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Events Calendar - July 11, 2003
Teknival [ Static Link : iCal ]
City:Canada, Quebec, Montreal
Time:Fri Jul 11, 2003 @ 12:00am
Description:::::::::::: Teknival (Tech•ni•val):::::::::::

-a FREE festival of like minded people coming together to party, dance & unify in dissent.

-a celebration of DIY attitudes.

-an experiment in non-hierarchical organization and an attempt to prove the merits of a money free economy.

-an action of reclaiming space, utilizing public land that should be used by the public, but which often just sits there, unappreciated and unused.

-the creation of an autonamous zone. A space where the normal rules of society (both social and economic) are not applicable, and a new system is put in place by it’s inhabitans.

-an open invitation to all, regardless of lifestyle to get involved & MAKE SOME FUCKING NOISE!!!
Room 1:
Basilisk (Canada, Ontario, Toronto) - www.ektoplazm.com - Ektoplazm
Didymos (Canada, Ontario, Ottawa)
Divell (Canada, Ontario, Ottawa)
Full Metal Booty (Canada, Ontario, Ottawa)
Gavin The Bass (Canada, Ontario, Ottawa)
Generator (Canada, Ontario, Toronto)
JacksonTwo Bears (Canada, Ontario, Ottawa)
Jane Shorthand (Canada, Ontario, Ottawa)
Jebediah (Canada, Ontario, Toronto)
Jonathan Doe (Canada, Ontario, Ottawa)
Kinetix (Canada, Ontario, Toronto)
Kristian Sunflower (Canada, Ontario, Ottawa)
Malfoy (Canada, Ontario, Ottawa)
Mir (Canada, Ontario, Ottawa)
Moody Club (Canada, Ontario, Ottawa)
Next Offensive (Canada, Ontario, Ottawa)
Nter (Canada, Ontario, Toronto) - www.blackpeopleloveus.com - MurderOnWax
Panda (Canada, Ontario, Toronto)
Plastic Motive (Canada, Ontario, Toronto)
Psycronik (Canada, Ontario, Ottawa) - Freak Addiction Krew\Tundra Recs
Psyklone (Canada, Ontario, Toronto)
Quivering Virgin (Canada, Ontario, Toronto) - BLA
Random Asn Boy (Canada, Ontario, Ottawa)
Randy Twigg (Canada, Ontario, Ottawa)
Ray Vincent (Canada, Ontario, Ottawa)
Renegade Virus (USA, Iowa, New York)
Rhythm Logic (Canada, Ontario, Toronto)
Satori (Canada, Ontario, Toronto)
Shankar (Canada, Ontario, Ottawa)
Task (Canada, Ontario, Ottawa)
Twitch (Canada, Ontario, Toronto)
Tyco (Canada, Ontario, Toronto) - www.goodfellaz.ca - Goodfellaz
Urban Aliens (Canada, Ontario, Toronto)
Virtual Light (Canada, Ontario, Ottawa) - www.myspace.com - Prism Code / Geomagnetic TV
Void (USA, Maine, Sweden)
Pakau - www.cruzcontrol.org www.totemfestival.com www.hybrid-mtl.com
Info:The location has not been released yet, but it is going to be in Southern Ontario, within 3 hours drive of Toronto. Exact details and driving directions will be released the week of the festival, on the website [ freetekno.toronto.on.ca ] e-mail list and infoline

It is extremely important that people wishing to attend this event plan well ahead and for all circumstances. Please take a look at What to bring?, a detailed list of what you should & shouldn't pack for teknival. Also, please understand that as a community we must Leave No Trace, and respect/understand the plans that exist. Respect the Earth. If you bring it in, carry it out!

Busses leave from Toronto, Ottawa and Montreal. Tickets can be purchased at:

Toronto - 2 the beat
(161 Spadina Ave 416-598-8120)

Ottawa - ABM records
(370 Elgin St 1-800-715-4640)

Montreal - *****IMPORTANT INFO*******
Extras::::TEKNIVAL:::JULY 11-13, 2003:::

Teknival, the name given to these free post society festivals by our European predecessors, have been common there for over a decade, reclaiming the countryside for all to enjoy.

Our teknival is no different. On July 11th- 13th, soundsystems hailing from cities all over the east coast of North America will be liberating a patch of crown land in Southern Ontario for a 3 day long, FREE, open air festival.

Teknival is an open invitation to all soundsystems/DJs/artists/musicians to get involved! There is no central organization of events. No one will stop you from setting up a p.a. system off in the woods if you're so inclined, so long as you are respectful to other teknival-goers.

If you'd like to perform at Teknival, set up a stage, create a workshop area, set up a kitchen, hook up with a soundsystem, or anything else you can think of, then contact the above crews, join the mailing list and post to the bulletinboard.
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Events Calendar - July 11, 2003
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