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Events Calendar - October 13, 2011
The Beat Freakz - Rcola & Kurse [ Static Link : iCal ]
City:Canada, Quebec, Montreal
Time:Thu Oct 13, 2011 @ 9:00pm till Thu Oct 13, 2011 @ 11:00pm
Description:Jeudi 13 octobre 2011, BEAT FREAKZ sur [ [ djweb.tv ] ]

Cette semaine nous sommes fier de vous présenter :



RCola, Canadian Producer and DJ. Co-founded the Chopstick Dubplate label with Liondub and Jacky Murda in 2002. In 2004, he started the JungleXpeditions music group and kicked out his first solo-release on is Royal Crown record label.

RCola has been named as one of the top ten ragga-jungle artists in the world by KMag, no doubt fueled by his music and collaborative efforts in keeping ragga-jungle music up front and center.

His album "Rub A Dub Wize" traces his inspiration from reggae and dub music to the irresistible up-tempo pace of the contemporary genre of drum ‘n bass that continues to inform his patented uplifting ragga-jungle production style.

RCola has undoubtedly created an empire of his own from the ground up; running one of the only Music Distributions specializing in Ragga-Jungle, playing 250+ shows in 20 countries, and releasing 25 tunes on Vinyl, and more digitally via his online shop @ [ www.junglex.ca. ]

Always on the lookout for new artists to promote and new music to play, RCola keeps the jungle fires burning with his positive vibes and uplifting tunes.

(Montreal - Drum N bass)

Bio : Electronic music enthusiast from an early age, DJ Kurse started mixing in the mid-2000’s.
At first he was interested in more diverse styles and he soon became known by mixing in many rave parties.
Soon later, he discovered an intense passion for drum & bass and began performing in several clubs in Montreal and on the Urban Beatster radio (RIP).
He was recently invited to *Wicked!*, a DnB radio show in Paris hosted by Niveau Zero.
He is most known for playing tech-step and neurofunk Drum & Bass and he is recognized for his excellent technique on the turntables.
He is always ready to get the party up and going on a steady 180 BPM!

Influences : Alcohol and Desperation

Website: [ www.soundcloud.com ]


Prepare yourself for good vibes only!!!!!

Ne pas oublier que nous sommes disponible sur iphone mais seulement en direct les jeudis pour l'instant
[ [ www.djweb.tv ] ]

Don't forget that we are on iphone but only live on thursday for now
[ [ www.djweb.tv ] ]

.................................................. .................

:: BEAT FREAKZ :: [ [ DJWEB.TV ] ]


Jeudi / Thursday 9 - 11 PM

Studio Onvii
1410 Wolfe, Montréal
Stations Beaudry / Berri-UQAM


Prestation de DJs avec public et caméras: À la place de boire de l'alcool tout seul chez vous. On vous invite à venir les jeudis avant de sortir dans les clubs. Le but est de vous divertir et vous informer sur la scène musicale montréalaise. C'est BYOB en passant. Si vous ne pouvez vous déplacer écoutez le résultat en direct sur le web. Le tout se déroulera de 21hrs à 23hrs.

BEAT FREAKZ CREW : Scott And Gaby with host Ella Grave


DJs performing in front of an audience and cameras: Instead of getting drunk by yourself at home, we invite you to come out Thursdays before hitting your favorite night. Our goal is to entertain and inform people about the Montreal non-mainstream music scene. It’s a BYOB typa thing. If you can't make it. Tune in on [ [ DJWEB.TV ] ] web site live n direct on the web! Goin' on from 9 to 11 PM.

BEAT FREAKZ CREW : Scott And Gaby with host Ella Grave
Room 1:
Kurse - www.facebook.com

Entertainers: Beat Freakz
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Events Calendar - October 13, 2011
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