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2011-09-21CN BC: LTE: Enabling Addicted Children Is 'Atrocious16922
2011-09-21CN BC: PUB LTE: Free Crack Pipes Diminish Health Risks Of Smoking7014
2011-09-21CN BC: RCMP Supports Regional Help9114
2011-09-21CN BC: Council Okays Needle Exchange29945
2011-09-21CN BC: PUB LTE: VCH Doesn't 'Anticipate' Giving Pipes To Kids17426
2011-09-21Canada: Omnibus Bill Targets Drug Dealers, Predators33449
2011-09-21Canada: Controversial Crime Bill Tabled By Tories46862
2011-09-21Canada: Battle Begins Over Tories' Crime Bill766103
2011-09-21Canada: Feds Table Crime Bill Despite Outcry44764
2011-09-21CN BC: Column: Child Rapist To Get Less Time Than Pot Grower53567
2011-09-21CN BC: Tories Introduce Law And Order Legislation52479
2011-09-21Canada: Findlay Addresses House On Crime44476
2011-09-21CN BC: Column: Costly Crime Bill Sure To Intensify Justice System's629106
2011-09-20CN BC: ' War on Drugs' Blocks Medical Access to Morphine39858
2011-09-20CN BC: PUB LTE: Watch It - But Keep It Open10724
2011-09-20CN BC: LTE: Ding-a-ling Drug Talk Concerning Christians14029
2011-09-20CN AB: Drug Shocker27543
2011-09-20CN ON: Candidate Fights For Medical Pot Use540101
2011-09-20CN BC: Blogging On The Beat70397
2011-09-20CN AB: Column: Pot Course Weeds Out The Illegality53289
2011-09-20CN BC: Dispensary Resumes Marijuana Sales44381
2011-09-20CN AB: Police Warn That Ground Sparking Can Be Sign Of Grow Op14222
2011-09-20CN ON: Can Off-Duty Cops Remain Anonymous?56386
2011-09-20CN BC: Fed's Crime Legislation To Strain Burdened BC Courts27644
2011-09-20Canada: Sweeping Conservative Crime Bill Only 'The Beginning'1152166
2011-09-19CN BC: Union Warns Of Gang Violence Behind Bars25951
2011-09-19CN ON: Crown Appeals Staying Of Charges42651
2011-09-19Canada: Tories To Table New Crime Bill Early In Agenda663110
2011-09-19CN BC: Column: Tough-On-Crime Bill Meaningless When Justice60794
2011-09-19Canada: Tories Set To Table Tough Crime Bill49275
2011-09-19Canada: Crime Bills Job No 1 For Tories56090
2011-09-19Canada: Conservatives Table New Crime Law57884
2011-09-18CN BC: PUB LTE: Legalizing Drugs12825
2011-09-18CN BC: PUB LTE: Lawyer's Views On Addicts, Addiction Meet22639
2011-09-16CN BC: PUB LTE: Lawyer's Views On Addicts, Addiction Meet9722
2011-09-16CN BC: PUB LTE: Drug Violence18838
2011-09-16CN BC: Judge Stays Drug Charges, Blasts Province Over Courts35750
2011-09-16CN SN: Pot Poses Psychosis Puzzle44765
2011-09-16CN BC: PUB LTE: Ferry Blurs Lines16027
2011-09-16CN BC: PUB LTE: Use Legalized Pot To Pay Off HST11620
2011-09-15CN ON: MADD Canada Film Targeting Youth Exposes Human, Legal755104
2011-09-15CN BC: Coke Peddler Cleared1105179
2011-09-15CN BC: Probe Into Council Continues21839
2011-09-14CN BC: Power Cut After Smart Meter Installed62892
2011-09-14CN AB: Editorial: Keep Drugs Out Of Prisons24831
2011-09-14CN BC: Column: Crack Pipe Giveaway Will Include Children61881
2011-09-14CN BC: Help Is Just A Step Away45361
2011-09-14CN BC: School Board Election Season Starts To Simmer645122
2011-09-14CN BC: Grow-Op Busts Keep Crime Unit In Action39561
2011-09-14CN BC: Editorial: More Oversight Needed On Smart Meters31552
