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2011-08-05CN AB: Edmonton Police Ordered To Investigate Complaint28743
2011-08-05CN BC: Botched Drug Probe Mountie Faces Surrey Six Charges27044
2011-08-04CN ON: Judge Clears Cop, Smells Coverup767114
2011-08-04CN NS: Police On The Hunt For Marijuana Grow-Ops38470
2011-08-04CN BC: LTE: Hijacked Laws Turn 'Justice' System Into A 'Legal'22938
2011-08-04CN ON: PUB LTE: Drug Testing Idea Reprehensible8820
2011-08-04CN BC: Judge Slams Mountie For Bungling Ecstasy Probe35651
2011-08-04Canada: LTE: Crack Pipes - Pathway To Misery13623
2011-08-04CN BC: Editorial: Distribution Of Crack Kits Is Good Policy48771
2011-08-04CN BC: Charter Rights Violations Cited In Surrey Six Mountie's46365
2011-08-04CN MB: PUB LTE: Barred From The US10818
2011-08-04CN BC: Dispensary Users Promise To Be Vocal640107
2011-08-04CN BC: PUB LTE: Budding Out West Kelowna's Grow Ops30554
2011-08-04CN BC: PUB LTE: Pot Future14526
2011-08-04CN BC: New Pot Dispensary Planned49085
2011-08-03CN BC: SLRD To Adopt Energy Task Force Recommendations59997
2011-08-03CN AB: Column: Crack Pipes, Cracked Arguments?54176
2011-08-03CN AB: Column: Crack Pipes, Cracked Arguments?54176
2011-08-03CN MB: No 'Subsidizing Addiction'39451
2011-08-03CN MB: Column: Crack Pipes, Cracked Arguments?54176
2011-08-03CN ON: Column: Crack Pipes, Cracked Arguments?54176
2011-08-03CN BC: Lead Investigator In Botched Ecstasy Case Facing36245
2011-08-03CN BC: Police 'Flaunted` Rights Of Accused69490
2011-08-03CN QU: OPED: Crime Policy Is All Stick, No Carrot1238154
2011-08-03CN BC: PUB LTE: Frustrate Pushers8220
2011-08-03CN BC: LTE: Giving Our Crackheads Free Pipes Is A Boneheaded15427
2011-08-03CN BC: Vancouver To Hand Out New Crack Pipes23236
2011-08-03CN ON: Private Pilots Asked To Help Spot Marijuana Patches21034
2011-08-03CN ON: Column: Crack Pipes And Cracked Arguments?50582
2011-08-03CN NS: Police To Step Up Search For Marijuana Grow-Ops23739
2011-08-03CN BC: Editorial: Police Bungling Further Hurts RCMP's Cause38152
2011-08-03CN BC: Grow Op Ready In North Saanich24737
2011-08-03CN BC: Column: 'The Right Time To Panic'26942
2011-08-03CN BC: PUB LTE: Dispensary Raid A Waste Of Taxpayers Money8015
2011-08-03CN BC: PUB LTE: Marijuana Dispensary Raid Was Out Of Line52484
2011-08-03CN BC: PUB LTE: Ottawa's War On Drugs Behind Burnaby's14826
2011-08-03CN BC: PUB LTE: Raid On Dispensary Denies Help To People In7612
2011-08-03CN BC: Judge Tosses Drug Evidence44171
2011-08-03CN ON: 'Operation Pot Spot' To Take To The Skies39256
2011-08-02CN AB: PUB LTE: Sound Reasoning14122
2011-08-02CN AB: Thinking A Helping Hand Will Get Users To Drop The Rock618109
2011-08-02CN AB: Pipe Dreams Aplenty48082
2011-08-02CN MB: Matter Of Hard To Get In, Harder To Graduate53975
2011-08-02CN MB: Life & Death36845
2011-08-02CN BC: Councillor Concern Led To Dispensary Raid29354
2011-08-02CN BC: Police Raid Condemned By Client33061
2011-08-02CN AB: PUB LTE: Traumatic18326
2011-08-02CN BC: Vancouver Is Now Pushing Free Crack Pipes62782
2011-08-02CN BC: Vancouver Coastal Health To Hand Out Crack Pipes48868
2011-08-02CN BC: Drug Users To Receive Crack Pipes As Part Of Pilot55480
2011-08-01CN BC: Needle Use Rises Among Addicts36575
