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Events Calendar - July 27, 2007
NORTHTEK TEKNIVAL 2007 [ Static Link : iCal ]
City:Canada, Ontario, Toronto
Time:Fri Jul 27, 2007 @ 9:00pm till Mon Jul 30, 2007 @ 9:00pm
Description:Event Info Name: NORTHTEK TEKNIVAL 2007!

Tagline: :: free diy music festival ::

Host: DJ DTM and you!
Type: FREE Party - Benefit

Start Time: Friday, July 27, 2007 at 12:00am

End Time: Monday, July 30, 2007 at 12:00am

This is a 100% DIY and participatory event! You are going to be the party and you are going to be responsible for the party, and you're going to have one hell of a good time that way, trust us.

Northtek is not organized by a central body of people.
In fact, the whole festival is an experiment in temporal autonomy. In Canada our teknivals started between friends who year after year tell more friends; the network expands, grows, mutates and explodes every year, bringing people from every corner of the planet into Canada's big backyard.

Northtek is free because celebration is a right of life, cultural growth should not be hindered by monetary systems, and all opportunities to create, share, learn and dance, dance, dance should be aspired to, appreciated and shared. Any opportunity to do this outside of the Capitalist-economists fantasy land should be encouraged and fostered. There are ways to solve local and world problems with brains and brawn and not bucks, period...

Small groups and communities come together every year to make things happen, and the result is a mish-mash of more stages and more diverse styles than most festivals you'd be able to buy your way into spectatorship at.

Northtek is held on Crown Land which guarantees the people of Canada's right to a peaceful assembly. This right is protected provided that the gatherings there are 1) not for profit 2) the land is treated with respect and 3) no one limits or hinders the use of the land to anyone else who may want to use it.

so... c'mon out and join us for a rockin good time!!!

more info will be posted online at [ www.northtek.net ] or [ www.free23.net ]
Room 1:
DJ DTM (Progressive House) - www.facebook.com - www.paddedcellproductions.net
Never Been Done Productions® --- MUSIC (Tech House) - www.facebook.com - Never Been Done Productions,
Tickets:0.00 - FREE TO ALL
OK so here is basically how you get there and stuff:

Get your ass onto the 401.

If you are coming from the Toronto side of the world head east, if you are coming from the Montreal side head west. You are heading for Belleville.

At exit 543B (Belleville) get on the 62 North .

You will now be heading towards Bancroft.

Continue North until you hit Weslemkoon lake road, which will be on the right, heading East. (north east, actually)

Stay on Weslemkoon lake road for roughly 20 kilometers until you get to Partridge lake road.
This is a forest access road that does not seem to show up on the map (at least the one we were using). It will again be on the right. (This is past Mayo lake road, but before Fraser lake road. If you see Fraser lake road you have gone too far.)
You will see a forest access road sign on your way in.

Take Partridge lake road roughly a kilometer or so in until you see a grassy clearing on your right.

You are here.

Welcome to Teknival!!!

I hope those directions are clear enough. Good luck.


Personal Items
clothing for hot, cold, wet, dry weather
sun visor/hat
towel (you may not care about swimming or bathing, but just wait 'til you get stuck in a downpour!)
sunscreen - at least SPF 15
toothpaste, travel brush and floss
toilet paper and lyme for the latrines
condoms, properly stored! (somewhere as cool and dry as possible... "do not eat" dessicant packs can help dehumidify whatever container they are in)
natural disinfectant
personal medications (allergies, illnesses, hallucinations (either to prevent or to induce, I can't remember which)
something to eat out of (mug, tupperware, extra shoe)
Camp Items
garbage bags
shovel or pickaxe
duct tape
bug spray
first aid
Shelter - See Shelter page for more detailed info
knife or multi-tools
cans for ash trays if you smoke (you might consider a small, portable container of some kind to keep on your person to keep butts off the ground. not only are cigarette butts very definitely REAL litter, they are among one of the worst kinds! it's damn hard to pick 'em all back up, so keep them off the floor in the first place!!)
empty 5 gallon buckets
Other items
extra batteries


Personal Items
sleeping gear
Sleeping bag
lube, leather whips and floggers, steel bindings, whipped cream, etc.
Camp Items
rope or twine
rain tarps, parachutes
Shade structures
carpet - this is for people to sit on. you can usually find carpet in dumpsters pretty easily, just look up a carpet store in the phone book.
Arts/Science/educational accoutrements
musical instruments
adapters & cords for musical/electronic equipment
art supplies
pencils, pens and paper
clothing/material to be stenciled
PA - See soundsystems
generator/batteries, amps
recording equipment
Other items
tables, or table top surfaces(plywood) the more tables or stable surfaces the better. bring em down!
stuff for bartering?
fm radios
bike pumps
picks, shovels, hoes rakes - for digging shitters, compost pits and if needed, firefighting.
lights, (x-mas, rope, solar-powered lawn lights, lamps) if we got enough xmas lights & extension chords, we could light all the pathways of the festival. this would be especially great for the paths to the shitters!
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Events Calendar - July 27, 2007
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» djrebelg said @ Thu Jul 10, 2008 @ 3:08pm
is there a drawn out map or no, probobly not that would just be to easy
» DJ_DTM said @ Fri Jul 27, 2007 @ 12:25pm