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Events Calendar - May 18, 2006
South Beach Leaze, Tittsworth [ Static Link : iCal ]
City:Canada, Quebec, Montreal
Time:Thu May 18, 2006 @ 10:00am
Description:"B-more club is a hybrid of house, dance, and hip-hop created in the early 90s by pioneers such as Scottie B, Frank Ski, Miss Tony and DJ Spen, with the tradition continued by the likes Rod Lee, KW Griff, Rod Braxton, Karizma, D.J. Technics and Tittsworth.

This new up and coming star of the scene has put out two vinyl EPs the last few months that have absolutely destroyed the dance music scene and cemented his status as someone to watch. This success is the culmination of his numerous appearances on DJ top 10 lists and playlists, as well as critical praise for his two EP releases. So, keep a look out for out" ( Wire magazine )
Room 1:
01:00 South Beach Sleaze (Canada, Ontario, Toronto)
02:15 Mayday - www.djmayday.com
10:00 Karl Marx - www.mixcloud.com - Level 4 Productions
10:45 Bassochist
11:45 Tittsworth (USA, New York, New York)
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Events Calendar - May 18, 2006
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Member Comments
» anima said @ Fri May 19, 2006 @ 3:17am
South Beach Sleaze was wow, frest djette, good beat and nice set =)
» Lady said @ Thu May 18, 2006 @ 12:19pm