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2012-01-17Canada: Canadian Navy Frigate Assists Recovery Of Scuttled33248
2012-01-17CN BC: Teen's Death May Be Linked To Ecstasy38255
2012-01-17CN BC: Ecstasy Suspected In Teen's Death44165
2012-01-17CN AB: PUB LTE: Fossilized Thinking22631
2012-01-17CN AB: PUB LTE: Tough Love11621
2012-01-17CN AB: LTE: Call To Action15026
2012-01-17CN ON: Witness At Police Corruption Trial Says He Was45564
2012-01-17CN ON: Column: Her Lifeline In The Morning61573
2012-01-17CN ON: Prisoner Thought He Was 'Going To Die' Amid Toronto44460
2012-01-17CN ON: Drug Squad Officers On Trial34751
2012-01-17CN BC: Court Urged To Snuff Out Medical Pot Access Rules56777
2012-01-17CN BC: Tofino Man Grounded By U.S. Border Rigidity69793
2012-01-17CN MB: PUB LTE: Worse Than Drugs11419
2012-01-16CN BC: Editorial: Do Not Take Chances - Leave Ecstasy Alone30057
2012-01-16CN BC: Editorial: Cocaine Is A Terrible Thing54463
2012-01-16CN BC: Column: Wild Side Comes Back To Haunt Photographer581106
2012-01-16CN ON: Column: Curtain Raised On Biggest Cop Corruption Case1630215
2012-01-16CN AB: Ecstasy Victims Showed Extreme Symptoms44567
2012-01-16CN AB: Editorial: Healing In Hobbema53764
2012-01-16CN ON: Liberals Expect Legal Pot Stance To Lift Party713102
2012-01-16CN ON: Column: High Hopes Meet Old Hands56592
2012-01-16CN BC: PUB LTE: No Sane Reason To Prohibit Pot15725
2012-01-16CN AB: LTE: Power Companies Should Report Their Suspicions18829
2012-01-16CN ON: Liberals Have Gone To Pot To Renew Party In The West797112
2012-01-16CN BC: PUB LTE: Safe-Injection Site Proves Its Worthiness11220
2012-01-16CN ON: Crown Spells Out Its Case Against Former Toronto Drug722102
2012-01-16CN MB: Column: Ask Kicked-Out Daughter To Come Home64458
2012-01-16CN ON: Legalize Weed, Grit Delegates Say711106
2012-01-16CN MB: PUB LTE: Freedom To Toke 14412
2012-01-16CN MB: PUB LTE: Freedom To Toke 213720
2012-01-16CN MB: City MP Balks At Pot Legalization10917
2012-01-15CN BC: Program Puts Youth Back On Track978128
2012-01-15CN BC: Rare Chemical Found In Fatal Ecstasy43772
2012-01-15CN ON: PUB LTE: Police Should Just Do Their Job12219
2012-01-15CN ON: Liberals End 2012 Convention With Internal Changes, New1089144
2012-01-15CN ON: Column: Liberals Take First Step To Revival With69183
2012-01-15CN ON: Liberals Vote To Keep Monarchy, Legalize Pot At69498
2012-01-15CN BC: PUB LTE: Insite's Need For More Capacity Reflects11022
2012-01-14CN ON: Bust Makes Dent In City Drug Scene764107
2012-01-14CN BC: Coroner Uncovers Lethal Chemical In Victims Of BC55175
2012-01-14CN AB: LTE: Treason17331
2012-01-13CN AB: Editorial: Starting On The Path Of A Change45955
2012-01-13CN ON: Toronto Police Corruption Trial Finally Begins1109156
2012-01-13CN ON: Column: Tory Stubbornness56473
2012-01-13CN BC: Column: Alternatives For Cannabis Policy46157
2012-01-13CN BC: Ecstasy Warnings Continue44364
2012-01-13CN BC: Column: Few Will Drink To That Idea51264
2012-01-13CN BC: PUB LTE: Cocaine Seizures Are A Drop In The Bucket17526
2012-01-13CN BC: Editorial: This Is The Sensible Approach To Take25932
2012-01-13CN AB: OPED: Time To Take Drug Growers' Power Theft Seriously973116
