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News (Media Awareness Project)
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PublishedMedia Awareness Project (231803 Articles)WordsLines
2006-02-26CN NS: Column: Kids Fail To Show Remorse For Smoking Dope12422
2006-02-26CN MB: Column: An Atmosphere Of Mistrust72293
2006-02-26US MA: PUB LTE: Drug Policy Finances Crime16126
2006-02-26US CA: Lake Elsinore Could Ban Marijuana Dispensaries45364
2006-02-26US MA: The Next Big Fear: Methamphetamines42261
2006-02-26US MA: Editorial: Opiate Scourge Is A Difficult Foe52670
2006-02-26US CA: Drug Testing To Start Next Week At Vista High Schools951154
2006-02-26US MA: PUB LTE: Drug Policy Finances Crime17328
2006-02-26US MA: PUB LTE: Drug Policy Finances Crime16622
2006-02-26US FL: Retired Drug Enforcement Agent Speaks About 'Today's965138
2006-02-26US MD: Federal Agents Fail To Halt Violence In Border Town59181
2006-02-26CN BC: Drug Money Pledge Deferred20131
2006-02-26US MA: PUB LTE: Drug Policy Finances Crime16622
2006-02-26US NV: Column: Jailed Cancer Survivor Loses 25 Pounds in Three Weeks942121
2006-02-26US IL: A Life In Free Fall, A Community In Denial1583200
2006-02-26UK: Legal Team Search For LSD Soldier17433
2006-02-26US MI: Ex-School Employee Claims to Be Target in Drug Raid68091
2006-02-26US TX: Task Force Disbanding ... What's Next?1215184
2006-02-26US DE: Legal High New Worry For Parents1720272
2006-02-25CN QU: 26 Arrested In Drug Raids On 11 Gatineau Locations44974
2006-02-25Canada: Navy to Join Other Forces in Drug-Busting Exercise12020
2006-02-25CN ON: Windsor Man Cleared of Pot-Growing Charges24836
2006-02-25US CA: HIV's Hidden Victims1581234
2006-02-25CN AB: Botched Drug Bust Under Review678108
2006-02-25Philippines: New EPD Chief To Go After Shabu Markets27045
2006-02-25US IA: Editorial: Iowa Doesn't Need New State Prison39252
2006-02-25UK: Why Does Lsd Make You Hallucinate?28840
2006-02-25UK: 17th-Century Cannabis Pioneer's Journal Found10813
2006-02-25US VA: Parents Criticize School Systems's Drug Testing Plan42464
2006-02-25US VA: LTE: Non-Punitive The Crux48573
2006-02-25US VA: Drug Test Revisions Could Swing Vote66098
2006-02-25US NY: Canadian Is Convicted Of Smuggling $1 M Heroin9115
2006-02-25US CA: PUB LTE: Hemp For Fuel15423
2006-02-25Canada: Column: Tune In, Turn On . . . Evolve?1117139
2006-02-25US CA: Some Question, Some Support Canine Program699100
2006-02-25CN BC: OPED: Drug Courts Have Merit28042
2006-02-25CN BC: PUB LTE: We're Going In Circles Chasing Drug Addicts15722
2006-02-25CN BC: Drug Experts Differ Over Blackouts36250
2006-02-25US FL: Expert - Suicide, Natural Causes Possibilities In Luyao57477
2006-02-25US KY: Faith-Based War On Drugs Kicks Off Saturday59073
2006-02-25CN BC: LTE: Don't Forget That Drug Use Is Still A Crime16326
2006-02-25US FL: Judge Orders Changes To Accommodate High-Profile53977
2006-02-25US PA: Silent Treatment54776
2006-02-25CN BC: Cowichan Concern Crystallized46468
2006-02-25CN ON: Methadone Pipeline Shut Down79896
2006-02-25CN BC: Forum Tackles Youth Drug Issues19836
2006-02-25CN MB: Search Schools For Dope: Parents44475
2006-02-25CN NS: Former Sailor Guilty In Pot Case42968
