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1998-11-18Canada: Trial Of Marijuana Crusader Delayed By Wait For Ruling28043
1998-11-17Canada: Column: Stirring The Pot For Pain65577
1998-11-17Canada: Teen Drug Use Up In N.S.51279
1998-11-17Canada: Teen Drug Use On Rise - Survey37452
1998-11-17Canada: Study Finds Side-Effects To New Anti-Depressants35060
1998-11-17Canada: PUB LTE: Dollars And Cents15829
1998-11-17Canada: Column: A Dose Of Desperation794112
1998-11-17Canada: Sick Kids Inquiry Adds Two Panelists41070
1998-11-17Canada: OPED: May The Lords Be With Us57680
1998-11-17Canada: OPED: The Real Dope On The US Election72983
1998-11-16Canada: Police Forces Report More Heroin Use By 'Regular Kids'52980
1998-11-16Canada: Be Wary Of Date-rape Drugs, Ad Campaign Urges Women34252
1998-11-16Canada: BC To Battle Tobacco Makers46888
1998-11-16Canada: Editorial: Strip-Search Rules Leave Citizens Bare48158
1998-11-15Canada: Editorial: Drug Toll Worsens, Political Willpower Still52477
1998-11-15Canada: Cops Hunt For More Cash50069
1998-11-14Canada: Fruits Of Crime Will Help To Pay Police72099
1998-11-13Canada: PUB LTE: Police, Drugs, and Danger23641
1998-11-11Canada: Imagine... An Ad Campaign For Marijuana20342
1998-11-11Canada: Report Calls for Controls on Natural Health Products20133
1998-11-11Canada: Editorial: Hey, We're Famous!25337
1998-11-09Canada: PUB LTE: Only Way To Deal With Drug Problem8910
1998-11-09Canada: PUB LTE: Decriminalize10011
1998-11-09Canada: Teen Testifies In Slaying27448
1998-11-08Canada: Hung Jury Puts Shank In Shooting Case Limbo1344196
1998-11-07Canada: Hashish Haul Expected To Grow40064
1998-11-07Canada: Police Fraternity Suffers Keen Loss727114
1998-11-07Canada: Past Police Trials43371
1998-11-06Canada: New West's Attack On Drugs Wins Support43470
1998-11-06Canada: RCMP Grab 11 Tonnes Of Hash19231
1998-11-06Canada: Jurors Divided On Shank Verdict843130
1998-11-06Canada: Sniffer Dogs Not Always Right38072
1998-11-06Canada: Hells Angels Roar At Center Of Violent Quebec Drug War1154159
1998-11-06Canada: Holy Smoke In Court20126
1998-11-05Canada: Drug Running At Jail Nets Two Suspects32154
1998-11-05Canada: Decide Who Spoke Truth, Jury Told40358
1998-11-05Canada: Pro-Pot Leader Switches Plea18732
1998-11-03Canada: BC Towns High On Huge Cannabis Harvest694111
1998-11-03Canada: B.C.'s Top Coroner Has Da Vinci Overtones1530204
1998-11-02Canada: Update Natural Health Product Rules, Report Urges60292
1998-11-02Canada: Editorial: Housecleaning Needed At Health Canada45273
1998-11-02Canada: BC Skunk Weed Lands Prof In Trouble58295
1998-11-02Canada: PUB LTE: Drug Story Spawns More Questions Than Answers36952
1998-11-01CN ON: Take The High Road And Tell The OPP43950
1998-11-01CN ON: Canada's First Legal Hemp Crop Meets Expectations53966
1998-11-01Canada: HIV On Rise For Addicts, Gay Men20540
1998-10-31Canada: Refugee Claimant Gets 13 Years For Drug Dealing46464
1998-10-31Canada: Police Shooting Trial Goes To Jurors35858
1998-10-30Canada: Forced Rescue May Save Troubled Kids55383
