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Events Calendar - March 10, 2005
Rooftop Films at SAT [ Static Link : iCal ]
City:Canada, Quebec, Montreal
Time:Thu Mar 10, 2005 @ 6:00pm
Description:Special presentation of a selection of some of the most innovative short films by the Brooklyn, NY, collective Rooftop.
The evening will go on with SAT[mix_sessions]’ DJ Hyperdy & VJ beewoo

Every summer since 1997, Rooftop Films has been showing films outdoors in New York City, in parks, courtyards, historic locations, along the waterways and-best of all-on rooftops overlooking Manhattan and Brooklyn. Though the films we show come to us from all over the world, our shows certainly benefit from the fact that we receive so many submissions from filmmakers working in the New York metropolitan area. On March 10 at SAT, we bring you a selection of works made by these Gotham artists.

Though the filmmakers in that evening’s programs all work in New York, they hail from all over the world and work in a great variety of styles. You will see experimental psychedelic editing techniques and DIY animation; epic digitally tweaked existential comedy and snarky video expose; eloquent film portrait and re-edits of Richard Simmons exercise videos; somber ruminations on the meaning of artificial light and lighthearted ruminations on the measure of a good bra; animated music videos starring animated dancing birds and live action music videos starring animated dancing birds. In short, it is a diverse program befitting the most diverse city in the world, and we hope that it conveys a bit of the pleasure of watching films on a hot summer night in New York.

Rooftop Films is currently accepting film submissions for the 9th annual Summer Series to occur in 2005 in New Yok, Montreal and various international locations. To visit our website, go to: [ www.rooftopfilms.com. ]

Program of the evening:

Bathtime in Clerkenwell (Alesky Budovsky, 4:00)
An irresistable music video for an infectious song by (The Real) Tuesday Weld. Black and white birds shoot out of cuckoo clocks and spread into the town of Clerkenwell, angering sleeping residents and cuckoo kings and cops to the bouncy rhythm of a chopped up old groove.

Marvelous Creatures (Wago Kreider, 4:00)
In this dazzling display of dislocating editing, Elvis grows horns, Marilyn Monroe is becomes a walking bear and a guy crashes a kiss into a woman’s fence.

The Perpetual Life of Jim Albers (Matt Goodman, 12:13)
Mr. Albers is looking to locate himself in reality, because the workaday one he’s trapped in is painfully overloaded with dizzying effects, brilliant sound design and an amazing array of useless scientific facts. Maybe he could use a dose of “tesnyatenotekeo.”

Handgun (Sam Crees and Alex Minnick, 0:50)
In a dreary apartment within a world of pure inchoate and incomprehensible drama, a homunculous stares down destiny, and destiny wins.

Fischerchicks (Susan Buica and Arin Crumley, 4:00)
Everyone daydreams about starring in the favorite band’s music video. When Susan Buice decided to indulge her fantasy of being in a FischerSpooner video she invited a pair of angsty animated birds along for the ride.

Pay Roll (Noah Klersfeld, 13:00)
Is it for real? Is it fake? Is this the mother of all multi-camera action sequences of the insane inner monolog of an archetypal director who wishes he controlled it all?

Bike Thief (Neistat Brothers, 7:00) *
An average of 8, 300 bicycles are reported stolen each year in New York. Long time bike advocates the Neistat Brothers wanted to know how this is possible, so one warm Tuesday they stole five bikes before noon without anyone looking twice. It’s amazing what New Yorkers will ignore, and here the bike owners caught the whole thing on camera.
*Curated by the Bicycle Film Fest [ www.bicyclefilmfestival.com ]

Clyde (Mans Mansson, 5:00)
A short documentary made by a recent arrival about long-time resident of our city, the images accompanied by the poetics of the old New Yorker.

Filibuster (Matt Lenski, 1:00)
Richard Simmons and a battalion of fatties sweat to the oldies. By oldies, we mean a Sonic Youth song from the early nineties.

Are You Feeling Lonely (Rosario Garcia-Montero, 14:00)
Garcia Montero, who was raised in Peru, creates a garish and lovely character study about an isolated immigrant mortician. The spooky rants and misdirected attempts at friendship fall somewhere between Napoleon Dynamite and Travis Bickle.

Sub (Jesse Schmal, 8:30)
Perhaps a metaphor for the decline of the Soviet Empire, perhaps a treatise on the vulgarization of mass culture and the decline of religiosity, or perhaps simply a surreal short about the crew of a miniature submarine attempting to save their captain from being splattered about the ground of a European plaza in which thugs battle nuns in a game of soccer, dogs disapprove of gourmet delicacies and vespa riding euro-trash make clumsy passes at a violent femme fatale.

La Puppe (Timothy Greenfield, 9:00)
Of all the many homages to Chris Markers La Jetee, this is certainly the cutest. Are you prepared for a future with no doggie treats?

A Good Uplift (Faye Lederman, Cheryl Furjanic, Eve Lederman, 13:00)
Just about everyone has an aunt or grandmother who sizes everyone up within a minute of being introduced and tells them exactly what she thinks of them. Here is a portrait of a woman who is so exceptionally comfortable behaving in this manner that she has become a certifiable New York institution and an invaluable resource to women with problems, both large and small.

The Light (Brian Doyle, 10:00)
If ever Rooftop Films worried about our flickering lights disturbing the peaceful night, this stunning film will calm our fears. This homage to the incredible illumination of New York begins with the most simple structures, and builds to a climax with the ominous 9/11 memorial, which seems otherworldly, and yet perfect for the city that never sleeps.
Room 1:
Ben Bogart
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Events Calendar - March 10, 2005
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