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News (Media Awareness Project)
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PublishedMedia Awareness Project (231804 Articles)WordsLines
2005-11-14US CT: Hearing To Consider Hiring Felons As Firefighters40261
2005-11-14US NC: Starting Fresh1885284
2005-11-14US CA: Quitting Meth Pays Off1976266
2005-11-14CN BC: Meth Results Released982120
2005-11-14CN BC: Students Need A 'Drug Line'55772
2005-11-14US PA: Former Ross Police Officer Pleads Guilty In Meth Case15423
2005-11-14US PA: Meth Problem Worsens As 'Cooks' Swap Recipes In Jail821124
2005-11-14Malaysia: 'There Is Life After Dadah'24439
2005-11-14US: Cops And Harm Reduction Hotties, Oh My!79896
2005-11-14CN AB: PUB LTE: Responsibility Is Key14023
2005-11-14US GA: School Will Hold Funeral For 'Meth Victim'43861
2005-11-14UK: Methadone Policy Is 'publicly Funded Addiction', Says27436
2005-11-14UK: OPED: How We Can Win This War On Drugs756105
2005-11-14CN ON: Editorial: Hookers Working For Vancouver?25732
2005-11-14CN BC: Heatlh Authority Officer Didn't Endorse Cook26041
2005-11-14CN ON: Napanee's 'Ice' Keeps Drug Enforcement Team Hopping1132178
2005-11-14CN AB: Angels On The Rise14221
2005-11-14US CA: Autopsy Finds Suspect May Have Asphyxiated26541
2005-11-14US KY: Meth Lab Disasters1426210
2005-11-14US MO: EDU: PUB LTE: Law Enforcement Group Seeks Drug20030
2005-11-13CN BC: Editorial: Tim Louis Should Have Courage Of Convictions14225
2005-11-13CN BC: Aiding Crack Addict 'Reckless'29848
2005-11-13CN BC: Kamloops Tackles Substance Abuse22342
2005-11-13US OH: 'Bumps' On Bridge Deter Drug Dealers50677
2005-11-13CN AB: Crystal Meth Addicts Have A Friend They Haven't Met32451
2005-11-13US NV: Kids On The Edge1772231
2005-11-13US CA: Autopsy Clears Police In Suspect's Death, Chief Says59079
2005-11-13US TX: OPED: To Snuff The Weed, Kill The Root775109
2005-11-13US NC: Editorial: Summit Provides Opportunity To Get Educated57071
2005-11-13CN BC: Editorial: Compulsory Detox For Child Addicts Is A21333
2005-11-13US MO: Crooks Covet Justice Databases1054137
2005-11-13US CO: Drug Court May Stage Comeback1035160
2005-11-13Australia: The Ecstacy And Agony Of Aussie Model33447
2005-11-13US WA: It Will Be Tougher To Find Cold Pills64191
2005-11-13US PA: City's Crackdown On Drugs Paying Off795113
2005-11-13US AL: Grant To Help Combat Meth30046
2005-11-13US ID: Teen Anti-Drug Campaign Takes New Form885105
2005-11-13US IN: Drug Testing Is Giving Students Reason - Or Excuse - To Say No1396184
2005-11-13CN ON: Review: Canada: One Big Grow-Op1107134
2005-11-13US CA: Troubling Arrest51476
2005-11-13UK: Goldie In Attack On Drugs Strategy25439
2005-11-13US PA: Kingston Rebuts Race Claims72696
2005-11-13CN MB: Review: Fascinating Tour Of World Of Marijuana55977
2005-11-13Trinidad: Goodwood In Flap Over Rehab Centre883115
2005-11-13CN SN: Hospital Bars Legal Pot32046
2005-11-13US NC: Edu: Drugged On Democracy67993
2005-11-13US CA: Officials Trying To Reduce Jail Count745107
2005-11-13US CA: Family To Stand Trial On Pot Charges34463
2005-11-13US OH: Edu: Campus Program Treats Substance Abuse72399
