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News (Media Awareness Project)
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2012-01-14US AZ: Brewer Relents On Pot Licenses67194
2012-01-14US AZ: For Cities Towns, Medical Marijuana Is Only A Zoning54969
2012-01-14US CA: Curbs Urged On Pot Dispensaries11315
2012-01-14US CO: Colorado Lawmaker To Resubmit Stoned-Driving Bill44662
2012-01-13CN AB: Editorial: Starting On The Path Of A Change45955
2012-01-13CN ON: Toronto Police Corruption Trial Finally Begins1109156
2012-01-13CN ON: Column: Tory Stubbornness56473
2012-01-13CN BC: Column: Alternatives For Cannabis Policy46157
2012-01-13CN BC: Ecstasy Warnings Continue44364
2012-01-13CN BC: Column: Few Will Drink To That Idea51264
2012-01-13CN BC: PUB LTE: Cocaine Seizures Are A Drop In The Bucket17526
2012-01-13CN BC: Editorial: This Is The Sensible Approach To Take25932
2012-01-13US CA: Another Marijuana Shop Challenges City's Ban48366
2012-01-13US CO: State Senator Plans To Reintroduce Bill To Stop Driving44561
2012-01-13CN AB: OPED: Time To Take Drug Growers' Power Theft Seriously973116
2012-01-13CN BC: 16 Ecstasy Deaths Probed In BC46467
2012-01-13CN BC: PUB LTE: Cocaine Seizures A Drop In The Bucket18329
2012-01-13CN BC: PUB LTE: Marijuana Use Safe Without Supervision14430
2012-01-13CN BC: PUB LTE: Policy On Marijuana Harmful And Ridiculous17732
2012-01-13CN BC: PUB LTE: Writer Misses Point Of Pot Legalization19835
2012-01-13CN BC: PUB LTE: Legalization Of Pot Good For Society34453
2012-01-13CN BC: LTE: Marijuana Arguments Need Less Emotion32151
2012-01-13US MI: Appeal Vowed In Case Of Ferndale Pot Clinic39464
2012-01-13US AZ: Edu: Safe Drug Use, College Experimentation And Krystle1121136
2012-01-13US IA: Column: We Are Humans, Not Lab Rats62395
2012-01-13US CT: Roraback Meets With Students At Gilbert School In70786
2012-01-13US CA: County Planners Back Dispensary Cap717126
2012-01-13US IL: PUB LTE: End Marijuana Prohibition10716
2012-01-13US MI: Resident Objects To City's Proposed Medical Marijuana831141
2012-01-13US OR: Justices Won't Hear Medical Marijuana Gun Case From57473
2012-01-13US CA: Pot Compromise Elusive In Yuba City50771
2012-01-13US MI: PUB LTE: To End Drug War, Just Legalize Marijuana15727
2012-01-13US CO: Closure Orders Sent to 23 Shops61286
2012-01-13US NJ: Editorial: Medical Marijuana / A Tough Road36460
2012-01-12US MI: PUB LTE: Controlled Substance3413
2012-01-12US MI: Judge Drops Case Against Ferndale Medical Marijuana49575
2012-01-12US MI: Michigan Supreme Court Hears Medical Pot Cases40255
2012-01-12US CO: LTE: What A Sorry Message22130
2012-01-12US NJ: PUB LTE: Time To Embrace Medical Marijuana Centers30243
2012-01-12CN BC: Merritt's Top Cop Accused Of Stealing And Using Cocaine25439
2012-01-12US TX: OPED: America 's Longest Ongoing War The 'Race' War On1798196
2012-01-12Mexico: Government Withheld Data From Public on Drug War802107
2012-01-12US CA: Pot Backers Short On Signatures41872
2012-01-12CN AB: Warnings Ramped Up Over Street Drug Spiked With Lethal68696
2012-01-12CN AB: Danger Failing To Hit Home With Calgary Teens752112
2012-01-12US ME: PUB LTE: Mayor Confident About Marijuana Dispensary22139
2012-01-12US CO: Fed Pot Crackdown Hits Colo Shops Near Schools711104
2012-01-12CN BC: Mountie Charged With Drug Theft28844