2011-08-01CN BC: Plant Spirit Medicine2135268
2011-08-01CN ON: Neighbours Fear For Safety Of Area39756
2011-07-31CN AB: Drug Gangs Work A Circuit Across Canada, Police Say744117
2011-07-31CN BC: Rights Violations By RCMP Nullify Drug-Probe Evidence54587
2011-07-30CN AB: Editorial: Grow Op Kids Need Help23027
2011-07-30CN BC: Judge Blasts Cops, Drops Drug Case50073
2011-07-30CN BC: Rights Violated In BC Ecstasy Case, Judge Says64787
2011-07-30CN BC: RCMP Charter Violations Prompt Judge To Toss Evidence47264
2011-07-30CN MB: Column: All We Can Offer Janet Goodin Is A Sincere748119
2011-07-29CN BC: Burnaby RCMP Raid Medical Marijuana Dispensary18529
2011-07-29CN ON: LTE: Drug Testing Before Cheques8116
2011-07-29CN BC: Column: No Room For Nimbyism In War Against Drugs46882
2011-07-29CN BC: Privacy Commissioner To Investigate Smart Meters26643
2011-07-29CN BC: Investigation Launched Into Privacy Of Smart Meters26443
2011-07-29CN MB: Detained Woman's Relative Had Customs Run-In50181
2011-07-29CN BC: PUB LTE: Use Of Marijuana For Its Benefits Will Be A47674
2011-07-29CN BC: A Needle Exchange Van Is Now Making The Rounds Among49069
2011-07-28CN MB: Feds To Review Border Arrest Of Senior34560
2011-07-28CN BC: Column: Drug-Use Area - Please Slow Down680112
2011-07-28CN AB: Taking The Fight Against Drugs To The Road36148
2011-07-28CN MB: Son Tried To End Mother's Troubles52676
2011-07-28CN BC: Officer Cleared Of Force Allegation43262
2011-07-28Canada: Editorial: Why Did Canada Border Services Strip Search33537
2011-07-28CN AB: PUB LTE: Education Is Key To Drug Awareness42557
2011-07-28CN AB: PUB LTE: We Are Not Winning The War On Drugs43461
2011-07-28CN BC: APD Officer Cleared29249
2011-07-28CN BC: Former Officer Apologizes665107
2011-07-27CN MB: Arrested Senior Wants Apology, Compensation For Her48974
2011-07-27CN MB: Editorial: The Rise Of Junk Justice49867
2011-07-27CN MB: Border Drug Tests Defended39559
2011-07-27CN MB: Innocent Grandmother's 12 Days In Winnipeg Jail1106122
2011-07-27Canada: Grow-Op Kids Are All Right, Study Finds26636
2011-07-27CN BC: PUB LTE: Addicts Need Housing, Too16529
2011-07-27CN BC: Compassion Club Still Helps People54080
2011-07-27CN BC: PUB LTE: Compassion Club Raid Reeks Of Reefer Madness17533
2011-07-26CN ON: Column: Weed Sleuths After Bill's Bones67294
2011-07-26CN BC: PUB LTE: Dispensary Raid Sadistic25452
2011-07-26CN BC: PUB LTE: Heart Goes Out To Elderly12523
2011-07-26CN BC: Pot Dispensary Owner Wants To Talk59197
2011-07-26CN BC: Abby's Murder Capital Moniker No Longer Applies41875
2011-07-26CN BC: Police Raid Langley Marijuana Dispensary538107
2011-07-26CN BC: PUB LTE: 'War On Drugs' Distracts From Fighting Crime21034
2011-07-25CN NF: He's Not In It For The High47475
2011-07-25CN ON: PUB LTE: War On Pot Hardly 'Liberal'13722
2011-07-24CN BC: Medical Pot Shop Owner Slams Police40474
2011-07-23CN BC: PUB LTE: Drug Prohibition Just Doesn't Work46561
2011-07-23CN BC: LTE: Legalize Drugs? Give Your Head A Shake16532
2011-07-23CN BC: LTE: In Agreement With Editorial On Drugs13621
2011-07-23CN BC: LTE: Harm Reduction Is Just Enabling Drug Addicts9818
2011-07-22CN BC: Column: Having The Big Drug Talk With Teens67085
2011-07-22CN BC: PUB LTE: Drug Abuse Is Bad, War On Drugs Is A Lot Worse15224