2011-09-13CN BC: Judge Critical Of Mandatory Minimum Sentencing Plan56284
2011-09-10CN BC: Tory Sentences Don't Work With FASD: Judge42964
2011-09-10CN AB: PUB LTE: No Compassion9320
2011-09-10CN NS: New Welfare Rules Worry Researcher43167
2011-09-09CN BC: Column: Lines Get Blurry On Ideological Divide45371
2011-09-09CN AB: PUB LTE: Insite Insight18033
2011-09-09CN AB: PUB LTE: Just Say Yes9222
2011-09-09CN BC: Marijuana Growing Operations On Decline30539
2011-09-09CN BC: Island Marijuana Crops Go To Pot42356
2011-09-08CN BC: Grow Ops Make Houses Virtually Impossible To Sell58287
2011-09-08CN ON: PUB LTE: Police Overvalued Marijuana19829
2011-09-08CN BC: Man's Home Set To Be Seized Despite Acquittal On Marijuana56982
2011-09-08CN AB: U Of C Study To Smoke Out Cannabis Truth27854
2011-09-08CN BC: Man Acquitted Of Grow-Op Charges May Still Lose Home28745
2011-09-08CN BC: Civil Rights Group Questions Applications To Seize Two674110
2011-09-08CN ON: Column: Timely Warning For Canada About Prisons58087
2011-09-08CN AB: OPED: Let's Send Drug Addicts To Isolated Work Camps68687
2011-09-08CN AB: LTE: No Fan Of Insite16028
2011-09-08CN BC: Man Acquitted Of Pot Charges, But Land Seized19527
2011-09-07CN BC: PUB LTE: Supt. Cooke's Letter Cited For 'Misinformation'38160
2011-09-07CN BC: Residents Turn Up Noses At Marijuana Odour30144
2011-09-07CN BC: Sometimes You Get What You Need: The Corky Fontana Story1000207
2011-09-07CN BC: PUB LTE: Girls Need Housing, Services Outside Downtown17327
2011-09-07CN AB: Jail Death Reflects Drug Culture, Report Says33847
2011-09-07CN ON: Editorial: An Invisible Epidemic52258
2011-09-07CN AB: Second Grow Op Fire Prompts Warning45072
2011-09-07CN AB: War On Drugs Has Been Lost, Judge Says55675
2011-09-06CN BC: PUB LTE: Patients Need Trustworthy Source34650
2011-09-05CN ON: Conrad Black's Broadside Against Canada's Prison Plan702105
2011-09-05CN AB: Column: Bring Back The Free Crack Pipes64076
2011-09-04CN BC: PUB LTE: Legalize Drugs And End Gang Violence12025
2011-09-04CN BC: Former North Van Mountie Sues RCMP Over Pot Raids39666
2011-09-02CN SN: OPED: Omnibus Bill's Results Ominous72599
2011-09-01CN BC: PUB LTE: Legalizing Drugs Works Fine For The Dutch8519
2011-09-01CN BC: Buyers Beware Of Former Grow-Ops623102
2011-09-01Canada: Beyond Prohibition Foundation: Harper Government37649
2011-09-01CN ON: PUB LTE: Against New Crime Bill28846
2011-09-01CN BC: PUB LTE: Persecution By Police, Politicians Must Stop22836
2011-09-01CN BC: PUB LTE: Pot Persecution Unjust19737
2011-08-31CN AB: Illegal Drug Use Poses Significant Danger; Police30749
2011-08-31CN BC: From Addiction To Recovery1069123
2011-08-31CN BC: PUB LTE: Marijuana Clinic Was 'Model' Facility36051
2011-08-31Canada: Crime Bill Won't Help Victims, Say Advocates45669
2011-08-31CN BC: Shambhala Defends Safety Record769103
2011-08-30Canada: LTE: Legalizing Drugs Is Not The Answer12125
2011-08-29CN BC: Column: What Are We Doing To Restore Our Broken Society?553101
2011-08-29CN AB: LTE: On The Hook15621
2011-08-29CN AB: Column: Harm Reduction Opens Way Back60886
2011-08-29CN SN: Column: Harm Reduction Moral Strategy69293