2012-01-12CN AB: Lethally Tainted Ecstasy Likely Behind Deaths46262
2012-01-12CN BC: Fatal Ecstasy Laced With Lethal Chemical54578
2012-01-12US TX: PUB LTE: Is The Drug War Worth Fighting?31545
2012-01-12CN BC: LTE: Slimming Club?5112
2012-01-12CN BC: LTE: Oh For The '50s7411
2012-01-12US CO: Fed Pot Crackdown Hits Colo Shops Near Schools59088
2012-01-12US CO: 2nd Marijuana Legalization Measure Proposed In CO10916
2012-01-12US CO: Feds: Colorado Medical-Marijuana Dispensaries Within31252
2012-01-12US CA: Column: Feds Threaten Mendocino Officials Over19630
2012-01-12US: Light Pot Smoking Dosen't Cause Lung Damage37649
2012-01-12CN BC: Saanich House Seized Years After Grow-Op Found23635
2012-01-12US VT: Vermont Marijuana Dispensaries Expected In Summer32346
2012-01-12US CA: US Attorney's Office Threatens Legal Action Over Pot42365
2012-01-12US OH: Group Seeks Second Medical-marijuana Issue For Ballot39564
2012-01-12US AZ: Column: A Savior Could Ease Man's Pain70297
2012-01-12US MA: Councilor Sees Need To Make Marijuana Penalty Harsher51882
2012-01-12US NE: LTE: No To Legalization23331
2012-01-12US CA: Feds Threatened End To Pot Permits47184
2012-01-12US CA: Are Dismissals Near For The Doobie Dozen?40560
2012-01-12US MI: Clinical Relief Medical Marijuana Cases Dismissed19034
2012-01-12US AZ: OPED: It's Time To Legalize All Drugs Except Meth61777
2012-01-12US AZ: Column: Name Game62183
2012-01-12US CA: Marijuana Proponents Switch Gears67090
2012-01-12US NV: No Toke Vote In '1212919
2012-01-12US CA: PUB LTE: Subisidizing Organized Crime12725
2012-01-11US CA: Santa Clara Vs Marijuana Part 1812103
2012-01-11US CA: Fresno Apartment Shooting That Killed 4 Linked To Meth64198
2012-01-11CN BC: Grand Crack Pipe Giveaway Drapes Downtown Eastside70389
2012-01-11CN BC: Merritt Rcmp Commander Charged With Cocaine Theft, Use35151
2012-01-11US: Cop Deaths Trigger A Review39374
2012-01-11US: Column: Ron Paul Is Lone GOP Voice On Unequal Justice47682
2012-01-11CN BC: Court Case Centres On Definition Of Drug Dealer58380
2012-01-11US MA: Baddour: No Welfare Benefits Without Drug Test649105
2012-01-11US MI: Lansing Marijuana Dispensary Owner Acquitted14727
2012-01-11US NY: New York Woman Charged After Cocaine Found In Baby's13119
2012-01-11CN BC: LTE: Insite Is Failing7116
2012-01-11CN QU: Coalition of Residents Fears 'No Man's Land' Of55679
2012-01-11US: Smoking Pot Could Aid Lung Capacity37653
2012-01-11US MI: PUB LTE: Green From Green8513
2012-01-11CN BC: PUB LTE: Anti-Ecstasy Proposals Make Things Worse21431
2012-01-11CN BC: Health Officers Endorse Regulation And Framework To66777
2012-01-11CN MB: Column: Legalize Pot But Get Over 'Harmless' Pipe Dream62275
2012-01-11US CA: County Pot Permits Not Suspended32250
2012-01-11US CA: Finding Common Ground902139
2012-01-11US OR: Supreme Court Refuses To Hear Gun-Pot Case59486
2012-01-11US CA: Medical Pot Growers Can Accept Plant Limit In Yuba City47461
2012-01-11US NJ: LTE: Marijuana Facility Location Is Inappropriate29844
2012-01-11US MI: Taking On Pols At The Polls1198137
2012-01-11US ME: Hallowell Pot Shop Open For Business801117
2012-01-11US ME: Dispensary Revealed To Public793116
2012-01-11US CO: Co-Ops Key To Industry's 'legitimacy'46565
2012-01-11US CA: Despite Ordinance Repeal, Marijuana Dispensaries Still52276
2012-01-11US CO: Summit County Extends Pot Moratorium49373
