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News (Media Awareness Project)
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2011-12-29CN AB: Editorial: Steep Drug Toll22734
2011-12-29US NY: PUB LTE: The Jury's Duty When The Law Is Unfair20429
2011-12-29US NY: LTE: The Jury's Duty When The Law Is Unfair9119
2011-12-29US CA: Column: 2011 Wrap-Up736106
2011-12-29US CA: 'SLO 12' Hits Bittersweet Milestone31845
2011-12-29CN BC: PUB LTE: Legal Pot10423
2011-12-29US NV: PUB LTE: End Pot Prohibition9321
2011-12-29US NV: PUB LTE: Pot's Safer To Abuse12824
2011-12-29US NV: PUB LTE: Presidential Payroll10120
2011-12-29US NE: LTE: Don't Legalize Marijuana18831
2011-12-29US ME: Opening Near For Pot Clinic54488
2011-12-29US NJ: Town Rules Out Medical Marijuana Farming53089
2011-12-29CN BC: PUB LTE: Pot Prohibition Must Be Lifted7820
2011-12-29US CA: Mendocino Medicinal Pot User Fights Texas Extradition60594
2011-12-29US CA: OPED: The Courage of Compassion52376
2011-12-29US CA: Editorial: Black-Market Earnings24032
2011-12-29US CA: Pair Vows to Fight Live Oak's Medical Pot Ban42663
2011-12-29US MA: PUB LTE: Prohibition Still Fails12216
2011-12-29US CA: Future Hazy for Medical Marijuana884131
2011-12-29US MI: Vague Medical Marijuana Law Led To Confusion, Arrests42667
2011-12-29US CO: Column: Cannabiz: Legalization Vote Looms37462
2011-12-29US NJ: Howell Council Moves To Ban Local Pot Farms41967
2011-12-29New Zealand: Drug Treatment Options Lacking1109166
2011-12-28US CA: OPED: Without Dispensaries, Those Who Need Medical56566
2011-12-28US ME: Editorial: Medical Pot Hangout Not What Voters Ordered34046
2011-12-28US CA: OPED: A Student's Take On Suspended Teacher59883
2011-12-28US MT: Study: States That Legalized Medical Pot See Decrease49175
2011-12-28US: Johnson Says He's Leaving GOP For Libertarians22234
2011-12-28US CO: Pot Backers Could Get Question On 2012 Ballot55582
2011-12-28US CA: Shasta County medical marijuana debate: Pot Cultivation592105
2011-12-28US CO: Colorado Asks DEA To Reclassify Marijuana26137
2011-12-28US ME: Editorial: Pot Dispensary A Pharmacy, Not A Social33347
2011-12-28US MI: Candidates Looking To Replace Recalled State Rep Paul29255
2011-12-28Nepal: OPED: Tackling Drug Abuse40248
2011-12-28US CA: County Demands Two Marijuana Dispensaries Cease46176
2011-12-28US CA: Action Taken Against Medical Marijuana Dispensaries42062
2011-12-28CN BC: Editorial: It's Time To Step Up Anti-Drug Campaign26144
2011-12-28US HI: PUB LTE: Forests Vs Marijuana26141
2011-12-28US LA: Coroner: Suspect Choked To Death49475
2011-12-28US MA: PUB LTE: Strategy Working5312
2011-12-28US WA: Medical Pot Fight In Lacey899132
2011-12-28US CO: PUB LTE: Keep The Business Going20631
2011-12-28US RI: Fox Wants Action on Dispensaries42962
2011-12-28US NJ: OPED: Upper Freehold's Plan to Bad Medical Marijuana830100
2011-12-28US MD: OPED: Just Say No to Marijuana Convictions70476
2011-12-28US MI: Column: War on the War on Drugs1235141
2011-12-28US ME: Editorial: Pot Dispensary a Pharmacy, Not a Social35845
2011-12-28US WA: PUB LTE: Fight to Keep Drug Illegal Is True Gateway to18129
2011-12-28US WA: Editorial: I-502 Offers Smart Path to Marijuana49562
2011-12-27US: Meth Hype Could Undermine Good Medicine Meth853116
2011-12-27US CT: Ledyard Student Survey Tracks Use Of Pot, Alcohol55376
