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Events Calendar - February 14, 2014
Rave Royalty [ Static Link : iCal ]
City:Canada, Ontario, Toronto
Time:Fri Feb 14, 2014 @ 9:00pm
Mushy Tea Productions, Eglinton Ave East
Description:Friday - February 14th, 2014
Time 9:00pm until 4:00am
Ticket URLGet Tickets [ ]

CONTEST: for King+Queen -or- King+King -or- Queen+Queen of the rave! Details: a pair of people must be dressed to compliment one another and will be chosen from the crowd by Mushy Tea staff to win crowns and title.

SPIT (UK) - HHC ♔Evolution Records, Lethal Theory, Executive, Tight Crew♔
music: [ soundcloud.com ]

*surprise guest headliner TBA!!!

Ian K b2b Skeets (Seattle) - Hardcore/HHC ♔Futureworld, eattleHARDCORE, Kikwear♔
music: [ soundcloud.com ]

Donny Whan (Detroit) - Hardstyle ♔Hardcore 313, Justice Hardcore, Strange Luv♔
music: [ soundcloud.com ]

Saiyan - w/e he wants probably hardcore!♔Canadian Hardcore Collective, Earth Defense♔

Tranzit - Upfront Hardcore/DnB ♔Future Perfect Synergy, Ravers Only, Justice Hardcore♔

DJ Dynamic Happy Softcore ♔Nocturnal Commissions, Occupy Wall Street♔

DJ KandiKat - HHC/Anthems ♔ MushY Tea's, Bad Wold♔

Dj JD13 (Ottawa) - Ghetto Funk ❦Rough Crew, Ghetto Funk Ottawa, NSBRadio.co.uk, [ BasementRadio.com ]
music: [ soundcloud.com ]

DJ Ghaleon - Old Skool
music: [ www.threeflavours.ca ]

Locked - Jungle ❦future tone recordings, ten ton beats uk❦

Scartat - Dirty D'n'B m❦Earth Defense Records, Dibgate Records, tscumrecordings, Canadian Hardcore Collective, and [ scartat.bandcamp.com ]
music: [ www.soundcloud.com ]

Cynex - Hard Dance/Trance

Everybodies Daddy - D'n'B (MC and DJ set) ❦Future Perfect Synergy, Ravers Only, Konkrete Jungle, Hardcore 313❦

Ninjah Fareye - Jungle ❦Bass Driven❦
music: [ soundcould.com ]

Tickets available online [ raveroyalty.eventbrite.ca ] and at ticket outlets starting Friday, January 10th,14 (@Play Play De Record - 357A Yonge St):
(19+) $10.00/$15.00 (under) until New Years Jan. 1, 2014 *special ONLINE ONLY price*
(19+) $15.00/$20.00 (under) until Feb. 1, 2014
(19+) $20.00/$30.00 (under) until Feb. 14, 2014
Door will have tickets available all night!
- massage tables
- face paint
- door prizes for first 100 pers.
- kandi trades
- 19+ chill room w/ psytrance, dnb, breaks, jungle, house, and private bar
!!! PLUR !!!
*Rave harder with Mushy Tea Productions, Royal Kiss and gang!
Extras:Hosted at The Phoenix Concert Theatre (410 Sherbourne St)
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Events Calendar - February 14, 2014
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