2011-07-22CN BC: Local Co-ordinator Works To Provide A Safe Community76597
2011-07-22CN BC: Column: Sowing The Seeds Of Discontent48769
2011-07-22CN BC: Column: Marijuana Use Among Teenagers More Than A45572
2011-07-21CN BC: Is There A Correlation Between Marijuana Use, Vehicle46965
2011-07-21CN BC: Study Probes Link Between Pot, Crashes816107
2011-07-21CN BC: Editorial: Drugs: Illegal For A Reason48266
2011-07-21CN BC: Dirty Little Secret42860
2011-07-21CN BC: LTE: Drug Users Ruining Park For Everyone31744
2011-07-21CN BC: Former Candidate And Former Border Guard Call For51379
2011-07-21CN BC: Editorial: Filling The Void42657
2011-07-20CN BC: Grow-Op Detection Service Raises Privacy Issues: BC48986
2011-07-20CN BC: LTE: Shame On Power Thieves14524
2011-07-20CN BC: Editorial: Harm Reduction Necessary For Nanaimo52177
2011-07-19CN BC: Police Raid 'Compassion Club' A Second Time59881
2011-07-19CN BC: Grow-Op Buster Offered To Landlords31456
2011-07-18CN BC: Turning Up The Heat On Bad Tenants39955
2011-07-16CN BC: PUB LTE: Drug Prohibition Fuels Crime, Hurts Society25637
2011-07-15CN ON: PUB LTE: Writer Misinformed About Medical Marijuana14127
2011-07-15CN BC: Crack Film Posting Defended By Police34563
2011-07-15CN BC: PUB LTE: 'Abstain Or Die' Is Not Addictions Recovery23328
2011-07-15CN BC: Businessman Fights Civil Forfeiture36454
2011-07-15CN BC: PUB LTE: Crime Will Get A Lot Worse Under Tory16927
2011-07-15CN BC: Veterinarian's Charcoal Chills Out Pothead Pug47466
2011-07-14CN BC: Edu: Can 'Magic' Mushrooms Have Therapeutic Value?68899
2011-07-14CN BC: With Hells Angels Laying Low, Gangs Look For Piece Of City's49270
2011-07-13CN ON: LTE: Are You Kidding Me?9124
2011-07-13CN ON: Crime Pays For Durham Police Tools50390
2011-07-13CN BC: Recovery Home Set To Open Despite Neighbours' Protests44271
2011-07-13CN BC: Editorial: Recovery Home Won't Hurt 'hood37556
2011-07-13CN NS: Yarmouth: Driver Nabbed For Smoking Pot While Waiting17819
2011-07-13CN BC: All Charges Dropped In Massive International52886
2011-07-12CN BC: 'Prince Of Pot' Treated For Serious Skin Infection22734
2011-07-12CN NS: Mounties Let 'Honest' Pot-Smoking Driver Go692120
2011-07-12CN BC: PUB LTE: Why Spend More On Policing?29040
2011-07-11Canada: The 'Snicker Factor' Aside, Hemp Is Serious Business1098140
2011-07-10CN BC: BC 'Prince Of Pot' Contracts Superbug In Jail38757
2011-07-10CN BC: Sharing intelligence: A Bid To Track The Drug Trade63398
2011-07-09CN BC: PUB LTE: Value Of Smart Meters Will Come Out In The Wash16225
2011-07-08CN NF: More Help For Young Addicts1186171
2011-07-08CN BC: Support Sought For Medicinal Marijuana Regulation45570
2011-07-08CN BC: Home Sick1806228
2011-07-08CN BC: New Deal Will Offer Addicts Treatment30049
2011-07-08CN BC: PUB LTE: Access To Medical Marijuana Made Worse20334
2011-07-08CN BC: Police Help To Weed Out Grow-op Tax Cheats43665
2011-07-07CN NF: HIV Sufferer Has Medical Marijuana Confiscated721117
2011-07-07CN BC: Column: Scourge Of Meth Ruins Lives59374
2011-07-07CN ON: Crown Withdraws Charges Against Black Men After Judge Suggests786127
2011-07-07CN BC: Column: Numbers On Electricity Theft By Pot Growers Don't60790
2011-07-06CN BC: PUB LTE: Same Old Approach To Drug 'Education'38656
