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Events Calendar - June 8, 2006
Terres en vues/Land InSights [ Static Link : iCal ]
City:Canada, Quebec, Montreal
Time:Thu Jun 8, 2006 @ 3:00am
Description:June 8, Day of the popping corn

This day is dedicated to youth, with colourful events from 3 p.m. to midnight at la Société des arts technologiques. With new works and up-and-coming new performers, this June 8th will be a day for renewed energies and shared emotions. Video screenings, launch of the Race Around the Great Turtle, picnic, deejaying and veejaying in the evening.

The corn won’t be the only thing popping, that’s for sure!


3 p.m., video projection
4:O7 De / by : Bruce Haulli

Fiction: Just say hello!

Rêve ton avenir De / by : Rachel Alouki Labbé. Canada – 2006 – 22MIN – DVD – V.O. FRANÇAISE / ORIGINAL FRENCH VERSION. PRODUCTION : Wapikoni Mobile, le Ministère des Affaires indiennes et du Nord Canada

Documentary: School as a launching pad towards a better future.

(avant-première)le wapikoni mobile :

Le Lac Abitibi De / by : Mélanie Kistabish
Canada – 2005 – 15MIN – BETACAM – V.O. FRANÇAISE / ORIGINAL FRENCH VERSION. Formateurs / Instructors : Eza Paventi, Martin-Pierre Tremblay
Documentaire : Les Algonquins hier et aujourd’hui; les jeunes cherchent à comprendre. / Documentary: Algonquins yesterday and today: young people seek to understand.
Mon île De / by : Marie-Christine Petiquay, Canada – 2005 – 3MIN54 – BETACAM – V.O. FRANÇAISE / ORIGINAL FRENCH VERSION
Formateurs / Instructors: Louis-Charles Dionne, Eza Paventi
Documentaire : Manawan, communauté atikamekw, comme une île au milieu d’une mer d’arbres. / Documentary: Manawan, an Atikamekw community, like an island in a sea of trees.
la petite chasse De / by : Équipe Wapikoni, Paméla Basilish
Canada – 2005 – 7MIN53 – BETACAM – V.O. FRANÇAISE / ORIGINAL FRENCH VERSION. Formateurs / Instructors: Henry Bernadet, Louis Blackburn
Documentaire : Une mère et sa fille, heureuses sur les sentiers giboyeux. Documentary: A mother and daughter, happy hunters on bountiful trails.
Wapikoni Mobile - [ www.wapikoni.ca ]

18 h, pique-nique

Parc de la Place de la Paix

20 h, popping night

8 P.M., A dazzling evening
avec Geronimo « Mad Eskimo », Samien, Taqraliq Partrige

21h00 MixSessions

Dj Guapo and the visual artist Marie Héléne Parant with the dancer Angela Di Lauro

Marie-Helene Parant [ ]

New media artist Marie-Hélène Parant has shown her video installation and performance work at different international venues as VidéoFormes, Traverse Vidéo, ChampLibre, Videographe, ISEA, Artist Space Gallery and Experimental Intermedia. She is one the foundator of SHARE MTL who organizes digital open jam nights. She will be showing "Sketch-In", a living fresco activated by the body presence and sound.

Angela Di Lauro

Angela will perform an interactive dance improvisation in relation with the visuals of Marie-Hélène Parant. A multidisciplinary artist by nature, Angela began her career as a contemporary dancer and choreographer, then gravitated towards multimedia performance. She has worked with Pierre Paul Savoie (as a chorister and dancer), Marise Vachon, multimedia collective Bus 1-2-3, Vicki Tansey, the Mindroots collective led by Jean Ranger (1998), and collaborated with Isabelle Choinière on La mue de l’ange, an electronic art performance (1999-2000).

In 2003, Angela founded the sonic collective [Physical Noise Theatre] with Marc Deserranno and Nicolas Marquis, marking a change of direction in her artistic career that would see her focus on new media.


Since 1998 DJ GUAPO has been caressing audiences like a tropical breeze. His sound is a soothing whisper of sensuality full of percussion, flutes, sax, African chants, beats, filters and FX His exotic blend of Latin – Brazilian - Tribal House and Dancehall Reggae creates a torrid atmosphere…

GUAPO has performed in England, France, Mexico, Toronto, Quebec City & Montreal. He has performed at Festivals in Montreal like the Montreal International Jazz Festival , Festival Nouveau Cinéma, High-Lights Festival Nuit Blanche, Earthday, Earthdance, Pop Fringe and Bal en Blanc 97 (with tribal house group Quicksound) . He has performed at Montreal clubs like Unity, Metropolis, Aria, Living, S.A.T., Exit, Mile End Bar…
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Events Calendar - June 8, 2006
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