2011-12-27US CA: Pot a Growing Dilemma in County: No 6 Story in 201166889
2011-12-27US ME: Medical Marijuana Dispensary To Have 'Vapor Lounge'55887
2011-12-27US CA: Indoor Grow Shops Taking Root40567
2011-12-27US CA: Rally Held Against Handling Of Cases In Marijuana Busts43371
2011-12-27CN BC: LTE: Medical Marijuana Government Approved Madness19333
2011-12-27CN BC: PUB LTE: Why Are They Blind To Facts About Pot?22636
2011-12-27US MI: PUB LTE: Protect, Don't Harass, Medical Marijuana309
2011-12-27US WA: LTE: Medical Pot Plan Too Inclusive17525
2011-12-27US MI: PUB LTE: War On Drugs Won't Solve Crime Problem17027
2011-12-27CN ON: Are You Buying A Grow-Op?47766
2011-12-27US ME: DHHS Decries California-Style Pot Dispensary60285
2011-12-27CN BC: Strip-Search Complaint Dismissed36853
2011-12-27CN BC: Growers Warned Of Violent Attacks33551
2011-12-27US FL: Column: Marijuana Still Illegal, And We're Still Stupid85099
2011-12-27US VA: Editorial: Time To Change Drug Strategy37849
2011-12-27US WA: Marijuana Schism1375194
2011-12-27US CA: Supreme Court To Consider Marijuana Dispensary Ruling8611
2011-12-27US CA: Editorial: Clarify Laws on Pot As Medicine52569
2011-12-27US MA: Editorial: Generation Up In Smoke?23332
2011-12-26US: DOD Seeks New Test To Bust Spice Users58474
2011-12-26US MI: PUB LTE: Bayanet Is A Horrific Waste Of Money13523
2011-12-26CN BC: PUB LTE: Marijuana Prohibition Doesn't Make Sense15125
2011-12-26US DC: D.C. to Tap Growers of Medical Marijuana58074
2011-12-26India: Addict-Felon Turns Role Model, Thanks To De-Addiction52277
2011-12-26US CA: Pot Clubs Turning to Delivery747115
2011-12-26UK: Briton Jailed For Drug Offences In Philippines Pardoned45063
2011-12-26UK: Drug Smuggler Pardoned After 20 Years In Jail55978
2011-12-26Iran: Heads Of 3 Branches Of Govt Decide To Intensify Drug War10518
2011-12-26UK: Police Swoop On Stunned Couple After Sniffer Dog Mistakes46180
2011-12-26US MT: Stevensville Marijuana Growers Facing Felony Charges56382
2011-12-26CN BC: Victim's Kin Warn About Ecstasy Pill43358
2011-12-26US AZ: Clinic Helps Medical-Pot Seekers58392
2011-12-26CN BC: Editorial: Legalizing Pot Not That Easy21232
2011-12-26US NE: PUB LTE: Don't Be Afraid To Sign26433
2011-12-26US CA: Napa's Pot Ordinance Was A Bust41261
2011-12-26US PA: D.A.R.E. Program Effective Despite Downsizing50281
2011-12-25US FL: Collier Remains Committed To Dare Program While Others1094169
2011-12-25US ME: Marijuana Dispensary Will Also Feature Social Amenities56988
2011-12-25US WA: Editorial: On Marijuana Legalization, A Promising Year42062
2011-12-25US CA: Vets Confounded By Dueling Medical Marijuana Rules1022143
2011-12-25US CA: LTE: 'No Drugs, No Problem'20826
2011-12-25US MI: PUB LTE: Drug Abuse Is Bad, but the Drug War Is21426
2011-12-25US FL: Former Flagler Addict's Actions A Positive Sign44780
2011-12-24CN BC: Northern Politicians Sounded Out On Pot1186143
2011-12-24CN BC: LTE: Trustee Opened Up A Marijuana Dialogue25334
2011-12-24CN SN: Anti-Drug-Den law Could Face Hurdle In Court36654
2011-12-24US MD: High-Grade Pot More Prevalent644106
2011-12-24US MI: State Looks To Place Ban On Synthetic Marijuana859121
2011-12-24US FL: Surveillance Of Largo Hydroponic Supply Shop Ends, But817125
2011-12-24US CA: PUB LTE: Reserve The Right To Self-Medicate8114
