2011-06-03CN AB: Column: Federal Tories On The Wrong Side Of Rational51277
2011-06-03CN BC: Column: War On Drugs Just Not A Winnable One51571
2011-06-03CN BC: Jail Time Urged For Drug-dealing Cop38352
2011-06-03CN BC: Report Argues For Legalization Of Narcotics46771
2011-06-03CN BC: Editorial: War On Drugs Has Been A Total Failure15122
2011-06-03CN BC: Officer Set Up Homeless Addict To Sell Pot687100
2011-06-03CN ON: Column: The Drug War Comes Full Circle1088134
2011-06-02CN BC: Tenants Want Pot Out Of Maple Ridge Business Park37261
2011-06-02CN BC: Editorial: Why Duplicate American Criminal Caste System?37645
2011-06-02CN BC: PUB LTE: The Prison Industry Expansion In US Is No15429
2011-06-02CN BC: PUB LTE: Private Care Weakening Addictions, Mental22538
2011-06-02CN BC: PUB LTE: Harm-Reduction Model Best For Communities15625
2011-06-02CN BC: PUB LTE: Harm Reduction, Treatment Both Needed13723
2011-06-01CN ON: Addiction Statistics Disturbing: Report967151
2011-06-01CN BC: City Clamps Down On Medical Marijuana Users, Growers47881
2011-06-01Canada: Activists Establish National Regulator For Pot31546
2011-06-01CN BC: PUB LTE: Propaganda Rules Talk About Medical Marijuana9223
2011-06-01CN BC: PUB LTE: Election Results Likely To Kill Marijuana26842
2011-06-01CN BC: PUB LTE: A Throwback To Prohibition10018
2011-06-01CN BC: OPED: Harm Reduction Complements Traditional Care702106
2011-06-01CN BC: Editorial: Needle Exchange Needed33648
2011-06-01CN BC: Column: Compassion Clubs Form Group To Push For Better54689
2011-06-01CN AB: Alberta Border Officials Bust Huge Bong Shipment12323
2011-06-01Canada: Activists Establish Regulator For Dispensaries45576
2011-06-01CN ON: Guelph Man Active In Setting Up Medical Marijuana41167
2011-05-31CN BC: Chamber Takes Shot For Pot44774
2011-05-31CN BC: 'Time Right for Supervised Injection Site in Victoria'55478
2011-05-31CN BC: Help Isn't There, Say Harm Reduction Advocates1273181
2011-05-31CN BC: Harm reduction: Lifesaver Or Trap?52973
2011-05-31CN ON: Townhouse Complex In Fear After Teenager Gunned Down49775
2011-05-31CN ON: OPP Preparing For Spring Marijuana Suppression Strategy52897
2011-05-31CN ON: A Tokin' Sentence36058
2011-05-31CN BC: Editorial: Better Treatment For Addictions52669
2011-05-30CN ON: Police Stats Show Crime Down, But Officers Responding45879
2011-05-30CN BC: Column: Harper Government's Anti-Crime Package55398
2011-05-30Canada: OPED: It Works72795
2011-05-30CN ON: What Is A Responsible Owner?61890
2011-05-30CN ON: Marijuana-Smoking Minister Jailed 3 Months42877
2011-05-29CN BC: NV Marijuana Dispensary Opening53977
2011-05-29CN BC: 'Always More Demand Than Resource'832117
2011-05-29CN BC: Private Facility Offers Residential Treatment In Rural62691
2011-05-29CN BC: Families, Friends Vital In Helping Addicts Heal40955
2011-05-29CN BC: Fighting Addiction44763
2011-05-29CN SN: Stiff Jail Term Sought For Father Who Killed Daughter's31446
2011-05-28CN ON: Column: Do Our Choices Hurt Someone In A Far Off69486
2011-05-28CN SN: Free Walker: Defence72696
2011-05-28CN SN: Sentence Expected In July72987
2011-05-28CN AB: Harm Reduction Is God's Grace74385
2011-05-28Canada: DUI: Driving After Drug Use A Growing Concern66978
2011-05-28CN BC: White Rock Angels Accused In Massive Drug-Smuggling Ring740109
2011-05-28CN BC: Special Series: The Faces Of Addiction In Our Community65092
2011-05-28CN BC: Rapid Descent And The Trip Back51066
2011-05-28CN BC: Most Aren't Treated For Illness, Doctors Say971157
2011-05-28CN BC: Life In The Fast Lane Took Its Toll On Executive33159
2011-05-27CN BC: PUB LTE: Drug Injection Centre Thought It Was Exempt22932
2011-05-27CN BC: PUB LTE: Story On Medicinal Pot Unfair To Marc Emery22331
2011-05-27CN SN: Walker Guilty On Lesser Charge737121
2011-05-27CN SN: Walker Guilty Of Manslaughter743100
2011-05-27CN AB: Police Drug Crackdown Nets 28 Suspects In Bridgeland27550
2011-05-26CN BC: LTE: Letter Of The Week11722
2011-05-26CN BC: 'Bad' Heroin Kills Two In Abbotsford45990
2011-05-26CN NK: Drug Epidemic Has Root Cause - Expert52179
2011-05-26Canada: Drug Strain Rumoured To Be Named After Star16220
2011-05-26CN BC: Users Warned Of Overdose Threat9613
2011-05-26CN BC: CMA's Support for Injection Sites Slammed786108
2011-05-25CN BC: Learn To Grow Pot - Legally33659
2011-05-25CN BC: LTE: Decision On Insite Will Affect All Of Canada28955
2011-05-25CN BC: Column: Why Do We Keep Trying To Fix Unfixable Human51085
2011-05-25CN BC: Marijuana Grower Worried For Future Of Medicinal Pot48765
2011-05-25CN BC: PUB LTE: We Are Not All Criminals5414
2011-05-25CN BC: Editorial: Tough On Crime, But Not In My Backyard21929
2011-05-25CN BC: Medical Growers Abusing Licenses1727248
2011-05-25CN QU: Two Centennial Academy Students Disciplined For Drug Use47360
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News (Media Awareness Project)