2005-11-13US NH: Attorney Advises Warrant Violates 4th Amendment27837
2005-11-13US CA: Medical Pot, Pit Bulls On Agenda27339
2005-11-13US WA: Editorial: Don't Suspend Rights In Fight Against Meth38748
2005-11-13US OR: Salvia: It's Intense, It's Dangerous, It's Inexpensive990153
2005-11-13Ireland: Stewart Tries To Steer Kids Away From Drugs15324
2005-11-13CN ON: Drug Abusers Start Far Too Young50992
2005-11-13CN BC: PUB LTE: Hemp Can Drive Our World28359
2005-11-12CN AB: Editorial: Not What Veterans Fought For23935
2005-11-12Canada: Tougher Sentences For Gun Crimes Won't Solve Problem26840
2005-11-12CN SN: Health Region May Expand Needle Exchange71795
2005-11-12CN ON: Road Rage Linked To Drug Abuse15625
2005-11-12CN SN: Hospital Says Pot User Is Just Blowing Smoke, Tells Him to Buzz Off14322
2005-11-12CN ON: Hemp For Fido31145
2005-11-12CN ON: Road Ragers Have Drug Problems - Study24031
2005-11-12CN SN: Hospital To Pot User: Buzz Off33249
2005-11-12CN ON: Ecstasy Most Common Drug Among Drivers With Road Rage38848
2005-11-12CN ON: Editorial: Let Judges Judge48963
2005-11-12CN ON: Road Rage Habits Might Be Linked To Alcohol And Drug Use29135
2005-11-12Canada: Column: Meet The Marijuana User Next Door1151155
2005-11-12CN SN: Smoking Policy Thwarts Visiting Medical Pot User52874
2005-11-12CN ON: Road Rage And Drug Use Linked, Says Study38650
2005-11-12US FL: Black Community Alleges Police Abuse61395
2005-11-12US CA: Man Who Died During Arrest Choked On Drugs, Police Say45759
2005-11-12CN SN: Medical Marijuana Rules Still In A Haze24533
2005-11-12US CA: Official Seeks Federal Pot Aid67691
2005-11-12CN SN: Legal Pot Runs Afoul Of Hospital Smoke Rules31146
2005-11-12US CA: Ishida To Seek Money In DC68290
2005-11-12US IL: City Says No To Needle-Exchange Location58070
2005-11-12US OH: Woman Dies From Suspected Methadone Overdose801116
2005-11-12US OR: Salem City Employees To Undergo Drug Tests966138
2005-11-12US NC: Congress Could Aid Meth Fight32744
2005-11-12US IN: Teens Are Getting Heroin From Indy, Greenwood Police14117
2005-11-12US IN: Police Seize Heroin, Sales Records During Raid45669
2005-11-12Canada: Review: Joint Venture883103
2005-11-12CN AB: LTE: Prison Tattoos And Food Banks10219
2005-11-12CN BC: LTE: Close The Door On Brothel Idea18127
2005-11-12New Zealand: $1m Of Assets Seized From Bay Crims777110
2005-11-12CN BC: The Budding Tycoon Of Pot1628192
2005-11-12CN ON: Activist Accused Of Trying To Hijack Forum44260
2005-11-12US WV: PUB LTE: US Must Legalize And Regulate Drugs17223
2005-11-12Philippines: Cops Raid Marijuana Plantation In DavSur18031
2005-11-12US CA: California Agents Double Marijuana Plant Seizures54876
2005-11-12US MT: Students Get Taste Of Harsh Punishment For Meth758105
2005-11-12Malaysia: Shared Responsibility To Combat Drug Menace50470
2005-11-12US OH: Petro Says All DARE Programs To Be Fully Funded34845
2005-11-12UK: Secret Concern For 4000 Lothian Children1545220
2005-11-12Colombia: A Losing Battle On Drugs In Colombia?919120
2005-11-12US CA: Racy Program To Help Meth Addicts Quit53967
2005-11-12US TN: State Launches Meth Destroys Campaign45466
2005-11-12US CO: Fort Morgan Official Faces Drug Counts26838