2012-01-11CN BC: PUB LTE: Response To Legal Marijuana Issue17128
2012-01-11US CA: Council To Vote On Medical Marijuana Ban59877
2012-01-11US AZ: Medical Marijuana Lawsuit Dismissed1123136
2012-01-11US WA: City's Medical Marijuana Garden Rules Strengthened739111
2012-01-11US MI: Tensions High In Hearing For Man Charged With Operating53369
2012-01-11CN BC: Health Officers Back Legal Marijuana27945
2012-01-11US: Study: Pot Doesn't Harm Lungs Like Tobacco Does21930
2012-01-11US CA: Pot Smoking Not So Harmful To Lungs, Study Finds773111
2012-01-10CN BC: PUB LTE: Study Effects Of Marijuana8220
2012-01-10CN BC: LTE: Study Effects Of Marijuana9215
2012-01-10US MS: Drug-related Charges Dismissed Against Former Coast67384
2012-01-10US CA: Commissioners Favor Indoor Medical Marijuana Farming46171
2012-01-10US MI: State Still Peddles Pot: Holland Area Dispensaries Have1003153
2012-01-10US CA: Monahan Supports Regulation Of City's Pot Collectives45064
2012-01-10US WA: Pot Ban To Remain In Sammamish40261
2012-01-10New Zealand: Editorial: Cannabis Policies Are Not Working But32448
2012-01-10CN QU: Column: False Positive Drug Test Hurts Prospective604102
2012-01-10US MD: PUB LTE: How Much Research On Marijuana Does The Sun38153
2012-01-10CN BC: Ecstasy Toll Mounts In Western Canada56779
2012-01-10CN BC: B.C.'s HIV Strategy Heralded Worldwide, But Not In1835232
2012-01-10CN BC: LTE: Is Weed Indeed Really In Need?13733
2012-01-10CN BC: PUB LTE: Prohibitionists Losing Legal Debate21643
2012-01-10CN BC: PUB LTE: Marijuana Laws Harmful To Society14129
2012-01-10CN BC: PUB LTE: Evidence Shows Pot Has Medical Benefits24439
2012-01-10CN BC: 'White Team' Targets Drugs50276
2012-01-10US NJ: Questions Remain On South Jersey Medical Marijuana57272
2012-01-10US MD: PUB LTE: Compassion For Those Who Need Medical Marijuana41044
2012-01-10US WA: OPED: We Can't Wait For Feds To Reform Marijuana Laws70587
2012-01-10US NY: OPED: Paying A Price, Long After The Crime882110
2012-01-10US CA: Yuba City Go Get Earful Tonight On Medical Pot51977
2012-01-10US CA: Mendocino County Suspends Pot Permit Program57980
2012-01-10US: As States OK Medical Pot, More Cities Veto It1037135
2012-01-09CN ON: Police Chief To Give Pot A Sober Second Thought27839
2012-01-09US DC: Medical Marijuana Approvals Clustered In Ward 554576
2012-01-09US CA: LTE: Medical Marijuana Mess16023
2012-01-09CN AB: Column: Heroin Case Defines Harper's Style956135
2012-01-09CN BC: Group Wants Second Insite37853
2012-01-09Canada: Column: 1 In 20 Used Illicit Drugs In The Past Year895130
2012-01-09CN ON: Looking For An Answer61186
2012-01-09CN BC: Group Calls For Second Supervised Injection Site38055
2012-01-09US UT: Some Officers Were Shot While Trying To Rescue Fallen766106
2012-01-09US MA: Wasted Youth: Prescription Drugs Fueling Heroin69593
2012-01-09Australia: New Research About Cannabis Use28652
2012-01-09US ME: Doubts Heard About Medical Marijuana Operation1664266
2012-01-09Australia: Cannabis Mouth Spray May Help Addicts Quit39560
2012-01-09Sri Lanka: Editorial: Containing The Hard Drugs Inflow73682
2012-01-08US CO: Pitkin County To Rethink Inaction On Medical Pot41458
2012-01-08US MI: Clinics Fill Need For Medical Pot Approvals23134
2012-01-08US MO: Marijuana Use Rises Among High-Schoolers1163179
2012-01-08US CA: Adelanto Shuts Down Its First Pot Shop50082