1998-10-30Canada: Halfway Houses Closing667106
1998-10-30Canada: Police Board Threat Angers Mayor48991
1998-10-29Canada: Alcohol Abuse Impairs Recovery22338
1998-10-29Canada: Man Who Grew Dope For Son Sentenced33454
1998-10-29Canada: Foul-Up Lets Student Slip Drug Charges33047
1998-10-29Canada: Health Department Accused Of Shredding Documents56480
1998-10-29Canada: CBC Focuses On Welfare Wednesday651103
1998-10-28Canada: Here Comes The Judge -- And His Marijuana Crop22739
1998-10-28Canada: PUB LTE: Prohibition Not Working18633
1998-10-28Canada: PUB LTE: Prohibition Not Working18229
1998-10-27Canada: Seeds Of Hope Sewn On 'Drunk Farm'57084
1998-10-27Canada: OPED: A Record Of Failure: Re-Evaluating The War On Drugs783103
1998-10-27Canada: Woman Says Customs Dog Has Bad Sniffer21235
1998-10-26Canada: PUB LTE: Grass Is Good For You16227
1998-10-25Canada: OPED: Too Healthy For Words80696
1998-10-24Canada: Officer Fell After Shots, Trial Told28443
1998-10-24Canada: Drug Treatment Proposed For Entire Lower Mainland56381
1998-10-24Canada: PUB LTE: Grass Is Good For You15821
1998-10-24Canada: Drug-Free Addicts' Refuge Proposed33557
1998-10-23Canada: Takedown Tactics Under Fire641104
1998-10-23Canada: Surrey On Alert For Drug-Dealers Shift32847
1998-10-23Canada: Column: Drug Pushers Not All Mommies' Boys Trying To63088
1998-10-23Canada: Crack Dealer Sells To Best Known Cop43464
1998-10-23Canada: 40 More Police To Hit Streets34855
1998-10-23Canada: LTE: Immigration Policy Out Of Wack27648
1998-10-23Canada: City Sues Holy Smoke Over Business Licence54965
1998-10-23Canada: Give Me Back My Daughter50078
1998-10-22Canada: Plea for Help in Drug War30251
1998-10-22Canada: Drug Clinic Parking Law Thrown Out By Board31351
1998-10-22Canada: Minister 'Soft On Refugee Drug Dealers'33055
1998-10-22Canada: Drug Sentence559
1998-10-22Canada: Dawson Bust `Chaotic,' Officer Testifies47572
1998-10-21Canada: PUB LTE: Start Telling The Truth About Marijuana14322
1998-10-21Canada: Bears Temper Trauma Of Raids18630
1998-10-21Canada: Canada Customs Rules Outrage Importers802129
1998-10-21Canada: LTE: Brainchildren Of The Vancouver-Richmond Health Board34253
1998-10-21Canada: U.S. Courts For Addicts Are Working26246
1998-10-21Canada: New Law Aims To Make Sure Crime Doesn'T Pay26542
1998-10-21Canada: PUB LTE: Watch Dog On The Right Track10517
1998-10-21Canada: Drug Agents Find Hash, Impound Cake21444
1998-10-21Canada: Two Denied Community Sentences27137
1998-10-21Canada: PUB LTE: War On Marijuana Unreasonable8617
1998-10-21Canada: Tip Leads Cops To Pot Plants30951
1998-10-21Canada: PUB LTE: Watch Dog On The Right Track11118
1998-10-20Canada: Dope Backer Fined27252
1998-10-20Canada: OPED: Lead Us Not Into Temptation965120
1998-10-20Canada: PUB LTE: Marijuana Better Than Other Drugs10418
1998-10-20Canada: Children Sell Drugs in New West, Police Say53279
1998-10-20Canada: Man Vows to Continue Pot Crusade After Fine979135
1998-10-20Canada: PUB LTE: Marijuana Better Than Other Drugs11515