2006-02-25US FL: Meth Found In Stuffed Animals In Car26938
2006-02-24US: OPED: Border Control Aims At Wrong Bad Guys43053
2006-02-24US CA: Medical-Pot Dispensary Allowed to Operate26040
2006-02-24CN BC: Legalized Pot Means More Enforcement21531
2006-02-24CN BC: Column: Oppal's Proposal Laughably Unrealistic63787
2006-02-24CN BC: Column: Safe-Injection Site A Help, If Only Marginally36660
2006-02-24CN BC: Health Minister Has Doubts About Safe-injection Sites30754
2006-02-24CN BC: Man Arrested In Cross-border Drug Probe30647
2006-02-24CN ON: New At The Candy Store: Dope-Flavoured Sweets45270
2006-02-24CN BC: Pot-Flavoured Sweets Put Officials' Noses Out Of Joint45570
2006-02-24Philippines: Villar, Enrile: Antidrugs Law Should Be44972
2006-02-24US IL: Edu: Illinois Could Be Next State to Legalize Medical58677
2006-02-24CN BC: Pot Can Make You Psychotic18429
2006-02-24US FL: Boot Camps To Ban Manhandling Of Kids77599
2006-02-24US MA: Column: 40 Years Of Reefer Madness971110
2006-02-24US WA: Marijuana's Not Just A Token Crop48466
2006-02-24US MA: An Ounce of Pot - and Just an Ounce of Trouble1155122
2006-02-24US SC: Bill To Reduce Meth Use OK'd36249
2006-02-24US NC: EDU: Column: Smoke Screens66491
2006-02-24UK: Clarke Snubs Cannabis Group - Again21832
2006-02-24New Zealand: MPs Greet Anti-Drug Marchers At Parliament17824
2006-02-24New Zealand: Nigerians 'Planted Drug In My Gnomes'50982
2006-02-24US TN: PUB LTE: Life-Shattering Consequences20330
2006-02-24US FL: Local Doctor Faces Prescription-Drug Charges48370
2006-02-24US MI: PUB LTE: Is Educator Being Punished For Views?17227
2006-02-24US MI: PUB LTE: End Francisco Persecution10720
2006-02-24US WV: Bill Cracks Down On Drug Use In Mines30251
2006-02-24US MO: OPED: Pot Compromise Isn't The End Of The Struggle41346
2006-02-24US OH: Feds To Take Pain Clinic Case: US District Attorney To53077
2006-02-24US MA: Column: 40 Years Of Reefer Madness925106
2006-02-24US MA: OPED: Sitting In - 40 Years Of Reefer Madness885114
2006-02-24CN BC: Conditional Discharge On Pot Charge May Be Appealed30044
2006-02-24CN ON: Ten Charged In Kidnappings57483
2006-02-24CN BC: Crime: Township Toughens Plans To Fight Drug Houses32554
2006-02-24US MA: Edu: Advocacy Group Fights Against Drug Conviction Act54872
2006-02-24US CA: Federal Court To Hear Pot Activist Case32555
2006-02-24CN BC: Council Eyes Drug House Bylaw17830
2006-02-24CN BC: PUB LTE: More To Addiction Than 'Lust, Gluttony'20927
2006-02-24US IL: No Drugs Found In School Search7914
2006-02-24UK: Ecstasy Linked To Childhood Depression19134
2006-02-23US CA: Editorial: San Marcos Wending Its Way Through Medical40149
2006-02-23CN BC: Brazen Drug Deals Prompt Police Crackdown47974
2006-02-23CN BC: Editorial: $25,000 Is Just A Start24233
2006-02-23CN BC: Police Take Aim At Public Drug Use896133
2006-02-23CN SN: Cocaine, Ts And Rs Still Drugs Of Choice52575
2006-02-23US CA: Medical Marijuana Is a Growing Controversy1302223
2006-02-23US AL: Pot Bust Lights Fire Under State Candidate34246
2006-02-23US NY: Ryan Seeks New Ideas For Crime, Drug Fights45061
2006-02-23Canada: Web: Court Dismisses 'Compassion' Argument On Pot22538
2006-02-23Philippines: P500-M Marijuana Plantation Found, Destroyed31249
