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Events Calendar - January 12, 2008
Triple Threat [ Static Link : iCal ]
City:Canada, Ontario, Toronto
Time:Sat Jan 12, 2008 @ 9:00pm till Sun Jan 13, 2008 @ 5:00am
Promoter:Lady Bass
Description:Saturday January 12th, 2008

Triple Threat
Lady Bass & Mz.DeMeaner's Joint Birthday Celebration!!!
It's also an early birthday celebration for KARA!!!

Lady Bass and Mz.DeMeaner have joined birthday forces to bring you a two-room ALL AGES & 19+ party to celebrate not only our own winter birthdays - but everyone’s birthday who celebrates in the winter months - especially those of you who are looking for a way to light your birthday candles with a bang! We also want to celebrate our friend Kara's birthday!! Come on winter birthday people - I know there are a lot of you out there... come out and party!! And for those of you who aren't celebrating a birthday in the winter, come out and party anyways - it's gonna be so much fun!! :)

For music, we are opening up the entire club to become one 2-room power celebration featuring the banging energy of Techno, Hard Trance and Hard Dance with the craziness of Psy-Trance, 4/4, Hardcore and more!

For those of you who attended blacklight birthday beats last year, we are bringing back the blacklight to fill the entire place with amazing blacklight visuals! BLACK LIGHT!! So wear your whites, wear your neons... wear anything that glows!!or wear your birthday suit and come join us for a birthday celebration that will put a special GLOW into your weekend!!

Banging it out DJ Style we have:

The Coffee Man
Montreal, QC
Freelance, Sweet Lab-L
Hard Techno

Patrick DSP
Toronto, ON
Hardsignal, Fine Audio, Submissions, [ www.patrickdsp.com ]
Hard Techno Live PA

Toronto/Thunder Bay, ON
E! Network, E! Party, "Technopolis", T.T.C Toronto Trance Corps
Hard Trance

Toronto, ON
Boscaland, Noom, Chug ‘n’ Bump, Destiny, Pornstar, [ www.damndjs.com ]
Progressive Trance

Lady Bass & Mz.DeMeaner - Back2Back Birthday Battle!
[ LadyBass.net ] CHILLS DJs, Purple Heaven, NiGHtMaRE, Big Kahuna, Braincell Productions

[ KenFinch.ca ] Jezbone, Madcow - 2 hour Blackmoon battle!!
Toronto & London, ON
Blackmoon, [ KenFinch.ca ] CHILLS DJs, GoodVibes
Techno Madness!

DJ Opel
Toronto, ON
Deprivation Records, Nosebleed Records, Mad Cow Records, Xtension Studios, Embedded, BLAK Nightclub, [ 2theBeat.com ] (RIP), Nocturnal Commissions, Terror Inc.

Jace & Dizmoe
Kitchener, ON
CRP Recordings,
[ AddictiveBeat.com ] Blackmoon, Fresh Ent., The Purple Room, Fine Grind Prod., Saint:J, Paradigm United
Hard Techno

Sebby Bozak & Destructo
Toronto, ON
[ TheBeatRanch.com ] Twisted Traxx (UK), LockDown Recordings (UK), Torture Traxx (UK), [ Tracklists.ca ] New Music Order, Bass Teasers
NuNRG/Hard Dance

Toronto, ON
[ Robotpilot.com ] k00t3rk0r3, Airhead, Hitman Productions, Poppa P Entertainment

Toronto, ON
[ djlazarus.com ] Darkrave, Funhaus, Fetish Masquerade, Panic

Toronto, ON
E-maiL, Big Kahuna

Toronto, ON
Terror INC/Hitman/GME/TD beatz
Hard Techno

Toronto, ON
Civil Defense, TSA Productions
Acid Techno

Date: Saturday January 12, 2008
Time: 9:00pm - 5:00am
Location: Funhaus 526 Queen St W., Toronto, Ontario
[ www.ladybass.net ]
[ www.facebook.com ]
[ www.Purerave.com ]

PLUR & ROAR in full effect!

* 24 Hour TTC accessibile venue
* Black-light reactive decorations
* Give-aways from CHILLS
* 16+ admission with ID
* 2 Fully Staffed Bars with lots and lots of drinks!!! (chug-a-lug!)
* Robotpilot booth packed with awesome rave merchandise
* Friendly security
* Birthday celebrations all night long!!

There will be no advanced tickets for this event.
Price will be $10 b4 10pm, $15 from 10pm to 4am, $5 after 4am

Hope to see everyone there!! It's going to be awesome to celebrate our birthdays with all of you!!!
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Events Calendar - January 12, 2008
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