1998-10-19Canada: City Ponders Drug Courts6010
1998-10-18Canada: Weeding Out Pain971134
1998-10-18Canada: Protesting Residents Want Traffickers Out35858
1998-10-18Canada: Reefer Gladness45066
1998-10-17Canada: Editorial: Drugs Are Cancer In The Heart Of The City41358
1998-10-17Canada: Nature of Things -Reefer Madness 2 (summary)933208
1998-10-16Canada: Business As Usual For Drug Dealers55788
1998-10-16Canada: Bullets To The Chest Killed Man, Trial Told39767
1998-10-16Canada: No-Go Zones Imposed On Drug Suspects35862
1998-10-16Canada: Drug Lords `Smuggling Hondurans' Into Canada1330203
1998-10-16Canada: Police War On Drugs Is Aimed At The Wrong Target53162
1998-10-15Canada: `Drunk Farm' Would Save City Millions45072
1998-10-15Canada: Intent Was 'Shoot To Kill' On Dawson, Officer Tells Trial37457
1998-10-15Canada: Busted!51180
1998-10-15Canada: Rabbi Accused Of Drug Running43076
1998-10-15Canada: Tiny Victims (Part 2 of 2)2037309
1998-10-15Canada: Police Trying Hard To Control `Exploding' Global Drug26343
1998-10-15Canada: Tiny Victims (Part 1 of 2)2470371
1998-10-15Canada: Hell's Kingpin Charged In Cocaine Bust857124
1998-10-15Canada: City Police Hunt 70 In Huge Drug Crackdown690102
1998-10-14Canada: Going Gaga For Ganja1900294
1998-10-14Canada: The Fix May Be In59976
1998-10-14Canada: 'I'm Dead,' Dawson Told Cop45169
1998-10-14Canada: Hurting and Healing3844627
1998-10-13Canada: When Mommy Drinks (Part 2 of 2)1838288
1998-10-13Canada: 4 PUB LTEs: Amnesty International58195
1998-10-13Canada: When Mommy Drinks (Part 1 of 2)2237356
1998-10-12Canada: OPED: Whiffs Of Hypocrisy In Hemp Promotion66489
1998-10-12Canada: Jail Acts To Stem The Tide Of Drugs33955
1998-10-11Canada: A Legal Triumph For Pot87495
1998-10-11Canada: Drug-Dealer Refugee's Game48185
1998-10-11Canada: Mayors Seek Powers To Fight Pushers38763
1998-10-11Canada: Cafe Raid Sparks Backlash64088
1998-10-10Canada: PUB LTE: Without Just Cause22132
1998-10-09Canada: PUB LTE: Lies Grow13120
1998-10-09Canada: Kids And Dope A Losing Proposition60283
1998-10-09Canada: Technicality Kills Misconduct Charges54682
1998-10-09Canada: Officer Describes 'Chaos' As Suspect Shot33658
1998-10-08Canada: PUB LTE: Shake Up The Status Quo On Drugs12325
1998-10-08Canada: Police Bust AIDs Patient Whose Doctors Advised Pot Use730104
1998-10-08Canada: The Case for Medical Marijuana3027377
1998-10-08Canada: More Professionals Seek Treatment For Addiction50476
1998-10-08Canada: Baldasaro Still Wants To Lead Tories27744
1998-10-08Canada: Taxpayers Financed Drug Haven62790
1998-10-08Canada: District Supports Drug Strategy52486
1998-10-08Canada: Task Force Tackles Dealers31654
1998-10-08Canada: Canadian Hemp Isn't Going To Pot1513205
1998-10-08Canada: Officer's Statements Conflict, Trial Told37258
1998-10-08Canada: Witness At Manslaughter Trial Admits Supporting Accused36855
1998-10-08Canada: Magrath Teens May Have To Face Breathalyzer16527
1998-10-08Canada: Panic In Needle Park1775222
1998-10-08Canada: Is RCMP Again Spying on Law-Abiding Activists?1052155