2011-07-06CN BC: PUB LTE: Kudos To The Police For Trying, But The 'war60683
2011-07-05CN BC: Hydro Begins Move To New Meters55680
2011-07-05CN BC: PUB LTE: No Way Marijuana Will Be Legal Soon34750
2011-07-05CN BC: LTE: Stop Blowing Smoke15432
2011-07-05CN ON: Pot User Evicted From Courthouse Steps60499
2011-07-04Canada: Editorial: Getting Medical Marijuana To The People Who45751
2011-07-03CN ON: Police College Training Grow-Op Located In Posh Ottawa63599
2011-07-03CN BC: Safe Crack Kits Face Challenges in Use: Study50375
2011-07-03CN BC: Appeal Court Rejects Ex-Wife's House Claim22232
2011-07-02CN ON: Drug Cops Cut Teeth on Ottawa 'Grow-Op'43260
2011-07-01CN ON: Medical Marijuana Issue Lights Up694108
2011-07-01CN BC: Woman Camps At Courthouse After Eviction56895
2011-07-01CN BC: LTE: Smart-Meter Benefits9517
2011-06-30CN ON: Drug Unit Continues Marijuana Investigation35354
2011-06-30CN BC: PUB LTE: Show Some Compassion For Those Who Need Weed12522
2011-06-30CN ON: PUB LTE: Proposed Marijuana Regulations Will Hurt Not76589
2011-06-30CN BC: Police Strike New Charter With Schools And Community728111
2011-06-30CN BC: Needle Exchange Looks To Expand Into Agassiz37064
2011-06-30CN BC: Mission Mayor Says Mistakes Were Made61097
2011-06-30CN BC: LTE: Community Help Needed For Youths29657
2011-06-30CN BC: Additional Drug Prevention Focus Urged26641
2011-06-30CN BC: 'This Comes Down To Process'52372
2011-06-29CN BC: LTE: Clamp Down On Electricity Thieves14326
2011-06-29CN BC: HMCS Protecteur Home From Drug-Busting Mission15123
2011-06-29CN BC: RDKB Supports Medicinal Marijuana Pilot Project In51076
2011-06-29CN ON: Pot Activist Smokes Out Doctors27346
2011-06-29CN ON: Editorial: Time For A Reality Check37258
2011-06-28CN BC: PUB LTE: Legalized Marijuana Solves Worries24644
2011-06-28CN ON: Column: Lindsay No Longer A 'Sleepy Little Town'38959
2011-06-28CN BC: Apology Issued For Incorrect Inspections16228
2011-06-28CN ON: Guelph Medical Marijuana Advocate Opens Hamilton Pot671107
2011-06-28CN BC: Pot 'Club' Nipped In The Bud By Cops64495
2011-06-27CN BC: Cst Grant Moves On After Daring Kids For Ten Years41579
2011-06-27CN ON: Column: Again, The Drug War Comes Full Circle976138
2011-06-27CN BC: Column: Government's Medical Marijuana Plan Should Make55488
2011-06-27CN NS: Column: Marijuana: One Stoned Decision After Another66690
2011-06-27CN BC: Nanaimo Medical Pot Users Split On Phasing Out Home40563
2011-06-26CN BC: Hidden Agenda For Smart Meters49683
2011-06-25CN ON: Police Seize Cannabis Supply24441
2011-06-25CN ON: Medical Marijuana Done 'Properly'808147
2011-06-25CN BC: North Van District Bans Medical Marijuana Dispensaries58988
2011-06-24CN BC: DNV Votes To Ban Pot Dispensaries59080
2011-06-24CN MB: Column: Singapore Solution Could Work On Drug Dealers60880
2011-06-24CN BC: Marijuana Store Busted By Chilliwack RCMP29551
2011-06-23CN ON: Column: Attack Drug Abuse Like We Mean It52671
2011-06-23CN BC: Pot Policy Goes Up In Smoke47673
2011-06-23CN BC: Pot Clinic Pops Up Near Five Corners37959
2011-06-23CN BC: Firefighters Support Changes To Medical Marijuana45578
2011-06-23Canada: Canada Is A Leading Source Of Synthetic Drugs: Report966142
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News (Media Awareness Project)