2011-08-29CN BC: After Suspected Overdose, Discussion Turns To Drugs38968
2011-08-28CN AB: Medical Marijuana Seminar Blowing Into Town37960
2011-08-27CN AB: Cocaine, Not Taser, Led To Death, Inquiry Told39864
2011-08-26CN BC: Petition Organized For Medical Pot39159
2011-08-26CN BC: Raids Spur Lawsuit51880
2011-08-26CN BC: Ex-Mountie Sues Over Medical Pot Raid649105
2011-08-25CN BC: Officer Faces Anxious Wait After Needle Injury36558
2011-08-25CN AB: PUB LTE: Legalize Marijuana13825
2011-08-25CN BC: Ex-Mountie Charged In Cocaine Smuggling Case49280
2011-08-25CN ON: Crime Down, OPP Reports36563
2011-08-25CN AB: Red Deer Group Continues To Distribute Free Crack Pipes7813
2011-08-25CN BC: PUB LTE: Legalization Stops Thefts13120
2011-08-24CN ON: PUB LTE: Pot Smoking Causes Hypocrisy8417
2011-08-24Canada: PUB LTE: Another Legal Upgrade Needed5812
2011-08-24CN BC: 'Charge Me Or I'll Sue' - Caine46379
2011-08-24CN BC: LTE: No Medical Marijuana Pilot Project28754
2011-08-23CN BC: PUB LTE: Time To Reconsider Political Response To Drugs27340
2011-08-23CN BC: PUB LTE: Pot Prohibition Gives Gangs Power And Money42568
2011-08-23CN BC: Medical Marijuana Grow Targeted23535
2011-08-22CN BC: LTE: Many Problems With Marijuana Dispensary50676
2011-08-22Canada: OPED: Ottawa's Drug Problem: The Penalty Doesn't Fit68276
2011-08-22CN MB: Editorial: Tory Plan Weakens Justice32846
2011-08-22CN SN: The Big House Is Full790110
2011-08-21CN BC: Freed Dad Too Full Of Joy To Sleep49378
2011-08-21CN BC: PUB LTE: Legalize Drugs To Cut Violence17131
2011-08-21CN MB: Column: Munch On This840123
2011-08-21CN AB: OPED: Free Crack Cocaine Pipes Enable The Saving Of845100
2011-08-21CN BC: Tearful Reunion For North Vancouver Family49570
2011-08-20CN QU: OPED: Cocaine Paved The Way For Anesthesia919116
2011-08-20CN ON: Column: 'Gotcha' Pot Question Clouds Political Debate646101
2011-08-20CN AB: Free Crack Pipe Service Discontinued In Calgary39575
2011-08-20CN ON: Living In Smugglers' Paradise1211173
2011-08-20Canada: PUB LTE: Do We Need To Get Tough On Crime?19728
2011-08-19CN ON: Editorial: Provincial Election About Trust, Not Grass49984
2011-08-19CN AB: The Debate Of The Decriminalizing Marijuana Continues To Rage831112
2011-08-19CN NS: Police Find Booby Traps At Grow Op13022
2011-08-19CN BC: Community Drug Strategy Committee Continues Education60691
2011-08-19CN AB: Editorial: Regression In Drug Fight45256
2011-08-19CN AB: Marijuana Most 'Prevalent' In Leduc: RCMP1060146
2011-08-19Canada: PUB LTE: Do We Need To Get Tough On Crime?16828
2011-08-18CN ON: Judge Rebukes Niagara Police61682
2011-08-18CN BC: Kelowna Shooting Reminder Of 200942362
2011-08-18CN BC: LTE: Gangs Infesting Our Lives17635
2011-08-18CN BC: Councillor's Computer Returned26539
2011-08-18CN ON: Hudak Admits To Smoking Pot620121
2011-08-18CN BC: No Charges Approved By Crown Counsel43372
2011-08-18CN ON: TTC's Decision To Fire Drug Addict Upheld62283
2011-08-18CN ON: Editorial: Rebuilding The Trust41249
2011-08-18CN ON: Francis Promises Strip Search Review46765
2011-08-18CN BC: PUB LTE: Tax And Regulate Illicit Drugs Like Alcohol16426
2011-08-17CN BC: PUB LTE: Medicinal Pot Is A Right8520