2011-12-24US CA: LTE: Get Real: Most Just Want To Get Stoned18925
2011-12-24US TN: PUB LTE: State Senators Should Be Tested10521
2011-12-24US CA: PUB LTE: Marijuana: Medical, Or Not?17425
2011-12-24US CA: OPED: Heed Cannabis Science, Not Legal Threats43648
2011-12-23CN BC: Crack-Pipe Program To Track Users29248
2011-12-23CN BC: Health Officers Among Groups Calling For Legalized Pot57180
2011-12-23CN BC: PUB LTE: Column Was 'appalling'22033
2011-12-23CN BC: Decriminalization Of Marijuana Called For44757
2011-12-23US AZ: Sting Leads To 203 Arrests, $20m In Drugs, Cash52877
2011-12-23US MI: PUB LTE: Repeal Of Marijuana Prohibition68795
2011-12-23US CA: Column: Marijuana - The Joke's On Us68389
2011-12-23US WA: OPED: Rise Above The 'Opioid Wars' To Manage Chronic57174
2011-12-23CN BC: B.C. Health Officials Endorse Cannabis Legalization Report26445
2011-12-23US MI: OPED: Medical Marijuana In Michigan Is An Utter Mess49760
2011-12-23US ME: Editorial: Last-Minute Clinic Moratorium Is46561
2011-12-23US CA: Hayward Pot Bust Funds Police Departments' Gear35352
2011-12-23US MI: Some Medical Marijuana Sales Can Resume At Chesterfield49580
2011-12-23CN BC: Column: BackChat36065
2011-12-23CN BC: Mission RCMP Warns Marijuana Growers Of Targeted37551
2011-12-23US CA: PUB LTE: Marijuana One of the Safest Ways to6511
2011-12-23US CA: Editorial: Ag Harris Wise To Seek Clarity On Medical18024
2011-12-23US CA: Signatures Submitted for Only One Pot Initiative27341
2011-12-23US CO: PUB LTE: 'For-Profit' Pot Clinic Simply Is16227
2011-12-22US CA: County Working Slowly On Regs For Personal Pot596103
2011-12-22CN NK: Methadone Benefits To Be Cut70596
2011-12-22US OR: Pendleton Needle Program Aims To Prevent Disease817129
2011-12-22CN BC: Plenty Of Prominent Pot Supporters In B.C.23229
2011-12-22CN BC: Health Officials Back Pot64183
2011-12-22US CA: Editorial: AG Harris Wise To Seek Clarity On Medical16425
2011-12-22US MT: Marijuana Provider's Sentence Suspended20737
2011-12-22US AK: Stirring The Pot Laws1011130
2011-12-22US CA: County Working Slowly On Regs For Personal Pot597102
2011-12-22US MI: Hearing Adjourned For Trio Charged With Selling25937
2011-12-22US CA: Live Oak Finalizes Ban On Growing Marijuana51580
2011-12-22US NY: Lowering The Price Of Hard Drugs Will Reduce Crime30948
2011-12-22US NY: City Council's Pot Bill Calls On State To 'Legalize It'1036122
2011-12-22CN BC: Weed War Up In Smoke39652
2011-12-22CN BC: British Columbians Take The High Road28839
2011-12-22CN BC: PUB LTE: Crime Bill Takes Wrong Approach13127
2011-12-22CN BC: Judge Rules That Police Exceeded Powers42356
2011-12-22CN BC: PUB LTE: Legalizing Cannabis Would Solve Problems27345
2011-12-22CN BC: MP Avoids Crime Bill Public Forum53985
2011-12-22CN BC: PUB LTE: Bill Targets Medicinal Cannabis Users26346
2011-12-22CN AB: PUB LTE: Don't Judge Those In Pain22534
2011-12-22CN SN: PUB LTE: Sickening Change23548
2011-12-22CN BC: Abbotsford Police Home Search Ruled 'Misuse Of Powers'60874
2011-12-22CN BC: Grow Rip No Excuse For Pot Probe, Judge Rules33841
2011-12-22CN BC: Coalition Pushes For Pot To Be Regulated27142
2011-12-22US CA: Editorial: Ban On Illegal Marijuana Providers Must Be26043
2011-12-22CN BC: Police Went Too Far In Medical Pot Probe: Judge27035
2011-12-22CN BC: BC Medical Group Urges Legalization Of Marijuana37047
