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Events Calendar - March 1, 2007
Myagi aka Sole Claw (BC) + Sean Kosa + Rhys Taylor + Spacekadet @ Mix [ Static Link : iCal ]
City:Canada, Quebec, Montreal
Time:Thu Mar 1, 2007 @ 10:00pm
Description:montreal favourite Myagi aka Sole Claw returns to saphir to perform a Live set with local support from

Sean Kosa - Turbo / Lipstick
Rhys Taylor - Broken Crew
Spacekadet - Planet Break

only $5 at the door, get there early to avoid dissapointment, this night will be PACKED.


Myagi aka Sole Claw aka Andrew Mavor has rapidly become a major part of North America’s contribution to breakbeat. Hailing from Canada, he has, in the last year, played the vast majority of the world and has become touted as the next major North American breaks don.
His releases and remixes are in constant demand, as shown by a relentlessly expanding discography which boasts variations and a range of styles most producers could only dream of pulling off…
From his first record in 2001, the Myagi sound has grown and expanded with the breaks scene, all the while retaining its independence and unpredictability. Initially eschewing the nu skool sound in favor of funk, and then pushing in a deeper direction once the inevitable pigeon holing began, Myagi has remained fresh within the scene as a whole, not a step behind or ahead of anyone else, but in fact pursuing something different, fusing many sounds into a high energy dancefloor assault.

He has played sets on the BBC, the CBC and Crystal Method's Community Service, landed a standout track on the Plump DJ's Saturday Night Lotion, and recently did an extremely well received exclusive mix album for [ www.djdownload.com ] on behalf of breaks labels West And Splank.

In both the studio and in the club, Mavor has become renowned for his seamless maneuvering between hip hop based funky breaks and nu skool, house and techy big rooms tunes. Myagi’s live sets have been described as innovative, relentlessly funky and ludicrously fun, and have led to a devoted fan base in all corners of the globe.

Myagi Discography


Myagi - Wish You Well (inc Czech, Melting Man and Simon Paul remixes) - 2Wars
Myagi - I Got Beat Up By A 303 - Howlin'
Myagi - Planetary Attack (inc Vandal remix) - 2Wars
Myagi - Skank-O-Matic - Howlin'
Myagi - Subversion (inc Price Cuts remix) - Splank!
Myagi - Make It Loud (inc Steelzawheelz remix) - Money Shot Recordings
Myagi - The 57 Chevy / The Mothra Shuffle (inc Slyde Remix) - West Records
Myagi - Bring Me All Your Beer And Women (inc Scissorkicks remix) - WOMP!
Myagi - Cure For Pain / Release The Hounds (inc Darphtfunk remix) - Splank!
Myagi - Dirty Girls (inc Atomic Hooligan remix) - Money Shot Recordings
Myagi – Funk Grinder (Original / Dopamine Remix) – Fight Club

Sole Claw - Goth Chick Hand Job (inc Skool Of Thought remix) - Pure Phunk Recordings
Sole Claw - Edge Of The Earth (inc Madame Mercury & DJ Whatt remix) - Pure Phunk Recordings *appears on Madame Mercury & DJ Whatt's CD "Broken Floor" on EMUOR Records
Sole Claw - Boombox / Smartbomb - Pure Phunk Recordings *appears on Plump DJ's album "Saturday Night Lotion" on Fingerlickin' Records

Myagi – The West VS Splank Mix – Digital Album Exclusive to DJ Mag’s [ www.djdownload.com ]


Sgt Rock - No Skool (Myagi Remix) - Splank
Carole Pope - Seduction (Myagi Remix) - Play Records
Beatfreakers - Duck And Cover (Myagi Remix) - Funky
Cactus Recordings
Melleny Melody – Sex Slave (Myagi Remix) – Play Records
The (An)Architects - Rock Is My DJ (Myagi Remix) - Mantra
Malente - Like A Freek (Myagi Remix) – Unique
Western Allstars - Bob The Bleeder (Myagi Remix) - West
Ian Radcliffe - Listen (Sole Claw Remix) – 192K Records –
included on JDS’s Beats N Bobs CD
Ian Radcliffe – Again and Again (Myagi Remix) – 192K
Ricky Stone - Shanghai Taxi (Myagi Remix) - Red Recordings
Brittlestar – For You (Myagi Remix) – Virus Canada
Brittlestar – Goodbye (Myagi Remix) – Virus Canada
Ursula1000 – Urgent/Anxious (Myagi Remix) – ESL


Myagi - Absent From Skull (Original / Splitloop Remix) - Fight Club
Myagi - Giorgio Maurader - Fight Club
Myagi – Seq’d – Solutions For Pattern Based Living (Original / Remix TBC) - FBSS
Odeed And Wish - Return Of The Funk (Myagi Remix) - Funky Cactus Recordings – included on JDS’s Beats N Bobs CD
Maestro – Heatseekaz (Myagi Remix) – Pure Phunk Recordings
Oscure – Bassface (Myagi Remix) - Phonomental
EightBall – Stiletto (Myagi Remix) – Point Red
JK47 - The Letter (Myagi Remix / Myagi’s Disco Sluts Remix) - Full Body Soundsystem
Rebel Sketchy - Submarine (Myagi Remix) - Payback Project
Room 1:
Myagi (Canada, Ontario, Toronto)
Rhys Taylor
Sean Kosa - www.myspace.com - Turbo Recordings, Lipstick Music
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Events Calendar - March 1, 2007
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Member Comments
» Psilo said @ Thu Mar 1, 2007 @ 7:26pm
nice one thx! coming!
» Kai said @ Thu Mar 1, 2007 @ 7:19pm
i'm coming out of hibernation for this one.
» sex.is.boring said @ Thu Mar 1, 2007 @ 7:13pm
jveux venir :(
» rotoloco said @ Sat Feb 24, 2007 @ 6:55am
if you saw him at stereo you know that at $5 with sean kosa you can't miss this one
» MelooDie said @ Sat Feb 17, 2007 @ 2:57am
oh yeahhhhhhhh on va se gâter pas a peut pres
» SeismoLogick said @ Fri Feb 16, 2007 @ 11:57pm
yé!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!