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Events Calendar - March 30, 2006
SAT [MixSessions] Presents - sillons [ Static Link : iCal ]
City:Canada, Quebec, Montreal
Time:Thu Mar 30, 2006 @ 8:00pm
Description:SAT[MixSessions] Presents - SILLONS
Thursday, March 30, 2006 - 19:00

Hello Everyone,

It is with great delight that I bring to your attention the March 30th [MixSessions] evening featuring the Lyon based net label - SILLONS. I had the pleasure of performing two evenings with Anotret and Alexis. B in Lyon in the fall of 2004 and it is a great honour to be able to share the stage with them once again on their first Canadian Tour.


SillonS is a (net/not) label started in 2005 by Ulrich T. Estreich and David Pierre Ferry, respectively known as Anotret. and In-sektrauma.

The main purpose of SillonS is to produce and promote emerging artists whose common meeting point is their focus on innovative, demanding and sensitive music.

Members of SillonS are also members of an association called Seltsam which has been organizing events in France since 2004. Always willing to mix genres and artistic fields in the events it produces, the association had taken part in big events like Nuits Sonores (France's largest electronic festival) but had also and mainly worked with galeries, art exhibition rooms, bars, theaters and book stores.

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SAT[MixSessions] Presents - SILLONS
Thursday, March 30, 2006 - 19:00

Schedule for the evening:

Music: all sets are Live PA

19:00 - doors open

20:00 - Anotret
20:45 - In-Sektrauma
21:30 - LeRobot (will also participate at the end of In-Sektrauma's set)
22:15 - Ferry.Estreich (will also participate at the end of LeRobot's set)
23:15 - FABle
00:15 - Jan Pienkowski + VJ Jocool


Alexis B

Entrance: $5 (free for [MixSessions] members)

Location: SAT [Societé des arts technologiques]
1195 St. Laurent (between Réne Lévesque and St. Catherine)

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Anotret [ ] [ ]
ANOTRET. is a one-man's work: Ulrich T. ESTREICH.

He blends voice, text and sound material to create a very personal and intimate world, a cross between urban, popular and experimental music. A world where delicate melodies, organic pads , slow beats, whispered existential lyrics meet. A muffled room where one should enter silently and barefoot .

In-Skektrauma [ ]
In-sektrauma composes abstract linear patterns which stand at the frontier between droning atmosphere, broken minimal pulses and microcellular electronica. A long journey through low frequencies pads, chorusing bass drums and digital artifacts.

Ferry.Estreich [ ] [ ]
Ferry.Estreich was born in 2005 when Anotret. and In-sektrauma met. Both of them were willing to explore some more demanding and experimetal ways of creating music, while keeping the result very intimate and open to the listener. Mainly focused on live production Ferry.Estreich invites the audience to enter their world, like diving in a deep troubled sea made of noisy, harsh, hollow, organic or soft sound material, dragged from some tortured machines. Sometimes suffocating and sometimes almost silent, covered with whispered words, the experience is always intense.

FABle [ ] [ ]
FABle walks you in elaborate universes where musical details and lushness melt into expressive rhythms and deep atmospheres.It gathered its many influences with coherence into sensitive and unusual creations. A truly undefinable sound experience. Entirely composed by a talented multi-instrumentist, FABle is now a total experience, thanx to Alexis B's video creation and live performance.

Jan [ ecords.com ]
A composer, musician, sound designer, DJ and physicist, Jan Pienkowski writes and performs music reflecting his diverse background. From his Electroacoustic training and love of World Music comes a mixture of mechanical bleeps, acoustic spaces and ethnic themes. From his theatre (DIALOG) and dance (A.R.M. with choreographer Nikolas Dixon) experience comes a flair for the dramatic and a feel for intricate rhythms.

Jan’s performances span Canada, U.S., France and Hong Kong. His latest 2005 Shiva project with VJ Nokami has been shown at festivals in Thailand, Germany, UK, Sweden, Austria, Romania, Italy, Portugal, Spain, Brazil, Argentina, USA and Canada, with India finally being added to the list of countries for 2006.

Jan has been also very active on the Montreal scene with shows at the Black & Blue Festival, Montreal High Lights Festival, Fantasia Festival, Fringe/ Pop Festival, Divers/Cité Festival, Tangente, Agora Festif, Exit, and regular appearances at U Lounge, Saphir, Luba Lounge and Green Room. Jan’s Live and DJ mixes have landed him spots as featured artist on New York’s Proton Radio, Chicago’s Clubland Underground, Chicago’s 92.5 FM and Montreal’s CKUT 90.3 FM.

Jan is constantly expanding on what it means to be an electronic musician by collaborating with soloists (saxophone, violin, voice), visual artists, painters and dancers. He organises evenings and performs often at SAT, with a range of shows including: the first Technopera (Turandot) with the singers from the Atelier lyrique de l’Opéra de Monréal; Incidents improvisés, blending Schubert and Chopin with electronic structures. He’s also a [MixSessions] regular.

Alexis B [ ]
Born and raised in Montreal, Alexis moved to France in 2004 to focus on his art: creating images. Still or running, celluloid or digital, contemporary or outdated, no matter. He's been taking part in SillonS since the very beginning. Opposing the omniscient power and frenzy of the image in general and the video in particular, Alexis rather creates oniric, quiet and evocating atmospheres.

To be discovered...

jocool [ ]
Joseph Lefèvre aka vj jocool is a new media artist with a master degree in visual art and one in multimedia. Coordinator and co-founder with vj pillow of the SAT[MixSessions] jocool has participated in several exhibitions as Multimedia artist and now he concentrates in video creation and immersive environments. jocool plays LIVE sessions with local and international artists for specific performances and events.

His style is very colorfull, figurative and poetic. He edits, superposes and tweaks his images and turns them into loops and collages that he plays live according to the music and the reaction of the public. The end result is colorful, surprising and inventive. It’’s full of life and captivating.

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Room 1:
Jan Pienkowski - www.onorecords.com - Ono Records
Extras:$5 (free for MixSession card members)
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Events Calendar - March 30, 2006
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» Da_Hand said @ Thu Mar 30, 2006 @ 11:08am
This is going to be very interesting and quite different from a regular club night. All live sets and all quite different!