2011-12-22US NV: Editorial: Is Obama In Control?50562
2011-12-22US CA: PUB LTE: A Simple Proposition13925
2011-12-22US CA: Editorial: City Follows Sensible Path On Collectives36350
2011-12-22US CO: Summit County Pot Shops Fairly Calm As Fed Crackdown56282
2011-12-22US AZ: PUB LTE: Close the 'Gateway' By Regulating Marijuana14119
2011-12-22US AZ: Column: Gov. Jan's Case Against Medical Marijuana May69487
2011-12-22US FL: Editorial: Another Hero Dies For His Community45565
2011-12-22Mexico: Latin American Leaders Assail Us Drug 'market'40054
2011-12-22US CA: Editorial: Not Dying In Vain41053
2011-12-22US CA: Dogs Sniff Out Pot In WHS Teacher's Car53385
2011-12-21CN ON: Licensed To Legally Toke, Medical Marijuana Patients1116175
2011-12-21US GA: Brunswick Judge Facing Charges To Step Down From Bench59474
2011-12-21US MA: OPED: Clean Needles Healthy For All30645
2011-12-21CN ON: PUB LTE: No Evidence Marijuana Has Ever Killed Anyone5716
2011-12-21US MI: Council Extends By Six Months Its Medical Pot Ban25845
2011-12-21US CA: Shasta Lake Doesn't Ban Pot; Dispensaries Get Council44874
2011-12-21US WA: Marysville City Council Extends Marijuana Moratorium57069
2011-12-21CN AB: PUB LTE: No Evidence Marijuana Has Ever Killed Anyone5716
2011-12-21CN QU: PUB LTE: No Evidence Marijuana Has Ever Killed Anyone5716
2011-12-21US MN: Hockey Bags Full Of Pot At Anoka County Airport Lead To654100
2011-12-21US IN: Women Found With Needles, Bottled Urine In Car22233
2011-12-21US IL: McCoy: Police Frame-Up Nets Wrong Cops788108
2011-12-21Canada: PUB LTE: Keep The War On Drugs Going12720
2011-12-21Canada: LTE: Keep The War On Drugs Going 214925
2011-12-21Canada: LTE: Keep The War On Drugs Going 121531
2011-12-21US CA: Sinaloa Cartel OK's Mexico's Newest Drug Ballads978146
2011-12-21US MS: Store Owner Jailed In Spice Bust15628
2011-12-21US TX: Hurd's Co-Conspirator Worked In Coppell45959
2011-12-21US MT: PUB LTE: Marijuana Restrictions Are Unreasonable7116
2011-12-21US WA: LTE: Marijuana Use By Hepatitis C Patients Could Be15721
2011-12-21US CO: LTE: Just Say No To For-Profit Pot Shops37756
2011-12-21US CT: PUB LTE: Many Mixed Messages About Marijuana Use21228
2011-12-21CN BC: PUB LTE: No Evidence Marijuana Has Ever Killed Anyone5815
2011-12-21US CA: Editorial: A Misdirected Effort to Legalize Med Pot22628
2011-12-21US MI: Column: Where the Movement Began1180132
2011-12-21US NY: OPED: Jurors Need To Know That They Can Say No85294
2011-12-20US CO: City Fixes Typo In Pot-Possession Rule18128
2011-12-20US CA: Recall Targets Three On Redding City Council; Medical55285
2011-12-20CN BC: PUB LTE: No Evidence Marijuana Has Ever Killed Anyone5716
2011-12-20US MT: Butte Trustees Table Proposal For Drug Testing Of Some26938
2011-12-20US MT: Trustees Table Drug Testing Proposal35254
2011-12-20Canada: PUB LTE: Keep The War On Drugs Going; Or Is Taxing It10017
2011-12-20US TX: Border Patrol Agent Fires Round At Alleged Drug20137
2011-12-20CN ON: Editorial: Grow Your Own28237
2011-12-20US MA: Student Drug Use On The Rise58594
2011-12-20US CA: Petaluma Maintains Ban On Pot Dispensaries56577
2011-12-20CN BC: PUB LTE: Saying No To Pot Isn't Working, Says Activist20028
2011-12-20Canada: OPED: Crime Bill Extinguishes Hope For Thousands Of Canadians810103
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News (Media Awareness Project)