2012-01-13CN BC: 16 Ecstasy Deaths Probed In BC46467
2012-01-13CN BC: PUB LTE: Cocaine Seizures A Drop In The Bucket18329
2012-01-13CN BC: PUB LTE: Marijuana Use Safe Without Supervision14430
2012-01-13CN BC: PUB LTE: Policy On Marijuana Harmful And Ridiculous17732
2012-01-13CN BC: PUB LTE: Writer Misses Point Of Pot Legalization19835
2012-01-13CN BC: PUB LTE: Legalization Of Pot Good For Society34453
2012-01-13CN BC: LTE: Marijuana Arguments Need Less Emotion32151
2012-01-12CN BC: Merritt's Top Cop Accused Of Stealing And Using Cocaine25439
2012-01-12CN AB: Warnings Ramped Up Over Street Drug Spiked With Lethal68696
2012-01-12CN AB: Danger Failing To Hit Home With Calgary Teens752112
2012-01-12CN BC: Mountie Charged With Drug Theft28844
2012-01-12CN AB: Lethally Tainted Ecstasy Likely Behind Deaths46262
2012-01-12CN BC: Fatal Ecstasy Laced With Lethal Chemical54578
2012-01-12CN BC: LTE: Slimming Club?5112
2012-01-12CN BC: LTE: Oh For The '50s7411
2012-01-12CN BC: Saanich House Seized Years After Grow-Op Found23635
2012-01-11CN BC: Grand Crack Pipe Giveaway Drapes Downtown Eastside70389
2012-01-11CN BC: Merritt Rcmp Commander Charged With Cocaine Theft, Use35151
2012-01-11CN BC: Court Case Centres On Definition Of Drug Dealer58380
2012-01-11CN BC: LTE: Insite Is Failing7116
2012-01-11CN QU: Coalition of Residents Fears 'No Man's Land' Of55679
2012-01-11CN BC: PUB LTE: Anti-Ecstasy Proposals Make Things Worse21431
2012-01-11CN BC: Health Officers Endorse Regulation And Framework To66777
2012-01-11CN MB: Column: Legalize Pot But Get Over 'Harmless' Pipe Dream62275
2012-01-11CN BC: PUB LTE: Response To Legal Marijuana Issue17128
2012-01-11CN BC: Health Officers Back Legal Marijuana27945
2012-01-10CN BC: PUB LTE: Study Effects Of Marijuana8220
2012-01-10CN BC: LTE: Study Effects Of Marijuana9215
2012-01-10CN QU: Column: False Positive Drug Test Hurts Prospective604102
2012-01-10CN BC: Ecstasy Toll Mounts In Western Canada56779
2012-01-10CN BC: B.C.'s HIV Strategy Heralded Worldwide, But Not In1835232
2012-01-10CN BC: LTE: Is Weed Indeed Really In Need?13733
2012-01-10CN BC: PUB LTE: Prohibitionists Losing Legal Debate21643
2012-01-10CN BC: PUB LTE: Marijuana Laws Harmful To Society14129
2012-01-10CN BC: PUB LTE: Evidence Shows Pot Has Medical Benefits24439
2012-01-10CN BC: 'White Team' Targets Drugs50276
2012-01-09CN ON: Police Chief To Give Pot A Sober Second Thought27839
2012-01-09CN AB: Column: Heroin Case Defines Harper's Style956135
2012-01-09CN BC: Group Wants Second Insite37853
2012-01-09Canada: Column: 1 In 20 Used Illicit Drugs In The Past Year895130
2012-01-09CN ON: Looking For An Answer61186
2012-01-09CN BC: Group Calls For Second Supervised Injection Site38055
2012-01-08CN BC: Editorial: Smoke Signal25331
2012-01-07CN SN: Three Face Banishment From Saskatchewan's Largest First55581
2012-01-07CN SN: Three Face Exile From First Nation54781
2012-01-07CN BC: PUB LTE: Just Legalize Drugs And See Benefits25233
2012-01-07CN BC: PUB LTE: Marijuana Fight Not Worth Costs17442
2012-01-06CN BC: Sechelt Explores Marijuana Zones26638
2012-01-06CN BC: Column: Making Cannabis Policy Work48664