2005-11-12US CA: Oakland Police Investigate Death Of Man Under Arrest24234
2005-11-12CN QU: LTE: Ban Drugs In Prison15621
2005-11-12US CA: Experts On Front Line Of War On Drugs Give Parents Tools49270
2005-11-12US TX: Attorney Questions Judge's Ties To Law Enforcement1098148
2005-11-12US CA: Pot Plant Haul Tops 1 Million In '0556077
2005-11-12US KS: Family Of Patient Who Died Sues Haysville Osteopath40059
2005-11-12US WI: Use Of Dangerous Drugs Climbing, Parents Warned922158
2005-11-12US ND: PUB LTE: Invasive Drug Tests Not The Way To Go19027
2005-11-12US FL: Toussaint Ad Campaign Turns Motorists' Heads66292
2005-11-12US TN: Drug Task Force May Lose It's Funding80497
2005-11-12Indonesia: Model Set To Be Released31848
2005-11-12US NC: PUB LTE: Hemp Oil Good For What Ails Ya, Good For North Carolina18429
2005-11-12Malaysia: 'Royal Bodyguard' Nabbed In Drugs Op25443
2005-11-12US IA: Tank Locks Pass Field Test29045
2005-11-12US OR: Narcotics Team Gets Increased Funding67292
2005-11-12US NC: Crime Battle Hits Obstacles East Of The River2158207
2005-11-12US IL: Meth Case Handed To Feds63678
2005-11-12US NC: NC Attorney General Wants US To Help Against Meth21727
2005-11-12US NE: Family Support Staff Learns More About Meth60278
2005-11-12US SC: Narcotics Unit All About Teamwork37456
2005-11-12US AL: Schools Support Testing39051
2005-11-12US IL: Meth Law Passes State Assembly22133
2005-11-12CN BC: Crystal Meth Made Her Paranoid, Obsessed About Her70299
2005-11-12US CA: PUB LTE: Medicinal Marijuana: Harm Or Harm?24136
2005-11-12US CA: PUB LTE: Medicinal Marijuana: Harm Or Harm?13122
2005-11-11US NC: House Pushes Ahead With Anti-meth Bill55185
2005-11-11Canada: Federal Prisoners Can Tattoo Each Other41761
2005-11-11CN BC: No Forced Detox For Drug-Addled BC Kids27046
2005-11-11Canada: Certain Jail Time For Gun Crimes30258
2005-11-11CN ON: Editorial: Safe Schools Act Dangerous38051
2005-11-11US FL: School Transit Worker Off Job28850
2005-11-11CN BC: Would-Be Mayor Unveils Crack-For-Trash Scheme14921
2005-11-11US GU: Guard Gets Anti-Drug Training22439
2005-11-11US CT: City Group Hopes To Prevent Drug Use52474
2005-11-11US CA: His Incomplete Sentence Jolts School District64487
2005-11-11US MS: Lamar Expands Drug Test Policy32856
2005-11-11US DC: PUB LTE: Criminal Injustice13725
2005-11-11US SC: Edu: Editorial: Denver Marijuana Law a Step in the Right Direction73186
2005-11-11CN NT: Cambridge Centre Offers Help To Addicted, Abuse765123
2005-11-11CN NT: Kangirsummiut Resolve To End Spree Of Violence676100
2005-11-11US RI: Pain Killer1411195
2005-11-11US NC: Ex-Leland Cop Pleads Guilty692100
2005-11-11CN MB: Edu: Former Meth Addict Sues Dealer974142
2005-11-11CN ON: Leaders Want Safer Streets32151
2005-11-11CN MB: Meth Strategy Takes Drugs Off Shelves27534
2005-11-11CN QU: Montreal Gay Pol's Drug Use Increases Popularity61393
2005-11-11CN QU: LTE: Boisclair Cocaine Use Fatal16031
2005-11-11CN MB: LTE: Legalize Potholes12420
2005-11-11UK: Many Pets Suffering Effects Of Cannabis18927
2005-11-11Philippines: Substance Abuse Prevention And Control Week21233
2005-11-11CN AB: D A R E Organizers Look For Sustainable Funding32148