2012-01-08US CO: Editorial: Pot Question Is Right Step35445
2012-01-08US KY: Column: Galbraith Missed Some Chances59590
2012-01-08US AK: PUB LTE: Marijuana Users Contribute10019
2012-01-08US MA: WASTED YOUTH: Heroin Has Grip On Brockton Area (part 1856119
2012-01-08CN BC: Editorial: Smoke Signal25331
2012-01-08US IA: Eastern Iowa Heroin Use Up1056149
2012-01-08US UT: Funeral To Be Wednesday For Francom693108
2012-01-08US MI: PUB LTE: Crack The Whip, And Drug-test Everyone Who16219
2012-01-08US CO: OPED: A Step Toward Common Sense59374
2012-01-08US MI: PUB LTE: Legalizing Marijuana Has Biblical Support9318
2012-01-08US WA: OPED: A Practical Approach To Marijuana Control1306168
2012-01-08US WA: PUB LTE: Common Sense Would Be Welcome16126
2012-01-08US OR: Love And Distrust For Portland's Medical Pot King2151279
2012-01-08US CA: LTE: 'Medical' Marijuana Is Mostly For Money38144
2012-01-08US MI: Medical Marijuana Supporters Push To Legalize Drug As913129
2012-01-08US WA: PUB LTE: Jury Nullification Needed19729
2012-01-07UK: How Well Do International Drug Conventions Protect Public61491078
2012-01-07US NM: OPED: Police And Our Penchant For Mind-Altering Drugs82195
2012-01-07US UT: Suspect's Family Heartbroken Over Shooting685101
2012-01-07Ireland: The Herb That Got Too High1837309
2012-01-07UK: Editorial: Jail Terms Show Drugs War Goes On42852
2012-01-07US CA: Pot-Fueled Prosperity In Hydroponic Gardening1032166
2012-01-07US ME: LTE: Marijuana In Raw Form Not Needed For Medicine29143
2012-01-07US MI: Ron Paul Finds Supporters Among Medical Marijuana44364
2012-01-07US TX: Editorial: Failing A Drug Test Can Cost You A Job25634
2012-01-07CN SN: Three Face Banishment From Saskatchewan's Largest First55581
2012-01-07CN SN: Three Face Exile From First Nation54781
2012-01-07CN BC: PUB LTE: Just Legalize Drugs And See Benefits25233
2012-01-07US CT: One Police Officer Fired, One Placed On Leave In New972127
2012-01-07US NE: PUB LTE: Cannabis Truths17831
2012-01-07US CO: Pot Legalization Coming To A Ballot Near You45857
2012-01-07US: Supreme Court To Look At Use Of Drug-Sniffing Dogs By36244
2012-01-07US CA: Lovelace And U.S. Attorney Discuss Medical Marijuana71695
2012-01-07Australia: Down Under, Residents Are Atop The World In25129
2012-01-07US: Supreme Court To Rule On Use Of Drug-sniffing Dogs40249
2012-01-07US: High Court to Rule on Drug-Sniffing Dog Case47159
2012-01-07Australia: Louisa Degenhardt - Hooked On Addiction Research878107
2012-01-07Mexico: Creatively Confronting Addiction54670
2012-01-07UK: Editorial: Addiction - A Global Problem With No Global35741
2012-01-07UK: The Rise, Fall, And Revival Of Recovery In Drug Policy1587168
2012-01-07CN BC: PUB LTE: Marijuana Fight Not Worth Costs17442
2012-01-06US CO: PUB LTE: Drug War Fuels Crime9919
2012-01-06CN BC: Sechelt Explores Marijuana Zones26638
2012-01-06CN BC: Column: Making Cannabis Policy Work48664
2012-01-06CN BC: PUB LTE: Pot Has Medical Uses24333
2012-01-06US UT: Editorial: Ogden's Awful Tragedy37246
2012-01-06CN ON: Police Tie Meth Addiction To Local Crime Rates844129
2012-01-06US MA: Heroin A Continuing Crisis In Arlington, Region1055147
2012-01-06US UT: Ogden Police Shooting Likely Death Penalty Case66295
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News (Media Awareness Project)