2012-01-06CN BC: PUB LTE: Pot Has Medical Uses24333
2012-01-06CN ON: Police Tie Meth Addiction To Local Crime Rates844129
2012-01-06CN BC: Editorial: Not Just A Party Drug33252
2012-01-06CN BC: Column: Time To Look At Legalizing Pot51256
2012-01-06Canada: Column: Fixing Reserves An Inside Job898105
2012-01-06CN AB: PUB LTE: Futile5711
2012-01-06CN AB: Editorial: Residency Bylaw A Cry For Greater Safety On48859
2012-01-06CN BC: PUB LTE: Trade Issues11818
2012-01-06CN BC: PUB LTE: Theoretical Failure18727
2012-01-06CN BC: Column: Harper Is A Decentralizer When It Suits Him953129
2012-01-06CN AB: LTE: Apples And Oranges8914
2012-01-06CN BC: Pot-Shop Owner Denied His Drugs Seized by Police38755
2012-01-05CN ON: Signs Of Decline In Crystal Meth Use46364
2012-01-05CN BC: PUB LTE: God Created Marijuana18428
2012-01-05CN BC: Ecstasy Agony739114
2012-01-05CN BC: Editorial: A Matter Of Life And Death31352
2012-01-05CN BC: Judge Says No To Return Of Marijuana Seized From46068
2012-01-05CN BC: LTE: Smart Meters Will Catch Thieves25227
2012-01-05CN BC: PUB LTE: Health Officers Take Bold Step24544
2012-01-05CN BC: Health Officers Back Legal Marijuana26035
2012-01-05CN QU: PUB LTE: Safe-Injection Sites: What We Can Learn From5714
2012-01-05CN QU: PUB LTE: Safe-Injection Sites: What We Can Learn From31253
2012-01-05CN BC: Editorial: After Ecstasy, More Bad Drugs57972
2012-01-05CN BC: PUB LTE: The Need For Weed Is Real, Indeed30352
2012-01-04CN BC: Column: False Beauty A Deadly Adversary747109
2012-01-04CN BC: LTE: Smart Meters Will Nab Electricity Thieves15920
2012-01-04CN BC: LTE: Smart Meters Will Eliminate Grow-Ops11719
2012-01-04CN BC: LTE: Smart Meter Investment Worth The Cost25631
2012-01-04CN AB: PUB LTE: Legalize Drugs17328
2012-01-04CN NK: Taxpayers Must Pay For Drug Suspect's Defence51388
2012-01-04CN AB: Alberta First Nation Votes To Give Band Power To Evict64983
2012-01-04CN NK: Taxpayers Must Pay For Drug Suspect's Defence50785
2012-01-04CN BC: Column: Ideology Can Lead To Irrationality57383
2012-01-04CN BC: PUB LTE: Canada's Drug Policy Out Of Touch With Times42453
2012-01-04CN BC: Editorial: Crack-Pipe Solution Misses Big Question29240
2012-01-04CN BC: BC A Hotbed For Ecstasy Production65990
2012-01-04Canada: Liberals To Debate Dumping Monarchy And Legalizing Pot55787
2012-01-04Canada: $600k Bid To Close Injection Site47867
2012-01-04Canada: Grits Put Monarchy On Table60394
2012-01-04CN BC: BC Key Source For Ecstasy Exports To US63385
2012-01-03CN BC: Legalize And Tax Pot, Health Officers Urge33956
2012-01-03CN BC: APD Officer Cleared In Strip Search Complaint47864
2012-01-03CN BC: Making A Case For Smart Meters605101
2012-01-03CN BC: Ecstasy Fatalities Prompt Warnings76897
2012-01-03CN BC: Ecstasy Partier Near Death51589
2012-01-03CN AB: LTE: Up The Charges6413
2012-01-03CN AB: Extreme Drug Use Blamed In Deaths60093
2012-01-03CN BC: Another Ecstasy Overdose In Abbotsford38857
2012-01-01CN BC: PUB LTE: Citizens Need A Say On Marijuana13523
2011-12-31CN AB: Powerful Warning In Ecstasy Death903132
2011-12-31Canada: Jails Not Going To Pot, Says Minister46162
2011-12-31Canada: Crime Bill To Raise Concerns In 2012878122