2005-11-11CN AB: Column: Keep Off The Grass53676
2005-11-11CN BC: Needless Risk67889
2005-11-11CN BC: Facts Don't Support Crime Fears46173
2005-11-11CN MB: Cold Remedies Go Behind Counter39367
2005-11-11US HI: Kubo - 'Ice' Problem Will Be Contained In 3 Years58572
2005-11-11CN BC: Conservatives Preach Tougher Laws52672
2005-11-11CN BC: Kelowna RCMP Facing Crime 'Nightmare'34456
2005-11-11CN BC: Community Discussion Focuses On Drug-Use Prevention1314168
2005-11-11CN ON: PUB LTE: Just More Conservative Sensational Rhetoric17231
2005-11-11US PA: Guilty Plea In OD Death38954
2005-11-11US HI: State Officials Take On War Against 'Ice'57972
2005-11-11US OK: Should Prisons Punish Or Prevent?61686
2005-11-11US MA: Prison Ministry Helps Inmates Begin New Lives72881
2005-11-11US NH: Rehab Center For Farm? Perhaps1353181
2005-11-11CN ON: Quiet Street Now Home To Known Crackhouse And Escort Service46563
2005-11-11CN ON: Police On The Hotseat At Public Meeting867111
2005-11-11CN BC: Winning The Addiction War783122
2005-11-11US CA: Editorial: Medical Pot: The Right Prescription38251
2005-11-11US CO: Edu: Pushing Pot: CSU And Beyond935143
2005-11-11US CA: Marijuana: Just What The Doctor Ordered?2709350
2005-11-11US MA: PUB LTE: Crack Down Upon Serious Drug Dealers18426
2005-11-11US NV: PUB LTE: Marijuana Laws Shed Light On Our Priorities24738
2005-11-11UK: PUB LTE: Marijuana Or Martini?15728
2005-11-11US MO: Edu: PUB LTE: Make Weed Legal And Tax It14623
2005-11-11Indonesia: Web: Prosecutors Seek Three Months for Leslie20539
2005-11-10CN BC: File Shut On Complaints Against Police50768
2005-11-10CN BC: Hells Angels' Cocaine-Trafficking Trial To Begin Next23036
2005-11-10CN BC: Cope Councillor Backs City-Owned Brothel59580
2005-11-10CN BC: Editorial: Give Criminal Addicts A Choice25936
2005-11-10CN BC: Mayoral Contenders Don't Impress Police46263
2005-11-10CN BC: Police Abuse Not A Concern In Vancouver38156
2005-11-10US LA: Pharmacist Booked In Drug Probe36051
2005-11-10US WA: Meth Law Puts 7-Eleven Out Of Cold Business57875
2005-11-10US CA: Oroville Supervisor Taking Heat Over Pot ID Card Vote64799
2005-11-10US IN: Crime Soars - Police Blame Drugs, But Some Say Light1569213
2005-11-10US OR: Oregon Lawmaker With Meth Charge Gives Raises As She32041
2005-11-10CN BC: OPED: Inside The Brain Of An Addict53863
2005-11-10US TN: Editorial: Raid On Prison Contraband30341
2005-11-10Philippines: Marijuana Plantation Burned21234
2005-11-10US PA: PUB LTE: Legalize It15422
2005-11-10CN BC: More Meth Beds Needed, Says Former MLA26542
2005-11-10CN QU: Column: Boisclair - Read The Manuel1128131
2005-11-10CN BC: Majority Of Complaints Dismissed In Police Probe63088
2005-11-10US SD: Hooked On Meth - Addict Calls It Quits2051231
2005-11-10US MA: Lambert, Officials Admit Gaffes In Principal's Case1103159
2005-11-10US CA: Drug Policy To Be Eyed In LB27642
2005-11-10US OR: Wirth Submits Official Resignation729107
2005-11-10CN QU: Prince Of Pot Wants To Be Locked Up37052
2005-11-10US AZ: Poor Report Card1021142
2005-11-10US MI: Traverse City, Ferndale Approve Medical Marijuana Use26941
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News (Media Awareness Project)