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News (Media Awareness Project)
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2011-12-20US FL: Site Where Officer Shot A Drug Haven1105139
2011-12-20US CO: PUB LTE: D.A.R.E.'s Scare Tactics The Wrong Message21325
2011-12-20US: Latin American Leaders Assail US Drug 'Market'1123146
2011-12-20US CA: Fairfax Medical Marijuana Dispensary Closes and Vacates70488
2011-12-20US: Survey Finds Cocaine Use Down Sharply in US51775
2011-12-19US MI: Undercover Police Bought Marijuana From Jackson39859
2011-12-19US CA: Medical Marijuana Advocates Unveil Ballot Measure682101
2011-12-19US TX: Officers Fired For Failing Drug Test32257
2011-12-19CN ON: Toronto Police Say They Seized Items From Hamilton43657
2011-12-19Canada: Tory Crime Bill To Put Pressure On Courts50171
2011-12-19US FL: Miramar Cop Guilty Of Official Misconduct56386
2011-12-19UK: 150 Years In Prison: 83 Dealers Off The Streets In40368
2011-12-19Italy: Illegal Drugs Can Be Detected In The Air - And Could23436
2011-12-19UK: Sniffer Dogs To Join Christmas Police Patrols In Hull City29748
2011-12-19US CO: Marijuana Dispensaries Brace For Crackdown58586
2011-12-19US MA: PUB LTE: Pain Relief for Sick Is a Case of Quality of16932
2011-12-19US NM: Editorial: Will Medical Pot Unit Blow The Secrecy Away?37665
2011-12-19CN BC: PUB LTE: Keep The Marijuana Issue Simple16524
2011-12-19Canada: OPED: We Can't Afford A War On Weed847105
2011-12-19US MA: LTE: Medicine Should Be Determined in the Lab, Not the20630
2011-12-19Australia: Ban On Synthetic Cannabis Kronic Fails44386
2011-12-18US TX: Column: Prison Gangs Enforce Brutal Reign1136193
2011-12-18US WA: Column: President Obama's Puzzling Silence on Marijuana75592
2011-12-18CN ON: Police Bust Down Wrong Door In Botched Raid41360
2011-12-18US NY: PUB LTE: When Marijuana Is Used As Medicine19232
2011-12-18US NY: PUB LTE: When Marijuana Is Used As Medicine12320
2011-12-18US NY: PUB LTE: When Marijuana Is Used As Medicine21434
2011-12-18US NY: PUB LTE: When Marijuana Is Used As Medicine9319
2011-12-18US NY: PUB LTE: When Marijuana Is Used As Medicine13922
2011-12-18US NY: LTE: When Marijuana Is Used As Medicine15931
2011-12-18US NY: LTE: When Marijuana Is Used As Medicine23243
2011-12-18US NY: LTE: When Marijuana Is Used As Medicine20432
2011-12-18US NY: PUB LTE: When Marijuana Is Used As Medicine15429
2011-12-18New Zealand: Crimestoppers Phone Line Guarantees Anonymity28351
2011-12-18New Zealand: Kronic Problem No Longer Chronic49378
2011-12-18US CO: PUB LTE: God's Approval8818
2011-12-18US MI: Editorial: Bay City Attorney's Broadside On Bayanet58192
2011-12-18Malta: Pro-Cannabis Demonstrators Call For Decriminalisation1023134
2011-12-18US CA: Coachella Council Members Apologize For Mulling Medical694118
2011-12-18US OR: Legalize Pot: It'll Dry Up Drug Cartels' Market, Save811107
2011-12-18US CO: Editorial: Making Medical Marijuana Legit43663
2011-12-18US CO: Prison Black Market A Steal: Correctional Officers Get56985
2011-12-18US CO: Medical-Pot Lawsuit Tossed Out24441
2011-12-18Australia: Column: Children Are Growing Up In An Increasingly760110
2011-12-17CN ON: We Got The Wrong Address: Toronto Cops67999
2011-12-17US CA: Medical Marijuana Adds Crimp to Liver Transplant945126
2011-12-17US CA: PUB LTE: Prohibition Will Still Fail24326
2011-12-17US NY: PUB LTE: Legalizing Pot Helps With Control12026