2011-12-31Canada: Nicholson Braces For Wrath Over Crime Bill70594
2011-12-31CN BC: Free Pipes Distributed To Curb Disease44068
2011-12-31Canada: Minister Faces Rough Road With Crime Bill896124
2011-12-31Canada: Nicholson Braces For Wrath Over Controversial Crime58278
2011-12-31CN BC: Free Crack Pipes Given To Vancouver Addicts24930
2011-12-31Canada: Nicholson Braces For Wrath Over Controversial Crime62889
2011-12-30CN BC: LTE: Pleased With Smart Meters23240
2011-12-30CN AB: Ecstasy Deaths Spark Health Alert49272
2011-12-30Canada: Mounties Spending Hundreds of Thousands of Dollars on860133
2011-12-30CN BC: Health Officers Back Legal Pot32853
2011-12-30CN QU: LTE: Safe-Injection Sites: Yes or No?41451
2011-12-30Canada: RCMP Drug Training Goes to U.S.48372
2011-12-30CN QU: PUB LTE: Safe-Injection sites: Yes Or No?19229
2011-12-30Canada: RCMP to Spend Thousands on U.S. Training Program37651
2011-12-30CN QU: LTE: Safe-Injection Sites: Yes or No?20127
2011-12-30CN BC: PUB LTE: Case For Drugs?9018
2011-12-30CN BC: PUB LTE: End Drug Ban7717
2011-12-30CN BC: Addicts Get Free Crackpipe Supply24337
2011-12-30Canada: Rcmp Spending Thousands On US Training52975
2011-12-30Canada: RCMP Plan To Spend Hundreds Of Thousands On Us28736
2011-12-30CN BC: LTE: Smart Meters Will Help Reduce Hydro Theft23631
2011-12-30Canada: RCMP Takes Drug-Training To Us44969
2011-12-29CN AB: Column: Going Soft On Drug Use The Wrong Tack To Sail52672
2011-12-29CN BC: Editorial: It's Time To Talk Pot51777
2011-12-29CN BC: LTE: Smart Meters Will Suppress Electricity Theft23434
2011-12-29CN BC: Judge Shortage Thwarts Creston Convictions22330
2011-12-29CN BC: Bursary In Name Of Teen Who Died Of Overdose53598
2011-12-29CN BC: LTE: Stop The Inexcusable Reefer Madness19736
2011-12-29CN BC: LTE: Smart Meters A Good Investment23237
2011-12-29CN BC: LTE: Smart Meters Will Help Reduce Hydro Theft23631
2011-12-29CN BC: Treat Pot Sales Like Alcohol: Martiquet57683
2011-12-29CN QU: Column: Injection Sites Our Moral Imperative71891
2011-12-29CN AB: Editorial: Steep Drug Toll22734
2011-12-29CN BC: PUB LTE: Legal Pot10423
2011-12-29CN BC: PUB LTE: Pot Prohibition Must Be Lifted7820
2011-12-28CN BC: Editorial: It's Time To Step Up Anti-Drug Campaign26144
2011-12-27CN BC: LTE: Medical Marijuana Government Approved Madness19333
2011-12-27CN BC: PUB LTE: Why Are They Blind To Facts About Pot?22636
2011-12-27CN ON: Are You Buying A Grow-Op?47766
2011-12-27CN BC: Strip-Search Complaint Dismissed36853
2011-12-27CN BC: Growers Warned Of Violent Attacks33551
2011-12-26CN BC: PUB LTE: Marijuana Prohibition Doesn't Make Sense15125
2011-12-26CN BC: Victim's Kin Warn About Ecstasy Pill43358
2011-12-26CN BC: Editorial: Legalizing Pot Not That Easy21232
2011-12-24CN BC: Northern Politicians Sounded Out On Pot1186143
2011-12-24CN BC: LTE: Trustee Opened Up A Marijuana Dialogue25334
2011-12-24CN SN: Anti-Drug-Den law Could Face Hurdle In Court36654
2011-12-23CN BC: Crack-Pipe Program To Track Users29248
2011-12-23CN BC: Health Officers Among Groups Calling For Legalized Pot57180
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News (Media Awareness Project)