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Events Calendar - January 22, 2005
Tag! You're It! [ Static Link : iCal ]
City:Canada, Ontario, Toronto
Time:Sat Jan 22, 2005 @ 8:00pm
Location:The B-Side
Description:Tag! You’re It! is the very first Grafitti rave since (whenever the last one was, if ever) SO bring your markers, wear a white tshirt and leave that PLUR book at home - we’re writing on ravers tonight! (ATTENTION: THE WALL IS NOT A RAVER!!! IF IT DON’T MOVE, DON’T SIGN IT!) And above all, HAVE A GOOD TIME! Be prepared to dance to the sounds of:

Dexyl (US) vs Sebby Bozak
(UK Hard House)

Frisky vs END

Scoots vs Glow

Dirk D (US) vs Virus
(Anything Goes!)

Baby Duck vs Tranzit

Wolf vs Bliss (US)
(Happy Hardcore Skratch Battle)

Apathy vs Gobstoppa

Tyco vs Kix
(HHC w/ DnB)

Milo vs Andee Dee (US)
(Happy Hardcore)

Xphox vs Dynamic (US)
(Happy Hardcore)

w/ MCs: Rukkus, END, Gobstoppa, MCED, ROC, & Loki

In the spirit of old skool rave, we’ll be offering free candy, free and freshly sliced fruit, and demo CDs all night long... Additionally, periodic trips to nearby bars are encouraged, because I for one will be drunk and you should be too! There WILL be rewards for people kandied out, and by rewards, I generally mean hugs and stuffed animals. PLUR, ROAR, and BYOB in full effect!
Room 1:
20:00 Dynamic (Canada, Alberta, Rochester) (Happy Hardcore)
20:00 Xphox (Happy Hardcore)
21:00 Milo (Happy Hardcore) - www.milo.happyhardcore.com
21:00 Andee Dee (Canada, Alberta, Buffalo) (Happy Hardcore)
22:00 Virus - www.goodfellaz.ca - Goodfellaz
22:00 DirkD (Canada, Manitoba, Holland)
23:00 Babyduck (Euro Club Mix)
23:00 Tranzit (Euro Club Mix)
24:00 Scoots
24:00 DJ Glow
01:00 Dexyl (Canada, Quebec, Montreal)
01:00 Sebby Bozak
02:00 Frisky - www.djfrisky.com - Hullabaloo - Euphoric Taste
02:00 E.n.d
03:00 Wolf (Happy Hardcore)
03:00 Bliss (Canada, Alberta, Rochester) (Happy Hardcore)
04:30 Apathy (Gabber)
04:30 Gobstoppa (Gabber)
05:30 Tyco (Happy Hardcore) - www.goodfellaz.ca - Goodfellaz
05:30 Kix (Canada, Alberta, Rochester) (Happy Hardcore)
Extras:$10 presale at Numb & 2TheBeat, $15 at the door or 2/$25! Bring a friend and save some cash!
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Events Calendar - January 22, 2005
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