1998-10-08Canada: Mountie Fired Fearing Knife Attack, Court Told41564
1998-10-08Canada: PUB LTE: Let Punishment Fit The Crime22730
1998-10-08Canada: Bloods Take A DARE49063
1998-10-07Canada: PUB LTE: Double Standard?578
1998-10-07Canada: Dnd Botched Drug Probe At Spy Base, Memo Confirms60390
1998-10-07Canada: Column: Responsibility For Actions Eroding38361
1998-10-07Canada: A Flow Of Powerful Pot53775
1998-10-07Canada: Amnesty International Bites The Hand That Feeds It70592
1998-10-07Canada: `We're Being Invaded'38572
1998-10-06Canada: Hemp Raid Goes Up In Smoke46882
1998-10-06Canada: `We Are A Neighbourhood Under Siege'36057
1998-10-06Canada: 'Reverse Sting' Law Slipped In To Aid Police1964276
1998-10-05Canada: PUB LTE: Don't Look To The US9013
1998-10-05Canada: Councillor Admits Coke Use28257
1998-10-05Canada: Drugged Drivers Face Crackdown55980
1998-10-05Canada: Do These Three Simple Letters Go Too Far?4116608
1998-10-04Canada: PUB LTE: Shrouded In Democracy17427
1998-10-04Canada: BC Stinkweed Smoking Sparks Health Warning23140
1998-10-04Canada: When Following An Order Would Be Wrong834113
1998-10-04Canada: Hemp Gaining Respectability1180183
1998-10-03Canada: Port Boosters Pushing Hemp Connection982129
1998-10-03Canada: ETF Tactics Eyed in Fatal Takedown28950
1998-10-03Canada: PUB LTE: Cartoon Arrogant16834
1998-10-02Canada: Second-Hand Smoke May Harm Fetus44966
1998-10-02Canada: Polluting Baby's First Room1287193
1998-10-02Canada: Fatal Police Takedown Scared Family50786
1998-10-01Canada: '80s High Roller Reduced To Ripoffs By Crack Habit33852
1998-10-01Canada: PUB LTEs: All East-Siders 'Worthy'29949
1998-10-01Canada: Royal City Cracks Down On Traffickers56889
1998-10-01Canada: Vancouver's Own Reefer Madness36254
1998-09-30Canada: New West Drug Blitz Proves A Dud52083
1998-09-30Canada: PUB LTE: The Last Days Of The War On Drugs15122
1998-09-30Canada: Court Told Of Chaos At Takedown28251
1998-09-29Canada: Overdoses Of Easy-To-Get Ritalin Soar959145
1998-09-29Canada: MPs Demand Inquiry Into Prison Tests44968
1998-09-29Canada: PUB LTE: Wrong-Headed Laws Give Drug Lords Power27439
1998-09-29Canada: City Offers $58,000 If Pot-Smoking Pair Are Evicted727112
1998-09-28Canada: Cops Vow To Clean Up Pimps, Pushers19038
1998-09-28Canada: PUB LTE: Dutch Pragmatism15122
1998-09-28Canada: Column: It's A Girl - Have A Joint60791
1998-09-27Canada: PUB LTE: Khat Ban Racist, Ignorant21334
1998-09-27Canada: Hemp Production Goes Into Rehabilitation776100
1998-09-27Canada: Drug Dealing Making Neighborhoods Desperate32455
1998-09-27Canada: Kids On Front Line As Addicts Die Like Flies41977
1998-09-27Canada: Mandy's Story - From A Loving Home To Death On The1743335
1998-09-27Canada: PUB LTE: Protecting Children Is Above The Law19925
1998-09-27Canada: PUB LTE: Wrong-Headed Laws Give Drug Lords Power26640
1998-09-27Canada: PUB LTE: Protecting Children is Above the Law24032
1998-09-26Canada: Hawkesbury Buzzing With Pot Find45872
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News (Media Awareness Project)