2011-12-17Australia: Capital Addicts Get Help At Home49971
2011-12-17CN ON: Sweet Boost For Dare35054
2011-12-17US CO: PUB LTE: Stay Close To Your Teens58569
2011-12-17US CO: First Breck Pot Shop Gets New License9016
2011-12-17US CO: Vets See More Dogs Snarfing Humans' Medical Pot39568
2011-12-17US CA: City Of Shasta Lake May Ban Pot Dispensaries46582
2011-12-17US MA: Bold Coalition Of Fall River Looks To Reverse Trends47564
2011-12-17US MA: National Survey Finds Pot Use On The Rise Among Fall61179
2011-12-17CN BC: Drugs Could Be Crime Story Of 201145256
2011-12-17CN BC: Column: Marijuana Prohibition A Bizarre, Expensive61489
2011-12-17US CO: Colorado Pot Legalization Petition Nearing End720103
2011-12-17Canada: Ottawa To Tighten Rules On Medical Marijuana29437
2011-12-17CN QU: Safe Injection Site Plan Is Scientifically Sound:58876
2011-12-17Canada: Feds To Tighten Rules On Medical Pot44563
2011-12-17CN QU: Injection Sites Given Green Light55782
2011-12-17Canada: Medical Marijuana Gets Review54576
2011-12-17Canada: Minister To Tighten Rules On Medical Marijuana60486
2011-12-17Canada: Ottawa To Tighten Rules On Medical Pot26241
2011-12-17Canada: Feds Say Time For Medical Pot Review34548
2011-12-17Canada: Licensing Open To Abuse: Ottawa40667
2011-12-17Canada: Feds To Tighten Medical Pot Rules26539
2011-12-17US CO: PUB LTE: Substance Abuse A Valid Topic In Summit County25034
2011-12-16CN BC: PUB LTE: Prohibition Doesn't Work8617
2011-12-16US CO: Editorial: Medical Marijuana License Delay Hurts True25940
2011-12-16US: Editorial: Why Teens Need To Know Risks Of Marijuana54674
2011-12-16US: 'Ecstasy' May Cause Long-Term Changes In Brain Chemistry759103
2011-12-16US MT: Three Men Get 1-Year Sentences For Medical Marijuana991121
2011-12-16Australia: Police Defend Use Of Sniffer Dogs27650
2011-12-16Canada: Prisoners' Move to Canada Should Be OK'd, Court Rules54770
2011-12-16US CO: PUB LTE: Paraprofessionals Should Be Able To Prescribe14524
2011-12-16CN BC: Column: Should Canada - Pass The Cheetos - Legalize733100
2011-12-16US WI: Preventing Drug Use By Children A Community Effort920131
2011-12-16US WA: PUB LTE: Farmers Victim Of 'War On Drugs'17232
2011-12-16CN AB: Bong Shop Permit Revoked57886
2011-12-16CN QU: OPED: Canada Needs A Medical-Marijuana Policy That Puts60791
2011-12-16Canada: Poor Quality Legal Pot Drives Sufferers To The Streets1416199
2011-12-16US NY: Following Drug-Related Arrest, Highway Superintendent's34048
2011-12-16US CO: Denver Sergeant Says He Was Told To Destroy Evidence In38357
2011-12-16CN BC: PUB LTE: MP Says Tory Government Has No Plans To52179
2011-12-16US CO: Boulder Jury Convicts Marijuana Activist Of29042
2011-12-16US FL: Undercover Drug Sting Continues With More Student58780
2011-12-16CN ON: PUB LTE: God Created Cannabis For Use12325
2011-12-16US CA: Editorial: Confronting Teen Drug Use53272
2011-12-16US CA: Pot Dispensary Ban Going Back to Butte Supervisors30747
2011-12-16US CA: Redding Medical Marijuana Advocate Benno Loses37962
2011-12-15US NJ: Upper Freehold Adopts Ordinance Against Growing Medical43866
2011-12-15US: Survey: More Teens Using Synthetic Drugs49171
2011-12-15US MT: Jason Christ Fights '11 Medical Pot Law76797
2011-12-15US MT: Havre Med Pot Provider Faces Oregon Charges35948
2011-12-15Australia: Finding Pot At End Of The Rainbow1428171