2006-02-23US MA: Column: 40 Years Of Reefer Madness916117
2006-02-23US DC: OPED: Hired Guns for the Public Good64378
2006-02-23CN BC: Pot Smell Justified Dwelling Search, Judges Say43155
2006-02-23US MA: Grants Aim To Curb Serious Social Problems58769
2006-02-23CN BC: New Lease On Life For Pender807105
2006-02-23US MA: PUB LTE: More Accurate Info About Drugs Needed24041
2006-02-23US MN: Edu: Bolivia's Catch-22 Drug War64877
2006-02-23US MN: Edu: Bolivia's Catch-22 Drug War64976
2006-02-23US: Burned Out - A Cop Speaks Out Against the Drug War3660437
2006-02-23US NJ: The Weedman Leaveth36863
2006-02-23US WV: Editorial: Hemp, Veggie Oil Possible Energy37042
2006-02-23US WI: Edu: Attorney Says Students Should Know Rights When 'Busted'34951
2006-02-23US CA: PUB LTE: People Back Use Of Medical Marijuana23833
2006-02-23CN BC: PUB LTE: Diabetics Don't Need Injection Site19129
2006-02-23US: Debt to Society Is Least of Costs for Ex-Convicts1477201
2006-02-23CN ON: Cops Find Grow-Op Gear, Opp Duds, But No Crime594107
2006-02-23US CA: National Policymaker Calls For Student Drug Testing687100
2006-02-23Australia: PM: Punitive Steps Needed To Fight Drug Scourge23741
2006-02-23US NC: LTE: Cooper, Students In Denial About Drug Abuse45367
2006-02-23US MA: Also Up On Beacon Hill20724
2006-02-23US MA: PUB LTE: Support For Legislature's Proposal On Pot26733
2006-02-23US MA: Officials: Meth Is The Next Drug To Fight74571
2006-02-23US CA: The Case For Medical Marijuana In San Diego County4455546
2006-02-23US SC: County Drug Court Begins To See Success1058153
2006-02-23US SC: Meth Makes Its Way To Top Of Drug Chart40359
2006-02-23US MA: Editorial: Keep Drugs Out Of Reach57978
2006-02-23US MO: House Bill Filed To Legalize Medicinal Marijuana20031
2006-02-23US WV: Prison Reformer Hopes For Statewide Success1385170
2006-02-23CN BC: Editorial: Half Measures Useless Against Grow-Op Scourge36351
2006-02-23US FL: PUB LTE: 'Victimless' Crime13521
2006-02-23CN BC: Police Dog Doesn't Get A Sniff At PCSS32547
2006-02-23CN SN: More Addiction Beds Open For Saskatchewan Youth18427
2006-02-23CN ON: Mohawks Upset By N.Y. Times Article19625
2006-02-23CN BC: Police Share Their Street-level Experience With Crystal Meth57872
2006-02-23CN BC: Contract For Detox Centre Awarded9215
2006-02-23US TX: Whitesboro Community Raises Awareness About Drug56476
2006-02-23US WV: Bill Enacts New Rules for Methadone Clinics19732
2006-02-22US IL: Illinois Legislature Takes New Look At Medical Marijuana52577
2006-02-22CN BC: More Than 20 Marijuana-Growing Operations Targeted By13524
2006-02-22CN BC: Courtenay Judge Hits Marijuana Grow Operator With27245
2006-02-22CN BC: Open Drug Use, Sales End659107
2006-02-22US: Court Upholds Church Rite25146
2006-02-22US FL: Novelty Item Doubles As Crack Pipe69392
2006-02-22CN QU: Boy Pleads Guilty After Drug Death24033
2006-02-22US CA: Student Drug Testing Focus Of SD Summit1075143
2006-02-22Philippines: 31 Congressmen Seek Probe Of Flourishing32549
2006-02-22New Zealand: Sadness Walks With P March1230161
2006-02-22US MA: PUB LTE: Wrong Approach By Reilly24235
2006-02-22CN ON: Region Dismisses Pot For Health Issue36664
2006-02-22US CA: PUB LTE: God Bless The Doctors17524
2006-02-22US: High Court Backs Sect's Right To Use Hallucinogen58477
