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Events Calendar - January 25, 2008
Synaptic Implosion [ Static Link : iCal ]
City:Canada, Ontario, Toronto
Time:Fri Jan 25, 2008 @ 9:00pm
Location:The Reverb Night Club & Holy Joe's
Description:Hujaboy Live!


DJ D.T.M. - Operators of Overload - NBDP

Clone (Tundra Records, [ Geomagnetic.tv ] Records - Ottawa) – Live!

Sinister Warlocks (Gelatinous Beatz, Guelph) – Live!

Stargazer (Outworld Resistance, Guelph) -

Sound Breakers (Psychedelic Connections – Toronto) - Live!

Ron Havok (Oya Collective – Peterborough)

Dharma Lab (Buffalo) – Live PA!

LEX (Legion of Green Men, Interchill. Post Contemporary – Toronto)

Gnosys (Oya Collective – Peterborough)

DJ Pressure (Outworld Resistance - Guelph)

DJ Paul EB

Nocturnal Beasts Vs. The Crystaline Entity (Outworld Resistance - Guelph)
Room 1:
DJ DTM - www.facebook.com - www.paddedcellproductions.net
Tickets:20.00 - In Advance
25.00 - at the door
Extras:Hujaboy - (TIP Records, HOMmega – Israel) - Live!

Hujaboy is Nir shoshani, born 1975 in Jerusalem Israel. Since 1996 Hujaboy has been playing as a dj and producing music under various names, releasing tracks on all respected Trance labels worldwide. When he was a Hujababy (before becoming a hujaboy) he was a lead singer in two death metal bands. After discovering electronic music in 1992 at an underground "acid' party in the woods, he fell in love with the genre. In 1996 he came back from goa and decided to start making music. He formed Gorlation Corporation with Assaf Dor and released tracks on various compilations. In 2000 the duo spilt up and Nir went on his solo project Hujaboy. Since then Hujaboy has released 4 albums and many track on all the respected labels. and is currently working with Tip world records. Hujaboy’s music can defined as groovey psytrance with a dark edge.

Hujaboy's new album 'Black Belt' is contemporary, cutting edge Psy Tech Trance. Mature, tough, tight, groovy music with edge and energy. No cheese, just direct, effective, modern day Psy electronica.

Deco by Guelph and Oya Collective

The Reverb Night Club & Holy Joe's
651 Queen Street West

Tickets: $20 in advanced, more at the door.
19+ ID is a must !!! R.O.A.R

Tickets available:
Shakedown (Kitchener)
Bassline Records (Guelph)
Shanti Baba (Toronto)
Intergalactic Trading Company (Peterborough)

all other out of town people invited to contact oyavisionaryartcollective (at) yahoo (dot) net
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Events Calendar - January 25, 2008
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