2011-12-15CN BC: Editorial: Allowing Criminals To Benefit28740
2011-12-15CN ON: Fire Department Gets Its Man35856
2011-12-15US AZ: PUB LTE: Medical Marijuana Can Be A Lifesaver -9119
2011-12-15Canada: Pot Prescription Raises Former Soldier From '' the970138
2011-12-15US TX: PUB LTE: War On Drugs12526
2011-12-15US AZ: Brewer Sides With Feds In Pot Lawsuit35352
2011-12-15US TX: PUB LTE: Drug War Is The Problem15821
2011-12-15US OR: PUB LTE: Boo Is Devine19026
2011-12-15US AZ: Ganja Gifts,there Are Indeed Local Businesses Where You58478
2011-12-15US: Experts: Teen Use Of Pot On The Rise55067
2011-12-15US CO: Column: Use, Abuse And Mixed Messages71872
2011-12-15US MT: Attorney: Feds Inconsistent on Medical Pot76894
2011-12-15US WA: Lawsuit Filed Over Seattle's Medical-Marijuana25438
2011-12-15US AZ: Brewer Opposing Marijuana Dispensary Provision54675
2011-12-15US: More Teens Say No to Tobacco, Yes to Pot61073
2011-12-15US CA: Cannabis, Opiates Team Up16922
2011-12-15South Africa: Column: Lessons From Drug Busts1083147
2011-12-14CN BC: PUB LTE: Conservatives Support Drug Trafficking21340
2011-12-14US ID: OPED: Students Deserve Honest Debate Over Drug Use54958
2011-12-14US WA: PUB LTE: K-9 Sweeps: 'Are Our Kids Really In Such28435
2011-12-14US WA: PUB LTE: Reclassifying Marijuana8516
2011-12-14Canada: Huge Price Tag For Provinces Attached To Crime Bill63083
2011-12-14Canada: 60 Charged In Four Provinces After Raid On Gangs24936
2011-12-14US CO: Editorial: Making Medical Marijuana Legit42060
2011-12-14US WA: Editorial: A Better Way to Make Paper42356
2011-12-14US CO: County Commissioners Vote on Rules for Medical Pot40358
2011-12-14US CA: Riverside County OKs Action Against Medical38461
2011-12-14CN ON: Long-Term Impact Of Safe Streets Act May Be A Surprise1830261
2011-12-14US WI: Column: Marijuana's Risks Are High For Pro Athletes64494
2011-12-14CN BC: LTE: More Study Needed On Effects Of Marijuana23336
2011-12-14South Africa: Editorial: She Should Not Have Died28241
2011-12-14CN BC: The Agony Of Ecstasy And The Making Of A Law795100
2011-12-14US AZ: PUB LTE: Medical-Marijuana Fees Are Extortion Money7014
2011-12-14CN BC: Neighbours Want Pitt Medical Grow Gone923136
2011-12-14US CO: Fed Med Marijuana Crackdown May Come To Colorado44761
2011-12-14CN BC: PUB LTE: Conservative Government Shields Marijuana21841
2011-12-14US MI: Column: Gingrich Flip-Flops On Pot1064130
2011-12-14US TX: Drug Testing For DISD Athletes Is Approved54382
2011-12-14US CA: Marysville Workshop On Pot Ordinance: 'Mend It, Don't48374
2011-12-14US CA: PUB LTE: Fuzzy Ideas On Marijuana18435
2011-12-14US CA: Yuba City Workshop On Growing Medical Pot: Packed And48073
2011-12-14CN ON: Getting Ruff On Drugs576109
2011-12-14CN MB: Medicinal Marijuana Licence Lost In The Mail24540
2011-12-14Canada: Cross-Country Raid Produces 300 Charges53283
2011-12-14Canada: An Uncontrolled Substance?1196173
2011-12-14CN AB: Editorial: Marijuana As Medicine A Complex Issue64175
2011-12-14Canada: Legal Marijuana Grow-Ops A Magnet For Crime, Officials1364173
2011-12-14US CA: LTE: Dispense Pot In Pharmacies11221
2011-12-14US CA: Editorial: Nasty Outbursts Do Nothing For Marijuana36451
2011-12-14US CO: Medical-Marijuana Case Against Aurora Doctor Dismissed41264
2011-12-14US CO: PUB LTE: Column A Disgrace13521
2011-12-14US CO: PUB LTE: Column Sensationalized Drug Use At SHS28338