2006-02-22New Zealand: Drug Plot Booby-Trap Alert11818
2006-02-22US MA: PUB LTE: Legalization Is Best Policy31237
2006-02-22CN BC: Police, Crown Draw Drug Line843127
2006-02-22Philippines: Shabu Prices Up: PDEA 716624
2006-02-22US: Court Okays Church's Tea11817
2006-02-22US CA: Column: The Investigation Of Dr Denney1039123
2006-02-22US WV: PUB LTE: Treatment Is Best Way To Fight Drugs20128
2006-02-22CN ON: PUB LTE: Addicts Need To Be Helped, Not Thrown In Jail28339
2006-02-22US CA: OPED: Student Drug Testing Is No 'Silver Bullet'791108
2006-02-22US CA: PUB LTE: Pollinate Your Mind5314
2006-02-22US AL: Editorial: Repeat Problems35954
2006-02-22US SC: The Littlest Addict1064162
2006-02-22US MA: Weed Bill One Step Closer To Getting Smoked By31842
2006-02-22US NV: Marijuana Petitioners Call The Law A 'Miserable Failure'45759
2006-02-22US VA: W-JCC School Drug-Testing Plan Draws Questions73094
2006-02-22US NC: Local Impact Not Felt On New Anti-Meth Law43661
2006-02-22US WI: Edu: Federal Laws Restrict Financial Aid For Students830106
2006-02-22US TN: PUB LTE: Roadblock, Not A Gateway17334
2006-02-22CN AB: DARE Graduation Approaching35547
2006-02-22CN AB: Exploring Options To Contend With Drugs39557
2006-02-22CN QU: Mac Takes Aim At Drug Dealers34747
2006-02-22CN AB: Drugs Have No Home In Gift Lake46164
2006-02-22CN QU: Drug Death Accused Pleads Guilty1616189
2006-02-22CN BC: PUB LTE: Just Say No32944
2006-02-22CN BC: Structure Changes12020
2006-02-22CN BC: Community Drug Courts Coming: Attorney General43661
2006-02-22CN BC: Cops Fed Up With Drug Users, Not Going To Take It61489
2006-02-22CN QU: LTE: Scary13020
2006-02-22CN NS: Editorial: There Will Be No Punishment To Fit The Crimes20528
2006-02-22CN QU: PUB LTE: Drug Culture24234
2006-02-22CN BC: Meth Help7911
2006-02-21US: Pot Advocate Relocates To California33142
2006-02-21CN ON: House Explosion Caused By Drug Production23945
2006-02-21US: Go West, Weedman: Activist Says He's Leaving Philly Area32248
2006-02-21US CA: Edu: OPED: Up In Smoke: Legalizing Marijuana49364
2006-02-21Philippines: 148 Charged In Shabu Tiangge Raid34351
2006-02-21Philippines: Column: Drug Dealing And Trafficking Bigger69183
2006-02-21US IL: Edu: Editorial: A Second Chance For Drug Offenders - Sort Of43257
2006-02-21US: Column: Musings About The War on Drugs990113
2006-02-21US: Bush, Fox Join Forces To Cut Violence On Border58194
2006-02-21US NC: Edu: Column: Students Today Are DAREd To Fail63479
2006-02-21CN BC: Happy Hippy Handed Heave-Ho57191
2006-02-21Philippines: Only PDEA Men Can File Drug Cases -- RTC25135
2006-02-21New Zealand: Cannabis Swoop Puts 13 Under Investigation39465
2006-02-21US MA: Increase In Some Crimes Blamed On Oxycontin, Heroin31135
2006-02-21US MA: Joel Levine Admits He's 'very Lucky To Be Alive'76677
2006-02-21CN QU: Editorial: Aitkens Decisive Action47253
2006-02-21CN BC: Drug Bylaw Goes To City For Vote26738
2006-02-21CN ON: Trends Identified In Teen Drug Survey25134
2006-02-21US WI: Routine Traffic Stops Key To Catching Crimminals34048
2006-02-21CN NS: Pictou School Begins Own Probe Into Dope-Sweep40157
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News (Media Awareness Project)