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Events Calendar - July 20, 2007
WEMF 2007. [ Static Link : iCal ]
City:Canada, Ontario, Toronto
Time:Fri Jul 20, 2007 @ 8:00pm till Sun Jul 22, 2007 @ 10:00pm

The 13th Annual World Electronic Music Festival
July 20-21-22, 2007 – Ontario, Canada

Once again we invite you to join us for the largest and longest running festival of its kind in Canada, The World Electronic Music Festival. The 13th annual "3-Day" will bring you everything you need for an absolutely amazing weekend. With a rich variety of music and art from around the world, WEMF is an experience that is unique and enduring for all those that have made it part of their lives. We encourage you to allow this experience to become part of your life!

In 2007 we are bringing back the classic WEMF format with a focus on the beat of of the drum - the beat of the dance - the beat of LIFE! Camping, dancing, enjoying the company of friends and the music that brings us all together is what you will experience when you join our family...

Event Attractions - The 3 Day Experience!
* - Over 200 different performers from around the world
* - Four massive all ages dance arenas for rain or shine enjoyment all weekend long
* - Three days and two nights of music & entertainment
* - Visual art displays and performances throughout the weekend
* - On-site parking for thousands available right at your campsite
* - BYOB at your campsite for those of legal age (19+)
* - Breakfast, lunch and dinner menus served by a wide range of food vendors including vegetarian meals
Café with coffee and tea available 24hrs. a day
* - Fresh fruit and veggie stand
* - 24hr security patrols and WEMF Rangers for your safety
* - On-site medical staff and first aid centers
* - In-out privileges for people and cars through our wristband policy
* - Shuttle bus service from Toronto that can be pre-booked by date and time
* - Vendors from across North America
* - RV access and electrical hook-ups
* - On-site running water, flush toilets, and showers
* - Free give-aways and prizing all weekend long
* - Water & Juice bars throughout the site
Room 1:
DJ DTM (Hard House) - www.facebook.com - www.paddedcellproductions.net
Never Been Done Productions® --- MUSIC (Pumpin' House) - www.facebook.com - Never Been Done Productions,
Tickets:120.00 - www.WEMF.com


DJ DTM(Toronto) [ www.rave.ca ]
Justin Anderson(Toronto)
Alex Drummer (Toronto)
DJ ADDI (Toronto)
Joey Seminara(Toronto)
Anas Attia (Toronto)
Danny Nagels(Toronto)
Adam Green(Toronto)
Joe Rowe(Toronto)
DJ Rise(Toronto)
Storie Serres (Toronto)
Paul [ www.eagleindustries.com ]

Room 1:
Big League Chu (Canada, Ontario, London)
Capital J (Canada, Ontario, Toronto) - Wikkid
D-Monic (Canada, Ontario, Toronto)
D-syfa (Canada, Ontario, Toronto)
Dillinja (Canada, Ontario, Toronto)
Dj Crash (Canada, Ontario, Toronto)
Everfresh ()
Freaky Flow (Canada, Ontario, Toronto)
Hatiras (Canada, Ontario, Toronto)
LTC (Canada, British Columbia, Vancouver)
Lush aka Catchin' Wreck (Canada, Ontario, Toronto)
Mampi Swift (USA, Arkansas, England)
Marcus Visionary (Canada, Ontario, Toronto)
Mickey D (Canada, Ontario, Toronto)
Mystical Influence (Canada, Ontario, Toronto)
Original Vibe (Canada, Ontario, Toronto)
Pendulum (Australia, Queensland)
Premis (Canada, Ontario, Toronto)
Prime (Canada, Ontario, Toronto)
Red Lion (Canada, Quebec, Montreal)
Red Turtle (Canada, Ontario, Toronto)
Reid Speed (USA, California, Los Angeles)
Rick Toxic (Canada, Ontario, Toronto)
Ryan Ruckus (Canada, Ontario, Toronto)
Slim (Canada, British Columbia, Vancouver)
SS (United Kingdom, London, London)
Wendy Law (Canada, Ontario, Toronto)
Tasc (Canada, Ontario, Ottawa)

Room 2:
AC Slater (USA, New York, New York) - [ www.pitchedup.net ]
BRAK (USA, New York, Staten Island)
Brisk () - Next Generation, Blatant beats
Delta 9 (USA, Illinois, Chicago) - Industrial Strength Records
DJ Opel (Canada, Ontario, Toronto)
DJ UFO () - Raver Baby, Ufology Records
E.n.d (Canada, Ontario, Toronto)
Flim (Thailand, Songkhla)
Fuzzboy (Canada, Ontario, Toronto)
Gobs the Zombie (Canada, Ontario, Toronto)
Icey ()
Jen Mas (USA, Iowa, New York)
Lady Bass (Canada, Ontario, Toronto) - [ www.skratchworld.com ]
Mannik (Canada, Ontario, Toronto)
Milo (Canada, Ontario, Toronto) - [ milo.happyhardcore.com ]
Nocturnal Commision (Canada, Ontario, Toronto)
Phosphor (Canada, Manitoba, Winnipeg)
Psyklone (Canada, Ontario, Toronto)
Scoots (Canada, Ontario, Toronto)
Tyco (Canada, Ontario, Toronto) - Goodfellaz
Tyrant (Canada, Ontario, Toronto)
Virus (Canada, Ontario, Toronto) - Goodfellaz

Room 3:
Atomic Babies (USA, Iowa, New York)
Chris Liberator ()
Dave Saddler (Canada, Ontario, Toronto)
Deadmau 5 (Canada, Ontario, Toronto)
Dennis Hahn (Canada, Ontario, Toronto)
Donald Glaude (USA, Washington, Seattle)
Elixir (Canada, Ontario, Toronto) - Hullabaloo - Euphoric Taste
Grimace (Canada, Ontario, Niagara Falls)
Jelo (Canada, Ontario, Toronto)
Mark E.G. ()
MSTRKRFT (USA, New York, New York)
Preach (Czech Republic, Praha) - [ djpreach.com ]
Prosad (Canada, Ontario, Toronto)
Rex Manning (Canada, Ontario, Toronto)
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Events Calendar - July 20, 2007
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