2011-12-14US NY: LTE: Invitation to a Dialogue: Medical Marijuana25844
2011-12-14US CO: LTE: Drug And Alcohol Use A Problem At SHS31532
2011-12-14South Africa: Editorial: Death Penalty31945
2011-12-13US IL: Blue Ridge Schools Eyeing Random Drug Tests For Students25637
2011-12-13Canada: Blogging Cop Conjures Up The Smell And Taste Of Misery1276156
2011-12-13Canada: Pre-Dawn Raids Close Net On National Street Gang Ring44672
2011-12-13CN BC: Column: Marijuana As Afghanistan And The Stupidity Of62289
2011-12-13CN BC: PUB LTE: Education, Enlightenment Cut Crime47364
2011-12-13US MT: Jason Christ Fights 2011 Montana Medical Pot Law707100
2011-12-13US TX: Gulf Cartel Members Guilty For Giving False Statements35559
2011-12-13US WA: Editorial: Kudos For Medical Marijuana Rules30150
2011-12-13Canada: 'Comic Book' Gang Raids Nab 60 People Across The32351
2011-12-13CN BC: PUB LTE: War On Pot Is Already Lost7916
2011-12-13US KS: LTE: Against Marijuana26339
2011-12-13US CA: Shasta County Bans Pot Dispensaries; Board Also Passes704115
2011-12-13US CA: County Supervisors Support Lifting Of Fed Marijuana54468
2011-12-13Canada: Debate Rages On Drug's Benefits1525239
2011-12-13US OR: Drug Cartels Leave A Scarred Forest Legacy816139
2011-12-13US FL: Schools Crack Down On Spice36751
2011-12-13US CA: US Border Patrol Stops More Drugs This Year45173
2011-12-13US AZ: Court To Horne: We Don't Give Legal Advice655101
2011-12-13US CA: PUB LTE: No Needless Pot Laws, No Unnecessary Drug Crime12421
2011-12-13US CA: LTE: Good Riddance To Pot Shops10316
2011-12-13US WA: Editorial: Governors' Right To Fight For Medical50970
2011-12-13CN BC: Sunshine Coast Has Gone To Pot635104
2011-12-13CN BC: PUB LTE: Think Of The Children!22541
2011-12-13South Africa: Editorial: Merciless China18327
2011-12-13South Africa: Drug Woman's Sister Talks81198
2011-12-12US TX: Unmanned US-Mexico Border Crossing Slated For Small1117154
2011-12-12Canada: Municipal Politicians Fight Abuse Of Growing Licences928126
2011-12-12Canada: Pot Lifts Soldier From Rock Bottom55985
2011-12-12Canada: Personalizing Prescriptions1139173
2011-12-12Canada: Helpful Or Harmful: That Is The Question1482219
2011-12-12Canada: Explosion In Claims Of Severe Arthritis1217191
2011-12-12US OH: More Suppliers Busted In Bath Salts Crackdown806122
2011-12-12US NJ: Column: The Needle Exchange Debate74595
2011-12-12US CO: Edu: Heroin Deaths In Fort Collins Inspire A Need For962133
2011-12-12US AZ: West Valley Schools Eye Outgrowth Of Medical Pot837149
2011-12-12Canada: Medical Marijuana Shows Promise For Pain1009172
2011-12-12Canada: Is There A Future For Medical Marijuana?1207199
2011-12-12CN AB: Teenagers Aren't The Only Ones Popping Ecstasy Pills751116
2011-12-12CN AB: Gangs Resilient Despite Jailings933146
2011-12-12US CA: Peninsula Marijuana Growers Being Weeded Out, But1248224
2011-12-12US CA: PUB LTE: Drug Testing Questioned21034
2011-12-12US CA: California Medical Pot Growers See Bright Spot In30648
2011-12-12US WA: New State Law Leaves Patients In Pain2355346
2011-12-12Mexico: The Cartel Connection1031159
2011-12-12US: Column: The Government's Marijuana Problem66393
2011-12-12CN PI: Needle Exchange Usage Increases39160
2011-12-12US FL: PUB LTE: Cancer Patients Denied Needed Pain Treatment24332
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News (Media Awareness Project)