2011-08-17CN BC: Exploring Shambhala's Dark Side795104
2011-08-17CN AB: Drug Laws Need Changes; Activist936124
2011-08-17CN AB: Editorial: Drug-Policy Discussions Needed in Canada43257
2011-08-17CN ON: Ottawa Police Issue Racial Profiling Policy47262
2011-08-16CN NS: Cops Snag 739 Pot Plants38171
2011-08-16CN ON: Club Re-Opens Without Cannabis22638
2011-08-16CN BC: Separating Myth From Reality27736
2011-08-16CN BC: PUB LTE: Crime Program A Waste30454
2011-08-16CN BC: Editorial: We're All At Risk When Rival Gangs Go To War28342
2011-08-16CN BC: Editorial: Drug Laws Fuel Gangs Growth53277
2011-08-16Canada: Crime Bill Will Clog Courts: Bar52675
2011-08-15CN BC: PUB LTE: Marijuana Access Changes Will Hurt The41058
2011-08-15CN BC: Owners Of Former Gro-Op Homes Are Left Unprotected By590104
2011-08-15CN BC: Lax Regulations Leave Buyers Of Former Grow Ops617110
2011-08-15CN AB: LTE: Social Chaos On Edmonton's Streets Begins With33545
2011-08-12CN BC: A Relatively Calm Shambhala708108
2011-08-12CN BC: Shambhala Keeps Cops Hopping50476
2011-08-12CN SN: Charter Case Possible, Expert Says55680
2011-08-12CN BC: Column: Ideology Beats Science On Safe Injection Sites70696
2011-08-12CN BC: Editorial: Toews' Cocaine Connection25435
2011-08-12CN BC: When High Drivers Crash773113
2011-08-12CN AB: Editorial: Do You Think Marijuana Should Be Legalized?35644
2011-08-11CN NK: NB Police Target Pot Plantations52179
2011-08-11CN BC: Editorial: Safe Supply Of Legal Pot30843
2011-08-11CN BC: Activist Offers Cash And Cannabis38678
2011-08-11CN ON: Column: The Harm Reduction Taboo828108
2011-08-11CN ON: Editorial: Testing For Traces27634
2011-08-10CN BC: Compassion Club Raids 'Frustrating And Depressing'39865
2011-08-10CN ON: Putting Smugglers On The Run At Pearson59562
2011-08-10CN ON: PUB LTE: Crime Legislation 'Flawed'44376
2011-08-10CN ON: MDMA: If You're A Parent, You Should Know What It Means755115
2011-08-10CN NK: Mind-Bending Properties Of Drugs Explored39157
2011-08-10CN NK: RCMP Ask For Help To Weed Out Grow Ops17531
2011-08-09CN BC: LTE: Drug House Indicative Of A Bigger Port Haney16630
2011-08-09CN BC: Meth Lab Goes Up In Smoke48070
2011-08-09CN BC: Lab A 'Reality Check' For Ridge32255
2011-08-09CN ON: LTE: Drug Testing May Put Food On Table7619
2011-08-09CN BC: Crime Program To Continue For Now35253
2011-08-09CN BC: Toews Drops By For A Show Of Force64194
2011-08-09CN BC: PUB LTE: Editorial Is Claptrap; Drug Laws Based On28442
2011-08-09CN NS: Editorial: Time To Decriminalize Pot41658
2011-08-09CN BC: Ottawa Pledges Tough Sentences20437
2011-08-08CN BC: PUB LTE: Why Deprive Those In Need Of Medical Marijuana?21733
2011-08-08CN BC: Coroner Warns Of Overdose Spike31550
2011-08-06CN MB: Column: We Have Fewer Criminals, But Are Building Jails38944
2011-08-05CN ON: Longarm Taking Down Druggies57196
2011-08-05CN ON: Editorial: Would Marijuana Legalization Make42167
2011-08-05CN ON: Union: Follow Up On Suggested Cop Coverup52077
2011-08-05CN ON: Editorial: 'Coverup' Needs Answers44064
2011-08-05CN BC: Doors Still Open Despite Raid49483
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News (Media Awareness Project)